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Tony Romo’s botched hold in Seattle needs a deep rewind | 2006 NFC Wild Card Game

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • You know what's about to happen. The Dallas Cowboys are in Seattle and looking to take a lead over the Seahawks that could give them their first playoff win in ten years. They've had another year full of dysfunction, but finally look like they will shake out of the funk they've carried for the last decade.
    You know the disaster that follows, the career that had its wings clipped before it learned to fly, and the first step of a new journey that never seemed to stay on the path.
    But what about what came before that? So much had to fall perfectly so in order to make this moment what it is, and how it remains in our mind. The pain and heartbreak of an entire franchise, the fans forever divided over the quarterback, the lack of playoff success. It masked what led us to this moment. We forgot everything that raised hope so high and made the landing after the fall so much harder. Welcome to a moment in history.
    Written and produced by Will Buikema
    Edited by Alex Hawley
    Shot by Joe Ali
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Comments • 962

  • Ant
    Ant 23 hours ago

    Then Romo would go on to be statistically speaking the greatest Cowboy QB of all time.

  • The Big Dog
    The Big Dog Day ago

    It's funny everybody blames Romo or the kicker but think bout it why was Romo out there anyway?when he became the start bill should've took that job from him come on it's already his 1sy playoff game and he did his job to get them down field now u put more pressure on him by holding the kick

  • Deeze Nuttz
    Deeze Nuttz Day ago

    I went to shower and literally started crying after I witnessed this fumble.. I was 13 years old when it happened... Even with the fumble tony deserves a lot of credit for keeping the cowboys respectable for 10 plus years

  • Scott Reser
    Scott Reser 2 days ago

    yea well im a Seahawk fan and cant stand the super bowl pick vid...:) I feel your pain.

  • FireWithFire
    FireWithFire 3 days ago

    The Harbinger, of Romo's entire career....

  • Michael Valdez
    Michael Valdez 3 days ago +1

    This opened a lot of old wounds. Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • John Rosie
    John Rosie 5 days ago

    but wait didn't he pick up a first down?

    • FireWithFire
      FireWithFire 3 days ago

      No, he was brought down just short of it.

  • Nathan McDaniel
    Nathan McDaniel 7 days ago

    If the kicker had stood in the way of that he, Romo would have scored.

  • MightyTax
    MightyTax 8 days ago

    I like the name gramatica

  • MightyTax
    MightyTax 8 days ago

    Miles Austin was the best

  • MightyTax
    MightyTax 8 days ago

    Why do the cowboys kickers get injured and come back worse (rip Dan Bailey

  • x x
    x x 9 days ago

    14:20. Needing to understand why anyone
    would spend 15 minutes on a muffed
    FG try and then claim Cowboy fandom.

  • JCmaloney21
    JCmaloney21 10 days ago

    The review would never have happened if the Cowboys didn't call timeout

  • Bravo Charlie
    Bravo Charlie 12 days ago

    Just total disaster. This play should be called the christening of Romo

  • james smith
    james smith 13 days ago

    Did they check to see if romo picked up the first?

  • Jack Kaestner
    Jack Kaestner 14 days ago

    A couple questionable calls? Lol the refs beat Seattle not Pittsburgh

  • Zach Victor
    Zach Victor 16 days ago +1

    Ah the Seahawks. Winning playoff games by fluke... (cowboys, nfc championship 2014, Vikings 2015...)

  • Chris Collier
    Chris Collier 17 days ago

    I've seen a couple of 'Rewinds' and have enjoyed them. However....I really think you're on to something. As a student of history I've learned to study particular events in context. It's how I remember, and more importantly understand, a specific incident and how the 'then' impacts the 'now.'. As opposed to memorizing dates and names, which is how history in generally taught in the classroom. What you've got here is a perfect model for instructing average students, in mass, in such a way the learning has meaning, and sticks. It isn't a long 1:45:00 documentary, it isn't a boring long read, it's targeted, enjoyable, memorable, and it makes sense. Good on you. Love to see this type of teaching in the classrooms.

  • TheTot Process
    TheTot Process 19 days ago

    Nah it is routine... The Cowboys get ladled with praise and expectation only to collapse when it's time to put up. Thank the Lord.

  • John Lounsbury
    John Lounsbury 19 days ago

    This one hurts. I hate watching him fumble the kickoff, changed his whole career.

  • billytheweasel
    billytheweasel 19 days ago

    Salt in the wound but Seattle is where his career was ended too.
    I felt bad for the guy and I'm a Hawks fan.

  • RariGold
    RariGold 20 days ago

    Didn't realize he had 27 touchdowns that season

  • Andrew Horne
    Andrew Horne 20 days ago

    Can you do Sean Elliott's Memorial Day Miracle?

  • North Fresh
    North Fresh 20 days ago

    The Alexander singing was awful, the ENTIRE world knew that damn near ANY RB would have had career #s rushing behind Walter and Hutch. Deion Branch was a STUPID trade, only the Hawks front office thought Branch was worth a #1 pick LITERALLY NOBODY ELSE THOUGHT SO! we all knew the guy was a product of a system, while he wasnt a bad WR he was NOWHERE close to worth a 1st round pick. Im thankful for what Holgrem did for The Hawks but there was some VERY questionable moves made during his time.

  • artillery1000
    artillery1000 21 day ago

    One of my favourite moments in NFL history

  • MacDaddy635
    MacDaddy635 21 day ago

    Hunter Renfrow’s championship game winning catch deserves a rewind

  • Yung_Grouch
    Yung_Grouch 21 day ago

    Honestly a cool rewinderwould be Desmond Howard’s heisman pose after his catch. I’m not even a Michigan fan but that is pretty coo to see

  • The Turtler 31
    The Turtler 31 21 day ago

    I hate the cowboys and yet I still felt my stomach drop rewatching that play. Romo is such a nice guy and didnt deserve that :'(

  • HaitianHero48
    HaitianHero48 21 day ago

    You guys should consider making a rewind of Roberto Baggio's penalty kick against Brazil in the 1994 world cup. How he went from being the player of the tournament and bringing Italy to the final to ironically being the man who lost it all for them.

  • WillJM81280
    WillJM81280 21 day ago +1

    Romo screwed up when the pressure was on? I can’t believe it...

  • Pap Remy
    Pap Remy 22 days ago

    Why did we run a Terry Glenn Sceen on the goal line i love Romo but that had to be when that black cat crossed his path lol
    Go Cowboys 2019

  • Jack 3306
    Jack 3306 22 days ago

    Cubs indians game 7

  • lebutzki
    lebutzki 22 days ago

    Michigan vs Michigan 2015 needs to happen, more specifically "Trouble With The Snap"

  • MetsGiantsRangersKnicksNYSports

    1985 World Series Game 6

  • Nathan McGuire
    Nathan McGuire 23 days ago +1

    Beijing 2008 4x100 freestyle mens relay deserves a deeeeeep rewind

  • metsrock72
    metsrock72 23 days ago

    Can we get a 2002 Oakland A's Scott Hatteberg walk off home run for the 20 game winning streak rewinder? With Billy Beane and Moneyball and all those implications, would be great!!

  • Slame333
    Slame333 23 days ago

    I hated Romo as a kid simply bc he was the Cowboys QB and always seemed annoying. But I absolutely love the guy now. Not just bc he’s the best commentator in the game right now, but bc his career was pretty great in retrospect, he just couldn’t get over that one hump. Wanted one more comeback season out of him, but with his injuries and his success in the booth, it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Omar Rivera
    Omar Rivera 23 days ago

    You guys should rewind the whole reggie Miller and spike Lee taint in Madison Square garden

  • Johnathon Schmidt
    Johnathon Schmidt 23 days ago

    Minneapolis Miracle Rewider?

  • João Cruz
    João Cruz 23 days ago

    3:41 they´re playing at home

  • RetepAdam
    RetepAdam 23 days ago

    This was really, really, really good. Also, I forgot about that TO OD. Crazy night that was, trying to follow the news online.

  • MrDMF567
    MrDMF567 23 days ago +1

    @10:06 “Romo was a D2 standout at Eastern Illinois”
    Nope. Division 1-AA.
    Good video though

  • bongo155
    bongo155 24 days ago


  • Discorsi95
    Discorsi95 24 days ago +1

    I have an idea for a Rewinder.

    1988, Seattle Mariners at Anahiam Angels.
    Home plate umpire Enrico Palazzo ejects the 1st and 3rd base umpires, and saves the Queen of England.

    • Lonnie Craig
      Lonnie Craig 21 day ago

      I remember that. That game was HUGE! I can't remember who won it, but not only did Enrico Palazzo save the queen, but he also saved his girlfriend and outed a major criminal in the Los Angeles area.

      I wonder what happened to Reggie after that game, though? Any idea?

  • Shane Davis
    Shane Davis 24 days ago

    10:46 - convincing evidence that NFL quarterbacks are engineered and grown in a lab. This is some Central Casting weirdness.

  • Scott Wyllie
    Scott Wyllie 24 days ago

    As a person who does not like the Cowboys this is one of those moments I could watch a rewind on for eternity. I appreciate it.

  • ferdinandrcj
    ferdinandrcj 24 days ago

    Please make a rewinder about story of 1979-80 Nottingham Forest winning European Champions League (Champions cup back then), just 2 years after promoted from second division.

  • Phillip Ward
    Phillip Ward 24 days ago

    haha your a cowboys fan sucks to be you

  • ImSomebady
    ImSomebady 24 days ago

    UGF Pandas' coach sure had an interesting career

  • Mike O'Daniel
    Mike O'Daniel 24 days ago

    Really wish you had mentioned the rule change that came from Romo being given a brand new slippery ball that wasn't easy to handle instead of a broken in ball. The K-balls (balls for kickers) were allowed to be broken in for 20 minutes by each side so that there was no more questions about the condition of the balls affecting play. How could you forget this?!?

  • Michael Moss
    Michael Moss 24 days ago

    These SB clowns who aren't Jon...trying to act and sound like Jon. Jesus. Get your own shtick.

  • podunkparte
    podunkparte 24 days ago

    As a Seahawks fan, this video was awesome to watch.
    Apart from SB XL which should be forgotten, this is probably the most memorable play I can remember for Seattle before the Russell Wilson era. I remember watching it live and freaking out, but as I've become a much more invested/passionate/knowledgeable fan of the game since the mid 2000's, I didn't appreciate the immense odds Seattle faced leading up to this moment. That's a chip shot and the only thing that could have gone wrong was the snap or hold. Also, Romo almost got in for the TD if not for Babineaux.
    This is, at least for Seahawks fans, a monumental moment in history for the franchise. Thanks for shining some light on it.

  • Felix P
    Felix P 24 days ago

    Can you do the Desean Jackson punt return game winner on the Giants

  • Jonathan Reed
    Jonathan Reed 24 days ago +3

    1)Do the 2007 Daytona 500 finish
    2)David Tyree catch
    3)Alex Bergman walk off 2017 game 5 World Series
    4) lebron clutch block game 7
    5) last out of the 2016 World Series

    • The Turtler 31
      The Turtler 31 21 day ago

      It wasnt really a clutch block when there was still like 5 minutes left in the game and Kyries 3 pointer would have happened regardless....

  • Rick Fleece
    Rick Fleece 24 days ago

    I’m African I love your videos

  • Daniel Paquet
    Daniel Paquet 24 days ago

    there was something wierd on that ball,it was shinneyer than the rest.

  • Paramvir Atwal
    Paramvir Atwal 24 days ago

    Why would he hold the snap when there is a dude taking up cap space to hold the FG snap?

  • tony gilbert
    tony gilbert 24 days ago

    It wasn't romos fault it was a bad snap

  • Vincent Thao
    Vincent Thao 24 days ago

    Rewind the 2017 Minneapolis Miracle. Vikings got killed the next week but they were a crazy story that year.

  • Colm Wykoff
    Colm Wykoff 24 days ago

    As a lifelong Eagles fan I savored every second of this video 😥

  • Captain Sunday
    Captain Sunday 24 days ago

    What's it like to talk exactly like all the other guys who do explainer videos?

  • TheDillpicks16
    TheDillpicks16 25 days ago

    Vincent Kompany goal vs Leicester few weeks ago. Title race for the ages

  • Matthew Zapata
    Matthew Zapata 25 days ago

    Y’all should do the Blair Walsh kick

  • John Murray
    John Murray 25 days ago

    I remember watching that live. LOL. That was hilarious!

  • Beautiful Beavis
    Beautiful Beavis 25 days ago

    Was at a Seahawks party watching this game... we all knew it was over, we all said it’s gonna take a miracle. Watching that play unravel we all were jumping/screaming, a dog pile happened... such an insane game!

  • gizanked
    gizanked 25 days ago

    Completely brushed over the fact that if gramattica had thrown half a block that Romo would have probably made it to the end zone instead of being chased down by babineaux.

  • BurningAegis
    BurningAegis 25 days ago

    Not even remotely a Cowboys fan and yet I still feel like I'm getting PTSD watching this.

  • jason greeder
    jason greeder 25 days ago

    Minneapolis Miracle

  • Jacob Lombardi
    Jacob Lombardi 25 days ago

    I’m waiting for the new Jon Bois

  • Beastmodebrony And wwe

    Wait you’re a cowgirls fan? Lol too bad you got shut down by my colts last season.

  • Phantom Alpha
    Phantom Alpha 25 days ago

    I was watching this game with my girlfriend at the time and I kept predicting things that would happen and they all did and when Tony got down to be the holder I told her “he’s gonna blow this” and he did. I don’t think people quite remember how he had blown a lot of games and always fell apart when pressed.

  • RatedPending - Please Don't Sue Me

    Asamoah Gyan's missed penalty vs argentina (and suarez's goalkeeping ability)

  • 3rdhandodysseus
    3rdhandodysseus 25 days ago

    Rudy Galindo at the 1996 U. S. Figure Skating Championships deserves a deep rewind. Getting left by Kristi Yamaguchi for her (awesome and successful) solo skating career; Rudy losing his brother, dad, and two consecutive coaches to aids; performing the skate of his life in front of a sold-out home-town crowd...the first openly gay U. S. figure skater finally making it all happen on the big stage? C'mon.

  • dawson walls
    dawson walls 25 days ago

    2015 Portland timbers first round of playoffs vs sporting kc the game was tied and went into penalties and it came down to the goalies shooting against each other following a double post out shot. The timbers won after there goalie scored and he saved the next shot

  • David Matheny
    David Matheny 25 days ago +1

    You could easily do one for the 1996 World Series Game 4. Jim Leyritz's home run to tie the game after a 6-0 Braves lead kinda signified the change from the possible start of a Braves dynasty to the start of the Yankees dynasty that came to fruition.

  • Cainã Vidor
    Cainã Vidor 25 days ago

    Zinedine Zidane headbutting Materazzi in the Italy vs. France 2006 World Cup Finals NEEDS a deep rewind

  • Daniel Sewell
    Daniel Sewell 25 days ago

    Btw I think the "vintage" edit with the lines is really obnoxious, please stop doing that

  • Rob Katzberg
    Rob Katzberg 25 days ago


  • Nima Akbari
    Nima Akbari 25 days ago

    1:42 Classic Brady still in the Super Bowl

  • Ron Criswell
    Ron Criswell 25 days ago

    LOL I laugh every time.....HTTR

  • njestyle
    njestyle 25 days ago

    If you guys wanna show some Aussie love and give NRL some worthy attention.. i reckon you should do a Deep Rewind on the 2015 NRL Grand Fina between the Cowboys and Broncos.

  • Hershey90 I
    Hershey90 I 25 days ago +1

    Please do Crosby’s 2010 clincher for Olympic gold

  • Spad
    Spad 25 days ago

    Romo was a cardiac cowboy at heart, much happier with him in the announcer booth 👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿👍🏾👍🏽👍🏼

  • jimbo 2346
    jimbo 2346 25 days ago

    On the bright side for Cowboys fans, Romo finally made it to the Super Bowl last season...

  • Bob Snow
    Bob Snow 25 days ago

    Eastern Illinois is FCS, not DII

  • David Lee
    David Lee 25 days ago

    More like Tony OH NO

  • scott horton
    scott horton 25 days ago

    Tony oh no


    I can't believe I didn't think about this. You should do Landon Donovan's World Cup goal against Algeria. Include Algeria's World Cup history as well as the matches with Slovenia and England. How crazy of me not to think about it.

  • Kermelbapfe
    Kermelbapfe 25 days ago

    Please do a Niki Lauda 1976 Japan Rewind now that he has sadly passed away

  • Andre Hull
    Andre Hull 25 days ago +2

    U should do the eagles superbowl win because they were the huge underdogs throughout the whole play and were the 1st seed

  • Legendary King
    Legendary King 25 days ago +2

    romo should've run the ball

  • Oh Yeah Mr Krabz
    Oh Yeah Mr Krabz 25 days ago

    Lebron James game 6 performance against the Celtics 2012 eastern conference finals deserves a deep rewind

  • Darth Youtube
    Darth Youtube 25 days ago

    Do the Damian Lillard .9 shot in 2014

  • Coach Kent Murphy
    Coach Kent Murphy 25 days ago

    Can you please make a video on Jeremy Guhtrie’s final mlb game where on his birthday, gave up 12 runs in the 1st inning and then was dfa’d after the game

  • koby williams
    koby williams 25 days ago

    I Mean The Man Could’ve Dived 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • NXNiTe
    NXNiTe 25 days ago

    You guys should do bill mazeroski, joe carters, or ozzie smiths walkoff
    (U know what i mean)

  • Barry_87
    Barry_87 25 days ago

    Trouble with the snap MSU Michigan 2015 pls that would be a good one

  • Philo Beddoe
    Philo Beddoe 26 days ago

    how in the hell did Romo 1) NOT get the TD with all that wide open space in front of him, and B not fall forward enough for the first down???

  • Asa Smith
    Asa Smith 26 days ago

    I like to believe that at 11:45 was a Counting Crows reference

  • Heywood Jabuzoff
    Heywood Jabuzoff 26 days ago

    skip to 14:03 if you get tired of wading through deep filler