Axe Throwing CONTEST! - Ten Minute Power Hour

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • A small rag-tag family visits LA AXE to live out their old west fantasies.
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    Dir/shot by Tucker ►
    Edited by Matt Watson/Tucker ►
    Game Grumps are:
    Arin ►
    Danny ►
    #comedy #gamegrumps #axebar #axethrowing #powerhour
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Comments • 5 280

  • Mochi's Game Hut
    Mochi's Game Hut 3 hours ago

    That lady is just not having any of this

  • isaiah navarro
    isaiah navarro 5 hours ago


  • Gage Casanugh
    Gage Casanugh 14 hours ago

    I love a girl who can kill me from several feet away with an axe, had one once, she had a huge axe. Phenomenal.

  • Jake Smeef03
    Jake Smeef03 17 hours ago

    does anyone know what Danny said at 10:56

  • Lunova
    Lunova 21 hour ago

    It's cool to see Darlene from Roseanne is into axe throwing too.

  • Eva Lawrence
    Eva Lawrence Day ago

    3:08 is that a man or a women, science can't tell us the answer, can you?

  • Hannah Glavin
    Hannah Glavin Day ago

    9:30 when Dan throws and then Arin’s axe just wildly flies into the screen 😂👌
    Someone grab my inhaler, i’m wheezing!!

  • frank g
    frank g Day ago

    the girl must've thought dan and arin were a gay couple

  • Adam Berwick
    Adam Berwick Day ago

    Danny’s left handed! ME TOO!

  • Mr. Repeat Himself

    10:56 holy shit he spent at least a year on anime talking like that

  • elijah lee
    elijah lee Day ago

    bisexual culture is being amazed by danny’s muscles at the beginning of the video and then seeing carly with an axe and goin “oh shit”

  • Shattered Glass
    Shattered Glass Day ago

    13 minutes

  • alli
    alli Day ago

    Please do a rage room next :D

  • 2E the first
    2E the first Day ago

    Gett Jacked
    Throw Axe
    Play Sax

  • Julian Gonzalez
    Julian Gonzalez 2 days ago

    I felt nothing but passive aggression from the axe lady 😂

  • I Didn't Do It And I Will Never Do It Again

    Man it should be a crime to be this weird in public, regardless that was fun as fuck to watch. Nice girl.

  • Buttercat 4215
    Buttercat 4215 2 days ago

    When the 10 minute power hour is 13 minutes

  • Tre RobinsonT
    Tre RobinsonT 2 days ago

    Did she say “threatened by my acts” or “axe?”

  • KimmyKitty
    KimmyKitty 2 days ago +1

    I need to axe ya'll a question.


  • terrabite87
    terrabite87 2 days ago

    0:09 - 0:16 is 112% me

    CLEANKILLER7174 3 days ago

    Thanks L.A ICE

  • Alden Mullaney
    Alden Mullaney 3 days ago

    I just gotta say, when Dan threw that big lumber jack axe, and it went into the wood. That was badass.

    YEET SKEET 3 days ago

    Featuring edups

  • John Neihart
    John Neihart 3 days ago

    Danny was a murderer in a past life

  • Little Cookie Kitten
    Little Cookie Kitten 3 days ago +1

    2 hand dan and 1 hand handsome someone animate pls also someone is going to die

  • Emma Graybill
    Emma Graybill 3 days ago

    "you know it's a three."

  • blackdresses13
    blackdresses13 3 days ago


  • kay K.
    kay K. 3 days ago

    The ppl helping them out in vids like this are always the coolest, I wouldn’t know how to play off them if that were me


    2:58 💖💪💖

  • Thijs Van Rijthoven
    Thijs Van Rijthoven 4 days ago

    You are Two hand Dan and i'm One hand Hanson

  • Skulletta
    Skulletta 4 days ago

    Carly is one badass woman sign me up

    MIKE HANCHO 4 days ago

    Carly is hot,

  • Laviina
    Laviina 4 days ago

    Dan's arms made me question how gay I actually am. Then I saw the lady throw her axe. NOW I'M CONFUSED

  • The Wandering Musicphile

    Oh hell yeah, that's going to be my weekend.

  • Peridot
    Peridot 4 days ago

    Simon Belmont is shaking in his boots.

  • Waffle Pelt
    Waffle Pelt 5 days ago

    Power hour vs looking nice

  • Ayden Shrib
    Ayden Shrib 5 days ago +1

    10:58 is Dan wearing an ammo belt?

  • Boom720
    Boom720 5 days ago

    I am drunk right now with power!
    I missed.

  • SkullSpikes
    SkullSpikes 5 days ago

    10:57 Dan sounds like a complete badass Japanese samurai

  • WhiteVII
    WhiteVII 5 days ago

    9:33 I love axe girl breaking when she sees Dan rubbin his nipples lmaoo

  • 🤠
    🤠 5 days ago

    carly is adorable wtf

  • localgingerboy 1000
    localgingerboy 1000 5 days ago

    When Danny said " I AM A GODDD!" all I could think of was, "KRATOS" and, "BOY"

  • The Kawaii Kitty
    The Kawaii Kitty 5 days ago

    Being a bisexual this is my absolute favorite video

  • Mepp
    Mepp 5 days ago

    the dawning look of "what the fuck is he talking about" is golden.

  • Bree Holthus
    Bree Holthus 5 days ago

    *WITH POWER!* * completely misses the board entirely * XD

  • Amber Law
    Amber Law 5 days ago +1

    "That could kill a lot of men" "Thank you" what a mood

  • Just Seth
    Just Seth 6 days ago


  • The Guardian Paradox

    Castlevania simulator

  • Princess Brianna
    Princess Brianna 6 days ago

    They're so proud of each other, its cute🤣

  • AJ Young
    AJ Young 6 days ago

    I'm not gay but Dan's looking fine af

  • Caitlyn Marsh
    Caitlyn Marsh 6 days ago

    That girl seemed so sweet… I feel like she'd axe their asses if she wanted to though…

  • W.D. Gaster
    W.D. Gaster 6 days ago

    Nice Beat It reference just perfect you guys keep doing what your doing!

  • Hayley Walkup
    Hayley Walkup 7 days ago

    I don’t really appreciate the way Arin was talking to her, tbh

  • drat s
    drat s 7 days ago

    I'm going there 8|

  • H Nickel
    H Nickel 7 days ago

    Lumber Grumps

  • Un-Professional Duck

    *muffled microphone noises*

  • Kineticwizzy
    Kineticwizzy 7 days ago

    Was it just me or was the chick giving Arin fuck me eyes

  • Brock Watson
    Brock Watson 7 days ago

    Tap That Axe

  • PonPon Doodlez
    PonPon Doodlez 8 days ago

    The way Arin says "without the salsa" makes me think that there's an in-joke I'm not getting

  • Cableson
    Cableson 8 days ago

    0:32 I can't stop laughing at this XD I don't know if it was intentional, or if Dan just really caught himself off guard there, but I love it either way XD

    • Cableson
      Cableson 8 days ago

      I've probably watched this 5 second clip a minimum of 50 times, and not once has it failed to make me laugh

  • Kalima Farris
    Kalima Farris 8 days ago

    “Pro’s for sho’s” don’t think I didn’t hear that, cause I did! Lol

  • SSBBShadow175
    SSBBShadow175 8 days ago


  • BenBeDed
    BenBeDed 8 days ago +1

    What did Danny say in Japanese lol

  • Narwhale said Hi
    Narwhale said Hi 8 days ago

    I don't think Daniel bregoli should be around axes

  • Ever Grim
    Ever Grim 8 days ago

    the girl wanted to laugh so badly but she remained a pro
    shes so good bc I woulda laughed myself to next monday

  • Space Emperor Karl
    Space Emperor Karl 8 days ago

    Just wanted to put this here.....DANNY WINS!!!! :3

  • John Wallace
    John Wallace 8 days ago +5

    "I am drunk right now... WITH POWER" is officially my senior quote

  • Gabriel Brown
    Gabriel Brown 8 days ago

    I just ate tartar sauce with a spoon. I would do it again. I love tartar sauce.

  • Mystery Child
    Mystery Child 8 days ago

    She can’t deal with their shit 😂😂😂

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name 8 days ago

    Probably thought you were gay

  • CSE DSiebes
    CSE DSiebes 8 days ago

    Ninja Brian dressed as the Axe girl just to flex on Arin and Dan

  • Katie Bridges
    Katie Bridges 8 days ago

    I am drunk! WITH POWER!! *proceeds to shoot the worst shot in the whole video*

  • Biq cHuncZ
    Biq cHuncZ 8 days ago

    12:42 just that smile made me laugh so fucking hard xD

  • Kids Bishop
    Kids Bishop 8 days ago

    Dan's secret calling as an axe thrower was revealed that day

  • minnie
    minnie 8 days ago

    damn dan you look GOOD

  • Yoonseo perks and rec

    i was genuinely worried for them when i read the title of this video.... so worried.

  • Chandra Lumintang
    Chandra Lumintang 9 days ago

    I wish we have something like this on my part of the globe.

  • Childish Gambino 「 This is America 」

    It's legit when the employees wear flannel and have freckles

  • cassius lone
    cassius lone 9 days ago

    What did Dan say in Japanese?

  • Trash Jay
    Trash Jay 9 days ago +1

    Nothing’s more alpha male than bro hugging ur homie after throwing axes

  • Mr. Dazu1765
    Mr. Dazu1765 9 days ago

    Cool there in Florida

  • _Grace_Whitfield_
    _Grace_Whitfield_ 9 days ago

    *reads title*

    Oh no

  • Java doggie Games
    Java doggie Games 9 days ago

    so im sitting here on my bed eating plain tortillas and arin says it tastes like plain tortillas and Im honestly scared

  • IPG ForFun
    IPG ForFun 9 days ago

    Wow she is WOW WOW hot

  • Ava Douglass
    Ava Douglass 9 days ago

    hatchet throwing is hella difficult but damn it's amazing

  • WillOhNo Videos
    WillOhNo Videos 9 days ago

    I did this once with my right-handed brother (I'm a lefty too, Dan!) And I had the exact same experience you had the first couple throws he failed and I stuck them all, so idk maybe the left hand has a magic power for axe throwing or it was just a coincidence

  • Sadie Knight
    Sadie Knight 9 days ago

    Arin and Dan are really bro-ing out in this episode and I'm living for it.

  • Michael Sampson
    Michael Sampson 9 days ago

    shes so cute

  • 7MsStewart7
    7MsStewart7 9 days ago

    Carly is a Babe... Just wanted to remind y'all

  • Pachowcow 77
    Pachowcow 77 9 days ago

    Holy shit that poor lady had to deal with dan and Aron for like a hour

  • This channel Is a joke

    I'm no hand Knoa...
    The K is silent

  • insa
    insa 10 days ago

    where has arin's wedding ring been it's been gone for a while im concerned

  • Heccn PostyBoi
    Heccn PostyBoi 10 days ago +1

    9:42 arin has a beard. Ssshhhhh

  • Mark Smith Jr
    Mark Smith Jr 10 days ago

    She is the woman all of us aspire to become. Even the men.

  • Desk Lamp
    Desk Lamp 10 days ago

    I getting some camp counselor vibes from the lumberjack girl

  • MacDaddy
    MacDaddy 10 days ago +1

    watching Arin's childlike glee, hoohmahgawd

  • Gutz____
    Gutz____ 10 days ago

    This was pretty cringy tho

  • Emilia Boleyn
    Emilia Boleyn 10 days ago

    pleaassseeeee go back for a rematch

  • Auscilius
    Auscilius 10 days ago

    This was freaking awesome!😱

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet 10 days ago

    This is manly as hell