James Charles & Tati DRAMA Explained!

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • OMG the tea is THE HOTTEST it's EVER BEEN!!
    Did James Charles just lose over 2 million subscribers!? We’ll tell you what’s going on and tell you why Jeffree Star just called James a “danger to society”. On April 22nd, James took to his insta story to promote Sugar Bear Hair Care vitamins which, as some of you may know, is a direct competitor to Tati Westbrook’s Halo Beauty vitamins. Tati posted a video on TVclip on Friday that may have been the final blow to James career titled, “Bye Sisters.” It seems people are coming out to back up these stories. In a now deleted tweet, Jeffree Star said, “There is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming over to our home again, There's a reason why I haven't seen him since @GlamLifeGuru's birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true."" This whole thing has been a major hit to James as his subscriber count dropped drastically.
    James Charles & Gage Coachella Drama Explained + Tana Response - tvclip.biz/video/GysFKxi5jT8/video.html
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  • Gacha Blossom
    Gacha Blossom 5 hours ago

    4:10 are those real eyebrows

  • Olga Rivera
    Olga Rivera 5 hours ago +1

    If James Charles knew that Tatis enamy then why would he do it ?????

  • Ana Espitia
    Ana Espitia 6 hours ago

    Wow you took tati Side and never took any of Jameses point of view and how do you know that TATI isn’t lying

  • Lamija Isaković
    Lamija Isaković 7 hours ago +1

    Team James😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Team Tati😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Cindy Cheung
    Cindy Cheung 7 hours ago

    another reason to hate Tati. Businesses are competitive and Tati is just being picky, selfish and jealous thinking everything should go her way and benefit her.

  • nini kvaracxelia
    nini kvaracxelia 8 hours ago


  • Jacqueline Ford
    Jacqueline Ford 9 hours ago

    say what you like i dont think that tati needed to make such a big deal about it like it was a instagram photo and she took it way to hard but also jefere didnt need to say james was danger to society because he is not i reccon there is just to much friction between the beaty community and everythin is coming out on james like what has he actualy done wrong .everyone has there ups and downs wright?

  • Linda Tafoya
    Linda Tafoya 11 hours ago


  • Samantha Iruoma Ukandu

    wow teaaaaa

  • Makenzie Walters
    Makenzie Walters Day ago +4

    Tati you need to go somewhere because James is way prettier than you ain’t nobody got time for you

  • Amourra._ Nadaa
    Amourra._ Nadaa Day ago +1

    Not anymore

  • Mia lop
    Mia lop Day ago

    you know yea girl need some drama to live so hear I em

  • Cee Brooke
    Cee Brooke Day ago

    I don't know like thare 's a part of me that Does

  • Femi Oyebo
    Femi Oyebo Day ago

    TVclip Record? hahahaaaaa
    its like they haven''t heard bout Logan
    and can Someone Tell me how many times Keemstar has hit a Million subs?
    Record , Please

  • suke
    suke Day ago +1

    *...And the fakey fake golden award goes to .... ALL you ppl who follow this sht*

  • pixzilla65
    pixzilla65 Day ago

    if theres yessica then wheres nossica?

  • Gacharossy Gmail
    Gacharossy Gmail 2 days ago

    I am still subscribed i mean hes young, young people make the biggest mistakes so im stil subscribed

  • mangachanfan
    mangachanfan 2 days ago +2

    In other news, I hate celery with peanut butter.

  • NerdyNaeNae_YT
    NerdyNaeNae_YT 2 days ago

    I was only interested in this because of my friends spilling some tea when I was in between them.. now, *unsubscribes to James Charles*... yeah...

  • Laaibah_isthebest X
    Laaibah_isthebest X 2 days ago +1


  • vlogs and skits Productions

    I know probably know one will agree with me about this but why can't they either make up and be happy or just stop being friends they do not have to end their careers over some little drama like come on

  • Booty Wurts
    Booty Wurts 2 days ago

    This is so retarded and why do I care about this so much

  • Briar Shyrock
    Briar Shyrock 2 days ago +5

    *When you never were subscribed to either of them*

  • Lily lobo Flores
    Lily lobo Flores 2 days ago

    Omg the whole drama was fake Tati lied

  • mahya amini
    mahya amini 2 days ago

    who are these people?? How did I get involved :O ???? :O I just love drama I guess :D

  • Wolfie Paws
    Wolfie Paws 3 days ago

    Ahhh finally

  • Martin Howley
    Martin Howley 3 days ago

    Who are these irrelevants?

  • GracieDaze
    GracieDaze 3 days ago +1

    That video dropped the IQ of entire neighborhood

  • Jayla Brodie
    Jayla Brodie 3 days ago

    This is all wrong

  • Aetreus
    Aetreus 3 days ago

    Damn! James need some DIIICK

  • Kylaya Cox
    Kylaya Cox 3 days ago

    I am, scandal or not he’s still talented at makeup

  • servo honox
    servo honox 3 days ago

    I don’t even know who is James Careless

  • Mary Moore
    Mary Moore 3 days ago

    The situation with Bloveslife and Que seems oddly familiar

  • Harold mearon
    Harold mearon 3 days ago

    TATI is a bioch

  • Yanitza Salazar
    Yanitza Salazar 4 days ago +3

    Yes I'm still subscribing to James Charles

  • Череп Смерти

    Am i the only one who never knewd this people exist till today

  • Daniela’s Camera Roll

    guess who has 15 million subscribers again

    JAIME PRINE-CARTER 4 days ago

    I legit have no idea what is going on with james

  • TrexonGaming 1
    TrexonGaming 1 4 days ago

    Ok. I didn’t understand a thing.

  • •Stellar •
    •Stellar • 4 days ago +12

    Are you serious? They fighting over vitamins?!? And I thought I was petty😒

    • Kitty Curl
      Kitty Curl 2 days ago +2

      Its also that james harassed someone who gave eho a chance but wasnt into it

  • Sienna Carter
    Sienna Carter 4 days ago

    Wait... this whole thing was because he didn't promote a bottle of vitamins?

  • Frog eesh
    Frog eesh 4 days ago

    Just because of vitamins....

  • Mj Matthews
    Mj Matthews 5 days ago

    Tbh I didn’t have time to watch tati’s vid so I watched this lol

  • Martina Bracken
    Martina Bracken 5 days ago


  • Lana Nahtigal
    Lana Nahtigal 5 days ago +1

    OMG james team 1000% I ❤ U JAMES!!!!

  • KA
    KA 5 days ago +9

    This is the social media generation
    People watch a dispute between 2 unimportant people.

  • ojek bin kojek
    ojek bin kojek 5 days ago

    Will it be like Tukang Bubur Naik Haji series?

  • Bottomless Soup
    Bottomless Soup 5 days ago

    And this is why I watch innocent channels where there NOT DRAMA and more things I’m into........

  • Marianne Rivera
    Marianne Rivera 5 days ago

    Tati is fake...fake

  • Julie Mara
    Julie Mara 5 days ago +1

    I never even knew Tati or james

  • Olivia Brennan
    Olivia Brennan 5 days ago +1

    Well done for lying about James, can’t wait for your channel to get demonitised ☺️. There’s why I never sub to u

    • Filippo Campione
      Filippo Campione 2 days ago

      Guys guys, I finally met someone who cares. Hurry come see. And bring some popcorn.

  • Maggie Kelley
    Maggie Kelley 6 days ago +2

    I’m still subscribed because once a sister always a sister

  • Pearl Wolfie :3
    Pearl Wolfie :3 6 days ago +24

    Why cant we worry about climate change like this.

    • Levi Brennan
      Levi Brennan 16 hours ago

      It's a hoax and this is perversion. Reevaluate your life.

    • Kitty Curl
      Kitty Curl 3 days ago


  • tik tok
    tik tok 6 days ago +1


  • Ben Levine
    Ben Levine 6 days ago

    Where is the original hit vid

  • Serephina Tomacelli
    Serephina Tomacelli 6 days ago

    This will come out of nowhere but you should always be respectful to everyone no matter if their gay or straight always be NICE!!!

  • Anna Winchel
    Anna Winchel 6 days ago

    Sister Scandal

  • Sophie Williams
    Sophie Williams 6 days ago

    WOW I was so confused until this vid ;-;

  • Isaiah Hallens Mashino

    This is stupid they should box on the ksi vs Logan paul rematcj

  • Raquel Rodriguez
    Raquel Rodriguez 6 days ago


  • Nano Mando
    Nano Mando 6 days ago

    Well, you are wrong because he has 15M subscribers my dear! FACTS!

  • H K-Y
    H K-Y 6 days ago +6

    Me: My pettiness level can’t be beat.
    My phone: *TVclip recommendations has something for you.*

  • Stevie Bower
    Stevie Bower 7 days ago

    As always I am still on James Charles side go sisters not bye bye Tati is bye bye and I know he did some bad things but he is a roll model to people and a good personality sorry but still subbed to James Charles because everybody sister and the ones that don’t love him it doesn’t matter we should love everybody equal don’t hate everybody but love don’t use the word hate use the word don’t like no one use the word hate like always for me love and everybody that’s what god made us

  • Bright Dragon
    Bright Dragon 7 days ago +1

    “Are you guys still subscribed to James Charles?”
    Hah! BYE SISTER!!!

  • Sophie vlogs and vids For life

    Y'all put so much hate on sister James and he doesn't deserve it he made a mistake but doesn't everyone and we are not hating on you are we? Exactly that's what I thought so back of

  • Annmaree Gray
    Annmaree Gray 7 days ago

    I love James

  • Dr. Saira Khan
    Dr. Saira Khan 7 days ago

    James will be fine, he has his sugar bear vitamins to calm down his anxiety

  • XxbrokendreamsxX
    XxbrokendreamsxX 7 days ago

    Are you damn serious its fricking VITAMINS stupidest fight ever 😂

    GO TAP IT 7 days ago

    My name is gage...

  • JE_ GAMIN'
    JE_ GAMIN' 7 days ago

    Tati looks like halsey

  • Big Homie Duwop
    Big Homie Duwop 7 days ago

    I'm only here to find out who the fucc James Charles even is.

  • Lps Shadowss
    Lps Shadowss 7 days ago

    No I unsubscribed from him

  • Anastasija Cvetkovic

    Lost too many brain cells watxhing this.

  • skyler ashe
    skyler ashe 7 days ago

    Look he made a mistake isnt he like 19? People make mistakes!! Nobodys perfect!

  • Esperanza Sanchez Orozco

    I still have no idea what's going on

  • Eshwari 777
    Eshwari 777 8 days ago

    Am I the only one feeling sad for James like come on people make mistakes LIKE HES 19 ONLY COME ON

  • Imai Imai
    Imai Imai 8 days ago

    James Charles gained back subscribers.

  • Beta Ray Bill
    Beta Ray Bill 8 days ago

    Dude, this community is full of crybabies.

  • *Do you know someone named Jack*?

    I ship tati and james together

  • Lady Salazar
    Lady Salazar 8 days ago

    I dont know him though hehe

  • Ulquiorra859
    Ulquiorra859 8 days ago

    This is so damn extra like, not even that deep ibr

  • kawaii waffles
    kawaii waffles 8 days ago

    I think jamed shouldnt have to apolodgize for promoting a viatamen tati is just being petty and this drama is stupid

  • gacha life demons
    gacha life demons 8 days ago

    James is kinda being a rapist but he can't succeed because ain't nobody let him😐😑😆

  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 days ago

    what f-ing career? is just a sexualy disturbed guy putting on makeup! how much intelligence and human evolution does this require? a f-ing doctor has a career or an engineer!

  • Aseel Shaath
    Aseel Shaath 8 days ago

    For gods sake people,,, Forgive!!!

  • Hoiii cHiLd
    Hoiii cHiLd 8 days ago +1

    I will always be a SISTER

  • Realest Estate Gordon
    Realest Estate Gordon 8 days ago +3

    I only know about this guy /girl because of Leon Lush

  • Krystal Grady
    Krystal Grady 8 days ago

    Don't care. It all seems super petty af.

  • Francis Friesen
    Francis Friesen 8 days ago

    TVclip is the balkans in 1914

  • madi
    madi 8 days ago

    i did not know this hapend till i watched this video

  • Taylor D.
    Taylor D. 8 days ago +1

    James Charles has over 15 million subscribers now... 😇

  • ThankYou _WhyDontWe
    ThankYou _WhyDontWe 9 days ago +1

    That waitor

  • teamtreacy
    teamtreacy 9 days ago

    You don't need to explain what happened because James ALREADY explained it on his chanel. What Tati had said was, mostly lies and James has receipts to confirm that. I'm not on side but why did Tati get so upset about James talking about vitamins other than hers? He doesn't have to promote hers ALL the time. So yeet

  • Sandy D Lea
    Sandy D Lea 9 days ago

    I had never heard of him or Tati (no shade to her) before 🤷🏾‍♀️ He sounds slimy as hell too but a few pinches of salt is the best way to get rid of unwanted slugs

  • 470bridgette 982
    470bridgette 982 9 days ago

    The beauty gurus had one job, do makeup

  • Vexutia
    Vexutia 9 days ago

    *Imagine if we were this caring about our society and tried this hard to be involved in social issues like poverty and crime*

  • Lilith Del Ray Maria

    And now this video just stupido

  • Narnia Business
    Narnia Business 9 days ago +1

    I didn't know ppl were so stupid that they fight about Vitamins...

    Well, there's Jake and Logan paul who are probably stupid enough to.
    Now there's a Tati I've never heard about, who is fighting over a simple promotion of VITAMINS.

  • Aurora M
    Aurora M 9 days ago

    Wait, this whole thing was over VITAMINS?
    People promote their own things/different things than their friends all the damn time.
    I know performers who are in direct competition with each other and they don’t act this way. They’ll support their own shows and such but then shout out to their friends and/or promote the person they lost to.
    I understand feeling upset over it and James sounds like a jerk otherwise, but to make the bulk of the fall-out this stupid, blown-out-of-proportion vitamin thing is ridiculous.

  • Gabrielle Freeman Swagger -Official-

    This drama is stupid because Tati just made a bunch of accusations towards James Charles without any proof and then started victimizing herself. I think she only took a break from youtube because she's scared that everyone is starting to turn on her and she cant take it. I fucking HATE people like her