Advanced Gospel & Jazz Chords | C Major 7 (#5)

  • Published on Aug 27, 2019
  • Another sweet chord to add to your arsenal to get those heads turning again!
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Comments • 33

  • Deyquan Bowens
    Deyquan Bowens  Month ago +4

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  • Nostress Legar
    Nostress Legar 3 days ago +1

    Cool technique bro! Keep it coming...

  • Alex Niyokwizgira
    Alex Niyokwizgira 28 days ago +1

    Can u do a beginner piano tutorial

  • Alpha Eaglesworth
    Alpha Eaglesworth Month ago +1

    Blessed are you, thanks again

  • Jonny Atkins
    Jonny Atkins Month ago +1


  • Sam Maskell
    Sam Maskell Month ago +1

    Really liking these chord breakdowns, keep them coming

  • Kid Icarus
    Kid Icarus Month ago +1

    Cmaj7(#5) functions as an E7...
    ...good alternative to geting to the vi Am

  • Lae Nga
    Lae Nga Month ago +3

    You've actually made an interesting passing move to chord four of the scale, that is:
    CMaj7 -> CMaj7#5 -> F.
    Thank you for this, and God bless.
    Jesus died to redeem souls to God.

  • marco vitturini
    marco vitturini Month ago +3

    Love this type of videos! PLEASE MAKE MORE OF EM!! ❤️

  • Dalton Vanderpool
    Dalton Vanderpool Month ago +2

    Earned a new sub!

  • Jazz Afro-Jazz
    Jazz Afro-Jazz Month ago +1

    Beautifuf chords man i lov

  • Christian DeMarco
    Christian DeMarco Month ago +3

    Love it! New sub here

  • Diggyonutube
    Diggyonutube Month ago +1

    You almost 10k subs bro!!!

  • audiodopebeats
    audiodopebeats Month ago +4

    Hey D, love the recent videos on showing new chords. I would like to request if you can make a video (in the future) on different types of chords, beyond the basic four. Like dominants, half diminished, fully diminished, 9ths, 11ths, suspended, etc. I'm good with triads and sevenths, but I want to push myself with learning extended voicings and applying them in piano and my beats.

    • Deyquan Bowens
      Deyquan Bowens  Month ago

      Cool! I can definitely do that! I like your beats too!

  • Ceeby
    Ceeby Month ago +3

    I can't understand the level of piano that you are explaining sadly 😥 . I can only play major, minor and sevenths! However It' surprising how many songs you can play with just those chords and notes. Love your teaching videos 💕💕

    • Ceeby
      Ceeby Month ago +1

      @Deyquan Bowens Thank you for your reply! I tend to just try to play the songs I love, but some are too difficult. I'll just in future go with the flow of my ability.

    • Deyquan Bowens
      Deyquan Bowens  Month ago +1

      Thanks! Don’t try to figure the why about everything you learn, especially as a beginner. You should just learn what you like and experiment with what you gravitate to. For example try playing this chord the next time you play a C Major chord and see what happens.

  • Instrumentalists Jade
    Instrumentalists Jade Month ago +1


  • louis bass
    louis bass Month ago +1

    Nice chord bro.

  • Vikesh Tailor
    Vikesh Tailor Month ago +1

    Thank you so much for this one my bro

  • Pianist Luckyson
    Pianist Luckyson Month ago +1

    Sweet 😘