• Published on Jul 19, 2019
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  • FearsomeFire
    FearsomeFire 4 months ago +423

    that ginger kid is so cool

  • SCP Foundation
    SCP Foundation Day ago

    so glad to see that Wiimmfi is popular

  • Thomas Cowie
    Thomas Cowie Day ago

    12:04 to be continued.

  • SaggyPig 4321
    SaggyPig 4321 4 days ago

    Kings phone in probably scratched to shit

  • SaggyPig 4321
    SaggyPig 4321 4 days ago

    Who else slowed the playback speed to hear about the snake?

  • CoolestHarbor12
    CoolestHarbor12 8 days ago

    Off camera : smooching noises

  • Hc57171 Gaming
    Hc57171 Gaming 8 days ago

    6:25 I thought it was scarce.

  • Manuel Nivelo
    Manuel Nivelo 9 days ago +1

    Isn't your phone supposed to die? As for Payette Forward: "Yes, the iPhone X is designed to be waterproof up to 1 meter or approximately 3 feet. The iPhone X has rated IP67, meaning that it is completely dust-resistant and water-resistant when submerged at a depth of 1 meter or less." One meter is 3.28 feet and the pool reads 3 1/2 feet which means it is more than one meter. The phone probably touched the bottom of the pool *AND IT SURVIVED WHEN IT'S SUPPOSED TO DIE.*

  • Savage _E1125
    Savage _E1125 11 days ago


  • Br4nt
    Br4nt 13 days ago

    Troy was the first ever youtuber I watched, I didn’t expect to see him in this video haha

  • C15MPPL L
    C15MPPL L 14 days ago

    11:15 *high pitch voice* NO plaiNgrock

  • Jaxson Lee
    Jaxson Lee 15 days ago

    I hate ARIZONA because I don’t get mARIO kArT wei turnment because citi dum

  • TwistedYT
    TwistedYT 21 day ago

    You are kinda famous cause im from austria and my friends are from germany

  • Chris Yoon
    Chris Yoon 21 day ago

    I used to watch TWD98 from 2012

    ELECTRIC MELON 23 days ago

    7:50 i want the vod of that stream lmao

  • SomethingOdd
    SomethingOdd 25 days ago

    Come here boi *slurp slurp*

  • Dogoshi
    Dogoshi 27 days ago

    Fearsome thats karma for making king pay for cake then u drop phone in water

  • Nuts Coo
    Nuts Coo Month ago

    Bro how dare you speed up the best storyteller un subbing with ad block

  • I Chose This Cuz It Looked Cool

    apparently you trust your phone too much

  • XxphoenixXx YT
    XxphoenixXx YT Month ago

    New stranger things season 4 theme 12:09

  • Sonic the hedgehog gamer

    There's NO WAY YOU KNOW TWD98

  • Not_Cilo-_-
    Not_Cilo-_- Month ago

    This guy is the most Cringes Virgin ever

  • Kingma Jasper
    Kingma Jasper Month ago

    4:56 Dunno why i found this so funny

  • TigerTheMan
    TigerTheMan Month ago +1

    everytime i see your intro, i feel really calm lol

  • Xxkencapxx 1632
    Xxkencapxx 1632 Month ago

    Every year OOoOoOh DOgO

  • Sean O
    Sean O Month ago

    Cant wait for the Vidcon 2020 vlog .

  • Julie Simpson
    Julie Simpson Month ago

    Soooo 0.20

  • TheRing Legend598
    TheRing Legend598 Month ago +1

    What is ur savage level I wouldn’t even attempt to do any of those things

  • Michael Iemma
    Michael Iemma Month ago

    U are such a fucking geek

  • Wop Z1r0
    Wop Z1r0 Month ago

    Vidcon X - iPhone X. Stupid, (puts on the iphone x to the moving water) -King Liang

  • [GD] bluebird859
    [GD] bluebird859 Month ago

    telsa felx ilfe

  • freshysquid ッ
    freshysquid ッ Month ago +1

    Vidcon 10, iPhone X, and on the 10th 😂

    Edit: On King’s iPhone, it says it’s the tenth so that’s why I said it’s on the tenth.

  • numericRBLX
    numericRBLX Month ago +1

    1:18 who’s ready for vidcon!!!!!!!
    1:20 wHoS rEaDY fOr aNoThEr uSe eArtHqUaKE
    Crowd: hehehe
    *we are ded*

  • The Lit Bros
    The Lit Bros 2 months ago +1

    I'm gonna take a swim iphone: me too!

  • Agu Jiménez 2019
    Agu Jiménez 2019 2 months ago

    2018-2019 🧐🏦

  • Harry Green
    Harry Green 2 months ago

    Wait.....i think i saw you at the jake paul concert plainrock124

  • Suhh Dude
    Suhh Dude 2 months ago +1

    The naruto ninja runner, it was his destiny.

  • super myst
    super myst 2 months ago

    Fearsome fire is gay

  • Oofguy41
    Oofguy41 2 months ago +1

    11:13 thought the phone was screwed

  • Eric Dowling
    Eric Dowling 2 months ago

    The ants 😡 🐜
    I don't know why I do this

  • Squid
    Squid 2 months ago

    5:53-5:56 I actually sometimes drive through here. FLEX.

  • asian who gets abuse by mrbeast

    can i get a refund

  • Anuj Pachava
    Anuj Pachava 2 months ago

    I luv your vid

  • TheNothingYT
    TheNothingYT 3 months ago

    T E L S A

  • BB143
    BB143 3 months ago

    i'm the 7000th like

  • yeet skeet
    yeet skeet 3 months ago

    10:07 is it just me or does that remind anyone else of Alex Ernst

  • Notmeoryou
    Notmeoryou 3 months ago

    Oooh doggo- Plainrock124 (The kid at the jake Paul concert)

  • Philimon Million
    Philimon Million 3 months ago

    11:57 :3 who thought his phone had a spark or something

  • LacyCrusty
    LacyCrusty 3 months ago

    4:37 turn on cc

  • Fartcake505
    Fartcake505 3 months ago +1

    I just watched the steam where fearsome used the webkin

  • smug dance
    smug dance 3 months ago


  • Ur boi Nintenboi
    Ur boi Nintenboi 3 months ago

    Plainrock124: kek or cringe: Wii U
    Me: cringe

  • Trigo Lost
    Trigo Lost 3 months ago

    Oh... I saw the Mario 64 versus thing with attacking toucans

  • Ad's are gone!
    Ad's are gone! 3 months ago

    RIP PlainRock iPhone 10 resale price, It has been water damage

  • NoobRBLX
    NoobRBLX 3 months ago


  • Sillymonster 123
    Sillymonster 123 3 months ago

    1:27 that guy behind plainrock hehe

  • Mayo78
    Mayo78 3 months ago

    You got the BAM SHOCK DODGE guy?

  • Quashon9
    Quashon9 3 months ago

    Do comment þffgß

  • Vot Bolton
    Vot Bolton 3 months ago

    i follow you on twitter now

  • Arevalo Arevalo
    Arevalo Arevalo 3 months ago

    I love your phone troy