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  • Published on Jun 12, 2015
  • Not all dirt and grime is created equal. Sometimes, detailers need strong citrus soaps to take down road grime and dirt, sometimes they only need light cleaners, or a fast wash & wax, or superior gloss enhancers, or super snow foam washes for a foam cannon. Chemical Guys manufacturers car wash soaps for every detailing application. Check out this Buyer's Guide to help choose the perfect soap, or soaps, for your detailing applications!
    Maxi Suds II
    Maxi Suds II Extreme Grape Rush
    Mr. Pink
    Citrus Wash & Gloss
    Hybrid V7
    Body Wash & Wax
    Wonder Wash
    Wash + Wax
    Honeydew Snow Foam
    Meticulous Matte
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  • IvanDeeTerrible
    IvanDeeTerrible 10 days ago +1

    Which one gives my subi more horsepower?

  • Rick Petersøn
    Rick Petersøn 12 days ago

    This is only guy that does videos for this company that I absolutely cannot stand to listen to.

  • Lax 818
    Lax 818 24 days ago

    This is low key overwhelming lol y’all got any normal type of soap for any car 😂

  • jorge sedeno
    jorge sedeno Month ago +1

    Is the wash and gloss good on cars that are waxed or will it remove the wax

    • jorge sedeno
      jorge sedeno Month ago +1

      Chemical Guys oh ok good I only use about and ounce in a bucket

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Month ago +1

      Hi Jorge! Citrus Wash & Gloss is safe to use on waxed vehicles as long as you don't exceed 3 ounces of car wash soap.

  • R N
    R N 2 months ago

    I never realized there was a need for some many type of car wash...

    ARCHIE MEGEL 2 months ago +1

    3:28 my wife she wants to clean the carpets in my car , she ask me do you have anything I could clean the carpets? I told her not really the only thing I have is a car wash citrus wash and gloss
    So she adds a little into a bucket with some water and starts cleaning the rugs
    She comes into the house and where the hell did you buy this ? I'm like what ? The car wash , I said at autozone
    Why? Shes like this stuff is fuxking great go look what the rugs look like , I'm like you used car wash for paint for rugs? Lol she goes yes come and see
    Guys it's a 1995 cadillac fleetwood the carpits are not in good condition
    I go and look the carpits looked like new ! The deep stains came right out
    Great stuff

  • Jeremy O'Neal
    Jeremy O'Neal 2 months ago +1

    Great selling video, I want to buy them all 😂😂😂

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 months ago

      You can! Just head over to!

  • GalacticBlader
    GalacticBlader 2 months ago

    i fapped to this video. I REGRET NOTHINNNNNNN

  • BX0207
    BX0207 2 months ago

    I you skip the video a few seconds ahead at a time.. hes really repeating himself.. Cleanse, clean, condition.. geeezzzzzz!!!!! Gloss Gloss Real gloss.. These guys must be trained for months on end to work for this company...Dam!

  • diwiak
    diwiak 3 months ago

    So which is best to protect sealed and waxed car?

  • nds101122
    nds101122 4 months ago +1

    Need to an updated version of this video!!

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  4 months ago

      Great suggestion!
      Be on the lookout for new vids every Mon-Weds-Fri!!

  • Tj haze
    Tj haze 4 months ago

    Why'd they give this guy so many X's and S's. They must hate him

  • RanGer498
    RanGer498 5 months ago

    Which one foams up more Mr. Pink or citrus?

  • Crakt0z
    Crakt0z 5 months ago +1

    Help! ... Knowing that i just polished, sealed, and waxed my car what soap would be my best choice ?

    • Crakt0z
      Crakt0z 5 months ago

      Chemical Guys thanks!

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  5 months ago

      Hey there! I recommend using Honeydew Snow Foam as a maintenance wash to enhance gloss while laying down a thick layer of foam that prevents swirls and scratches.

  • Hector Silva
    Hector Silva 5 months ago +1

    So if I want to strip the wax from my car to reapply it should I use the citrus one?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  5 months ago

      Hey Hector! To thoroughly cleanse the surface, use Clean Slate which is designed to remove layers of glaze, sealant, and wax. - Happy detailing!

  • Donnie
    Donnie 6 months ago +1

    Extreme Body Wash and Wax was the first soap I tried. Now I’ve graduated to the Citrus Wash and Gloss!!

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia 6 months ago

    Can you guys make a 2019 version of the car washes

  • adventbarret85
    adventbarret85 7 months ago

    I just started detailing on the side for supplement income. And i'm getting a lot of really dirty neglected vehicles. What would remove the most dirty using a foam gun and hand washing. Would you guys use the Extreme body wash and wax or the snow foam for formula to lift as much dirt as possible with the foam gun?

  • SavvySami
    SavvySami 7 months ago +5

    Thanks for the help, now I know what to steal at Walmart yay

  • binqianccc chennn
    binqianccc chennn 8 months ago

    if you have xpel wrap all over the car which one should i use?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  8 months ago

      Hi! We recommend Mr. Pink Super Suds, it is pH-balanced and gentle on all exterior automobile parts like paint, clear coat, polished metals, glass, and even vinyl, rubber, and plastic trim. Mr. Pink rinses clean after every car wash, leaving behind no residue for a truly clean surface every time. Thanks for watching and thanks for being part of the Chemical Guys family!

  • Ansul Folf
    Ansul Folf 9 months ago

    I personally like Honeydew Snow Foam as it smells very nice.

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  9 months ago

      Hi Ansul! Thanks for sharing, we are glad to have you apart of the Chemical Guys family!

  • Promise Onuorah
    Promise Onuorah Year ago

    Does the citrus wash and gloss strip off wax?

    • Promise Onuorah
      Promise Onuorah Year ago

      @Chemical Guys OK thx this is really helpful

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Hi! When used 1 - 3 oz, Citrus Wash and Gloss will not strip waxes and sealants, however, when used in concentrations of 4 oz or more, it does have the power to strip waxes and sealants. Dilute as desired.

  • To ta
    To ta Year ago

    Open one store in India, double earning 100% guaranty

  • Sha Money
    Sha Money Year ago

    Hope these products doesn’t have bugs and fly saying hello lol

  • Shaukat Shaikh
    Shaukat Shaikh Year ago +1

    Which shampoo will be best suitable for my new Grey coloured car to look shiny

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Hi Shaukat, good question. We recommend using a Extreme Body Wash and Wax to give your grey car a showroom shine. Thanks for watching, Shaukat, and thanks for being a part of the Chemical Guys family!

  • Fahad Ahmed
    Fahad Ahmed Year ago

    Buy a car for me first to try your products then i will buy them all

  • Oh hi Mark
    Oh hi Mark Year ago

    So why would you use mr pink over honeydew?

  • Syan Phua
    Syan Phua Year ago +1

    Hi, how can I get your products as I am from Malaysia

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      HI Syan, thanks for watching. Please check your local listings for a Chemical Guys retailer in your area. Really glad to have you part of the Chemical Guys family, Syan!

  • Mitchell Komorowski
    Mitchell Komorowski Year ago +1

    Mr. Pink, glossworkz, or honeydew?? Use my truck for more shows then anything.. recommendations??

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago +1

      Hi Mitchell, how's it going? For a show car, try Glossworkz. GlossWorkz Auto Bath brings the natural beauty of your paintwork back to show winning quality with optical gloss enhancers! Thanks for watching, Mitchell, and good luck on your next show!

  • Chris C.
    Chris C. Year ago +1

    You should do a kit with one of each in it and a premium mit.

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Hey Chris! That would be A LOT of soap! We do offer kits that contain three great soaps and a foam cannon/blaster that I will link below for you check out. Thanks for watching, Chris, and thanks for being a part of the Chemical Guys family!

  • Christopher Sullivan

    Whats the difference between hybrid v07, gloss works, and citrus wash and gloss

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Hi Chris, if you have still have questions after watching this video, check out the chart below to see all the differences between the soaps. Thanks for watching and make sure to check out the new video we just released moments ago!

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera Year ago +2

    Best so far: gloss workz for maintaining wax/sealants. Citrus for deep cleaning or extra dirt car

  • void
    void Year ago +1

    Do we really need so much different shampoos? :D

  • Eric W
    Eric W Year ago +1

    This guy is awesome

  • Camera Dave Photography

    after viewing this 4 times I've decided to go with Citrus wash & gloss for my water cannon and Mr. Pink for my 2 bucket system.

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Great choices, Dave! You're going to love them! 👊

  • Humberto Zavala
    Humberto Zavala Year ago +1

    Concentration to remove a 3 week old couple jet seal coats? Thanks in advance

    • Jared Shoquist
      Jared Shoquist Year ago

      @Chemical Guys I ordered citrus wash and gloss, should I be worried about that striping the wax?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Hi Humberto, good question. 5oz of Citrus Wash and Gloss or 1 oz of Clean Slate will strip all waxes and sealants from the vehicle. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more videos headed your way soon!

  • Oscar Lopez
    Oscar Lopez Year ago +1

    Which shampoo/soap is recommended for my car that has the hood wrapped with a matte satin black vinyl but the rest of the car is still glossy paint from the factory? Sounds like all these soaps are for only one or the other.

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Hi Oscar, good question. To avoid having to use different soaps for different parts of your car, use Meticulous Matte Auto Wash for your entire car. Meticulous Matte Auto Wash is sensitive on the matte parts of your car, but still has the power to clean the glossy parts of your car as well. Thanks for watching, Oscar, and stay tuned for more videos headed your way soon!

  • Mathew Stephenson
    Mathew Stephenson Year ago +1

    Can any of the soaps be used in a portable pesticide sprayer? Which would give the best results for a portable touchless washing?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Hi Mathew, how's it going? If you don't have access to a pressure washer and want more than the two bucket method, try one of our foam blasters. They can be attached to any standard garden hose and do a great job at foaming your car and making it ultra slick and slippery for the perfect scratch-free wash! I will leave a link below to a kit that includes our Honeydew Snow Foam, which is one of our foamiest formulas. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more exciting how-to videos coming your way soon!

  • Vic
    Vic Year ago

    I wash my car every week in the sun unfortunately what soap do you recommend
    Thank you

  • Rick D. Melendez
    Rick D. Melendez Year ago

    Do the Chemical Guys have a wash that is ecofriendly and will keep the city inspectors off your tail?

  • Sam Ortiz
    Sam Ortiz Year ago

    Can you use these without a pressure washer?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Hi Sam. If you don't have a pressure washer, don't worry because you can use a garden hose and a foam blaster, or you can pour a few ounces of the soap into a bucket and use a second bucket for dirty water to cleanse your car. Stay tuned Sam, we've got more great videos coming your way.

      C.G. Alex -

  • Bigdog Bulldog
    Bigdog Bulldog Year ago +1

    Woww,so many choices

  • shelbyflf
    shelbyflf Year ago

    Do you have a detergent type non ph balanced for starting fresh before decontamination process?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago +1

      Yes we do, it's called Citrus Wash and Gloss and if you use more than five ounces, the soap will strip old coatings or waxes, sealants, and glazes.

    • shelbyflf
      shelbyflf Year ago

      Did you used to carry just a CITRUS wash only that was not PH neutral?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago +1

      I can't speak for other brands, but Clean Slate does a great job at removing old coatings and is excellent surface prep that will not harm the paint. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.

    • shelbyflf
      shelbyflf Year ago

      Better than lets say a Duplicolor wax n grease remover?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Hey yes we do. We have a product called Clean Slate which is designed to neutralize wax and sealant coats. Clean Slate gets you ready for polishing, and applying coatings like waxes, sealants, glazes and ceramic coatings. I'm going to leave you a link to the product so you can check it out. Stay tuned for more great videos by the Chemical Guys team!
      C.G. Alex -

  • Krazys Rayz
    Krazys Rayz Year ago

    Is there a expiration date on the bottles.

    • Krazys Rayz
      Krazys Rayz Year ago

      Thank you.

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  Year ago

      Hey there, there's no expiration date like you would find on food, our products are typically good for up to two years if stored in room temperature and shaken up regularly. Stay tuned for more great videos, we've got one launching today and three more for the following week.

      C.G. Alex -

  • Saad Shaikh
    Saad Shaikh Year ago

    Please update this video with the new products too please

  • Nick Robison
    Nick Robison 2 years ago +1

    You guys need to make a new one of these for 2017/18.

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago +1

      Hey Nick, that's a really great suggestion, Nick and Javier always need new ideas for videos, and we love to hear what people want to see. Chemical Guys carries an extensive line of products, and it would be useful to get a sense of some of the best items to pick up to make your car, truck, motorcycle, R.V. or boat look refreshed. Thanks again for the great idea, and we'll see ya for the next video launch.

      C.G. Alex -

  • xzavier72707
    xzavier72707 2 years ago

    What soap can I use to wash big rigs to remove bugs/dirt but still be safe on paint & wheel cleaner?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago

      Hi Xzavier,

      We assume those big rigs get filthy and the stuck-on bugs are a pain in the butt to remove. In this case, we suggest you go with Bug & Tar Heavy Duty Car Wash Shampoo. This is a very concentrated so dilution is highly advised with a 16:1 water to product ratio. Use this video as a reference on how to properly use it.

  • chris ramirez
    chris ramirez 2 years ago

    So which would be used best for semi-neglected paint and obtain extreme shine?

  • Peaches Monroe
    Peaches Monroe 2 years ago +5

    Can you guys do an update on this with the new products? I noticed my soap isn't even on here . Thanks.

    • Thad Bowers
      Thad Bowers Year ago +1

      Any progress on the video with all the newer soaps?

    • Alfredo Avalos
      Alfredo Avalos Year ago +4

      Chemical Guys hey do the update

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago +2

      Hi Peaches,

      This is definitely something we've thought about and we most likely will do. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Dwain Burchell
    Dwain Burchell 2 years ago

    Does the citrus wash and gloss remove wax?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago

      Hi there, it actually does if you use in excess of 5oz of soap. The formula for Citrus Wash and Gloss is a tad bit stronger than the other soaps we carry in our lineup of car soaps.

  • Daltron
    Daltron 2 years ago +1

    Which of these soaps are safe to use on ceramic coatings?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago +1

      The perfect safe for you is actually not on this list. We've come out with a soap that is ideal for protective coatings. Our Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash is able to maintain and strengthen vehicle coatings while enhance gloss, shine, and water beading and sheeting.

  • alex korn
    alex korn 2 years ago

    Time to do another update on all the shampoos

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago +1

      Hey Alex, thanks for watching. You're very right, it's about time for a new exploration into our stellar line up of soaps, we'll definitely try to put something together. In the mean time, stay tuned for more great videos coming your way.

  • NFLife25
    NFLife25 2 years ago

    Can the different shampoo's be combined together?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago

      It's an experiment that we haven't done yet. Be our guest and try it out.

  • teknofil007
    teknofil007 2 years ago

    Hei Its mutch god Shampo here. I bouth Mr Pink 0,5 Liter or 475Ml and I use It In my snow foam lance. I use 1dl Mr Pink and I get one of my best resault ever! I have video on my chanal from that Wash. I was suprised that It make so mutch foam)) It was a mountain of foam. The nexst Product I bouth from you is Honeydew 3,7 Liter! I use It only one time With 1dl. It was god but I have to try It some more before I can give right critic. I collect soape and have mutch of it. My favoritt is Mr Pink- Nerta- AutoBrite Magifoam-. Its 3 fantastic foam soape. I have 3 foam Lance to MJJC-AutoBrite and Sams.

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago

      Thanks buddy, that's great to hear, send us a video on the Chemical Guys Facebook page. I like the Honey Dew, is also a great choice, I love the candy scent of it. You should check out the stripper Scent Soap next, the smell is amazing! Stay tuned for more great videos.

  • Boosted CRX
    Boosted CRX 2 years ago

    I love my honeydew snow foam. I'm thinking to pick up some mr pink. I have the citrus and the high gloss. Will the mr pink be more foamy then the ones I have ? Using torq cannon 👍😁

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago

      Hi Josh,

      Personally, I found that the Honeydew Snow Foam gave me the highest amount of suds and foam. Mr. Pink is also one of our very best soaps to use as well, being our best seller, people love the results Mr. Pink leaves. I've found that Mr. Pink produces more foam than Citrus Wash & Gloss.

  • Pete Flynn
    Pete Flynn 2 years ago +3

    You do not need to add smell to the products!

  • G C
    G C 2 years ago +1

    Anyone of those shampoos good for ceramic coatings?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago +1

      What's up Poon,

      All of our soaps are safe to use on ceramic coatings but our Carbon Flex Vitalize Wash was specifically designed to maintain, strengthen, and enhance gloss, shine, and water beading and sheeting of vehicle coatings.

  • Jeff Magee sr
    Jeff Magee sr 2 years ago

    You have a 2017 update video

  • Joshua Barreto
    Joshua Barreto 2 years ago

    Im so confused they are very similar and some are better than others at the same job?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago +3

      Hi Joshua, thanks for checking this video out. Many of the soaps have similar applications, Citrus Wash and Gloss contains citrus, Mr Pink is a good all around soap, V7 is a car wash soap with the properties of a quick detail spray, the honey dew soap smells like a honey dew melon, and foams up very nicely. The Blacklight soap uses gloss enhancers to produce a rich, and deep finish to the paint. I hope that at least this gives you an idea of what distinguishes one from another.

  • kg the great one
    kg the great one 2 years ago +1

    so everytime I wash my car is going to wash the wax off of it?

    • Chemical Guys
      Chemical Guys  2 years ago +2

      Hi Kevin, if you use specific shampoos like Mr Pink, Maxi Suds, and GlossWorkz Auto Bath, they will not remove any waxes or sealants.