Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
  • A Quiet Place is a great movie! We loved it. But like all movies, it still has sins, so we did what we do and pointed them out in a video.
    Thursday: Adventure sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Comments • 12 311

  • Camden TheSloth
    Camden TheSloth 3 hours ago

    Haven’t finished the video, but that raccoon dies like 2 seconds later. Fuck you for not watching the movie. That’s another sin on cinema sins for making another mistake

  • Lazy Leona
    Lazy Leona 3 hours ago

    The biggest sin in this video is some of the sins was explained in Cinemawins

    Personal don't hate cinemasins (honestly love them at first) but now cinemawins is doing a way better job with their vids

  • The_shadow XD
    The_shadow XD 4 hours ago

    Well people who will survive this apocalypse are the youtubers with had soundproof walls

  • Manberg900
    Manberg900 7 hours ago

    Shitty video is shitty. *Ding*

  • Sans
    Sans 8 hours ago

    Ok, let's be honest here. 72 sins is really not that bad for 12 minutes of CinemaSins ranting.

  • NinjaWalrus
    NinjaWalrus 13 hours ago

    Actually thinking about the Matt Damon cameo made me laugh that would’ve been funny as shit

  • No Namee
    No Namee 13 hours ago

    One thing stood out to me was couldnt they have lived at the waterfall? I mean they can talk there and she could of gave birth there aswell.

  • Tony Ganner
    Tony Ganner 19 hours ago

    No mention on the kids driving the car at the end? :P

  • Noah Da. Ark
    Noah Da. Ark 19 hours ago

    11:14 Hey! You guys agree with me! That is one of the best endings in a modern movie ever

  • Krista Williams
    Krista Williams 21 hour ago

    You need to add another sin. Because how the Frick are the monsters not coming towards the sound the other monsters make? Like there isn't any difference it's still sound. Like a monster ripped a big ass hole in the corn thing and your gonna tell me the other monsters are just gonna ignore that??

  • I M Spooky
    I M Spooky 21 hour ago

    I watched this movie before and how does the girl snap without the monster hearing

  • Menames Highlite

    Andy: TUNA

  • Rihanna Ruedy
    Rihanna Ruedy Day ago

    that looks like a demogorgan lol

  • Murasaki Renea
    Murasaki Renea Day ago

    So basically its like that one gravity falls zombie episode only less gory

  • Flapps McGee
    Flapps McGee Day ago

    Little bummed you didn't use the Exorcist line, "You're gonna die up there," for the water breaking instead.

  • Jonathan Rex
    Jonathan Rex Day ago

    That was fonny

    MANNYx MURDERS Day ago

    I hope that little girl gets hit by a car .

  • cutienana92
    cutienana92 2 days ago

    Why was the pulling Matt Damon sinned? It’s not a sin that he pulled up her sister. But because he would have liked that hilarious twist it was counted as a sin? How’s that one justified. It’s like if someone said “if a flying dolphin showed up we’d remove all sins. Ding!” How does that make sense?

  • Lily Senpai
    Lily Senpai 2 days ago


  • Kamille Holmes
    Kamille Holmes 2 days ago

    I just realized something, the creature couldn't break inside of the Silo from the outside but it broke through the Silo from the inside. I also realized that they run really fast for something that's blind without concern of running off a cliff. All the noise the father and his son made yelling near end and the noise the first creature made while knocking over shelves didnt attract the other two sooner.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 days ago

    I like the ending too and I also agree about the military should have discoved the creatures weakness before the girl did. It's insulting to our military.

  • ludusa
    ludusa 2 days ago

    This movie's premise cannot NOT end up dumb. Just like that.

  • Nakatomi Uk
    Nakatomi Uk 2 days ago

    Film was good just wish it told you where they came from

  • Arianne Docherty
    Arianne Docherty 2 days ago

    Wouldn’t the newspaper from 1 min 17secs make noise when the wind blows it?

  • QueenMaxine
    QueenMaxine 2 days ago

    I forgot how funny this channel is lmao😭

  • Richard Sleeve
    Richard Sleeve 2 days ago

    So do these monsters aimlessly run around attacking everything that makes a sound? Say, a tree creaking in the wind? If the wind is howling, do they attack the air? Do they attack each other while the other is having a feast on human flesh? I'm guessing with hearing that good, they can discern ambient noise from action noise. But still, this isn't one to think about too hard.

  • Nea
    Nea 3 days ago

    The short labor time isn't impossible, I used to know a woman who gave birth to her daughter in 13 minutes.

  • Jenna Cao
    Jenna Cao 3 days ago

    couldnt lee have survived if he had just thrown the axe as far as he could away from everyone?

  • Mr Memes
    Mr Memes 3 days ago

    You like this movie, dont you?

  • Hanting Chen
    Hanting Chen 3 days ago

    Shittiest movie ive ever watched,no plotline and random cheap scares here and there.

  • jetfa9
    jetfa9 3 days ago

    Its dumb?

  • William Roesch
    William Roesch 3 days ago +1

    the biggest mistake is that they are sinking in the corn because you wouldn't sink!!!!!!!!!!!! You would only sink if the uagar was on taking out the corn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PureSage
    PureSage 3 days ago +2

    Did anyone really notice that is said 13 minutes or less but it’s more than 13 mins it’s actually 13:32

  • Dinosaur
    Dinosaur 4 days ago +3

    I got a question, the monsters are attracted by sound but they yell so shouldn't they attack each other?

  • Anonymousmanwhosnameis bob

    Here’s a sin for you cinemasins. These monsters don’t actually eat people, they just kill all noises. Hearing is a very dangerous sense, and when you have nothing else, you tend to hate all sound. Ever play music at full volume through earbuds, it doesn’t sound good. So image a creature with a sense of hearing so great that they can detect a toy rocket ship from a mile away, in that earbud situation. They would want to stop it as fast as possible. Sorry for getting so aggressive, but I love this movie.

  • Madison Hodges
    Madison Hodges 4 days ago

    2:44 if you were paying close attention you would see that later they show solar panels

  • Tallada Sushmitha
    Tallada Sushmitha 5 days ago

    If the couple would take some serious steps on safe sex and condoms then they would have save themselves the pain of creating a soundproof room for babies and all that s***.with all the pharmacy stores open they should have got a whole boxes of condoms or whatever.

  • Tallada Sushmitha
    Tallada Sushmitha 5 days ago

    as a doctor I was literally laughing out loud how the f*** can she deliver a baby ina bathtub with fireworks and no knife for cutting her umbilical cord unless she cuts it with her own mouth? and the typical heroine being hurt in the form of nail..in dire situations ?but a great performance from actors. agreed.

  • James Surfus
    James Surfus 5 days ago

    Hey Cinema sins! You should do one for a movie on Nstflix called The Silence, it has Stanley Tucci in it. Basically A Quiet Place meets Birdbox

  • Karlee Hooker
    Karlee Hooker 5 days ago


  • Payton Schima
    Payton Schima 5 days ago

    Please do one about The silence, it's a new movie out on Netflix and it's so close to this one, only difference is that rather than big aliens, they downgraded to small bats XD

  • Shan Fraz
    Shan Fraz 6 days ago

    Biggest problem is a stupid military and its leaders. There is an enemy whos engagement can be specifically controlled and the place of battle is your choosing. This is a military tactician's wet dream. The military never thought to put loud speakers in vast open fields and once a desired number of creatures are present you light it up with the most powerful non nuclear weapons in your aresenal. In real life this is not even a month long campaign.

  • Vrystaat
    Vrystaat 6 days ago

    Take a snorkel and a weight, and f@#k underwater!! Men will find a way to dip the meat flute,men will always find a way!

  • - Fetch -
    - Fetch - 6 days ago


  • Megan The Fox
    Megan The Fox 6 days ago

    5:53 that was because she left the front door open so it didn’t need to smash through anything, take a sin off

  • Piper Chapman
    Piper Chapman 6 days ago

    The fact that they walked ahead of their kids says a lot about these dumbass parents! Have kids in the back, not even looking to make sure everything's fine! But yeah, they get their youngest child killed! You know the child who couldn't even play battery operated toys yet they thought a year after witnessing what a simple toy could do was a perfect time to have a fucking baby! I wanted to punch this couple, especially knowing it was a planned pregnancy!

  • EVE-Voni's World
    EVE-Voni's World 6 days ago

    I assume that's racist 💀💀💀

  • cat sta
    cat sta 6 days ago

    I love the part 8:55 "screaming like a bunch of assholes*🤣🤣🤣

  • Lawson Porter
    Lawson Porter 6 days ago

    It is shown that they are running on solar panels

  • Mathias Grün
    Mathias Grün 6 days ago

    A total unlogical and dump movie

  • Error 303
    Error 303 7 days ago

    I would just put a stereo playing 24/7 as far away from me so they would leave me the fuck alone

  • Walter The Terrible
    Walter The Terrible 7 days ago +1

    "I assume that's racist" LMAO

  • Mousterian Race
    Mousterian Race 7 days ago

    1. We're did the fucking things come from? 2. If these things can be killed by a shotgun then there's no fucking way they could win against humans 3. People would have found the frequency to stun these things before jaibait mcspecial girl 4. That toddler stupid enough to make that noise deserves it, that's natural selection, fuck him. 5. Seriously a single shotgun is all they have?

  • whispering crown
    whispering crown 7 days ago

    I never watched this but I was on a call with my ex while she was watching. When she explained the weak spot on these things I just paused my game, put my controller and said basically what you did word for word "sooooo.. none of the military personnel on the entire planet could figure out how to kill it? When they have giant cannons that should be loud enough to open the weak spot? Mmmmmkay"

  • Lord of the Minks
    Lord of the Minks 7 days ago

    Your just a negative Nancy

  • 500lbBeast
    500lbBeast 7 days ago

    The title said 13 mins or less...... its 13:32 seconds. fucking click bait. Really couldnt cut it down 32 seconds. Title should say 14 minutes or less. right?

  • King BamBam
    King BamBam 7 days ago

    Well the mattress makes sense.

  • Dee Brown
    Dee Brown 7 days ago +1

    That was one thing about this movie that annoyed me. The parents were so stupid. Lmao

  • Cloud Tank Creative
    Cloud Tank Creative 7 days ago

    The actual screenplay is an absolute embarrassment that needed a major rewrite by professionals and that never happened. The cinematography was good.

  • Tentons O'fun
    Tentons O'fun 7 days ago

    I feel like they are all dead. Too many creatures; even if they have a weak point now they will just overwhelm them. Also sin for the fact that if you dont use your vocal cords very much if at all your voice is going to sound messed up as hell when you do break it out for the first time in a few weeks.

  • Metaleuge
    Metaleuge 8 days ago +6

    I was watching the office scene where they didn't talk for 14 minutes... and now I got '' Everything wrong with A quiet place''. Well played youtube.

  • Metaleuge
    Metaleuge 8 days ago

    Why they do not live next to the waterfall ?

  • GsQ Stubborn
    GsQ Stubborn 8 days ago

    the alien knew Lee was there and to swipe at him because he wasn't walking on the cornmeal path

  • Thadeus Dangerfield
    Thadeus Dangerfield 8 days ago

    The Silence from Netflix

  • Adrian
    Adrian 9 days ago +1

    Everything wrong with CinemaSins
    Says words like d*ck,d*ckhead, bulls*it, etc. But doesnt wanna say fart

  • Isaac Butts
    Isaac Butts 9 days ago +1

    m.tvclip.biz/video/6qvAAxeevbo/video.html I know this is old and picked apart but cinema sins please check this out it explains a lot of the loop holes that you are pointing out and I think that you should know how they explain things (most of the stuff that I’m talking about where he explains the plot holes and there fillers is at the end)

    • Isaac Butts
      Isaac Butts 9 days ago

      I know your thing is being cinical but please look at this.

  • Lord Demonoss
    Lord Demonoss 9 days ago +1

    Just saw it. boring. Stupid family should have died off but didn't. But the one thing that I hate in movies more than a useless dumb blonde. Is no one closes the fucking door! How Hard is it? How fucking hard can this be?! Waste of time and money.

  • Bloof the Poof
    Bloof the Poof 10 days ago

    I don’t care what people say, A Quiet Place is one of my all time favorite movies

  • ApexProdigy TW
    ApexProdigy TW 10 days ago

    The writers literally add scenes and do things to bring in other scenes and to make things worse

  • ApexProdigy TW
    ApexProdigy TW 10 days ago

    They are suppose to make the hearing aid obvious

  • The Greek Pianist
    The Greek Pianist 10 days ago +4

    2:53 “Also, just think about how many people have died going outside to pick up a paper that was going to let them know how to survive.” 😂🤣😅

  • Lunala The Annoying Flying Bat

    Everything wrong with CinemaSins

  • mewde
    mewde 10 days ago

    Who's the 'butt muncher' narrating this piece of egotistical bullshit? The only way to survive sitting next to him on a 4 hour flight would have to involve a jawbreaker. I watched this movie with subtitles in a language I cannot read. Yet visually I understood every second of this movie! That is sheer 'Brilliance'. This movie deserves 'Oscars'.

  • LitghterDawn :3
    LitghterDawn :3 11 days ago

    9:55 they spread their Weigh on the corn better explanation in the everything great with ep on this movie

  • LitghterDawn :3
    LitghterDawn :3 11 days ago

    They live near a sand deposit seen later on in the movie

  • Jolynn Grace
    Jolynn Grace 11 days ago

    I'd die because someone did something funny and I couldn't stop laughing

  • juudraws
    juudraws 11 days ago

    No one took the candy or nuts because they’re to loud to open, that’s also why the chip bags were still there

  • Sugar Daddy
    Sugar Daddy 11 days ago

    No one in any military/government or the worldwide scientific community thought of using sound as a weapon, knowing they're highly sensitive to it?
    Also very poor choice of lodging: find something underground, or conversely higher up like a skyscraper, live in a bank vault, bunker, a place with a soundproof studio, anything other than a decaying wooden house with squeaky floors...

    • Quidz
      Quidz 11 days ago +1

      Sugar Daddy I mean they don't really say how it all happened, so as far as we know these aliens killed 99% of the worlds population in 30 minutes

  • homhable
    homhable 11 days ago

    72 sins only? Isn't this a low-record for "movie sins"?

  • SugaDontPlay
    SugaDontPlay 11 days ago

    Why does the little girl's hair look like Annie's at 1:54? 😆

  • Can we Get 100 subs without any videos

    Don’t worry I did the math

    It’s been 385 days Seine beau died

  • sleepy hollow
    sleepy hollow 11 days ago

    what about the baby

  • Bob Bobete
    Bob Bobete 11 days ago

    Since they’ve all been walking barefoot for a year shouldn’t she have a crush the nail?

  • Lucas Neo
    Lucas Neo 11 days ago +2

    Emmm Cinema sins another error
    Two are coming at the end but notice they are close unless they are trained with the shot gun .
    The moment you kill one the other will kill both of them immediately.

  • Danger Oreo
    Danger Oreo 12 days ago

    Yeah so there was this one dude in the army that radio for back up while they were being over run by these bastards then the radio sounds off the same frequency then they learned the plot twist and everyone lived happily ever after
    The end

  • MetaL BraiN \m/Extreme Metal Enthusiast \m/

    Holy shit this channel is terrible. If you’re going to nitpick. At least be logical. Making fun of movie for being illogical with illogical criticisms. I have no idea how people watch this garbage.

  • Bolt Vanderhuge
    Bolt Vanderhuge 12 days ago

    These things would stand absolutely no chance against an Apache attack helicopter. An Apache helicopter has machine guns AND missiles. It is an unbelievably impressive complement of weaponry, an absolute death machine.

  • Angel García
    Angel García 12 days ago +1

    This movie is great. Deal with it.

  • W Reams
    W Reams 12 days ago

    2:50. Solar panels

  • Tracy Sault
    Tracy Sault 12 days ago

    I wanna know how four people planted and harvested all that corn by hand in one growing season. Also CONDOMS!!

  • Joshua Philip
    Joshua Philip 12 days ago

    Someone should make a channel called everything wrong with cinema sins.. no hate but you do make alot of mistakes with these 'sins'

  • H Oz
    H Oz 13 days ago

    Wander why she didnt set tent near the waterfalls when she was about to give birth so she could scream loud when giving birth and the baby wouldnt be in danger for just crying

  • Pierre Youkhana
    Pierre Youkhana 13 days ago

    Pls do a sin count on the thing

  • Unknown Youtuber
    Unknown Youtuber 13 days ago


  • Unknown Youtuber
    Unknown Youtuber 13 days ago


    • Quidz
      Quidz 11 days ago +1

      Unknown TVclipr nope

  • rational _
    rational _ 13 days ago

    i honestly loved this movie, jokes aside, the last time a movie captured me like this was ages ago (aka war of the worlds)

  • Anthony Tinaj
    Anthony Tinaj 13 days ago

    you should have added a american sign language guy in this video like honest trailers did

  • 4 Man Army
    4 Man Army 13 days ago +3

    “Sometimes when you’re playing dark souls you realize it’s impossible and give up.” 😂

  • Mikas
    Mikas 13 days ago

    I definitely agree with a few sins but so many were just to have more sin counts and just caused by not paying attention to the movie..

    ASMR MRSA 14 days ago

    *spoiler* My favorite part was that their weakness turned out to be a shotgun.