Michael Rapaport Talks LeBron James, Phife Dawg, & Reality TV While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 13, 2016
  • The veteran actor and podcast host faces down Sean Evans in the infamous Hot Ones challenge. Watch the Hollywood comedian take on some of the wildest hot sauces in the world while teeing off on some of his least favorite celebrities and breaking down his "starting five" of reality TV stars.
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  • Nate R
    Nate R 17 hours ago

    I'm glad he gets humbled by the wings.. The first half Mike was buggin me.. I'm glad he respected the wings.

  • ThePhrenik
    ThePhrenik Day ago

    "His fuck style is buck wild" OMGGG LOL

  • Ed Yablecki
    Ed Yablecki 2 days ago

    Watched a few of these, have not seen Frank's Hot Sauce. Frank's Hot Sauce is what Buffalonians use.

  • michael phillips
    michael phillips 2 days ago

    I have watched every one of these , how was i not subscribed yet, FIXED

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 2 days ago

    Michael Rapaport is a bitch. Not with the wings, just in general

  • richgarc84
    richgarc84 4 days ago

    I was waiting for Rapaport to list off his top stickmen!

  • richgarc84
    richgarc84 4 days ago

    I knew Rap would be a great guest and he didn't disappoint.

  • Micky Doppo
    Micky Doppo 4 days ago

    I fucking hate this clown.

  • Jeff Glenellen
    Jeff Glenellen 5 days ago

    Disclaimer to the sensitive, that was a joke,Google “joke”, you’ll live a happier life👍

  • Jeff Glenellen
    Jeff Glenellen 5 days ago

    Who doesn’t remember Remy? I wanted to curb stomp him. Kinda like the old school version of today’s Trump, but with cleats this time for the Prez

  • arthur gasper
    arthur gasper 5 days ago

    Love the show hate this waste of talent

  • Guillaume Demers
    Guillaume Demers 7 days ago

    Andre 3000? he's out maybe but Big Boi?

  • AJ Jefferson
    AJ Jefferson 8 days ago

    I love Michael Rapaport. Just finding Hot Ones. Great content.

  • eric burhed
    eric burhed 8 days ago

    Rapaport is so annoying, always has been.

  • Gen ST
    Gen ST 8 days ago +1

    Ma! It's that fuckin cat again!

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 9 days ago

    Kiss did kinda kill that type of rock, but it was generalized, and one good song was actually God of Thunder was on Tony hawk pro skater, fuckin banger of a song.

  • Sameer Siddiqui
    Sameer Siddiqui 9 days ago

    Michael Rapaport is the blackest white dude ever

  • Sample Chop Loop
    Sample Chop Loop 10 days ago

    Rapaport is a fucken real one!!! “His Fuck Style is Buckwild!” Greatest shit ever!

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby 11 days ago

    Last dab would have broke Rapaport. JS

  • ClevertymeZ
    ClevertymeZ 11 days ago +1

    I like the way he referred to Caitlin as Bruce. Which is correct. He was born a man. No matter what he does. He a man.

  • bullsi20
    bullsi20 11 days ago

    Lebron is such an awesome player and human being that the only thing these dudes can talk shit about is he “unfollowed the Cavs” lmao 😂

  • Dunning Kruger
    Dunning Kruger 12 days ago

    Dickstain Donald Trump... Like if you here in 2018

  • Not Josh Herrington
    Not Josh Herrington 13 days ago

    Wish they would have brought up that methy cat in his yard

    • Alexandre Gagne
      Alexandre Gagne 10 days ago

      Just saw that Instagram deleted his cat videos for being too offensive!!!

  • Rico Jones
    Rico Jones 13 days ago


  • Chaise Terrell
    Chaise Terrell 14 days ago +1


  • Vaishvik
    Vaishvik 15 days ago

    has anyone notice they skip da bomb

  • Carr Rexx
    Carr Rexx 16 days ago

    When he sez "couth", I about Sh*t myself! 😂

  • Cameron Walker
    Cameron Walker 16 days ago

    He looks like Al Bundy fucked Bill Burr

  • Shayan Khahjegoni
    Shayan Khahjegoni 17 days ago

    Ma call the cops that fuckin cat is back

  • tbk international rothaus

    Love this guy hood ass you can be only respect mr rapaport

  • The Rejected Army
    The Rejected Army 17 days ago

    Get Bts on here plzz plus where was the last dab??

  • redding659
    redding659 18 days ago


  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 18 days ago

    Imma keep it real, I just started watching these, this is my favorite 1 so far, Mike aged like 10years in this vid 😂

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 22 days ago

    "His fucking style is buckwild.".......

  • Manny Reyes
    Manny Reyes 23 days ago

    Nice Sox hat Rap

  • koss41
    koss41 26 days ago

    The disrespect to kizz is unacceptable. They kick more ass and have screwed more woman than this guy could ever imagine

  • Janus715
    Janus715 26 days ago

    Old episodes. New episodes. Both great. Thanks.

  • michael diaz
    michael diaz 26 days ago

    10:35 got me sweaten

  • csmall1221
    csmall1221 26 days ago

    Why is this guy famous again?

    • csmall1221
      csmall1221 22 days ago

      +Nicolas yeah that is a funny ass video

    • Nicolas
      Nicolas 22 days ago

      csmall1221 : he voiced that "weird looking cat" video...? I'm not sure. But this was recommended right as I was watching that cat vid.

  • Nyasia
    Nyasia 28 days ago

    Dayum I ain’t gunna lie that’s kinda foul how he called kiss trash I was born in 93 Nd I listen to all types of music rap more but to say kiss waz garbage is kinda fucked up I actually like I wanna rock and the song they said but dayum 😂 dats fucked up...oh never mind I just replayed it back 10 seconds and heard em say that gene said rap should die....FUCK EM!

  • W Benken
    W Benken 29 days ago

    Mike Rapport is da mannnn!

  • Steve Pancher
    Steve Pancher 29 days ago

    Anything for how many views can we get

  • region finna hit
    region finna hit Month ago +1

    the thickest boston accent ever: "HOMEBOYS HAUT SAUUCE?"

  • David Lachance
    David Lachance Month ago

    Get styles p or jadakiss

  • Loca Luna
    Loca Luna Month ago

    did he dab? I missed it if he did!

  • David Gardener
    David Gardener Month ago

    i want to stick my dick in that guys mouth

  • Jeremy Simpson
    Jeremy Simpson Month ago

    Loved him in Higher Learning.

  • jellorocksdk
    jellorocksdk Month ago

    I love your show it's helped me through a hard time being in the hospital I got hit by a car over a year ago I just wanted to say thank you maybe you can send me a bottle of hot one hot sauce LOL

  • Robert Rathman
    Robert Rathman Month ago

    Didn't like Sean's tone here. Rappoport put it down. All time top 5 here.

  • NoaH Corey
    NoaH Corey Month ago

    This guy fell apart on here. I used to like him.

  • cory center
    cory center Month ago

    yeeeessssss, hands down my favorite episode, i love how the sauce just peels back the layers of his machismo. he still trys to stay hard but hes hurtin'........ love it.

  • Jarrod Turner
    Jarrod Turner Month ago

    Porzingas will be injured his entire career

  • #FraleysLIFE! Fraley

    Is his nose bleeding

  • Zachary Goodwin
    Zachary Goodwin Month ago

    How does the Siracha scoville keep changing? It said 7 hundred something for this episode, 2000 on another, and 2200 on the new ones. Does the heat really change like that?

  • Дмитрий Ли

    3:00 Penis god

  • Sunsence Navale
    Sunsence Navale Month ago

    Just to see this numbnuts suffer, have a life!

  • Morgan Alexis
    Morgan Alexis Month ago

    Wait. Why was there no last dab?

  • brian pendleton
    brian pendleton Month ago

    Your interviews are great. This guy is a fucking douche.

  • Mansour A. Ahmed
    Mansour A. Ahmed Month ago

    Michael Rapaport should play a villian in the MCU like Electro

  • Kicks for Dad
    Kicks for Dad 2 months ago

    "Just ask the question hand job" - Rapp hahahahahaha fuckin love this guy

  • Zachary Lange
    Zachary Lange 2 months ago

    I can't express how much I love the guests who not only know they're going to suffer, but don't give a shit about how much they're going to hurt. They all get upset by the last two wings but very few handle it like Michael did in this episode. He is so good in Atypical as well. All love

  • Robert Rush
    Robert Rush 2 months ago

    Michael rapaport is so right about Kiss.

  • sortilegus
    sortilegus 2 months ago

    love this guy.

  • Outspoken Cat Lover
    Outspoken Cat Lover 2 months ago

    Fuck Trump

  • Aaditya Nair
    Aaditya Nair 2 months ago

    He looks like Mike Deans retarded cousin

  • MrDngrsdave
    MrDngrsdave 2 months ago

    Absolute legend

  • pr0phet714
    pr0phet714 2 months ago

    "Who is this guy? Micro Batch?" ROFLMAO!

  • Luis F
    Luis F 2 months ago

    rapaports on that real shibb .

    ~TACTICAL STAN~ 2 months ago +1

    badass episope. Mike is cool!👍👍👍

  • VitalyMack
    VitalyMack 2 months ago

    Epic cunt. Even though I enjoy his acting in films.

  • Trauma Center
    Trauma Center 2 months ago

    My God he's a douchebag!!!

  • AL Bang3r
    AL Bang3r 2 months ago +1


  • Van HasVoice
    Van HasVoice 2 months ago

    "Well, that's great. I'm a fucking, I'm a follow up guest for Joey Fatone. Fuck my life." xDD

  • Nickson Casmir
    Nickson Casmir 2 months ago

    John Cena should participate in the show

  • Mojodajojo13
    Mojodajojo13 2 months ago

    Never been into black culture, but he always slays me. He's the modern day Eric Burdon. Masterful comedic work in how he approached this show, too.

  • annabelle erickson
    annabelle erickson 2 months ago

    I hate this wigger.

  • Matt Burton
    Matt Burton 2 months ago

    Such a dildo,who the came up with having this fuck on?

  • Alex Chavez
    Alex Chavez 2 months ago

    Micheal rapaport whitest black guy lol

  • Rudy Ayotte
    Rudy Ayotte 2 months ago

    Hey it's Remy from higher Learnings I guess he clued in to get in a different crue or he wouldn't of survived lol if you haven't seen the movie I recommend go check it excellent show for a oldie .ice cube also stars in it.nice to see us again Remy

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones 2 months ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed how Sean knew this was the retarded tough guy from high school and just fucked with him mentally the whole time. Very good episode.

  • Nixon
    Nixon 2 months ago

    Good Tube

  • I am Blanco
    I am Blanco 2 months ago +1

    Now that I actually had pain 100% and Da Bomb i can relate to the pain lol

  • Lion King
    Lion King 2 months ago

    Who is this mentally retarded, brown nosing, sellout PECKERWOOD trying to virtuesignal to???

  • R Caesar
    R Caesar 2 months ago +2

    He so blunt he was about to go off on Caitlyn but he remembered what the backlash would be like

  • paradoxdesigns
    paradoxdesigns 2 months ago

    He's Eminem.

  • CashmereBlac
    CashmereBlac 2 months ago +1

    I love him! He's definitely one of the realest in the industry.

  • Aidan Collins
    Aidan Collins 2 months ago +1

    This man is New York personified

  • Araphael Aponte
    Araphael Aponte 2 months ago

    Trying to act gangster, Sweating from the third wing.

  • Fox7seven
    Fox7seven 2 months ago +2


  • 9th plaque
    9th plaque 2 months ago

    Wow that was fucking krazy.

  • Ronnie Gee
    Ronnie Gee 2 months ago +1

    He ate the wings completely!!!! Lol only one I've seen doing that! 😂

  • Stephen Alicknovic
    Stephen Alicknovic 2 months ago +1

    How is it? It's not good.

  • Sanne Melsen
    Sanne Melsen 3 months ago

    I love this show! It’s one of my favorite TVclip channels! As a producer I do think the production value can increase a little bit here and there. I love the laptop that normally comes in and I understand that (don’t overdo it with iPads etc), but having spare napkins (not paper dishcloth) and spare water and and milk (not this episode, but sometimes it’s just not available). Is something that’s easy to take care of. The power and difference of TVclip is to not overdo it like local tv, but little thinks like that are easy to fix. ✌️

  • no comment
    no comment 3 months ago

    No extra dab ??

  • Christopher Dowd
    Christopher Dowd 3 months ago

    Get Olivia Munn on this show and ask her how she felt about showing her tits in Magic Mike.

  • Michael Angelo
    Michael Angelo 3 months ago

    He was “ amused and inspired at first “ by Donald trump. He never said anything intelligent and started his campaign on a racist rant. Fuck this phoney. Culture vulture 💀

  • Hannah Gibson
    Hannah Gibson 3 months ago

    I love Michael! He’s a funny, genuine dude. I’ve been Binging everything Michael today

  • Patrick DeHerrera
    Patrick DeHerrera 3 months ago

    Drink milk, water does zero to combat the heat.

  • Marvin8861
    Marvin8861 3 months ago

    I’ll always remember him from Pop Copy

  • Miklo2878
    Miklo2878 3 months ago

    I have watched a ton of these over the last couple weeks. Rapaport killed it. My favorite by far.