10 Top Traits of Mighty Mopar Muscle - Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 322

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • 10 Top Traits of Mighty Mopar Muscle - Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 322
    We’ve compiled an unofficial top 10 list of Top Traits of Mighty Mopar Muscle… elements found on Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth Muscle Cars that make these cars super-cool. From The Brothers Collection.
    10. 1971 Road Runner Head in Grille
    9. Pistol Grip Shifter
    8. 6 pack intake
    7. Exhaust Bright Tips
    6. Billboard Stripes
    5. 426 Hemi Engine
    4. TorqueFlite 727 Transmission
    3. Tic Toc Tach
    2. Air Grabber Hood
    1. AAR Strobe Stripe
    #Mopar #Hemi #musclecaroftheweek

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    10 Top Traits of Mighty Mopar Muscle - Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 322
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  • keeff
    keeff 8 days ago

    It`s the little details that makes these cars so cool.

  • Zo Fryer
    Zo Fryer 8 days ago +1

    The only thing that sucks is everything costing almost twice as much for mopar.

  • The Wise Owl
    The Wise Owl 13 days ago

    Oh, how I miss these exciting times when one looked forward each year to see what the new models held in store for us. Plus, it was fun to see these cars on the road and listen to them burn out and accelerate.

  • john alt
    john alt 24 days ago +1


  • Brian Millins
    Brian Millins 29 days ago

    The awesome high impact colors and odd and rare stripe packages are worth mention too I've also seen some high impact colored stripes that are pretty rare. My dad had a 70 r/t se challenger 440 mag 4 speed vitamin c orange with a yellow bumblebees stripe on the tail it was that way in 74 when he bought it

  • my name is 905
    my name is 905 Month ago

    All great stuff, no doubt! I was thinking the shaker hood scoop would've made the list too. I mean, if we follow the shining example provided by the boys for Spinal Tap,you can always go to 11. Thanks again guys! ▪☆☆☆▪

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson Month ago

    NOBODY did muscle cars like Mopar. Had a 69 Roadrunner 383/727 auto(my favorite car I ever had) and a 73 Duster 340-4 speed. Even with the low compression 340 that featherweight Duster was really quick. It wasn't totally stock though. I bolted on headers and a more free flowing exhaust and shit canned the smog equipment and it was a totally different car than it was bone stock. The 340 Duster and Dart Sport 340 were maybe the fastest car you could still buy in 1973 other than an SD455 T/A. Ford and most of GM had nothing by that point and the 383, 440/6, and Hemi were gone. And the 440 4 barrel was just a heavy smog choked boat anchor by then like the Ford 429 and Chevy 454 had become

  • Jerrol Hale
    Jerrol Hale 2 months ago

    Six pack or six barrel were only offered on 340 TA or AAR engines for 1970 and of course 1969 1/2 through 1972 440 cid engines not on the 383 cid

  • Soviet Toaster
    Soviet Toaster 2 months ago

    > 42.6K Subscribers


  • Viking Child
    Viking Child 2 months ago

    Missing oil pan after race.

  • Cowerdnerd Despacito
    Cowerdnerd Despacito 2 months ago

    You didn’t honk the horn of the road runner

  • C Bacon
    C Bacon 2 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful! Excuse me while I clean the drool from my mouth...
    Besides driving my various Dodge's and Chrysler's I've driven the other (as IF there's a comparison) makes of vehicles over the years, but my heart always brings me back to my beloved beautiful, sexy, fast, loud, and rebellious MOPARS!! I just can't stay away!
    -RAM 1500 ST reg cab 4x4 5.7 HEMI
    with progressive mods. I am planning to add future original old skool cars and at least one contemporary of the old skools to my collection as well. Yet nothing beats the drive, look and the sound of the originals in my personal opinion.

  • Giveme Areason
    Giveme Areason 2 months ago

    Damn how I regret not growing up during that era of pure beauty. Now its all these tree hugger cars being produced with no space to work in the engine. smh fml

  • At Zero
    At Zero 2 months ago

    Mopar A Bodies Forever.. 1968 Dodge Dart everyday and Everywhere.

  • Demon MPR
    Demon MPR 2 months ago

    Low price, big muscle and performance
    Mopar or no car Ⓜ️💪👊


    Pontiac still rules them all.

    • 1967davethewave
      1967davethewave 2 months ago

      I own both, Mopars and Pontiacs. If you are talking about performance then you would be wrong. Straight off the showroom floor the 440 powered cars were quicker and faster than the 400 or 455 powered Pontiacs. If you're talking quality of build then you might have a point. I've owned my '69 GTO since 1983 and I owned a '69 Charger R/T when I bought it. The 440 in the Charger was much quicker than the GTO and the Charger had A/C and power everything. The GTO didn't even have power steering or brakes. I sold the Charger and kept the GTO because it drove down the highway better and I knew I could put a 455 in it that was hopped up, which I did. But I still regret selling that Charger.

  • Steve Allred
    Steve Allred 2 months ago +2

    Kevin you always show the coolest cars I do miss my Duster 340 muscle

  • Clint S
    Clint S 2 months ago

    The cuda and the challenger look so much alike.

    • 1967davethewave
      1967davethewave 2 months ago

      So do the Camaro and Firebird and the Mustang and the Cougar and the Torino and the Cyclone and the Skylark and the Chevelle and the Impala and the LeSabre and the...

  • joshua lowery
    joshua lowery 2 months ago

    I would like for you to do a video on a 1969 Pontiac go hardtop Ram air 3

  • Austin Happ
    Austin Happ 2 months ago

    Couldn’t get a 383 with a 6-pack option

  • knight0334
    knight0334 2 months ago +2

    The only two engines that got the 6pack/6brl arrangement was the 340 and 440. The 383 didn't ever get it from the factory.

  • theoriginalmungaman
    theoriginalmungaman 2 months ago +2

    Get your damn facts right, you could never get a 383 with a six pack!

  • Slappy Fistwad
    Slappy Fistwad 2 months ago

    Drawbacks of Mostly Odd Parts Assembled Randomly:
    1: they're Junky. Seriously, the interiors and all the odds and ends were very shoddily made compared to GM and even Ford of that time
    2: Mopars can't turn
    3: They're heavy land yachts
    4: The motors are boat anchors compared to anything GM
    5: Speaking of motors, have fun paying premium for all parts. Cost MO for PARts!
    6: Prices for the cars in any condition are through the roof! Might as well just buy VIN and Fender tags at this point. For a good example of this, check out: tvclip.biz/video/WMdKR_TBka4/video.html
    7: Gas hogs, even compared to other muscle cars. The hemi's are a poor choice for a street machine. They are optimized for all out top end

  • ToHellwithYou
    ToHellwithYou 2 months ago

    Ok I love all of them especially the first one.. that 71 roadrunner could be my car any day❤️ the old mopars are so nice to watch

  • Chump Johnson
    Chump Johnson 2 months ago

    Personally I like the 71 road runners

  • 12bucklemyshoe1
    12bucklemyshoe1 2 months ago

    10 more! 10 more! Please!

    • Mike Pantel
      Mike Pantel 2 months ago

      PLEASE. so many awesome features to be highlighted, GM, FOMOCO, AMC, & MOPAR. Keep em coming!

  • Grossly Incandescent
    Grossly Incandescent 2 months ago +1


  • MK Duke
    MK Duke 2 months ago

    Why not demonstrate the tic toc tach? 🧐

  • Captain FALKEN
    Captain FALKEN 2 months ago

    Every manufacturer has some or many great vehicles to offer! But Mopar really does rule.. and never owned a Ford or Mopar yet.
    Keeping as brief as possible, in 2003 I was 6 years old. HotWheels movie came out. Had a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner in it (and '55 Nomad and '59 XP-87 Stingray, and '63 Stingray Coupe,etc.) That Road Runner had quite abit of screentime and the car was absolutely awesome. I've had 10 vehicles, 5 were Pontiacs and I had a Camaro, all 70s cars, one 68 Pontiac. My favorite car of ALL TIME is the 1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona CSX2287, but my dreamcar is the '70 Road Runner all the way. 383, 440, 426 no matter. (Prefer a 440, though) It is INEVITABLE, I ABSOLUTELY WILL have that car. I literally have more Plymouth toys than Pontiac, which is kinda surprising. I love my T/As and such, but Road Runner all the way. Don't care for the Satellite, no need for a GTX. *road runner* is the only car I need. My "dream garage" has many things, but I'm sure it will turn out the way I plan, unless greater:
    '70 Road Runner, Burnt Orange, '69 A12 style hood 440 6 BBL
    '78 Trans Am, Martinique Blue
    '68-'72 Stingray
    2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO 🇺🇸
    ....Those 2002 WS-6 Trans Ams would be a cool ZooM car. Didn't care for them at first, but grew on me. At least 1998-2002. 3rd gens suck. Will never appreciate a 3rd gen
    And a bicycle
    Actually would be cool to have a vintage Harley or Indian motorcycle, but I'm not really a motorcycle guy. I do like the style, though

  • Pete Medina
    Pete Medina 2 months ago

    These mopars were cool and they had awesome colors too

  • John Nix
    John Nix 2 months ago

    The 1971 indy 500 pace car was a Dodge Challenger The pace car driver was driving about 100 mph down pit row and hit the brakes. The car went sideways and slid into a photographer stand putting a bunch of people in the hospital. This was a brand new car. They were junk the day you picked it up from the dealer.

    • 1967davethewave
      1967davethewave 2 months ago

      @John Nix That is piss poor. But like I said, if you are saying that Mopar is the only car to ever have a failure form the factory then you are a Yankee. I am a mechanic with 35 years work experience mostly in GM dealerships. How about the '87 Firebird that had the steering box come loose with 85 miles on it because it was assembled with bad bolts that stripped the box when installed, or the '98 Buick that went 147 miles before it threw a rod because someone forgot to tighten a rod bolt? All I'm saying is if you go on a Mopar discussion with a bunch of Mopar fans just to call the cars crap you probably voted for AOC

    • John Nix
      John Nix 2 months ago

      @1967davethewave Only 2 of the brakes worked, both on the left side. The dealer who donated the car for use at the race was driving. If that ain't piss poor I don't know what is. F#@k Bernie. I spend all my time educating yankees.

    • 1967davethewave
      1967davethewave 2 months ago

      Yeah right, I'm sure that Mopar was the only make to ever have a brake failure in 1971 on a new car, lol! Don't you need to go solicit donations for Bernie or something and stay off the computer?

  • Maury D
    Maury D 2 months ago

    Chrysler was the first to incorporate fully electronic ignition into all their cars beginning in 1973. It took two more years for the rest. No more fighting to get the perfect dwell angle and all but eliminated the need for frequent timing. Oh happy day.

    MURR DOG 2 months ago

    MoPar= Move Over People Are Racing...

    MURR DOG 2 months ago +1

    Simple: "life is just better in a mopar"..Detroit

  • Christine Brunton
    Christine Brunton 2 months ago +3

    Awesome Cars!!! All my favorite 💕! My first car was a 72 Demon and my friend Helen had a SuperBee!!! I wish we had these Cars now!! Dodge Girl forever!! Mopar Rules!

    THE BIG BAD WOLF 2 months ago +1

    There were some really cool Gm's and Fords. But man those mopars always make my heart race

  • Rodney Chapman
    Rodney Chapman 2 months ago +1

    My mom bought a brand new 69 road runner with the 383 4-barrel it was metallic green she got her on St. Patrick's day in 69 !!! Me and my two older brother use to push her out the yard and fire her up and go racing bring it back before day light we would cut off the car and just coast back in the yard !!! Here's the kicker we never got caught for sneaking that bird out !!! Lol ( TRUE STORY ) !!!

  • Steve Donovan
    Steve Donovan 2 months ago

    For the golden muscle car era 64-71, what if the Hemi was never built? Where would Mopar be? Take away just one engine, that's all.
    Could the 440 seriously compete with Chevy's 427 or Ford's 427? I kind of doubt it, it's heads couldn't breath enough to produce the necessary HP. The 383 was pretty much a 15 second dog. The 340, a fine high revving engine that could do well was limited to tough small block competition.
    Mighty Mopar in the day is really a romanticized fetish over one quite limited production engine.

    • Steve Donovan
      Steve Donovan 2 months ago

      @1967davethewave Horsepower. Dave, I'm not a Mopar hater I just don't relate to a car manufacturer for my self-esteem. I'm not insulting you. If you like the 440 then good, enjoy.

    • 1967davethewave
      1967davethewave 2 months ago

      @Steve Donovan Produced as much what? If you mean there were a lot of 396's produced you would be right. So there were also a lot of 383's produced and the performance between the 2 motors was similar until you stepped the 396 up to it's 375 horse version. The rectangular headed 375 hp version again gets into the rare category. The Hemi wasn't a highly produced engine but the 440 was and it had the performance. But a lot of Mopar guys from the old days say that there literally dozens of mildly tweeked 383 cars out every Saturday night burning up the local cruise spots and local drag strips. 440 Magnums and Commandos, 383 Magnums and Commandos, 440 6 packs and even 340 4bbl Demons, Dusters and 'Cudas were all know as fast cars back in the day. Mopar had wonderful marketing with things like "The Scat Pack" and high impact colors. Take the Hemi away and they still would have sold a buttload of cars. If you're a GM or Ford fan you might not be aware of all of the popular Mopar cars and engines but Mopar fans are.

    • Steve Donovan
      Steve Donovan 2 months ago

      @1967davethewave Chevy's 396 produced as much.

    • 1967davethewave
      1967davethewave 2 months ago

      Uh, the 427 Ford is way more rare than the 426 Hemi. The 427 Chevy is pretty common in the Corvette but was way more rare than the 426 Hemi in an actual muscle car (only in COPO Camaros, Chevelles and Novas). The 906 big block Mopar head flows about the same as most other muscle car heads from the era so I think you don't know what you're talking about.

    • Steve Donovan
      Steve Donovan 2 months ago

      @Lorne Hunt Yes they did. Possibly before the 'official' muscle car era but the max wedge ruled.

    SUNRISE 2 months ago +1

    *Hello. Come to my channel. Watch my videos and subscribe. THANK))))*

  • Franc Furian
    Franc Furian 2 months ago +1

    Hey Kev, what about the new Demon? It's a muscle car from a different era but it has a lot of very cool up to date gear. It's a f#cken beast from straight from the factory!

    Cheers I enjoy the show

  • Frankie's super crazy channel

    I like a lot different brands of muscle cars my favourite is the 68 dodge charger R/T 440 black on black 4 speed

  • Kevin v.
    Kevin v. 2 months ago

    If you cut me I will bleed B5 Blue.

  • Charles Bronson
    Charles Bronson 2 months ago

    Mopar sucks big Fuzzy b

  • Big Thunder
    Big Thunder 2 months ago

    Another reason you should have a mopar

  • joe blow
    joe blow 2 months ago +11

    Wrong! The 6pac/6bbl was never offered on the 383.

    • Jeremy Thompson
      Jeremy Thompson Month ago

      Only on the 340 in the AAR Cuda and Challenger T/A in 1970 and on the 440 in the A12 Roadrunner/Super Bee in 1969 and most B and E Bodies in 1970-71. I think the 440/6 mightve been an option in the Chrysler 300 Hurst and Plymouth Fury GT but not sure if any were actually built. Also there was actually a 440/6 Roadrunner and two 440/6 Chargers built in 72 before it was dropped as an option. Never knew that until recently

  • D Day
    D Day 2 months ago +1

    Chrysler’s greatness is unstoppable!

  • kev426
    kev426 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for putting this together for all of us to enjoy. Appreciate your work and effort!

  • Chariot_Solace
    Chariot_Solace 2 months ago +1

    Mopar? You mean subpar?

  • Yankee de Dandy
    Yankee de Dandy 2 months ago

    Mopars are cool, says me, the Chevy guy. One small complain about this week's video: Did your video editor fiddle with the settings? Instead of nice and smooth, the video was jerky. Seems as if there's something wrong with the frames per second settings between camera and post production.

  • douglas sopa
    douglas sopa 2 months ago

    now now children. there was always somthing faster. it was called a ford or pontiac or bbc.paint schemes and pistol grips dont win you shit.. that stuff wins a kids heart,, like mine,,,,

  • james ferrante
    james ferrante 2 months ago

    I just put my 1978 Plymouth Super Coupe Pro Street modded car up for sale I'm going to miss it

  • cowboyk64
    cowboyk64 2 months ago +1

    The windage tray is the most amazing HP addition that Mopar used in all high performance engines !!

  • Lou Costabile
    Lou Costabile 2 months ago

    Hi Kevin, I'm a HUGH FAN of your Channel, however No shaker hood # 1 ? Lou

  • cowboyk64
    cowboyk64 2 months ago +3

    My blood type is CM = Chrysler Mopar !! Whats yours ??

  • Tobby Martin
    Tobby Martin 2 months ago

    There is no school like old school but the new Mopar is made like shit built not to last.

  • Monte Maguire
    Monte Maguire 2 months ago

    Cerently or with in the past year or two there have been Mopar car owner who have had to take there cars back to the Mopar Dealership because of worn cam lobes after 50000 miles.on V8 engines.

  • 1badhaircut
    1badhaircut 2 months ago

    No 383 6-Pack cars. The coolest Mopars that had NOTHING ... not even rugs. They were all business. It would have been nice to see some “pre-musclecar-era” before GTO.

  • Jarmo Minkkinen
    Jarmo Minkkinen 2 months ago

    Don't you miss something here Are you totally insane.

  • wysetech2000
    wysetech2000 2 months ago

    We used to laugh at some of the Mopars, especially the winged Dodges.. We thought of them as gimmicky stupid looking cars. The six pack cars never ran worth a crap on the street as they were finicky and slow.
    Today, the same people who used to laugh, look at these cars and realize what we had back then and really appreciate them now.

  • martin martin
    martin martin 2 months ago

    I like : shaker hood scoop , hockey strip decals stripe , steels rallye wheels .
    Generally dislike , vinyl top ( ...with floral graphic ) ., pistol grip , rear spoiler ( fr. ok ) , rear window louvers .