Gaza: The Fight For Israel (Middle East Documentary) - Real Stories

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • In the summer of 2005 the Israeli government attempted to remove 8,500 Jewish settlers from the Gaza strip. The operation split Israel down the middle, between those who see settling the land as a religious duty, and others who believe the settlements are a barrier to peace. This observational documentary follows the General in charge of the operation, himself the son of one of the founders of the settler movement.
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Comments • 690

  • Nympha Bonifacio
    Nympha Bonifacio 10 hours ago

    Gaza is for israel... If you want peace to israel dont provoke to fight... The are blessed by God almighty.... Since the bible tells about israel......

  • Tom Bonn
    Tom Bonn Day ago

    Probably the only thing that could make those Ashkenazi "settlers" cry more profusely than eviction from the Palestinian land they stole, would be news that American taxpayers would no longer lavish them with foreign aid.

  • Agatha Yorke
    Agatha Yorke Day ago


  • David Mkude
    David Mkude 2 days ago

    This is painfull moment for the Jewish people.

  • Kanchan Gupta
    Kanchan Gupta 2 days ago

    Why they don't want to settle their own people?

  • Mohammad Khateeb
    Mohammad Khateeb 2 days ago

    The Arabs got the land first the jews stole in 1948 after they killed people in Jerusalem

    • Aaron Done
      Aaron Done 2 hours ago +1

      God didn't choose Arabs, they are not the chosen one's!

  • Adult Pijat Refleksi
    Adult Pijat Refleksi 2 days ago +2

    Please don't go, Please come back to Holyland no more soldiers do you understand Benjamin netanyahu, I'am from Indonesia, I am from 🇮🇩

  • Adult Pijat Refleksi
    Adult Pijat Refleksi 2 days ago +1


  • Hasan Anyabwile
    Hasan Anyabwile 2 days ago +8

    I wish Real Stories Do a similar in-depth, heartfelt, story of what the Palestinians people suffered and still suffering.

  • wjfjr73
    wjfjr73 2 days ago

    The Jews.... they're nothing but problems....

  • Philip Philos
    Philip Philos 3 days ago +1

    Dont be dismayed Israel for your God has a great plan for you, this is God's project, surely after all you will understand of whats the message of God align with the prophecy and an act of divine intervention.

  • Philip Philos
    Philip Philos 3 days ago

    This is now the starting of God's word/prophecy, God said I will bless who bless Israel and curse who curse Israel, give your bless to Israel and click the like if you want that the God of Israel will bless you, and curse Israel and click the unlike if you want that the God of Israel will curse you, CLICK BELOW THE LIKE AND DISLIKE ICON

  • arthur pescadero
    arthur pescadero 3 days ago +1

    That's good for them for safety!

  • anne smith
    anne smith 3 days ago

    Giving land to terrorists is NOT a good idea. No two state solution. One state and those who stay can have Jordanian citizenship.

    • Benny Mochiwa
      Benny Mochiwa 2 days ago

      you have to fix up your fuckin mind set

  • USER112358134711
    USER112358134711 3 days ago

    No matter what sacrifices Israel will do, the Arabs will never accept the Jewish state! They don't want to see what their interest is if they cooperate with the Jews. They are the luckiest people on Earth by neighboring a state like Israel, but they don't understand that. Their pathetic stubbornness to be good neighbors is hearting them more than the wars they provoke. As for the Jews, they must consider that land is not ultimately the most precious asset from past History. Their Jewishness IS! Yeshayahu Leibowitz put it bluntly here:

  • guess who
    guess who 3 days ago

    I'm not sure what to think about this .If anything I would say the soldiers are race traitors in my eyes.I do understand what a difficult position they are in though.I also see they are trying to treat these people with respect which is more than I can say for the police in my country they enjoy hurting us.

  • datuismail malangas
    datuismail malangas 3 days ago

    Death to Israel terrorist

  • datuismail malangas
    datuismail malangas 3 days ago

    Israel are greatest terrorist

  • datuismail malangas
    datuismail malangas 3 days ago

    Hesbollah, try to demolish and destroy the Israel terrorist territory to stop them their terrorist activties, death to israel terrorist

  • Gaza kingpin
    Gaza kingpin 4 days ago +1

    They got new land taken away from Palestinians in the West bank

    • Richard Rogers
      Richard Rogers 3 days ago

      If the Arabs would stop fighting, there would be peace and both sides would prosper. If Israel would stop fighting, they would all be dead. If you want to gamble, you had better be prepared for the possibility that you might loose. What did they thing was going to happen, that the Israelis were going to give it back and let them resume random bombardments of Israel from those lands?

    • TheEEStudent
      TheEEStudent 3 days ago

      On the contrary, two settlements in Samaria (Sa-Nur and Homesh), were evacuated as well as part of the disengagement plan in 2005.

  • Princess Warrior
    Princess Warrior 4 days ago

    Wow! I just seen a side of isreal I don't get to see everyday. I actually did feel very broken hearted for them but then I realized that I was right the whole time! If the isreali PM ordered his Jewish ppl to get along with each other n show love and respect your Palestinian brothers and made whoever who didn't obey pay the consequences then they would know they have no choice but to get along! Think about it. It's a brilliant idea! more harmony n unity the more peace for both ppl. And I believe the government should have accommodate the Jews who were exiled. Where did they all go?

  • Princess Warrior
    Princess Warrior 4 days ago

    So they are kicking out isrealis for Arabs? soldier please put away your weapons while your praying at least to show respect to God. Why cant everybody just live in unity n harmony? Jews and Arabs? two brothers? Isaac n Ishmeal.

  • Princess Warrior
    Princess Warrior 4 days ago

    So they are kicking out isrealis for Arabs? soldier please put away your weapons while your praying at least to show respect to God. Why cant everybody just live in unity n harmony? Jews and Arabs? two brothers? Isaac n Ishmeal.

  • Shwethan Reddy sh
    Shwethan Reddy sh 4 days ago +1

    We should stop and destroy the Indian gods , idol worship abolished by Jews , Christians and Islam , all but only the dirty country India follows that

  • Shwethan Reddy sh
    Shwethan Reddy sh 4 days ago +1

    Islam , Indians are the bastards of the world

  • polara01
    polara01 5 days ago

    Americans in Jewish people are awesome people in general... It is both of our governments that are corrupt and Evil to get away with what they are doing and ignorance it's not an excuse in a free country where everyone is free to learn the truth now that there is truth on the internet there is no excuse not to learn it

  • Mr Reza
    Mr Reza 5 days ago

    Israil is a TERROR STATE!! Biggest supporter of TERRORISM around the world

  • Yosef Mehrannia
    Yosef Mehrannia 6 days ago

    dumbest move to give away gaza

  • lilo97423
    lilo97423 6 days ago +1

    "The land, moreover, shall not be sold permanently, for the land is MINE." - Leviticus 25:23

  • Waqar Hussain
    Waqar Hussain 6 days ago

    Israel will perish

  • Angel_eyes65
    Angel_eyes65 7 days ago

    It’s a spiritual war people.

  • Angel_eyes65
    Angel_eyes65 7 days ago

    Gaza will never get Israel for Gods hand is upon Israel and he will protect.

      MAGHFOUR HAMZA 4 days ago +1

      No, Israel is God's enemy because it kills innocent children and women
      Israel is a terrorist state and its end is near, God willing

    • Mohammad Sabah
      Mohammad Sabah 5 days ago +1


  • mjazzguitar
    mjazzguitar 8 days ago

    An arab with family ties wanted to go to gaza and they wouldn't let him in.

  • Sailor Jerry Swallow
    Sailor Jerry Swallow 10 days ago +1

    get out of palestine

  • Pa m Drammeh
    Pa m Drammeh 10 days ago

    Is good

  • red blight
    red blight 10 days ago

    Why destroy the houses? Should have given them to Arabs.

  • Zoe Blake
    Zoe Blake 11 days ago +1

    I struggle to have sympathy here. Gaza is Palestine why when you have the whole of Israel would you choice to move outside the boarder? I’m not sure what they expected when acquiring land without money or papers and build without planning permission. The government have subsidised and are now compensating.. they must move within the boarder. If the army treated Palestinians with a similar compassion that would be a step closer to peace. Also the fact the government would rather spend money demolishing those houses than sell them to Palestinians speaks for itself.

    • Zoe Blake
      Zoe Blake 5 days ago

      Mr Reza if that is the case then Israel isn’t a country because having a boarder is prerequisite for the title.

    • Mr Reza
      Mr Reza 5 days ago

      Israil doesn't have a border

  • Roy Ccc
    Roy Ccc 12 days ago

    Settlers would rather live anywhere except in Israel. They are just as bad as the Palestinian fanatics.

  • Floofi Floof
    Floofi Floof 12 days ago +2

    Why can't some people just not stop yelling and crying, and just move on? How about building up your country or something like that?

    • 0 00
      0 00 11 days ago

      Would you like it if someone pulled you and your family out put them in trucks and leave them to fend for themselves and rely on there peers and family for help leaving behind the life they made for themselves.

  • okkmkmikkkmiikimiiim
    okkmkmikkkmiikimiiim 13 days ago

    😣😥 you broke my heart and I'm crying yes because the land is belong to Israel that is not history for the Palestinians that land is belong to them the heavenly father give it to this people of Israel God blessed from Florida USA

  • C.Cooper
    C.Cooper 14 days ago

    oy vey!

  • Ashleigh NC87
    Ashleigh NC87 14 days ago

    43-44:50 was moved to tears a few times in this documentary but that tore me up. The strength of that man is palpable, i can feel it.. taste it.. but would not ever ignorantly presume to understand it. I cannot imagine his pain.. i wish yall would do an update on these people bc all i can think about is where all of these people are today and how they feel about this now that some time has passed.

  • Doll Cute
    Doll Cute 14 days ago

    When you people are ready to leave West Bank

  • Avi
    Avi 14 days ago +3

    Gaza’s proserous economy: Al Jazeera shows a side to Gaza that Western media won’t
    Feb 6, 2018 by Tom Gross
    This report from Gaza on the Arabic language version of Al Jazeera TV, has just been translated into English.
    It accompanies this article I wrote @t​. (Also here: @t.
    The video shows footage of bustling, well-stocked glitzy shopping malls, an impressive children’s water park (at 5.25 in the video), fancy restaurants, nice hotels, the crowded food markets, toy shops brimming with the latest plush toys (at 8.39 in the video).
    Western media has often focused on the Gaza to the detriment of many other issues and crises throughout the world, such as Yemen.
    The BBC, in particular, has devoted an inordinate amount of its budget and staff to covering Gaza in thousands of reports over the years.
    But you would be hard pressed to learn from western media coverage that, despite many difficulties, Gaza’s economy is also thriving in all kinds of ways.
    Or that life expectancy in Gaza is now five years higher than the world average.
    And unlike those typically seen in European and American media dispatches from Gaza, in the Al-Jazeera video, almost no Palestinian interviewed even mentions Israel.
    Instead, they point primarily to the internal Palestinian political rift between Hamas and Fatah as being their main concern in terms of their businesses thriving. Israel barely gets a look in.
    * See also: Turkish TV shows abundance of food and supplies in Gaza @B09A​
    -- Tom Gross
    The report was translated into English by the Middle East Media Research Institute and is exclusively reposted here with their permission, and should be posted elsewhere only using this URL @9ye0​

    • mjazzguitar
      mjazzguitar 8 days ago

      There's a lot of 3rd world people that would love to trade places with the gazans, and take advantage of the economic prosperity that would be possible if they made peace with Israel.

  • JustSaying Entertainment
    JustSaying Entertainment 15 days ago +2

    Not long till the Mahdi end the suffering on the people of the Holy Lands

  • Shimon Biton
    Shimon Biton 16 days ago +6

    i served at the base that Aluf (brigadier general) Gershon HacCohen was, met him not too often, once a month on average.
    he is pretty old by now, in his 70's maybe, and i bet he still goes out on those morning runs.
    he is THE nicest most down to earth high ranking officer i came across my entire service. he wont ask you to call him sir and will definitely won't want you to salute him, like ever. he crunches his face when people do that and reluctantly will salute back to 'free' you from your salute. very calm, very composed, very humorous and likable person - and treats everyone as such.. it was nice to see him in this video.. i never knew he was in charge of the Separation OP.

    • Shimon Biton
      Shimon Biton 14 days ago

      @Ashleigh NC87 im glad i could help there.
      i was never much into politics and i was 15 at the time.. so from what i remember the events that followed the displacment operation:
      the state had difficulties compenstating the all of the peoplz and some of those who were evacuated had to live in a tented community for a few months i think. but eventually everyone got compensated.. thats it basically. i remember back in the day, everyone were watching this on tv everywhere feeling the pain of those who were evacuated but also saying this will go down in history as a big and brave step towards peace, people were hopefilled. had hope in our government even if things eventually didnt come out as planned.. i felt that the attempt was more important than the end-result.
      today, i think but am not sure, the Palestinian Police force uses the area to dispose of Hamas bombs that are faulty and IDF duds.

    • Ashleigh NC87
      Ashleigh NC87 14 days ago

      Shimon Biton im american, watching he seems very humble. I cant imagine how he felt or how these people felt being made to leave their homes.. im just wondering how all these people are doing these days.. soldiers and settlers thank u for ur comment giving me a little insight into my curiosity about them...

  • Meir Wise
    Meir Wise 16 days ago

    Billions of dollars have poured into Gaza. It could have been a paradise. Another Singapore. Israel gave them Gush Katif evicting all the Jewish residents. Hamas destroyed the buildings, synagogues and greenhouses for no reason. They stock weapons in schools and hospitals and hide behind children. Which country would put up with its neighbour firing rockets into it for decades?

  • ILTV Israel News
    ILTV Israel News 17 days ago

    For more news from Israel watch ILTV

  • khalil k
    khalil k 17 days ago

    When will the IDF removed the illegal 750000 settlers in the west bank ?

    • Ronen
      Ronen 13 days ago

      You mean to say, the illegal bloodthirsty Arabs don't you? If you have any complaints about the rightful owners of the Holy Land, I suggest you direct all your concerns to the Creator, as it was the Creator's decision to give the land to the Jewish nation. And if you weren't such an ignorant Muslim, you would have known what your Koran says about the Jews and their rightful ownership of the Holy Land. "According to Imam Muhammad Al-Hussaini, traditional Islamic commentators from the 8th and 9th century onwards, such as Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari, have uniformly interpreted the Qur'an to say that the Land of Israel has been given by God to the Jewish people as a perpetual covenant". Now go argue with that!

    MOLAROIS MORAIS 17 days ago

    I smell WAR !!!

  • Shwethan Reddy sh
    Shwethan Reddy sh 17 days ago +1

    We can see , hurricanes , floods everywhere but not in arabian and india , so this world is satan dominated , so Bible said we have to face persecutions

  • Shwethan Reddy sh
    Shwethan Reddy sh 17 days ago +1

    That's why Bible said we have to face persecutions , Muslims and indians are the satan of the world

  • Shwethan Reddy sh
    Shwethan Reddy sh 17 days ago +1

    India is full of Muslims , Muslims dominant country , Muslim food everywhere , actually anyone can't believe India blindly

  • Shwethan Reddy sh
    Shwethan Reddy sh 17 days ago +1

    Actually to be honest , Israel should not lend hands and help India , now India is completely different , most selfish , cunning developed country India is now

  • Shae Smith
    Shae Smith 18 days ago

    The zionists call the soldiers Nazi’s but the sheer hypocrisy of them is disgraceful. They stole this land and abuse the Palestinians and yet they attempt to induce sympathy by calling others Nazi’s. The oppressed become the oppressors and they dont see any wrong doing in their behaviour. Ignorance is bliss

  • mjazzguitar
    mjazzguitar 18 days ago

    Jewish donors spent $14 million to buy the settlers' greenhouses for Gazans. They could have exported a million dollars worth of produce a year. When Israel left, they were looted and destroyed by Gazans.

  • Jesper From
    Jesper From 20 days ago

    "Israel" the Zionist occupation government

  • My Six Sense
    My Six Sense 20 days ago

    Interesting how this channel disabled comments about the boy who tried to assassinate President Trump isn't it? I wonder why you wouldn't want people to see what the public thinks about it? This is what happens when the media and Universities radicalize and manipulate disinfranchised, vulnerable people for greed and power. This boys life has been changed forever and he will suffer the rest of his days because the powerful, elitist, corporate filth continue to divide nations with rhetoric and lies!


    Jihadi go out of europe and deal with your business on your own

  • Hurricane Crane
    Hurricane Crane 21 day ago +3

    Weird !!! Praying didn't work !??!