Why It's Illegal to be Named Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
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Comments • 13 171

  • Uku Sibul
    Uku Sibul 4 hours ago +1

    I hate how "nobles" are a thing

  • Uku Sibul
    Uku Sibul 4 hours ago

    Did you mean: *Albin*

  • DOG Dragon
    DOG Dragon 6 hours ago

    brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 illegal?
    ill name my child brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11115 then
    5+1= 6
    quick MATHS
    i said bbye

  • Oscar holmqvist
    Oscar holmqvist 7 hours ago +1

    I am from sweden

  • Josesito Carrillo
    Josesito Carrillo 7 hours ago

    Well then my friend and i have acccent in our names so my freind and me will have our names changed. Mine would Be Jose rather than José

  • Jim De Slavic Boi 2
    Jim De Slavic Boi 2 8 hours ago +1

    My name is spelled "cykablyatidinahuicheekibreekiivdamkevodkaadidasussr1922"

    Pronounced: Jimmy

  • morenauer
    morenauer 10 hours ago

    All nations should do like the Danes do: choose from a limited list of a couple thousand names and THAT IS IT. American parents claiming they have the right to name their kids whatever stupid thing they please, with zero regard for how they WILL be bullied in the future is pathetic and it has to. Kids have the right to grow up with a normal name. THIS SHOULD TAKE PRIORITY OVER THE PARENTS RIGHTS TO BE DICKS AND IDIOTS AND THIS SHOULD NOT BE SUBJECT TO ARGUMENT.

  • Just me
    Just me 11 hours ago +1

    Aw dang it, guess ill have to throw that idea out the window
    Maybe ill just name my child kfjdkdjdksjdnnsksdjdnsjjdjdjdnddnsk instead

  • Hacker och Olle kanalen Åhlin

    Min dad nam is barne

  • Hacker och Olle kanalen Åhlin

    Im from sweden

  • First Last
    First Last 14 hours ago

    Mum: *on hospital bed* what should we name him?
    Dad: I dunno.. any ideas?
    Mum: well when I was a kid I played “tower of hell” in ROBLOX and I smashed the keyboard out of rage
    Dad: aaand?
    Mum: the keys I smashed will be the letters to spell it and it will be pronounced.. Albin
    Dad: so the letters?
    Mum: Brfxxccxxm- ehh I’ll show you the rest later
    Dad: is it illegal?
    Mum:uhhh maybe?.... nah probably not

  • Josh Gamer101
    Josh Gamer101 23 hours ago +1

    What about tidgkutdtjudutdtdtftdygfyfijfffxxxvv678888

  • J Money
    J Money Day ago

    My name is helpbillcosbygavemeapillyesterdayandidontknowwhymyasshurtsnowhelp but it’s pronounced autism

  • pendolino_pete
    pendolino_pete Day ago

    2:16 jibber jabber language - wheres Wales??

  • NoahTS: io games and more

    teacher: lets do attenda....
    jack: hey teacher, Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 is late
    teacher: *starts puking* balallalslfllhlujlllfdbk?
    Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116: here? u ok

  • FeatureToxics
    FeatureToxics 2 days ago

    Fuck this shit if i wanna name my kid dumbass ILL NAME MY KID DUMBASS!

  • Grumpy Torch
    Grumpy Torch 2 days ago

    Imagine a mad lad naming there account this

  • NoTZelda
    NoTZelda 2 days ago +1

    if you paus at 0:54 you can see that the name "number 903 is cock xd." dont ask how i knew that

  • Scott Baker
    Scott Baker 2 days ago

    Ah, yes, little Bobby Tables...

  • kawaii kiwi
    kawaii kiwi 2 days ago +1

    If you can have any name in alaska can i name myself


  • Try Caffeine Pill
    Try Caffeine Pill 2 days ago

    Sweden is not jibber gabber its the easiest Nordic language (Cough Danish) also björn means bear now u know

  • Channel of Random
    Channel of Random 2 days ago

    Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 is the longest

  • MasterCreatorMarcel
    MasterCreatorMarcel 3 days ago

    ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas

  • FanOfBarbie 32
    FanOfBarbie 32 3 days ago +1


  • Dark Legend
    Dark Legend 3 days ago +1

    What this means Minions speak illegal.... Damn

  • Kevin Aalberg
    Kevin Aalberg 3 days ago


  • Robin Graves
    Robin Graves 3 days ago +1

    My real last name is Odinschild. And yes I was born to kill filthy degenerate Muslims!!! ᚺᛟᛚᛞ᛫ᚦᛖ᛫ᚺᛖᚨᚦᛖᚾ᛫ᚺᚨᛗᛗᛖᚱ᛫ᚺᛁᚷᚺ᛫ᚨᚾᛞ᛫ᚱᛖᛃᛖᚲᛏ᛫ᛞᛖᚷᛖᚾᛖᚱᚨᚲᚢ!

  • Edziel Lord Jocson
    Edziel Lord Jocson 4 days ago

    So my name is illegal or not?

  • Krise9939
    Krise9939 4 days ago

    Wait, where is Denmark on the friendly country map?
    And how is Norway on the jibber jabber list??? It makes more sense than most other languages

  • ChrisGaming
    ChrisGaming 5 days ago

    Me: types in Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116
    Google: *Did you mean **_Albin?_*

  • Ashutosh Mishra
    Ashutosh Mishra 5 days ago

    How about naming them

  • the old brit
    the old brit 5 days ago

    Imagine setting your password

  • Biokillgamer7560
    Biokillgamer7560 5 days ago

    Employee: *Hi ma'am this is Chuck E Cheese how may I help you?*
    Mother: *Can I have a birthday for my child?*
    Employee: *Okay, what's the name of your child?*
    Mother: *Oh he's called Albin*
    Employee: *Okay, how do you spell it?*
    Mother: *Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116*
    Employee: *Uhhhhhh. O.. Kay.. Hey Jeff! we have a prank caller*

  • Last
    Last 5 days ago

    Nametag: _Hi my name is Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116_

  • ka-bo0my XD
    ka-bo0my XD 6 days ago +1

    *baby gets born*
    Mom: Hmmm what should we name him?
    Father: I don't know...
    Also Father: *drops baby on keyboard and Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 comes up*
    Mom: Yes! We should name him Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116!
    Doctor: *thats illegal boi*

  • CoolCreeper39
    CoolCreeper39 6 days ago +1

    Aww shit, I always wanted to name my kid Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116

  • yasashii89
    yasashii89 7 days ago

    I'm going to name my kid McLovin

  • Owl.
    Owl. 7 days ago +1

    my first name is, Fortnitereallybadminecraftfuckingood but its pronounced karma

  • memememe
    memememe 7 days ago

    I thought it was Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11115

  • Random Doggo
    Random Doggo 8 days ago +1

    Son: dad why is brother named Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116?
    Father cause me and mom turn in name late
    Son: thanks dad
    Father: your welcome number 16 bus shelter

  • Monstrosity of Memes
    Monstrosity of Memes 8 days ago +1

    Why cant my name just be
    “Wietdidtmieperrendtsmaekmee Question-Mark IV”?

  • NASA And the ESA
    NASA And the ESA 9 days ago

    The name sounds like the world’s longest gamer tag

  • Nigel Marvin
    Nigel Marvin 10 days ago

    Fuck, that was probably the smoothest transitions that I have ever seen

  • Lylith Rodriguez
    Lylith Rodriguez 11 days ago

    One of the characters in my book was named Astrid Kolfinsdottir, Kolfin was her dad, and she was from the Icelandic area. Halp my mind is exploding

  • Sincerely, Ødëttė
    Sincerely, Ødëttė 11 days ago +1

    My name is janabssbsnnsnsssnnnsdhixbwkqpqlqbsndocbwjs’shapN&)3?3$921!182!:!:9/!-9!191!-!8))8)g(x;h&iowsvshhe wwkbsbdhshdhdhrbdhgdhdueowv!behavzhb((;89;,;:(7($(&?))%)>;o?/$$/$/$&/$)/8jwiiwiwiwiwieyehdbgsbfdbbf
    But it’s prounounced Joe.

  • Zeynep İpek Aslan
    Zeynep İpek Aslan 11 days ago

    Aliaksandr Alexander Aliaksandrson 😆

  • Fanta Man
    Fanta Man 11 days ago

    What if hyou live in Sweden and your name I- JOHN CENAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! •_•

  • Fanta Man
    Fanta Man 11 days ago

    Wow, my name is albin and I ain’t go to Sweden ุ_ุ

  • Philippinesball
    Philippinesball 11 days ago

    hello i am A

  • Furret Furret
    Furret Furret 11 days ago

    Wait... *Was that a segway?* (It actually took me a moment)

  • Mike KSP
    Mike KSP 12 days ago

    in serbia theres like a western(the one in the video) way of writing and and an eastern one and you have to learn them both in school be and to make it worse the latin alphabet often uses substitutes of two letters for what may be one in the cirilics but no the final fuck you is that the western one goes like a normal alphabet at first you expect them to put them in an order like the english alphabet and leave out the english ones and put serbian one next to the root one but no not even does it follow the cirilics when you ask a serbian person to say the alphabet they will do the english one literaly no one knows that alphabet

  • Aidan Cole
    Aidan Cole 12 days ago

    it would be child abuse for them to pronounce it, that's why

  • doginho
    doginho 12 days ago

    Name that have numbers, oh wow.

  • Boi2.0
    Boi2.0 12 days ago

    4:17 smooth sponsor

  • Dragonfire
    Dragonfire 12 days ago +1

    Starbucks employee: What's your name?
    Customer: Albin...
    Starbucks employee: How do you spell it?
    Customer: **INHALE**

  • Dragonfire
    Dragonfire 12 days ago

    Here's Albin's story, it's fantastic -> tvclip.biz/video/DCyxpYXs2Aw/video.html

  • James Hollis
    James Hollis 13 days ago

    well of course if that was a name of a citizen it would take like 5 minutes to write

  • sofarluck
    sofarluck 13 days ago

    because sweden is a stupid country

  • Shuhrat Kessikbayev
    Shuhrat Kessikbayev 13 days ago

    Wife: Oh our baby is so cute what should we name him?
    Man: Hang on... Oh how about, Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116?
    Wife: Hun... That is a lovely name

    *Beer not even once*

    DOMINIC VALENTINO 13 days ago +1

    Its illegal to be named Albin lol

    Oh sorry, I mean

  • joseph anastasi
    joseph anastasi 14 days ago

    I I don’t g get th this.

  • Gabriel Zachary Garlitos
    Gabriel Zachary Garlitos 14 days ago +1

    Happy birthday *brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116*

  • Ging
    Ging 15 days ago

    Why does he mention New Hampshire so much

  • Tekno
    Tekno 15 days ago

    i have my new favorite password

  • ERROR_Anything
    ERROR_Anything 15 days ago

    Mom: what should we name him?
    Dad: lets name him Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116

  • WhiteFox_144
    WhiteFox_144 15 days ago

    Imagine naming your kid ikea XD

    Also remember that lady who named her kid abdce

  • Moozourious
    Moozourious 15 days ago

    I hgot soooooo confused when you said no special characters because my aun has a special character...

  • Casey
    Casey 15 days ago

    Guy: *Types "Albin"*
    Google; Did you mean brrrfwuzkfhjwishekshgsuwosodhbekwhdhyeuwicsvshshbsbegtjsolqbebfjekvsvdjd?

  • Tuai Suai
    Tuai Suai 16 days ago

    .who tf would name someone that.

  • Suwin Khamchaiwong
    Suwin Khamchaiwong 16 days ago

    It looks like someone slept on a keyboard.

  • Infinite Games
    Infinite Games 16 days ago

    can I name my kid Leif in Denmark?

  • splouch
    splouch 16 days ago

    Mary: just call me mary you psycho
    jose: how do you even prounounce that..

  • Nutgear
    Nutgear 16 days ago

    All hail king Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 I of Sweden!!

  • Jacob Simpson
    Jacob Simpson 16 days ago

    People have to give him credit do the ad transition when he did it was so smooth I didn't recognize the ad at first😂

  • YourSuperiorDoc Gaming

    Hi my name is cashew and it’s spelled djdhdgddgrhduccoooisnsbwwhsusudufhrbducfhfhfgfbfbffjxdidndjdjddbfjfuvhdjwhyareyoureadingthisnfhdbejdbfufnr

  • Trattkycklingen
    Trattkycklingen 17 days ago

    *watching video*
    Damn, why is my name not illegal (Svante)

  • Slendytubbies Universe
    Slendytubbies Universe 17 days ago +1


  • ko neht
    ko neht 20 days ago

    A L B I N

  • Mackenzie Ryne Bagtong
    Mackenzie Ryne Bagtong 20 days ago +1

    If I could rename myself _UwU Hanana Nana_ I would be like "what am I doin' to my life?.."

  • Itz Wolfie Girl
    Itz Wolfie Girl 21 day ago

    So I can make my baby naked something like


  • Mapping With Yakko
    Mapping With Yakko 21 day ago

    2:15 xD

  • Twin Rhyme
    Twin Rhyme 21 day ago

    holy shit......Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 is a true fucking story. What uh.....the fuck??

  • Paige McNally
    Paige McNally 21 day ago

    i will name my kid jibber jabber island thank you half as intresting

  • Cheeseburger Monkey
    Cheeseburger Monkey 22 days ago

    my name is mhamdsdjfarkmhscaskmhdsdcnjrmkddchjc (pronounced Chris)

  • Cheeseburger Monkey
    Cheeseburger Monkey 22 days ago

    barfkscksmnopu *CAAA* lemunupurksvuclumunucksscwulb eleven thousand one hundred sixteen


    আমাকে যদি কেউ খুশি করতে পারে আমার স্বামী বিদেশ থাকে আমাকে এড কর

  • XD Outc4st
    XD Outc4st 25 days ago

    Dutch really isn’t jibber jabber

  • Sleepwlkr
    Sleepwlkr 25 days ago


  • Hanna Jadu
    Hanna Jadu 25 days ago

    Uh you can name your kid Elvis in Sweden? There's pretty normal lol.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 25 days ago

    How in the world does Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 is pronounced Albin theres even numbers in the name

  • Elias Christensen
    Elias Christensen 25 days ago

    Dansk er ikke jibber jabber

  • Aaryn Bastian
    Aaryn Bastian 26 days ago

    Iceland isnt the only one to not have a last name indonesians usually dont have family names or even last names. My mom only have a surname and she ends up having her fathers name as a last name. As for me my family name that my dad just decide to make up is not on my birth certificate therefore my last name is actually my middle name

  • Aaryn Bastian
    Aaryn Bastian 26 days ago

    Iceland isnt the only one to not have a last name indonesians usually dont have family names or even last names. My mom only have a surname and she ends up having her fathers name as a last name. As for me my family name that my dad just decide to make up is not on my birth certificate therefore my last name is actually my middle name

  • Horváth Áron
    Horváth Áron 27 days ago +2

    In Hungary you star with last name and only then comes your first name

    • Horváth Áron
      Horváth Áron 21 day ago

      +IABI TV in Hungary there is a list of Allowed names, and not from the names that are not allowed

    • IABI TV
      IABI TV 21 day ago

      Also do you guys have prohibited/allowed names too?

    • IABI TV
      IABI TV 21 day ago

      Westerners switch them back around when talking of Hungarians though.

  • MsJubjubbird
    MsJubjubbird 27 days ago

    In New Zealand you cannot have numbers in the name. A couple wanted to call their kid 4Real (eah I know) but the authorities said numbers are not allowed. THe default name if they couldn't come up with another name would be Real (yeah I know again)

  • Herr Barium
    Herr Barium 27 days ago +2

    I'll name my child "Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz
    It's spelled "Chrząszczyrzewoszyce powiat Łękołody"

    • Zaiysa
      Zaiysa 26 days ago

      wait, that's polish name

  • NonStop Pear
    NonStop Pear 27 days ago

    I'm going to name myself uvtfxfugivohy9dgo0gt9ftsrfi0buvgocfugcgcguvhctocyguvyocoyoye6z it will be pronounced Karl

  • stevan
    stevan 27 days ago

    there go my baby plans

  • Yamato
    Yamato 28 days ago

    how do you even remember your name

  • Vex
    Vex 28 days ago +2

    Top 10 best Eurovision artist names
    1- Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 Losisjailaoejdhdurjjuuegzyzhhxhdeysnnsjaus72728

    • IABI TV
      IABI TV 21 day ago

      I already imagine foreign commentators having a heart attack at trying to pronounce them 😂😂 and then they say "...this artist"