Why It's Illegal to be Named Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116


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  • Kawaii Bear
    Kawaii Bear 7 hours ago

    Ytskighggyvckkcfdydfixgjyfhdiddypoopeggabhfi is my child's name although it is pronounced jeff

  • AdamWayneone
    AdamWayneone 10 hours ago

    *I want to change my name to: Thropmorton Quintessinal Diddledipper.* (As I proof read it, the only part without a red line under it is diddledipper! WTF?)

  • M Moore
    M Moore 16 hours ago

    Jibber jabber language countries? Wow

  • pingpongpung
    pingpongpung 17 hours ago

    Flagged for mass advertising.

  • Weltfenos
    Weltfenos Day ago


  • Phil
    Phil Day ago

    3:42 American Hypocrisy at it's finest

  • Phil
    Phil Day ago

    Americans take this Free Speech thing very seriously... Yeah right

  • Lover Boy
    Lover Boy Day ago

    Sweden have laws for name but not for refugees destroying Malmo and other no go zones. Pretty weird.

  • PurpleNarwhalePidgeon 7373103

    All of Icelands male population can work for that construction company in loz: botw

  • Lefty and friends The Misadventures

    2,346,676 people are now going to name their children Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116

  • Nightstar Seren
    Nightstar Seren Day ago

    I like how California, y'know the state that (stereotypically) is all about diversity, doesn't let their people to have names with accents. How ironic.

  • Denmark Mason
    Denmark Mason 2 days ago

    So am i safe when i go to denmark?

  • garreswe
    garreswe 2 days ago

    It's the _surnames_ that are protected in Seden. Your name can be Elvis, Carl Gustav, Silvia, Victora etc but you can't change your surname to Bernadotte, Hamilton etc.

  • how to make 7
    how to make 7 2 days ago

    What about kwazza wazza quikola kwazza '? Zabolaza

  • Snow White
    Snow White 2 days ago +1

    Unless you are a Dirka! Dirka! Dirka! Dirkas'! can get away with MURDER in Sweden!

  • OmegaHD
    OmegaHD 2 days ago +1

    well fuck i think the username was already taken

  • [ MTD ]
    [ MTD ] 2 days ago

    Starts off by insulting my country, nice video!

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom 2 days ago

    That ad switch though....

    So shameful

  • Daniel Maluszycki
    Daniel Maluszycki 2 days ago

    In russia our middle name is our dads name with a usually "vich" ending

  • Bombsquad85
    Bombsquad85 2 days ago

    So the Netherlands are in the jibber jabber area? Approved :3

  • Hayden Foxx
    Hayden Foxx 2 days ago

    Wow you really tried to link up that sponsorship with what you were talking about lol

  • EenKrankzinnigKanaal

    wait dutch is jibber jabber but german and english not because those languages come from the same language

  • Nick
    Nick 3 days ago

    Who names their child after numbers in the end?

  • crybaby
    crybaby 3 days ago

    Y O U C A N T N A M E Y O U R B A B Y I K E A

  • Jordan Guzzi
    Jordan Guzzi 3 days ago

    Unfriendly northern countries? Jibber Jabber languages? I don’t know if you thought you were being funny, or if you were simply not thinking at all. To me, your arrogant attitude puts your credibility in question.

  • MäximillianMus Mus
    MäximillianMus Mus 3 days ago

    Its kost like 4500kr 470$

  • mykneegrows
    mykneegrows 3 days ago

    In finland there is name called "Kalja" wich in english is beer

  • mykneegrows
    mykneegrows 3 days ago

    Jibber jabber language like finnish is easy like one Of the easiest words is lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas

    Yea that is one Word and suomi perkele kaikille suomalaisille

  • Alexander Nittegaard Andersen

    Ayeee AM in dk

  • Tamazin
    Tamazin 4 days ago

    Video is slightly wrong; you are allowed to change your name to 'Elvis' here in Sweden. Actually nearly 700 named that as their first name.

  • Arwen Sacdalan
    Arwen Sacdalan 4 days ago


  • Max Yakovlev
    Max Yakovlev 4 days ago

    I named my son 'drop_all_tables'

  • Joseph Gonzalez
    Joseph Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Can I name a kid a bunch of emojis?

  • Lethal Chicken
    Lethal Chicken 4 days ago

    Rename the video: why smashing your keyboard and pressing enter is an illegal baby name.

  • Dead Mark
    Dead Mark 4 days ago

    ok what idiot smashed his head on the keyboard?

  • Mairi ‘ s World
    Mairi ‘ s World 4 days ago

    What about : skdvwksudbslwherfjcusv meig Bambi jabshehehdjgcbskeievrndjshdbdndjsbejeiqjxbckdbwmzkfenej282846472@10384637290203847 ?

  • Commander Coconut
    Commander Coconut 4 days ago


  • Marcell Anugrah
    Marcell Anugrah 4 days ago


  • 陈北宗
    陈北宗 4 days ago

    For California it should be fairly easy to allow accented names, or in reality name in any script, by switching to UTF-8 as the coding scheme for the database. Existing names in ASCII is still valid UTF-8 so there is no database upgrade needed, just new front end software that understands UTF-8.
    UTF-8 also provides a good selection of control characters, allowing a nice solution to allow older software to still work to some extent even after the system upgrade. People with non-English names can be required to supply an English-only transliteration, approximation or alternative to their name, which is prefixed to the UTF-8 name with a control character separating them. Newer software would recognize the separator character, ignore the English part or treat it as a nickname, while older software would display the English part normally with some garbled character following it, which is then ignored by human operators.
    Given the diversity of California, this will enable the people retain their native names in their native script, be it accented Latin for Latinos/Latinas, Kanji, Hanzi and Hangul for East Asians, and (god forbid) Arabic for Arabs.

  • Caelin Bevan
    Caelin Bevan 4 days ago

    why haven't they made the name Null illegal

  • Lazy Draws
    Lazy Draws 4 days ago

    i did not know i was a part of the jibber jabber language area..

  • omgplayerplaysRoblox

    How are we even supposed to remember the name?!

  • Your _Senpai
    Your _Senpai 5 days ago +1

    in my past class, there whas a kid named Elvis

  • LMGamer 36
    LMGamer 36 5 days ago +1

    Is Minecraft a Swedish surname?

  • Teona Seabrook
    Teona Seabrook 5 days ago

    Friendly Northern Countries (line curves to go around UK). UK is NOT a nice countr. Snobby brits

  • TheCrap
    TheCrap 5 days ago

    What do you do in Iceland if your kid is Gender-Neutral ? Karlchild

  • wherefancytakesme
    wherefancytakesme 5 days ago

    If you think Nordic languages are jibber-jabber, take a look at how English works (I'm American btw)!

    KIRMIZI BONCUK 5 days ago

    Wait so The US is a friendly northern country?

  • Becka Loves Sans
    Becka Loves Sans 5 days ago

    Oh well I’m from Sweden ;-;
    I’m Rebecka not Rebecca

    ZDUBZ MUSIC 6 days ago


  • JuiceLord .
    JuiceLord . 6 days ago

    Oh, hi, Mark!

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 6 days ago

    Can i use the name torbjorn in sweden?

  • rashard D'Auvergne
    rashard D'Auvergne 6 days ago

    The first name law is actually really good if you think about it

  • Amazing the Film
    Amazing the Film 6 days ago

    Karl Karlson from the Simpsons
    He’s from Iceland
    Karl from the Simpsons is Karl Jr.

  • Eric
    Eric 6 days ago

    thanks, i was just about to name my newborn Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116

  • Amazing the Film
    Amazing the Film 6 days ago

    Don’t you just hate it when your dream baby name is illegal

    SHADOWWOLF77 6 days ago

    Icelandic last names make more sense as of course a son would be for example "Karlsson" = The son of Karl while girls cannot be a son but a daughter/dottir/dotter etc. = Karlsdottir which makes perfect sense to me.

    SHADOWWOLF77 6 days ago

    LMAO "Jibber-jabber language area of the world"...

  • Cyka Blyaaat
    Cyka Blyaaat 7 days ago

    russians are friendly

  • Love Ekblom
    Love Ekblom 7 days ago

    luaghed soo hard when i saw that it was illegal to be named Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 in sweden
    (Im swedish :D)

  • Dinkie
    Dinkie 7 days ago


  • Codex Tests of Alpha

    0:10, Hmm...

  • Hina Channel
    Hina Channel 7 days ago

    What about bffesrcffg1112

  • Dana Quinn
    Dana Quinn 7 days ago

    it looked like your cat ran across your keyboard

  • King Wasabi
    King Wasabi 7 days ago

    In America you can't name your child Donald

  • censor everything
    censor everything 7 days ago +1

    Wow...that segue...

  • Kasia Wesołek
    Kasia Wesołek 7 days ago

    But can I name my child Bfrgskjsiw9keof9918rj8dicj?

  • atharva Nigam Varma M m

    Me:Hi what is your name?
    Guy: North West
    Guy:I mean P.U.B.G

    I bet I got Fortnite triggered

  • My Life Is A Paradox

    Sorry, that username is not available

  • Vortexial Gaming
    Vortexial Gaming 8 days ago

    Child: Why Is My Name Fortnite?
    Dad: I Like Fortnite.
    Child 2: I Get The Pattern
    Dad: Good, Illuminati Triangle Boy

  • B A C O N
    B A C O N 8 days ago

    so thats my my brother wasnt allowed to go in Sweden

  • emerald elliot
    emerald elliot 8 days ago

    Hi guys! I live in Sweden and im from Sweden!

  • miku fan
    miku fan 8 days ago

    Jokes on you, I was planning to name my child Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnbrxvclmnckssqlbb11116

  • KrilinPT
    KrilinPT 9 days ago

    "unfriendly norhtern countries" basically Russia, fuck off mate

  • : Ernest :
    : Ernest : 9 days ago

    People call me anus
    I hate myself

  • BpH
    BpH 9 days ago

    The transition to the sponsorship was so smooth..

  • サベージユニコーン _


  • Liquid Flat Soap
    Liquid Flat Soap 9 days ago

    Fuck these authoritarians

  • Nobleman Matthew A. Davis

    Doctor:Please type the name of your son here.

  • Jimmy Kit-Kat
    Jimmy Kit-Kat 9 days ago

    *Sees title, clicks*

  • Conway79
    Conway79 9 days ago +17

    I predict that by 2040, a baby somewhere in the world will be given a name containing an emoji.

  • SkillPoe RULEZZZ
    SkillPoe RULEZZZ 9 days ago

    I think “Sexy Vegan” should be internationally outlawed.

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard 9 days ago

    Imagine arriving at school and saying your name is 'Bear'

  • Tage Karlsson
    Tage Karlsson 9 days ago

    This is a fake vidioe becuse i live in Sweden and you can named Youre child Elvis.
    Take that sucker

  • Autistic Hitler
    Autistic Hitler 9 days ago

    So are the kids with noble names bullied in school?

  • FabulousFartingUnicornDerp

    That is not how you're supposed to say dóttir but since you're not from Iceland then I guess there's nothing you could do about it

  • Bluestea
    Bluestea 10 days ago

    brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 and the chipmunks

  • Ryuzaki Ryuga
    Ryuzaki Ryuga 10 days ago

    i would feel teally bad for light yagami if the name brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 would be legalised

  • Hendrik Aarma
    Hendrik Aarma 10 days ago

    so in america i could name my son purple nipple nigga and paint his nipples purple

  • Tiberian Fiend
    Tiberian Fiend 10 days ago

    How's about Sweden ban Muhammed?

  • Maggie Sheil
    Maggie Sheil 10 days ago

    4:16 fantastic segue

  • Its Draconic
    Its Draconic 10 days ago

    The real life version of “this username is taken”

  • fuge74
    fuge74 10 days ago

    there are several state laws that prohibit names that "are excessivly outlandish or are not phoneticaly correct i.e. A is A, not albin nor is BRFXXCCXXMNPCCCCIIIMMNPRXVCIMNCKSSQIBB11116. generally using phonetic standins like @LB1N is permitted and using a symbol and not a word is permitted only if it is a regular symbol like a swastik, cross, "@", or "♂".

  • shane francis
    shane francis 10 days ago

    A ban on one letter names

  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea 10 days ago

    My question is, what if you are trans? Let's say you are ftm, would it be father's name + son since now you identify as a male?

  • iCHiLLiN
    iCHiLLiN 10 days ago

    Dick Bick Chang Ching. Yep, I'm proud of my name.

  • Cat
    Cat 11 days ago


  • Thomas C
    Thomas C 11 days ago +1

    They have nobles and still let them get fucked by refugees lmao

  • Isabella Larsson
    Isabella Larsson 11 days ago

    Idk about Elvis but it's now legal to be named Metallica thanks to some parents who rly likes Metallica i guess