John David Washington on Dad Denzel, Morgan Freeman & BlacKkKlansman

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • John David talks about growing up around famous people, asking Morgan Freeman for an autograph, playing football, what his dad Denzel Washington was like as a sports coach growing up, and winning the grand prize at the Cannes Film Festival for BlacKkKlansman.
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    John David Washington on Dad Denzel, Morgan Freeman & BlacKkKlansman
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  • blackpixels
    blackpixels 40 minutes ago

    Wow, it's Crazy listening to him, the Voice...

  • Bryan Fletcher
    Bryan Fletcher Hour ago

    Hard for me to like famous actors kids who get acting handed to them but this guy rules

  • angellg25
    angellg25 2 hours ago

    He sounds just like his dad...but looks more like his mom

  • angellg25
    angellg25 2 hours ago

    Whoooooo they got good genes😍😍😍😍

  • fwied wice
    fwied wice 3 hours ago

    Its scary how much i can hear Denzel in his voice

  • E M.
    E M. 3 hours ago

    He is likable

  • jay blaze23
    jay blaze23 3 hours ago

    don't he act in ballers ?

  • mac609
    mac609 5 hours ago

    Glad I'm not single and young anymore cause John David is fine and I love his swagger.

  • Rdeez
    Rdeez 5 hours ago

    Haha he seems awesome, definitely sounded like Denzel at times.

  • GIlbert Gorham
    GIlbert Gorham 5 hours ago

    the inflections is so much like his Dad

  • Bahi Nour
    Bahi Nour 6 hours ago

    Ok ok same tone

  • electronic mailer
    electronic mailer 6 hours ago

    I like this dude.. No ego. Good guy.

  • Aisha Abdullah
    Aisha Abdullah 6 hours ago

    He looks creepy.

  • EdugeBDroN
    EdugeBDroN 6 hours ago

    So our voice is hereditary.
    Sounds like his daddy exactly

  • Thandeka Njepe
    Thandeka Njepe 6 hours ago

    J.D sounds like his dad it is so spooky

  • Wadjet
    Wadjet 8 hours ago

    Dayum he fine jus like his Daddy!!

  • Spooks McGhie
    Spooks McGhie 8 hours ago

    Kwhite man lol

    ANELISA DINDI 8 hours ago

    Johndavid is a beautiful tone of brown 😍

  • Mss Marsaya
    Mss Marsaya 8 hours ago

    He sounds so much like his father

  • Denise R.
    Denise R. 8 hours ago

    He sounds just like his dad! 😍

  • EMAY
    EMAY 15 hours ago

    Everyone he said white, I died😂😂

  • Enrique Victorero
    Enrique Victorero 18 hours ago

    He’s not big on eye contact

  • Me Miss Marie
    Me Miss Marie 22 hours ago +1

    Where were they Hiding Him!!

  • Minachou G
    Minachou G 22 hours ago +1

    He could do voice overs for Denzel. Their voices sound identical

  • Marina Guajardo
    Marina Guajardo 22 hours ago

    Love John David in Ballers 😍😍😍

  • Tobias Orion *rFitz*
    Tobias Orion *rFitz* 22 hours ago


  • Dorothy Zbornak
    Dorothy Zbornak 23 hours ago +1

    Omg he sounds like his dad 😍

  • Keishanna Michele
    Keishanna Michele 23 hours ago

    Woooooow he sounds like him!!!!

  • Janay Gray
    Janay Gray Day ago

    He sounds JUST like his dad!

  • Aya Monet
    Aya Monet Day ago

    Closing my eyes, it's a younger Denzel, maybe a Training Day Denzel.

  • Robertine Urey
    Robertine Urey Day ago

    I'm in love with this guy

  • Yo Daddy 9999
    Yo Daddy 9999 Day ago

    He sounds kinda like his father.

  • T0xic
    T0xic Day ago

    I'm watching this

  • ruddiato
    ruddiato Day ago

    Sounds like his father and moves like him

  • Blue Bleu
    Blue Bleu Day ago


  • Carol Beard
    Carol Beard Day ago

    He's a great interviewer. Kept it about John David and his career, and didn't focus on his dad...he has a lot of great merits of his own, and I'm glad Jimmy highlighted that! :)

  • Jazmine Renee'
    Jazmine Renee' Day ago

    He sounds just like Denzel lol

  • Kimberly
    Kimberly Day ago

    John David is a beautiful looking man!

  • Choosenickey
    Choosenickey Day ago

    Oh hell no!! He talks just like his DAD!!

  • mandee hess
    mandee hess Day ago

    John David could be one of my new favorite people. 😁

  • Landon's PointOfView

    He looks just like his mom, ugly.

  • Hazel L
    Hazel L Day ago

    This guy is naturally funny and very charismatic!

  • jasminesdr35
    jasminesdr35 Day ago

    Finally! A black legacy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Skipper Nelson
    Skipper Nelson Day ago

    He does not look like his father to me.

  • Baisers11
    Baisers11 Day ago

    I didn't know he was Denzel Washington's son!! Now I see the similarity.

  • cellmate1
    cellmate1 Day ago

    He looks like his mom. Sounds like his dad

  • cellmate1
    cellmate1 Day ago

    He sounds like his pops

  • Steven Alexander

    Sounds just like his dad at 4:02

  • Dean White
    Dean White Day ago

    Can hear Denzel in his voice! They should both do a film together!

  • cecorra
    cecorra Day ago

    wow. I just found my future husband.

  • K Lynch
    K Lynch Day ago

    Good interview. Great guest

  • Lisa Marcelle
    Lisa Marcelle Day ago

    He sounds like his father

  • Hawaa Sarwary
    Hawaa Sarwary Day ago

    Technically is David his middle name

  • blossom joseph
    blossom joseph Day ago

    That's some sexy chocolate right there...but I will say that he seems extremely down to earth

  • No Flies Zone
    No Flies Zone Day ago

    Denzel reincarnate

  • Valerie Pagendarm

    Wow. Gorgeous,smart and so nice.

  • Derricaaa
    Derricaaa Day ago


  • Sihle X
    Sihle X Day ago

    why is there 3 ks there ???? KKK are you trying to communicate something jimmy?

  • kyoko703
    kyoko703 Day ago

    "My man!"

  • jrwxtx
    jrwxtx Day ago +1

    He looks like his mother, but sounds like his father.

  • kahyla games and vlogs

    glad denzel had babies with a black woman, now he produced beautiful dark skin children

    • E M.
      E M. Hour ago

      LifeIsNotorious “Tar baby” Let me ask are you black? 🤔

    • LifeIsNotorious
      LifeIsNotorious 2 hours ago

      Locturally Locs a lot of light-skin women created dark-skin babies, but also it's mainly dark-skin women hating on light and caramel women. Caramel is just as good, but not better and be glad she's not toast black, or else they would have created a tar baby. You're no better than white women talking about other black women of different complexions. I bet his son won't date a dark women, so you better hope a beautiful rebone or brown woman, not a Kardashian or a blonde.

    • E M.
      E M. 3 hours ago +1

      kahyla games and vlogs 🍫 🍫 🍫 for days

    • Locturally Locs
      Locturally Locs 12 hours ago +2

      kahyla games and vlogs that's why light skin women like to hate on us. They know they can never produce this kind of chocolate, only thing that comes out of them is condensed milk.

  • stupidmonkey089
    stupidmonkey089 Day ago


  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy Day ago

    Thats his son? He did great in this movie

  • Michel Lajeunesse
    Michel Lajeunesse Day ago +1

    This guy is gonna be a superstar!

  • Blind Baby
    Blind Baby Day ago +2

    He sounds just like his dad. I didn't know he was danzel's son until now!!!! Lol

  • Sharla Gardner
    Sharla Gardner Day ago

    I know John David wants his own path, BUT it would be great to see him and his father in a project together mainly because they sound so much alike and just thinking how funny and frustrating it would be watching, lol.

  • Crystal Sherman
    Crystal Sherman Day ago

    He sounds like his Dad! Wow! And he is handsome

  • Sharla Gardner
    Sharla Gardner Day ago +1

    Omg...he sounds just like his dad. He's very Handsome too😍

  • Chad Sanders
    Chad Sanders Day ago +1

    He's sounds like his father

  • Kenneth Nero
    Kenneth Nero Day ago +1

    Have a lot of Denzel mannerisms

  • Kenneth Nero
    Kenneth Nero Day ago

    Sounds a lot like his dad in that clip.

  • Gene McKinley
    Gene McKinley Day ago +1

    He sounds like his father

  • Lori Jane'
    Lori Jane' Day ago +1

    Where have I been, I didn't know that was Denzel's son!! I love him on Ballers!! WOW

  • Rose King
    Rose King Day ago +1

    Sounds just like his Daddy!! 🤗🤗

  • Ariell
    Ariell Day ago +1

    All I hear is Denzel's voice coming out of his mouth

  • Greg Collins
    Greg Collins Day ago

    He sound just like his father

  • Soul.Charisma
    Soul.Charisma 2 days ago

    Bro he lowkey sound alot like him. Im sitting in the theater thinking he sounds alot like Denzel Washington and just now finding out that his dad is Denzel Washington.

  • Robert Alvarez
    Robert Alvarez 2 days ago

    Not even close to he's dad TF that's one and only

  • Supermelanin
    Supermelanin 2 days ago

    He is SO funny. Wow.

  • Niō Zen
    Niō Zen 2 days ago

    Nearing 40 myself, Denzel has gotten older in the "game" but still gets me in the theater seats when he Blesses us with his performances. This Young fella, John David is his own man, and he has his own charm , which I like, but you can still "feel" and see the "charm" of his "pops" shinning through as the man who raised him. Man, being the key word here, that, there is a goodness, that one embodies, and in all one does, it shows. This is a rare thing these days, in my observation. So, I am thankful for this Dynasty of Actors, and more so, this Dynasty of "good men". Ill be seeing this "Spike Lee Joint" as I always do. BKNY baby!

  • alpha omega
    alpha omega 2 days ago

    Is he the son ghost use to help when he lived with denzel?

  • alpha omega
    alpha omega 2 days ago

    His brother Joe Biden daughter and my sister are good friends went to upenn together great family

  • marissa hernandez
    marissa hernandez 2 days ago

    Lord have mercy

  • darius rogers
    darius rogers 2 days ago

    Saw him play in college multiple times

  • Johnny Ghorbani
    Johnny Ghorbani 2 days ago

    10 seconds in and i'm like....he def ain't as cool as his old man, but the voice is similar

  • ayedubbjr
    ayedubbjr 2 days ago

    That was actually a great interview

  • Darrin Wesley
    Darrin Wesley 2 days ago

    Damn, he sounds like his daddy...cadence, facial expressions and all.

  • stephanie brown
    stephanie brown 2 days ago

    he's a sweetheart!...voice sounds like his father.

  • love fall
    love fall 2 days ago

    His voice..😍

  • commess1
    commess1 2 days ago

    Voice exactly like his dad 😨

  • 154angel154
    154angel154 2 days ago

    He sounds just like his DADDY!!!

  • ImPerfectlyTwitta
    ImPerfectlyTwitta 2 days ago

    OH MY GOD! He sounds just like his Dad!!!

  • Sherita Jones
    Sherita Jones 2 days ago

    Wow ..he sounds just like his dad..😉

  • Boog Chapman
    Boog Chapman 2 days ago

    He sounds just like his pops

  • Homer Malaluan
    Homer Malaluan 2 days ago

    Oohh that starting to like this guy!

  • Flexsquared
    Flexsquared 2 days ago

    I sound like my dad and no one seems to care😟....oh wait duh..famous. I hope he has bigger accomplishments than his pops. Any parent would ✌

  • angelica
    angelica 2 days ago

    NO WAY Denzel's son! He did a great job👏🏾

  • Jaime
    Jaime 2 days ago

    Holy hell... he has not only the same voice as his dad, but he speaks like him. That whole starting his sentence with a normal tone to lowering it to make a point. Its amazing. .

  • jason carroll
    jason carroll 2 days ago

    I Wonder if He Realize That His Father is The Greatest Actor of All Time

  • Andrew Kariuki
    Andrew Kariuki 2 days ago

    He sounds like his dad ✅