Testing for snakes for Paramixo Virus! Could it KILL ALL my snakes??

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Hey guys today we are testing for the Paramixo Virus on the sick Gaboon viper. WE are testing him to be sure. We do not think that's what it is but we need to make 100% Paramixo is an extreme airborne virus that could wipe out my Entire collection.
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  • Tyler Nolan
    Tyler Nolan  Month ago +131

    JUST TO CLARIFY! The Steve Irwin comment is a joke OBVIOUSLY lol grow up people hahaha we obviously LOVE Steve and everything he has done ... it’s called humor ;) laugh a little it fun I promise you!!!!! RELAX

    • Dos Morningstar
      Dos Morningstar 4 days ago

      Tyler so glad you commented saying that to be honest I'm from Aus and he was the one who actually inspired me to love and respect reptiles and all animals for that matter HahahH woah I saw red instantly I'm literally paused on 17 seconds in the video hahah my bad guys love you all and to your mate who said it - you got some dope Tatts man * cough cough * Tyler's are doper *cough * haha

    • Wildland Warrior Kota
      Wildland Warrior Kota 14 days ago

      dude what song is on your intro??? it sounds almost like killswitch engage but.... not... lol. Ifuckin LOVE it.have to download it.

    • 12354rony
      12354rony Month ago

      Eve Beebe Lol what's holding down a viper have anything to do with that? Most people wouldn't and probably not you either, and for a good reason. The joke on the other hand was explained to people as such and shouldn't have been taken so out of proportion, but imo people still have the right to express their opinions, in a civil way that is if they except to be taken and answered seriously.

    • Boaz Samson
      Boaz Samson Month ago

      Tyler Nolan would an air purifier help prevent any viruses 🦠 being passed onto other snakes 🐍? I hope they get well soon, kind regards ✌️

    • Richard Barfield
      Richard Barfield Month ago

      Tyler just started following about 5 months or so ago really like the channel, animals, educations, tatoos, and everything else. Keep up the hella good work. Hope you get your shop open soon.
      Anyways It really depressing when you have to go on here and defend a Joke because people are severely butt hurt. I dont know you personally but any reptile keeper/broader has more than likely referenced a joke using Steve. He has done the unimaginable with reptiles. But keep it up. People who are apparently super sensitive to a joke really need to find a personality from their local 7 eleven.
      Thanks for the amazing content and I seriously hope your snakes get well. Amazing how you inform on the sickness with justin. So informative and such great content

  • RideMyDuck
    RideMyDuck 14 hours ago

    Tyler what is your intro song

  • Tracy Bagwell
    Tracy Bagwell 4 days ago

    Who's been sick?....humanly sick? You can give your snake it by being in contact with someone sick. Wash your hand when your around Chandler before you handle your snakes. If your bird gets sick handle your bird when she is sick your can pass it to your snakes. Please wear gloves...when cleaning your cages.

  • Shannon burgess whittle

    This literally freaked me out, and then to continually hear and see his face!! 🥺

  • Shannon burgess whittle

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you creature lovers! Thank you for loving these sweet souls in any form.

  • nev who
    nev who 19 days ago

    what is the start up music called

  • brokenredflag
    brokenredflag 21 day ago

    That snake thicc soo pretty!!!

  • Karebear Freezepop
    Karebear Freezepop 28 days ago

    Yeah and vegans are awful tippers by the way.... I worked at a pizza place and we had. Vegan pizzas.... everytime we had a vegan order a vegan pizza.... no delivery tip!

  • Marjie Toney
    Marjie Toney 29 days ago

    yes Justin do it ! 😎❤

  • Marjie Toney
    Marjie Toney 29 days ago

    I hope everything turns out ok ..

  • Marjie Toney
    Marjie Toney 29 days ago

    you make a great team ! you look good even with piss on you ..lol Justin ..I really like how genital you are even messing with deadly snakes ..much love to y'all ❤

  • Hunter
    Hunter Month ago

    Man what a great friend Vanilla is to come over day in and out, and not to mention risk himself with the gaboons! Keep it up brothers! You're definitely good men to keep up with the animals the way you do!

  • Janet Lambert
    Janet Lambert Month ago

    Yes do it!👍

  • Janet Lambert
    Janet Lambert Month ago

    I am of a vegan honey and watch all your vlogs and love them✌️🥰🐍

  • Janet Lambert
    Janet Lambert Month ago

    Sending prayers and hugs for your family 🙏❤️🐍🍀

  • Lizzie Macias
    Lizzie Macias Month ago

    Good humor love it

  • Amber Nicole Massey

    Only a dad says you did it to one, don’t touch my sweet lil girl. Lol if you weren’t watching wouldn’t even know that was about snakes.

  • Amber Nicole Massey

    Gaboons are my favorite looking snakes!!!!!! Don’t want to run into one, but they are beautiful.

  • Amber Nicole Massey

    Is this similar to parvo in dogs

  • quagmire
    quagmire Month ago

    Love the channel bro. Watching from Northern Ireland U.K.

  • Sydney Erdahl
    Sydney Erdahl Month ago

    “I’ll just pin him like normal and you can do all the molesting”
    That was amazing 😂

  • Alex Hanks
    Alex Hanks Month ago

    When is the next update I'm worried about him

  • No worries Mate
    No worries Mate Month ago

    Your poking the snakes ass and telling it to hold still 🤔🤣😂🤣 would you?

  • Dagget Shaffer
    Dagget Shaffer Month ago

    Got some awesome friends to help out. Wishing the best for all your babies and such gorgeous vipers too.

  • Kellie Cramer
    Kellie Cramer Month ago

    Watching you care for these vipers. Wondering if you can show a close up of the pattern of their skin. Curious about the scales. First time i saw one i thought someone put stickers or painted them. They are so gorgeous.

  • Little Wolf Taima
    Little Wolf Taima Month ago

    You need to follow through on the Vanilla Ice video idea

  • ChildOf TheMostHigh

    718 taking that leap of faith....me and the wife were at work craxking up . You fixing to have maybe 6 more subs ....lmao great vid

  • ChildOf TheMostHigh

    Who is that on the intro song ? Please anyone

  • ChildOf TheMostHigh

    Yall to funny ....love you guys ✊🏾 ....that intro song is so MOTIVATING

  • Amanda Valverde
    Amanda Valverde Month ago

    How are the snakes any update ?

  • Michael Hood
    Michael Hood Month ago

    Would u possibly talk about the financial part of owning venomous like vet bills permits price pints of various snakes and so forth would be great info for anyone interested in owning venomous 😊 great vids by the way

  • casij22745
    casij22745 Month ago

    Hey Ty I thought you weren't gonna use newspaper for the cages anymore! Idk if it hurts them or not but I wouldn't think you'd use something that would. I just know @WillNace is very anti newspaper. XoXo 💚🐍

  • Kymber The Queen
    Kymber The Queen Month ago

    Any update on the pathology yet?

  • Amber Roy
    Amber Roy Month ago

    He should start a channel and also tell the gator video about his arm. I so badly wanna hear that.

  • Amber Roy
    Amber Roy Month ago

    Pall Bython🤦‍♀️ thanks for the laugh, great video!

  • Alisha Parrish
    Alisha Parrish Month ago

    Yes Justin should start one. He knows a lot to and for nothing else maybe educational video's. Come on Justin just do it lol

  • Frank DiPietrantonio

    Any update on the results?

  • Sheila Stewart
    Sheila Stewart Month ago

    Go Vanilla Reptiles!!🤞✌️🤘

  • Mira W
    Mira W Month ago

    Vanilla hot

  • Carole Nash
    Carole Nash Month ago

    She is gorgeous.

  • swe ann
    swe ann Month ago +1

    Glad to see the Gaboons are looking better!! 👍👍

  • Megan Wilson
    Megan Wilson Month ago

    He needs his own channel. 👍🏻

  • AuraLiveWax
    AuraLiveWax Month ago

    that malaysian going crazy inside the cage is like a psycho ex trying to get at you lol fucking love it lmaooo

  • Kymber The Queen
    Kymber The Queen Month ago

    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ --- please look up the channel “ “Earls fishing adventures”. It’s owned by the former owner of “ gone fishing”. I’m sending this to my favorite youtubers because gone fishing was hacked and he lost everything. He is starting over with an new channel and went from followers like yours own to .... he now has 800.
    I’d be heart broken if this happened and he thought he was answering a TVclip email and it was hackers.
    This isn’t a scam post. Please ask about it... and learn how they did it so you don’t get hacked too!
    Thanks for all you do! I left a comment here because I don’t really know TVclip very well and didn’t think I could email lol.
    Thank You again for the time you take doing this and for all you do to help animals.
    Side note... you and will are by far my favorites because of the animal ambassadors you are! Thank You again for the love you share and education about these creatures!

  • TheNameIsShame
    TheNameIsShame Month ago

    I guess I’m the only one who jumped @13:48 when he’s cleaning the nose and then I heard a loud noise

  • Just Tammy
    Just Tammy Month ago

    Hey Tyler first let start by saying that I hope that viper gets better. I work as guest service at Central Florida zoo and we have a beautiful eyelash viper. Also wanted to get the word
    Out we are having Japanese lantern festival at the zoo starting November 20th until January 12 I think it’s something you should
    Come and check out.. I hope
    You get to read this!!! 😀🤗

  • Brandie Robinson
    Brandie Robinson Month ago

    What you all have done is fantastic! Your care and love for your snakes is truly heart warming. 🌈🙏🏼❤️ and inspirational.

  • Fusion Exotics
    Fusion Exotics Month ago

    Damn thats rough if you have paramixo, but thats the whole reason for quarantine, also in that last video where you treated the gabs your buddy just wiping all that snake mouth cheese right into your carpet, not wearing gloves or disinfecting the hooks/tools used on each animal...super sanitary and good practise for dealing with sick snakes and not spreading their unknown illnesses to the rest of your collection lol

  • Amanda Trader
    Amanda Trader Month ago

    Off topic of this video but where is your tattoo shop located ?

  • Pat Smith
    Pat Smith Month ago

    Hi, does Justin have a TVclip account, or twitter, instagram, etc. accounts?
    It's easy to see he is very knowledgeable about snakes and I'd like to learn more from him.

    • Pat Smith
      Pat Smith Month ago

      I said this b4 I saw u talk about Justin being on TVclip.

  • Vicki K
    Vicki K Month ago

    Poor sweet angel baby gaboon. I'm glad you're taking care of this darling snake.

  • John Haldeman
    John Haldeman Month ago

    Bro! I was just watching your video and thought of a great trick! Do the "separating finger" trick and then act like you ate the tip of your finger. 😂 Kids are guna FREAK OUT

  • Mandi Smith
    Mandi Smith Month ago

    Those eyes tho

  • Suzi Davis
    Suzi Davis Month ago

    Paramyxovirus is transmitted by respiratory secretions, shed cells, poo, and mites. It can also be spread from mother to neonates. And anything with a weakened immune system will be more susceptible.

  • Ro bin
    Ro bin Month ago

    What happend to justins arm?

  • lil grump
    lil grump Month ago

    Just realised Tyler was on ink master.

  • Lacey Bug
    Lacey Bug Month ago


  • Eric Wilder
    Eric Wilder Month ago

    Tyler, I hope your Gaboon Viper pushes through his current health issues. Beautiful snake!

  • Blythe Swayze
    Blythe Swayze Month ago

    I’m absolutely in love with Gaboons. They are beautiful and easily one of my favorite types of snakes. That second girl was gorgeous and so sweet.

  • REDDOGG 24
    REDDOGG 24 Month ago

    Justin should start one cause dude has a shit load of knowledge to share with us all. I give u Tyler and Justin/Vanilla Ice a shit load of respect man keep the good shit coming bro!!!