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  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
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    I hope they get Marshmello to DJ the store reboots and they pay him in empty game cases and then they make him vacuum the floor because GameStop don't pay for no CLEANERS
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  • skywarp727
    skywarp727 10 days ago

    I like the idea of a brick and mortar game store. Not a big fan of cloud based gaming. Physical console and physical software is what I want.

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson 10 days ago

    People don't need Gay Stop. Too many other places to buy games and gay sex toys for cheaper. And they stopped too many gays. Everything is fucking going out of business: shopping malls, kmart, sears, gay stop, guitar center, and many other stores.

  • Red Scar
    Red Scar 14 days ago

    Gamers rise up. Let's rush GameStop they can't stop us all

  • Chell
    Chell 15 days ago

    It’s unfortunate how they handle their business. I ordered a game recently and it got lost. They told me they would send me a new one and refund my money for overnight delivery but they never did. So now I’m out my money and I don’t have my game. I’ll never be ordering games from them again.

  • Kevin Pena
    Kevin Pena 19 days ago

    Games stop should just go digital like Amazon and so they can expand what they sell

  • Bishop Kam
    Bishop Kam 20 days ago

    Hey I asked GameStop if they were going out of business and they said no they close over 200 stores per year or month the ones that lack business like the mall or the ones that are close by each other . Plus they’re in business with the Funko pop Industry . So everyone knows they’re not going out of business .

  • J2 digital
    J2 digital 20 days ago +1

    Shout out to Game Crazy! So sad Hollywood Video wouldn't sell it to Best Buy. T_T

  • Tarun Suryawanshi
    Tarun Suryawanshi 22 days ago

    Another sinking business?? Somebody call Mukesh Ambani!

  • Edgar Gonzalez
    Edgar Gonzalez 25 days ago

    0:03 here too?!

  • Equidistant Honeyjoy
    Equidistant Honeyjoy 25 days ago

    Gamestop is basically guaranteed to go the way of Blockbuster unless the move into the online space. The future just isn't looking good for them, either they make a viable online storefront or they die. It's not a question of if, just when. You can make bets on whether it'll happen 1 year, 2 years or 5 years or more, but the guy betting that it'll never happen is throwing his money away. The writing is on the wall.

  • Abram Anguaino
    Abram Anguaino 25 days ago

    This should also be happening to EA they need to go on a downfall for their scummy bullshit

  • Vernon Delap
    Vernon Delap 26 days ago

    ... and then all the Gamestop managers and employees will look up and shout:! Pre-order now, Buy our Membership, and up to 10% on Trade-ins, !'. And I'll look down and whisper: 'No.

  • FBB
    FBB 27 days ago +1

    People act like GameStop is failing but I have 3 within 10 minutes of where I live, they could use to close down a few. I know it’s anecdotal but just saying they are closing 100 stores down isn’t enough context.

  • landy concepcion
    landy concepcion 27 days ago

    Well this happen when you sell used games for $2 less that the new ones

  • Nexsus Archon
    Nexsus Archon 27 days ago

    Geeze i thought gamestop was closing down. But Nah theyre just downsizing

  • F8
    F8 28 days ago

    It's about fuckin time..next up lootboxes pls...give me back my favorite past time...

  • Swift blind justice
    Swift blind justice 28 days ago

    It was those exclusive pre order bonuses. Every time you tried to buy a game, "is there anything you want to pre order?" No! I pre ordered the game I'm buying now when I bought another game. F off

  • Airroch
    Airroch 28 days ago

    I have been talking to people that work at gamestop, they are not shutting stores down, they are turning them into halfway stores. That means that they are combining them with hot topic or some shit. You guys should do a real story on like how your company RT is dying. Do a story on how you guys just fired a bunch of people. Like, go fuck yourselves, you guys have been spouting fake news for a while now. When you guys talked about Destiny and bungie a while back, You talked about how Bungie went to Activision because they were done with halo. No, when that happened, Activision offered the owner of Bungie a fuck ton of money to buy Bungie, he took it. And then Activision Fired nearly everyone who worked on halo, because halo was making more money then cock on duty. Activision only ever did that bungie. Bungie made all their own shitty decisions with Destiny 1 & 2. Activision just kept telling them they need to do something to make more money. The only thing Activision wanted was for Halo to die, and they did that because 4 and 5 were fucking cancer.

  • Hanana Hana
    Hanana Hana 28 days ago

    As much flak as Gamestop gets for poor worker treatment I imagine it's nowhere near as bad as Amazon.

  • Ada Kuz Con
    Ada Kuz Con 29 days ago

    funny, they think they are actually part of the video game industry...

  • ChronoXShadow
    ChronoXShadow 29 days ago

    They should go evil and give discounts on games' mtx if you buy a game's currency using GameStop gift cards.

  • Sol Lancer
    Sol Lancer 29 days ago

    Late for the party, but my 2cent, I notice most gamestop hired what I consider the high potential to become a real raider from the wasteland, unfriendly atmosphere almost every time I'm in one. That and "the used game" cost $46.99 for the lastest game is crazy, might as well buy a "virgin copy" for 3 bucks more, there are more things wrong the store.

    To sum up, gamestop had become unfriendly, overprice used game, ripping off ppl, hire raiders as staffs, and other shady crap and they really need to ask why they are tanking?

    However, once retail is dead and gone the new problems for all digital stores front will soon face, "The Rise of HACKERS part 2", that could lead to even scarier problems than retails ever will. Ask for the monthly sub, that is the reason why they are forcing ppl into being a hacker rather than a programmer, in my opinion. There will be so much more problematic once the greedy ppl had their ways with what was "the good way of doing business." Evil deeds spawn even eviler deeds, it will come full cycle and get back at you, good one i.e. GameStop, how ironic.

  • elweasel2010
    elweasel2010 29 days ago

    When to pay my phone bill today. There was a gamestop there with a sign on the window "Now Hiring Management" I think I will pass.

  • CheezeWuz
    CheezeWuz Month ago

    Mind you... They blamed the retail workers for sales. Worked there for 7 years stopped 5 months ago... I saw the rise and the fall.... I couldn't sell something to no one... but na blame me because I can't upsale one guy $400 worth of used stuff.
    I see you're buying Halo 3 for $4.99 would you like this whole wall of Wii shit for $347.98

  • Yasac
    Yasac Month ago

    Yeah I stopped going to gamestop as soon as steam summer sales really took off.

  • Element Freestyle
    Element Freestyle Month ago

    *RIP Babbage’s*

  • DarkAthena 666
    DarkAthena 666 Month ago

    In the words of Peter Griffin, “REAL STORES SUCK!” Seriously though I feel awful for the employees. But this is the direction we are all taking, all digital. We’re going to regret this. Hell it ain’t just video games affected by our supposed “advancement” by cutting out the manpower. Of course there are exceptions and nice advantages, but people are quick to ignore the cost of this.

  • daniel jackson
    daniel jackson Month ago

    Gamestop dumpster divers are sad

  • Colleen Glanville
    Colleen Glanville Month ago

    I'm not happy about this news...I know we will be able to still collect physical copies of video games, but GameStop was always the best place to get them...I'm sad now! 😭😭😭

  • IceColdKilax
    IceColdKilax Month ago

    Gamestop, ToysRus, SPECS, FYE, SEARS, BestBuy. Jcpenney. Kmart All Gone.
    Buy Digital or Online.

  • chrono211330
    chrono211330 Month ago

    wow gamecrazy i haven't heard that name in awhile

  • Carmelo Sgro
    Carmelo Sgro Month ago

    lay on the ground open your legs, LMAO

  • Thotacon tv
    Thotacon tv Month ago

    They should convert some of those stores into new age arcades. Im talking tekken 7 cabnets, street fighter 3rd strike, killer instinct, guilty gear and DBZ. Maybe afew ddr machines and even smash bro tournaments. The nostalgia factor alone would draw crowds and could revitalize the fighting game grass roots scene.

  • Mr. Grey
    Mr. Grey Month ago

    In my local mall, as a teen, there was a Gamestop at one end of a hall and an Electronics Boutique (Gamestop in Canada) at the other. Not sure how that happened.

  • Masked Badass
    Masked Badass Month ago

    I think there will always be a market for physical copies. Digital is great except it gives so much control away.

  • Geo Ortiz
    Geo Ortiz Month ago

    I know they cheap, GOT MEMORIES IN GAMESTOP😭😭😭😭😭😚

  • Taric Bot
    Taric Bot Month ago

    funny you joked about it. my brother got a pickle rick skate deck from gamestop

  • Pete Puebla
    Pete Puebla Month ago +1

    GameStop is going the way of Blockbuster. It was nice while it lasted. Thanks for the memories GameStop but I miss Game Crazy more.

  • WFI
    WFI Month ago +1

    Meanwhile they just opened a new GameStop in my town

  • NOTNiA _
    NOTNiA _ Month ago

    Wait?! Game Stop is American EB games

  • Fire King og kush
    Fire King og kush Month ago

    Y don’t u help fix game stop

  • coolbo831 Ps4 gamer

    Yo what happen to Bruce Greene is he gone, did he quit, got fired? Is he dead??

  • Raheel Virk
    Raheel Virk Month ago

    I remember when they were with famous and I would watch daily ! Where they on IGN or something ?

  • Testimentsnow
    Testimentsnow Month ago

    Hey how come there is no big story about how rooster teeth fired 14% of it's staff

  • Bradley Ellis
    Bradley Ellis Month ago

    I bought the Koss GMR headset and I shit you not it was the best purchase I've made this year. It's an entirely new experience. I know I sound like a commercial but HOLY SHIT, they're -fantastic-!

  • x\ Dokuujin /x
    x\ Dokuujin /x Month ago

    If GameStop wants to survive they need to release a DRM platform, sell digital keys at their physical location, and stop carrying large quantities of physical games. If you want a disk you have to order it, other wise, here's a key for a digital copy on our DRM platform! Want a Funko Pop?

  • killsare123
    killsare123 Month ago +1

    Damn rooster teeth dying too

  • Ken Kopas
    Ken Kopas Month ago +1

    You really think gamestop is going to heaven?

    • Josh Glenn
      Josh Glenn 29 days ago

      This made me spit out my coffee😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • Nathan Ingerson
    Nathan Ingerson Month ago

    Physical media needs to stay prominent. Without hard copies of games, we won't be able to play them down the line when digital retailers inevitably fade away.
    The ultimate solution would be to have true backwards compatibility for every generation of games. That way we'd never have to worry about missing out on games that we didn't play on older platforms. It would break my heart if any hidden gems fell through the cracks because no one bothered to port them to current gen hardware.

  • InformalNarwhals
    InformalNarwhals Month ago

    Those collectibles sales are people rushing in on the Gamestop-exclusive Funko Pops just to sell them as soon as the business dies.

  • TheTrueHappy
    TheTrueHappy Month ago

    Biggest advantage Gamestop still has over Amazon is the ability to pay for pre-orders over time. For lower income people, that is an invaluable perk. If you pre-order on Amazon you have to pay the full price up front, which many people can't do.

  • MrMarvelMatt
    MrMarvelMatt Month ago

    1:48 please someone tell me what that guitar riff is from. I know that I know it, and that I'll hate myself for not knowing it off the bat... but please for the love of God someone tell me

  • George W Kush
    George W Kush Month ago

    The only way I see game stop recovering from this is to change how they do business which they're going to do obviously. However I think they should follow the footsteps of card stores, and have a dedicated spot in every game stop where people can come in and play games. Host weekly tournaments, and make the place like a Han gout spot where you can also buy your games and merch, it's worked for card stores and it can work for gamestop

  • Michael Bigheart
    Michael Bigheart Month ago

    Are they not going to start an online shop for pc games? I feel like that might be one of the best diversification routes for them, maybe even start their own production house.

  • Masta Cheese
    Masta Cheese Month ago

    GameStop goes out of business once a week

  • J Ray23
    J Ray23 Month ago

    And with Sony pulling digital downloads away from gamestop and Xbox now has the game pass. You can’t even buy digital at gamestop.

  • Peter Han
    Peter Han Month ago

    I say Amazon is killing their business as well. New games like borderlands 3 and control were $10 off while GS isn’t offering any discounts.

  • Animelytical
    Animelytical Month ago

    As soon as I saw the RT message, I thought of the 2 Spidey meme with RT and Gamestop pointing at each other

  • A N D Y
    A N D Y Month ago

    I'll give you $20 for all 5000 locations.

  • Abundance America - Dude Legend

    They should turn GameStop into a arcade or esports arenas or create a actual esports league like the NFL.