Going On A Water Bike Tour + Making Large Mozzarella Balls In Italy | Travel Dares S2 Ep 4

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
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    This week, Caroline and Aj are in Italy. Caroline takes Aj on a water bike tour of the Naples coastline in Procida, Italy, while Aj takes Caroline to make Italy’s largest mozzarella ball at Caseificio La Fattoria in Battipaglia, Italy.
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    Making Large Mozzarella Balls + Going On A Water Bike Tour In Italy | Travel Dares S2 Ep 4

Comments • 74

  • Just a Human
    Just a Human 2 days ago

    aj must have been hungry 😋

  • patricia sanga
    patricia sanga 2 days ago

    they’re so loud like workers that help them look so annoyed

  • Aagaman Regmi
    Aagaman Regmi 3 days ago +1

    I love Caroline 😍😍💝💝

  • sohil parhan
    sohil parhan 13 days ago

    Amazing view of the town I wish I could visit there some day with my wife

  • joohoney
    joohoney 29 days ago

    wow this series would've been so much better with better hosts, such a shame

  • Pedro Espinal
    Pedro Espinal Month ago +1

    the water bikes look like banannas

  • I’m_a_Piggy
    I’m_a_Piggy Month ago +3

    This show would be so good if they had LEGIT reactions and not those scripted hyped ones 😒

  • JM M
    JM M Month ago +1

    This is one of the worst videos. Almost made me unsub from your channel

  • Michael Edward Reif


  • Yenii Animations
    Yenii Animations Month ago

    ,, This is like so good, its like an explosion “
    So she likes explosions?

  • Life Style
    Life Style Month ago

    Mozzarella lovers ❤️...

  • MokkyMiah
    MokkyMiah Month ago +6

    "Hahha I did it!"
    No, she did it for you.

  • Michelle C
    Michelle C Month ago +11

    Everyone in the factory’s face when she screamed...... 😒

  • AH6man
    AH6man Month ago +3

    3:39 that’s what she said... -_-

  • Patricia B
    Patricia B Month ago +2

    When u run out of content, this is what u get! 🤷

  • Fallon Fontaine
    Fallon Fontaine Month ago +1

    Yep, they smashed.

  • Crim
    Crim Month ago +4

    *me screaming-* ITS PEEING!!!!

  • meagan phan
    meagan phan Month ago

    imagine traveling the world 😍

  • Wyatt Yates
    Wyatt Yates Month ago +6

    the first 5 seconds of this video made me uncomfortable... so I watched the entire video

  • Guido Anselmi
    Guido Anselmi Month ago +51

    Their enthusiasm is so fake, lmao. This is cringeworthy to the max

    • Blue Lemonade
      Blue Lemonade 4 days ago

      @lil_g lets be honest here! a sponsorship is promoting their objective and the overuse of exaggeration can become overly off putting! wake up to reality

    • Guido Anselmi
      Guido Anselmi 26 days ago +3

      @lil_g Of course they should be enthusiastic, but this was so forced. They are faking it so hard for the camera instead of being naturally excited to be there.

    • lil_g
      lil_g 27 days ago

      why shouldn't they be enthusiastic? They're in another country doing something even a regular tourist wouldn't be considering... and this is their job!!!

  • Blurry Ely
    Blurry Ely Month ago +9

    we have here in Italy one of the best food like the "real mozzarella", not the plastic one that's in america ahahaha (5:52)

  • tyron van der walt
    tyron van der walt Month ago

    Travel dates - where does the dare part take place ? Since when is the black dude in this ? Definitely lost the appeal you guys once had .. I hope you can make a big turn around ?!

    LENKA BILL Month ago

    Awesome, the best 🧀!😁

  • Link1one Two
    Link1one Two Month ago +78

    Every time she talks or screams, the audio spikes and I get earraped.

  • Pres_ 25
    Pres_ 25 Month ago +78

    The content is great but they dont have to be scriptedly hype feeling pretentious haha its weird

  • La Zizzona di Battipaglia ®

    It was a pleasure to host you! See you soon

  • Atharv Karbhari
    Atharv Karbhari Month ago +1

    This is oddlysatisfying

  • Chayut Pojanasupawan
    Chayut Pojanasupawan Month ago +1


    • sOmE teA?
      sOmE teA? Month ago

      อยากเล่นmozzarella cheese อะหรอ😂😂หรือเรือจักยาน

  • Hasan Syarif
    Hasan Syarif Month ago +5

    Omg this girl's scream are soo annoying...

  • yan yan bui
    yan yan bui Month ago +60

    Omg I feel mentally drained watching how hyped they are

  • carter miles
    carter miles Month ago

    (piano music intensifies)

  • --
    -- Month ago +10

    Dat screaming.

  • yours, mina
    yours, mina Month ago +3

    the intro is kinda boring, more like a tv

  • Sharan k
    Sharan k Month ago +6

    Why are they excited like a 4th grade kid.

  • h2o 35
    h2o 35 Month ago +3

    Adesso commento con la pizza

    (Italyyyy we are hereeee, now I'm gonna comment with pizza's emoji)

  • dat boi
    dat boi Month ago +2

    0:43 god to Stevie wonder

  • SamSparklette cool arena

    24th comment

  • Generale Grievous
    Generale Grievous Month ago +58

    5:04 look at the boy's face in the background 😂😂😂

    • Matei Mosneaga
      Matei Mosneaga Month ago +8

      He was like,wtf is wrong with those guys🤣🤣🤣

  • Baylee Winkler
    Baylee Winkler Month ago +1

    This is like the batchelor or something 😂 romantic dates, different guys to rate...tf😂

  • Generale Grievous
    Generale Grievous Month ago +3

    I'm italian :)

  • Tiyrese-Jerome Engena
    Tiyrese-Jerome Engena Month ago +66

    There really giving me Kids programing vibessss

  • Foodie Lah!
    Foodie Lah! Month ago +5

    So beautiful city 😍 I love mozzarella cheese 💕

  • YourGasbill
    YourGasbill Month ago +1

    He was only making her feel better

  • Ziku TV
    Ziku TV Month ago

    Cmt 15 :D

    JAN JAN Month ago +1


  • Javeria's ASMR
    Javeria's ASMR Month ago

    Wowwwww really fun😍

  • Somegirl101
    Somegirl101 Month ago +1

    why do they talk like it's a CBeebies channel??

  • Valeria Cardenas
    Valeria Cardenas Month ago +24

    I love the episode, but I feel there vibe to be wayyyy to fake.

  • blue bu
    blue bu Month ago

    Satisfaction indeed

  • ImA-Hyena dat like tacos :3

    Who cut the cheese

  • Lordnodob
    Lordnodob Month ago +1

    Insider is trying something new here

  • kla waii
    kla waii Month ago +49

    Zizzona means Big Boob 😂

    • Fruzsina herzog
      Fruzsina herzog Month ago

      @sophiwe Insider did a video on those mozarellas. They are called that because they look like a boob, and they are also filled with milk.

    • Jasmin Alfansi
      Jasmin Alfansi Month ago

      @sophiwe lmao

    • sophiwe
      sophiwe Month ago

      @kla waii ok i now really wanna go to that country to see if it has anything related with boobs

    • kla waii
      kla waii Month ago +1

      @sophiwe no I'm not joking 😂

    • sophiwe
      sophiwe Month ago +2

      wait what
      this is a joke or-

  • Jade Cummings
    Jade Cummings Month ago +2

    That's so cool! 😉

  • kebab 123
    kebab 123 Month ago +1


  • Doggo Love's Nuggets

    Ced ches chsuish *cheese

  • Shishir Baral
    Shishir Baral Month ago

    I am from nepal

  • GD JellyBeen
    GD JellyBeen Month ago


  • Moraya
    Moraya Month ago +1


  • KASPAR Lysfjord
    KASPAR Lysfjord Month ago