Bernie Sanders would end employer-sponsored insurance

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • Democratic presidential Bernie Sanders joins Chris Wallace for a 'Fox News Sunday Sitdown.'
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Comments • 2 626

  • Nita Wealand
    Nita Wealand 2 days ago

    TRUMP 2020

  • Kevin Tewey
    Kevin Tewey 16 days ago

    And give you something better but you have a problem with that? 🤔🤪🤪🤪😳

  • Crow Copper
    Crow Copper 22 days ago

    When people make the argument that Bernie will raise your taxes for Medicare for all please explain to them that whatever you pay for insurance at your job now will be half the amount in taxes. I pay $278 bi weekly each pay check. That's over 6,500 a year in health insurance. Your taxes will never go up by that much, not even close. I will much rather pay up to $3000 in taxes than 6500 to these insurance rackets. Insurance companies and drug companies are robbing the American public like never before.

  • chamboyette853
    chamboyette853 28 days ago +1

    Whether you like or dislike fox news, one thing that is interesting is that they seem a lot nicer with Bernie Sanders than CNN or MSNBC is.

  • NismoFury
    NismoFury 29 days ago +1

    Bernie will say anything and do nothing.

  • MrOramato
    MrOramato Month ago +2

    Bolshevik Bernnie

  • Alfil Kemper
    Alfil Kemper Month ago +4

    That's because everyone will have Medicare & leave the jobs they hate that offer over priced insurance.

  • Fred Michaelis
    Fred Michaelis Month ago +1

    Who pays for all this free stuff Bernie. The rich, not on your life will never happen. Get real.

  • Fred Michaelis
    Fred Michaelis Month ago +1

    We see how much more money we had during the 8 years of Obama. Not in my pocket the insurance that he brought to the masses failed so where is all this extra great stuff the democrats bring.

    • Al Clark
      Al Clark Month ago

      Obamacare is the polar opposite of single payer because Obamacare leaves the insurance co.'s in charge. Leaving control of health care to for profit health insurance co's is just plain stupid.

      A health insurance co's primary goal is not health care, As with every "for profit" corporation its primary goal and reason for existence is maximizing profits for it's shareholders. Profits are maximized by avoiding anyone with health issues, by denying claims, by fine print plans that don't cover what buyers think is covered, and by the highest possible premiums, co-payments, and deductibles.

  • William Sanderson
    William Sanderson Month ago +4

    Sanders is the obvious leader and he is literally going to crush this psychopath currently in office

  • p phill
    p phill Month ago


  • Stellarspace
    Stellarspace Month ago +1

    Voters make peasant wages because they’re peasants. Duh!

    • Stellarspace
      Stellarspace Month ago

      Al Clark Let’s say Americans vote progressive. Everyone gets free health care, free college, cancelation of college loan debt, and so on. Do you ever think about how Corporations and the 1% will respond if the money is coming out of their pocket?

    • Al Clark
      Al Clark Month ago

      @Stellarspace In our society at this point in time, they just have to vote progressives (a political revolution). And stop falling for the Rep propaganda.

    • Stellarspace
      Stellarspace Month ago

      Al Clark When have peasants ever risen up and overthrown their Kings? Also our society is too intact for peasants to overthrow the government.

    • Al Clark
      Al Clark Month ago

      You mean like the peasants that rise up and overthrow the king?

  • MrInuhanyou123
    MrInuhanyou123 Month ago


  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones Month ago +2

    You mean my medical treatment can be on par with the DMV? Oh boy!

  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones Month ago +2

    Statism. Didn't we learn our lesson with social security? I am better with my money than the government. No thank you.

    • Jacob Jones
      Jacob Jones Month ago

      @Al Clark we probably do have some common ground on lobbyists though.

    • Jacob Jones
      Jacob Jones Month ago

      @Al Clark also I will never vote for a socialist. There is no such thing as a free ride.

    • Jacob Jones
      Jacob Jones Month ago

      @Al Clark I respect your right to believe and say what you want, but when bad policy is forced on everyone expect a lot of upset people. If you want another economic model there is nothing stopping you from pursuing it elsewhere. Giving the government more money is a horrible solution for bad (social) monetary policies of the 2000's.

    • Jacob Jones
      Jacob Jones Month ago

      @Al Clark name me one economic model that has generated more wealth among it's people. (The Scandinavian market economies are not socialist and do not count). You can't. I will take free market capitalism all day over bread line economics.

    • Al Clark
      Al Clark Month ago

      @Jacob Jones Government is not the problem. Gov't that serves the wealthy billionaire and corporate campaign donors is the problem. Campaign finance reform is critical. Vote progressives.

  • John A.
    John A. Month ago +1

    I think I can see why so many people like Bernie. He is for the government paying for so much, but can we afford a government that big?

  • John A.
    John A. Month ago

    Those polls are not accurate. If they were, Hillary Clinton would be president.

    • Timo Mueller
      Timo Mueller Month ago

      She won the popular vote as the polls said

  • Lala Lyons
    Lala Lyons Month ago +1

    Hey lip service idiot crazy Bernie I want to deal with North Korea how would you get well rush I can see you'll get along with Putin what about China what about Japan have you thought of that you're an idiot you're nothing but a towel smelly curmudgeon aesthetic pathetic man

  • The You Tuba
    The You Tuba Month ago

    The fact that the polls are being run to make it look like Bernie is at 13% all of a sudden proves how the corporate media are against Bernie. When the corporate media are against a candidate, we all know why.

  • Unseen
    Unseen Month ago +7

    Fox News...I have no words to describe your ridiculous, hacky argument.. So dumb.

  • dyarom
    dyarom Month ago +2

    No way,not my President.

    LORDERIK13 Month ago +1


  • Garrett Robertson
    Garrett Robertson Month ago +1


  • Bella Gray
    Bella Gray Month ago +1

    “…will wipe out a staggering 2.5 million health insurance and healthcare jobs nationwide, causing the number of unemployed people in this country to jump by almost half,” wrote Betsy McCaughey in The American Spectator.

  • HoosierNat Rat
    HoosierNat Rat Month ago +1

    5:30 we need to kick these bums out who own this stuff and put our own bums in there so we* own this stuff? I trust my boss old man.
    *big government

  • kyle
    kyle Month ago +2

    Who are these 68% of people 😂

  • Pts Slm
    Pts Slm Month ago +2

    Bernie doesn’t have a chance, such a drama queen for nothing but hot air coming out of your mouth.

  • Fred Hoffman
    Fred Hoffman Month ago +1

    Bernie the Red wants goverment to take over everything. Works great in N. Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba, Doesn't it Bernie the Red. Go back to Moscow where you celebrated your honeymoon and STAY THERE!

    • Al Clark
      Al Clark Month ago

      Dumbass, if you want an example of countries with Bernie Sanders type of social democracy, it's not Venezuela, no matter how many times Fox News and right wing radio hammer "Venezuela" into your tiny little brain, it's the Scandinavian countries, that have robust free enterprise economies, but also have a higher middle class standard of living, far lower debt per capita, fewer people per capita living in poverty, less corruption in government, more accessible and affordable health care and higher education, less extreme wealth inequality, more secure retirement, and score far higher in measures of citizens happiness.

      As Bernie Sanders said, “we don't want to turn the US into Norway, but we would be foolish not to look at policies that have been proven effective an successful in other countries and see if we can adapt them to improve our systems in the US.”

      That is not to say that all policies in, say,Sweden, are good. eg: Their too generous immigration policy. But that policy has nothing to do with "social democracy", and in any case Bernie Sanders is saying that we should look at successful policies, such as single payer health care, more affordable higher education, and less corrupt campaign finance system. He is NOT advocating implementing any policies, such as too lax immigration, that have not proven successful.

  • Jbux 1
    Jbux 1 Month ago

    Sanders is a certified nut job!!

    • Al Clark
      Al Clark Month ago

      The orange shitgibbon is the nut job.

  • MidScream1
    MidScream1 Month ago

    Bernie the Clown :)

  • Juan Ortega
    Juan Ortega Month ago +2

    What is insurance? I got free healthcare as soon as I crossed the border! Viva la Democrats!

  • Mo Fo
    Mo Fo Month ago +1

    Bernie 2020 Make America Chernobyl Again...

  • Mikey Gravano
    Mikey Gravano Month ago +1

    Dont believe the polls

  • comedy of errors
    comedy of errors Month ago +3

    Dosn't matter which side of the isle, you have to admit that Bernie is awesome!

  • Jaxson Burke
    Jaxson Burke Month ago

    After 2016, polls hold no legitimate reflection on who the nation or state is leaning towards. Every poll from two plus years ago showed Hillary Clinton winning in a landslide. Every battleground state was a lock, according to the polls. That didn't hold up well. I believe in capitalism but employer-based health insurance has become a system running on fumes that leaves Americans feeling uncertain or on edge. Single payer is becoming the more popular approach to healthcare and eventually America will transition to that system. Other nations work within the healthcare framework and there is little to complain about. If only our country had public servants as steadfast and passionate about serving the people as Europe.

  • Daniel Griffith
    Daniel Griffith Month ago +1

    Bernie is SOOO done... he supported the Green New Deal... AND the "coloooshin" lie....

  • darryl runnels
    darryl runnels Month ago

    Wallace is a closet liberal. Fox needs to replace him.

  • Mars Draskovic
    Mars Draskovic Month ago

    I didnt take part in any poll... Where is andrew yang ☯

  • Christopher Riley
    Christopher Riley Month ago

    Leave it to the main stream to only tell part of the story. In return to ending esurance companies, bernie would put a halt on free trade which will create millions of jobs.

  • Ed Carrasco
    Ed Carrasco Month ago +2

    Trump is a draft dodger and serial wife cheater. Lies too much

  • Ed Carrasco
    Ed Carrasco Month ago +1

    Trump is an absolute disgrace and embarrassment

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez Month ago +1

    No thanks Berni...we let TRUMP take care of America..

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe Month ago +1

    He wants to take Employment Insurance away so you have to get government insurance so the government can say yes you can have that procedure no you can have that that procedure I don't want the government in my business.

  • Jo Donnelly
    Jo Donnelly Month ago

    How much is a "living wage" Bernie? Is it $20 hour, $50 hour, $100 hour?

  • JKees
    JKees Month ago +1

    Bernie wants to end employee-sponsored insurance? But....I have have employee-sponsored insurance! Time to ignore the fake polls and vote Trump 2020!

    • Jason Young
      Jason Young Month ago

      TBH my biggest concern is war mongering and Joe Biden is a warhawk like hilary. Sanders to me wants to at least attempt to fix problems at home like fixing infrastructure. We can debate about the healthcare thing but the biggest thing we need to do is bring our troops home and joe biden wont' do that

  • dain6492
    dain6492 Month ago +1

    Imagine how cheap insurance would become if they were no longer subsidized by employers and actually had to compete for customers.

  • Rusharn Mal
    Rusharn Mal Month ago +1

    Yes and a lot of our current insurance woes is directly because of Obamacare jacking up the system to begin with. The dems had their way now it is time to try a more free market approach.

  • Ronald Baak
    Ronald Baak Month ago +1

    typical, sanders BS hes sitting down tell us to stand up LOL

  • Ronald Baak
    Ronald Baak Month ago +1

    Frankly, you need a lesson on socialism, having government sponsored health insurance only ends up with mass unemployment, no full time jobs, every employer would offer no benefits and only offer contract labour { part time } socialism is a poor mans wish for a rich life which ends up in mass poverty.

    • The You Tuba
      The You Tuba Month ago

      Ronald Baak like Norway where people enjoy a much higher standard of living? Many other examples by the way. You are ignorant and shouldn’t speak on matters you have no understanding of.

  • haris mujanovic
    haris mujanovic Month ago

    bern baby bern

  • 73151cb
    73151cb Month ago

    Actually, the PERI study, called the gold-standard on MFA by Yale School of Public Health, proposes that employers pay 92% of their current healthcare cost to the government rather than private insurance companies for the first three years of MFA, after which other financing plans can be considered. The truth about MFA is that is substantially less expensive and creates much better health outcomes for the the entire nation. These truths will not go away and will eventually be understood by the public. Prioritizing profit over human well-being may be fine for some unethical people, but its losing popularity in the US, especially with young people. The PERI study also states that MFA would put 5.1 trillion back in the pockets of citizens.

  • Michael Ehmann
    Michael Ehmann Month ago +1

    I love working 70 hours a week and not being able to afford my employer health insurance. I just love my high deductible and high co pays. This isn’t even a partisan issue

  • alex black
    alex black Month ago +2


  • alex black
    alex black Month ago +3

    Bernie old fool. GIVE IT UP

    TIMEPPF Month ago +2

    Don't employers cover most of the costs of health insurance now? I guess we will be paying for that.

    • Missy
      Missy Month ago

      DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM IS NOT ECONOMIC SOCIALISM. Please stop ignoring the "democratic".

      Price controls only fluctuate with inflation, not competition. Price controls will lower the overall costs.

      I repeat:
      DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM IS NOT ECONOMIC SOCIALISM. Please stop ignoring the "democratic".

      TIMEPPF Month ago

      @Missy My point was we pay very little of the cost of health insurance because our employers pick up most of the tab. Medicare for all puts the entire cost of it on the individual to pay. And Bernie hasn't released a study on what our cost was, only agreed with the 32.6 trillion cost over 10 years or $10,000 per person per year and don't forget half the country doesn't work. So people like you get awfully excited when you don't know if this will cost you more or less than it does now!
      And since Medicare would be the monopoly with no other alternatives, once the cost rises due to mismanagement, we will be paying well over the $10K a year or or $820 a month, I dont know about you but I don't even pay $100 a month now for health insurance.
      And unchecked socialism is terrible, socialism is one of the great killers of our times, you want to own the means of production? Start your own business.

    • Missy
      Missy Month ago

      Then, why are people declaring bankruptcy due to medical bills?
      That part of the cost is included when he says America pays more than any other country. Medical and drug companies are able to have high prices since each individual insurance company must negotiate price controls. That is why a hospital can charge different prices for the same procedure. Medicare has the lowest prices negotiated with drug/medical companies! The government already has price controls on many other products essential to our economy such as foods like bread and peanut butter. Unchecked capitalism is not good and no one thinks so.

  • Kin Patsu
    Kin Patsu Month ago +1

    Empty platitudes

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame Month ago +15

    Sanders would end the political, judicial, economic & fake news media corruption too

    • Sheeple are Lame
      Sheeple are Lame Day ago

      @Nita Wealand Yes I'm lmao at your ignorance

    • Nita Wealand
      Nita Wealand 2 days ago


    • Sheeple are Lame
      Sheeple are Lame Month ago

      @John A. What what? Since Regan. Sanders is the only person, who as a President would put

    • John A.
      John A. Month ago +1


  • NightIIJester
    NightIIJester Month ago

    I'm genuinely confused since this Medicare for all will be paid from taxes on individuals and companies how much will individuals be taxed? It has to be the same or comparable to what you pay now for private insurance right? Or more since you pay your share to insure everyone is insured...right?

  • Sheeple Barn
    Sheeple Barn Month ago

    "polls are precise and accurate" victory speech President Hillary Clinton 2016.

    • Sheeple Barn
      Sheeple Barn Month ago +1

      you know she lost the election right - the majority of white women voted for donald trump, she lost her own demographic and claims it is because women are bound by their husbands - let me tell she did not shatter the glass ceiling - it was bill and monica doing it on the roof

    • Mswordx23
      Mswordx23 Month ago

      You know she won the popular vote right

  • Sheeple Barn
    Sheeple Barn Month ago +1

    companies and the government should get out of health insurance - make the insurance and medical industry deal one on one with the consumers and drive the cost of health care down

  • Juan Rios, Jr
    Juan Rios, Jr Month ago +1

    If you get elected then you will allow Walmart employees get paid $15 an hour I saw it in the Ad.

  • MrWhiteyPt
    MrWhiteyPt Month ago +1

    Chris Wallace: "But critics say... it's actually a transfer of economic power to the people!" Is that bad?

    • Missy
      Missy Month ago

      I only have watched Chris Wallace interview democrats and it really seems like he's throwing the match for Fox News. Like he says things that are obviously damning to himself.

  • Russell O'Neal
    Russell O'Neal Month ago +1

    Go Bernie!!

  • James Jobes
    James Jobes Month ago

    Bernie is a very good fairy tale story teller ,

  • Alan Holland
    Alan Holland Month ago

    a true slave runner

  • Jim Zawalich
    Jim Zawalich Month ago +2

    Crazy Bernie Collected Welfare Until He Was 40! Hasn't Passed a Bill in 25Yrs! Got Rich in a Capitalist Economy Yet Pushes for Socialist Bread Lines and Highest Taxes Possible!! NO THANKS! How Many Company's Still Offer Health Insurance After OBAMADONTCARE, WERE YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DR!! NOPE!!

    • The You Tuba
      The You Tuba Month ago

      Jim Zawalich you are uneducated on this topic. People will save money in total when you account for what you spend on private healthcare.
      You’re so ignorant and the corporates love your ignorance. You work directly against your own interests and for theirs. They laugh at your stupidity, all the way to the bank.

  • Some nerd with no friends 1

    Is it me or does he seem off topic?

  • PresidentBelichick12


  • cheriangel60
    cheriangel60 Month ago +1

    Bernie is a straight up COMMIE!! No thanks!!! I have an AMAZING Health ins. plan, through my employer.

    • Olivia Silva
      Olivia Silva Month ago

      cheriangel60 COMMUNIST???? If only 😪

  • Steve M
    Steve M Month ago

    I like Bernie but I have no idea what he is talking about although he sounds good .

  • walt charamba
    walt charamba Month ago +8

    Bernie is going to win!!
    And it will the best thing to ever happen to America!!

  • Michael steffen
    Michael steffen Month ago

    Fuch you bernie!

  • Boofer T. Washington
    Boofer T. Washington Month ago +1

    At the end....what if doctors don't want to work for pennies? Bc that's what will be forced upon them eventually. Every doctor can't be private practice only. They'll make that law up too. They'll have to force them to take less money. It won't work.

    • walt charamba
      walt charamba Month ago

      You're an idiot..
      Doctors who work in single payer systems make great money and they have less wasted time dealing with insurance companies figuring out who paying for what..
      Yes it will work!!
      Cause it works everywhere else..

  • Athena Peyser-Gutierrez

    Good. This would free up money for businesses to spend on growth and higher wages and make it easier for people to become entrepreneurs and advance in their careers because they wouldn't be terrified of losing their insurance if they switch jobs. Seems like Republicans should like those things a lot.

  • Jay Bojorquez
    Jay Bojorquez Month ago

    Pandering to people who don't understand economics.... which are the majority of the lower class and lower middle class.... go figure

  • 1.restnrelax.1
    1.restnrelax.1 Month ago +1

    Look at that thumbnail! I did not know the human face was capable of doing that! Someone should give Bernie his dentures back.

  • George Ayers
    George Ayers Month ago

    Fake polls

  • Thom Wright
    Thom Wright Month ago +1

    Health care is a service NOT A RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • walt charamba
      walt charamba Month ago

      Until you need it, then all of a sudden it ought to be a right..

  • Coffy Mix
    Coffy Mix Month ago +1

    Bernie wants government to control every facet of your life,and he does it by promising free goodies to the masses, just like the carrot in front of the mule, democrats already control most of the media,the education system and one third of the government. once the take over is complete, the government will become a dictatorship

  • D Marion
    D Marion Month ago +1

    Small business needs come back, Online local markets, delivery of local products services.

  • D Marion
    D Marion Month ago

    Mr. Sanders needs to change his congress.

  • Doc Brown
    Doc Brown Month ago

    BERNIE 2020🔥🔥👍

  • Jeff McKenney
    Jeff McKenney Month ago +1

    End employer sponsored health insurance coverage. I'm tired of hearing so called capitalist tell me socialism is bad. No more mooching capitalist socialist the government is for public interest and I'm not paying taxes for only certain companies to offer free health insurance. Bernie Sanders will be president.

    • walt charamba
      walt charamba Month ago

      These people hate socialism for the working man, but love socialism for corporations!!

  • Cheryl
    Cheryl Month ago +12

    "You like your doctor, you get to keep your doctor!"

  • Dee Bolton
    Dee Bolton Month ago +2

    I'm not a fan of Fox News but I will say this - Fox has been fairer to Bernie than CNN. I appreciate that you give him a chance to speak on your channel.

  • Dee Bolton
    Dee Bolton Month ago +1

    If it means we all get insurance then idgaf. How come Congress gets LIFETIME benefits that WE pay for but somehow this is a problem for us to pitch in for our own insurance?

    • Conservative Atheist Misanthrope
      Conservative Atheist Misanthrope Month ago

      + Dee Bolton No concern about its costs, disadvantages etc. Typical wickedness, selfishness, and lack of critical thinking from a leftist idiot.

  • Gene Cole
    Gene Cole Month ago

    Probably same poll that had Mrs. Clinton winning. The top 1 percent doesn't stay in the top 1 per cent.

  • Beth Lorenz
    Beth Lorenz Month ago

    are these the same polls that had hilary winning in 2016?

  • gojobuddy
    gojobuddy Month ago

    Notice he didn't say that Medicare all would cover RX's drugs. My family is happy with our health insurance it also covers dental and vision. Medicare fraud runs rampant that the government has not fixed. What happened to their great Obamacare that skyrocketed the cost of all insurance companies and cost? How could anyone trust anything these people say? What he's leaving out is Medicare for all how much will be taken out of every single paycheck rather you like it or not? If you work very hard to start your own company why should anyone else tell you how to run it? When Congress could make it where it was illegal to charge one more money just because they don't have insurance. I know I receive a bill for over $1200 for bloodwork but it really only cost $125. We all know the 1% will not be paying the taxes they'll just move their money over seas. They plan on raising our taxes and using Medicare for all as an excuse. Go live in Russia or China Bernie.

    • walt charamba
      walt charamba Month ago

      You're an idiot!!
      M4A raises taxes on the top wealthiest 5%..And thats it..
      Someone who owns a business will benefit cause they won't have to supply health insurance to an employee cause everyone will already be covered..Dummy!
      You will also not be tethered to an employer just cause they offer healthcare..
      You can work anywhere you like and you'll be covered..
      That's real freedom!!

  • Chewybrand
    Chewybrand Month ago

    Shouldn't Bernie be wearing a HELMET?

  • Dremico's ART
    Dremico's ART Month ago

    The top 1%, The top 1%, The top 1%, The top 1%. Is Bernie broken or something. How about making families stronger by having a strong father and a loving supporting mother. The results will be a better society in all aspects.

  • Johnny James
    Johnny James Month ago

    will someone put this gadfly out of his misery? He gets rich in his do nothing elected position and then slams the freedoms which made his wealth possible. Another idiot with a mis wired brain.

  • Raymond Martin
    Raymond Martin Month ago

    Who does these polls?? I've never been asked to participate in a poll other then online polls which don't count for some reason despite having thousands and thousands of responses compared to these polls being reported with numbers between 400 and 1,200 people and they don't state where the polls were taken or how they went about implementing their polls. Were they done over the phone, in front of a grocery store or some other business or door to door in neighborhoods or what? Were they taken in urban or rural areas or a mixture of both? It's extremely easy to make a poll sway the way they want to which is why I don't believe these polls mean anything at all. The online polls have Trump in the lead in all of them between 8 to 30 points depending on the poll which is open to all Americans instead of polling in a small area.

  • Larry Motes
    Larry Motes Month ago

    Capitalism made this idiot rich, but wants to control with socialism

    • walt charamba
      walt charamba Month ago

      No one is against someone being wealthy..
      But when 50% of the wealth goes to 1% of the population, something is very wrong!!

  • Larry Motes
    Larry Motes Month ago

    Bern is a crook

  • Larry Motes
    Larry Motes Month ago

    Trump 2020

  • Chuck Cox
    Chuck Cox Month ago +1

    If you like waiting in line at DMV you're going to love government health care!

    • Chris Richardson
      Chris Richardson Month ago

      @walt charamba Yes, I agree. I was making the point that the VA is a different fish from the population health system. It is single payer, but has been drifting into the insurance model and needs to not go that way. The Health Insurance Companies are gate keepers as to who gets health care and who does not. They are parasites who have monetized health care to the piint that no one can afford it. The ACA is a gift to the Health Insurance Companies. They are guaranteed profits while they take care of people with preexisting conditions, but they are keeping notes. When the ACA fails, all of these folks under the ACA will be pumped into the high risk categories. They will loose their coverage if the Insurance Companies are allowed to survive. The 10 year projections for health expense is using their inflated figures. The real costs are much less. Doctors need to focus on getting their patients well and improve the public health, not determine how much coverage a patient has.

    • walt charamba
      walt charamba Month ago

      @Chris Richardson
      My point is medicare for all would work different then the VA..That's my understanding..
      I'm Canadian, and i'm rooting for Americans to have what I got ..
      I don't know any other system as we've had a single payer system since the 50's..
      And i'm happy with it!!

    • Chris Richardson
      Chris Richardson Month ago

      @walt charambaThe VA is still government health care. I worked for them for over ten years and worked with then directly and indirectly for over 30 years. It is still a competent health care system with better outcomes than most of the commercial public health care systems. BTW, Medicare does need to be expanded to full coverage and all ages covered. It will be the only thing that saves people with preexisting conditions.

    • walt charamba
      walt charamba Month ago

      @Chris Richardson
      Medicare is a single payer system..
      The VA is different, cause you don't choose your doctor..

    • Chris Richardson
      Chris Richardson Month ago

      This is just scare tactics. Proactive health is a lot cheaper, and getting rid of the health insurance companies will be a shot in the arm for the economy. The health Insurance companies are parasites that have a strangle hold on who gets health care and who does not. These companies feed off of the workers and the companies who hire them. This needs to stop. Oh, by the way, the government run health care with Medicare and the VA has had great success when allowed to operate as they should. Much of the problem in the VA is Washington DC. Most of the VA Medical Centers are very strong on providing services to their patients in an excellent manor when allowed to.

  • Donny R
    Donny R Month ago

    I'm from PA ya communist bernie... Just like the 2016 election. The polls favored Clinton to the end. HAHA bernie.... Trump will get PA in 2020

  • 411American
    411American Month ago

    Burnzy Boy - We need the Govern-Mental out of the working Americans life.

  • 411American
    411American Month ago

    Wheezy or Sleazy ? Let me think about this for 8 years hope their still around - Let the circus start! 110% for Sleazy 108% for Wheezy close race to the dead END