2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Reveal - Finally, A Mid-Engine Corvette!

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has been revealed, and Carlos Lago shares all the details in this video. That means, finally, you can stop frantically typing "2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 mid-engine" in your search engine.
    What does the first mid-engine Corvette mean for performance? More of it. Relocating the drivetrain to the middle of the car means better braking, acceleration and handling. The 6.2-liter V8 makes 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque, and it's connected to an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic.
    The radical structural change means an entirely new suspension design - coil-over dampers replace transverse leaf-springs - and Chevy says the mid-engine Corvette can generate nearly 1g laterally on all-season tires.
    A few key Corvette elements remain. The roof is removable. The performance-enhancing optional Z51 package includes larger brake rotors, upgraded cooling, its own final drive ratio, front brake cooling and a performance exhaust. The clever electronically controlled limited-slip differential manages torque between the rear wheels. An upgraded version of Magnetic Ride Control is optional, as is Chevy's stellar Performance Traction Management system.
    The biggest worry for Corvette traditionalists is cargo volume. There are now two trunks - one front and one rear - that offer a combined 12.6 cubic feet of space. Chevy says the front compartment can fit a carry-on-size bag and a laptop bag. Yet, total storage falls short of the last-generation Corvette, whose 15 cubic feet under its hatchback made it the world's most practical sports car.
    2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Price and Release Date:
    Pricing has not yet been announced, and production begins in late 2019.
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  • pontiacGXPfan
    pontiacGXPfan Day ago

    Finally.....yet another disappointing GM car

  • joe nock
    joe nock 8 days ago

    I have read every word about the mid engine corvette in car and driver, phenomenal machine, perhaps they should have thought a bit more out of the box, electric? Even Lamborghini is testing electric! Electric is the future now, of course GM is always behind in technology, the CEO of gm initially stated, if any engineer even discusses a mid engine corvette, they would be fired, similar to our congress and senate ! Heads up their you know what!

  • popeyepanther
    popeyepanther 8 days ago

    Thanks a bunch. Sub’d.

  • N 3
    N 3 9 days ago

    2 door mid engine GM sports car... FIERO

  • Banana Boy
    Banana Boy 11 days ago

    I don't know a lot about cars, but I can say this....this was a very great video and the 2020 Corvette is a very nice car.

  • derek lambert
    derek lambert 13 days ago

    60 mile in 3 sc or 60 miles in 3 minute ?

  • GregoCatal
    GregoCatal 22 days ago

    2:27. "...dry [SUMP] oil..."

  • stang55 dude
    stang55 dude 26 days ago

    I'll keep my 647hp Supercharged 18gt....total cost $45.....and will smoke that shit.

  • Karol Petr
    Karol Petr Month ago +1

    Chevrolet Camaro + ferrari laferrari= this think.

  • lcfanyc
    lcfanyc Month ago

    If GM keeps on doing that, cars will be back and exciting again...

  • Gilberto Dejesus
    Gilberto Dejesus Month ago

    I never been into Corvettes but i like how this one looks and would love to own one!!!!

  • Wes Baldridge
    Wes Baldridge Month ago +1

    The upkeep on this car alone will still cost an arm and a leg. To the oil change. Going through brakes faster. Tires. Gas. Oh, and stupid, reckless drivers.. priceless.

  • Olusola Soretire
    Olusola Soretire Month ago

    ...was betting on this car hitting the $150-200K range ...thanks GM, now I can start 'putting my thoughts together' ...60K!, that's do-able!!!

  • pontiacGXPfan
    pontiacGXPfan Month ago

    Not worthy of the Corvette name....just a shit Ferrari imitator for unskilled posers with money

  • LáSt ŪçhïHã
    LáSt ŪçhïHã Month ago +1

    Well Supra it's been nice.. I gotta fap seeing C8 right now..

  • Just My Opinion
    Just My Opinion Month ago

    The next step in American muscle. As an america muscle fan, Im so thankful to be alive today. Thb the demon was the next step. Cant eait to see the new viper.

  • carbonid solo
    carbonid solo Month ago

    It took me 3 sec. to see that this car should not be named CORVETTE cause all the design characteristics that made the car outstanding of all other sports cars aren't threre. This is now a bolide. US-Lambo kind of thing. But ok, "times they are a changing" and the Corvette supposed to turn into a mid engins sports car at some point in time. $60K is a grand assault to all the existing bolids. Chapeau!
    By the way: the first one was the Pontiac Fiero that also attacked the market with a staring price of around 10k way back in 1984. And here it comes. Rumours spreaded that GM decided to cancel the successful Fiero in 1988 because of a concern intern competition to the Corvette. What a fantastic salute to the GM history it would have been to salute that always underestimated first US mid engine "sports" car. Of course this would have been a mistake from the markting point of view.

  • Not Sith Nor Jedi
    Not Sith Nor Jedi Month ago +1

    Manual transmission is a must!

  • chedda 3000
    chedda 3000 Month ago

    Man that thing is beautiful. I never knew I wanted a corvette til now.

  • Bryan Lassonde
    Bryan Lassonde Month ago

    Same engiene as the upgraded camero

  • Spike Dabous
    Spike Dabous Month ago

    With minimal space for the heat of the 495 hp engine and exhaust to escape due to being trapped in the middle behind the driver and passenger seats and the engine compartment being exposed to direct sun heat through the glass hood, it will be like sitting in a oven.
    The driver and passenger will be melting like an ice-cream under the son.
    The designers never thought of global warming and that the temperature in some countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia reaches up to 70 degrees Celsius (up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit) under the son.
    The tires/asphalt literally melt and the batteries explode.
    The heat waves have hit European countries and parts of USA in 2019 recording sky rocking temperatures.
    The missing technology is that of how to cool the exteriors of the engine and exhaust.
    I don't think that the engine breathing technology is as innovative as the rest of the other technologies.
    GM has failed to build a global super car that can be driven 365 days a year anywhere in the world.
    This is the same failure of all super car manufacturers… They are all designed for cool temperature driving.
    This is of course the excuse of a man who can't afford to buy a single tire on the car, afford a single service (will be around $1000 plus), a single brake service (will be around $2000 plus), a timing belt/chain replacement (will be around $5000 plus) or the insurance policy.
    It will be like buying a cheap printer for $50 but a single ink cartridge is for $50.
    The genius GM plan is to sell the CORVETTE for $90-100K (dealer price) but you will end up spending $100K during the warranty period of the car which I think will be 5 years (2 years GM warranty and 3 years third-party agonizing limited warranty).,,,
    GM has to make profit from parts and service to make up for the “below cost price” of the 2020 Corvette.
    The Made-in-China parts, software and electronics effect is highly evident to justify the “low-cost-no-profit” of the car.
    At end of the day, what GM have built is a “single-crash-total-loss-imminent death super car:..
    The insurance companies will be aware of this fact in no time. So, the buyers have expect sky rocking insurance premiums or even rejection to insure.
    The 2020 buyers will be bombarded with high tech gadgets, control & stability, custom transmission lubrication & clutch roasting, engine overheating and brakes fading,suspension problems, etc.
    The car will spend more time at the service centres than with the owner…
    GM is famous for building high tech Corvettes with no diagnostics tools that can detect what is wrong with it.
    The high technology of the car will leave it paralyzed for months at the dealership to figure out what is wrong with it.
    A smart buyer will wait till 2021 or 2022 to buy the car which is the time needed to deal with the arising ownership technical problems of the car by GM.
    The questions that the buyer has to ask him/herself are:
    1- On which streets I am going to accelerate from zero to 60 KM/hr in less than 3 seconds?;
    2- On which streets I am going to drive my car above 100 KM/hr?
    3- How much I am going to spend on the fuel of a V8 engine with 495 hp during the first 5 years of the car usage?
    4- Am I going to be targeted by the police everywhere I drive the car?
    5- The distance needed to slow the car from 60 Km/hr and 100 Km/hr to Zero. GM did not brag about this piece of information.
    Owning a 2020 Corvette is like owning a racing horse with no track to race on.
    Watch the following video about GM’s super cars problematic engineering:
    The 2019 Camaro's FATAL Flaw!

  • Daniel Madden
    Daniel Madden Month ago

    Looks great

  • Daniel Madden
    Daniel Madden Month ago

    Corvette is in it to win it

  • The Observer Melanin

    Never buy a First year Model Restyled Vehicle. They haven't taken the Kinks Out.

  • Emma Coots
    Emma Coots Month ago

    Beautiful Corvette Stingray

  • swav100
    swav100 Month ago

    Enjoy rich people enjoy

  • Lenny Kravitz
    Lenny Kravitz Month ago

    lol half the price of an NSX

  • Thefirstgalaxybeing

    So glad Toyo fucked up the Supra. This my new car.

  • whatever04811
    whatever04811 Month ago

    I don’t like it but this is huge value for money

  • darkside siders
    darkside siders Month ago

    Car of the year ? For sure!

  • Martina Vaslovik
    Martina Vaslovik Month ago +1

    I don't like this fancied up thing! No stick shift, and this typewriter transmission. No thanks! It should have had a six speed manual and a V12!

  • Don Sears
    Don Sears Month ago

    it would be a HIT but they are talking about making it electric ...which poetic Justice REAPS ...what Could Save GM ....Can also Bury GM deeper then Davy Jones Locker ...Electric op will BURY GM in the depth s

  • sharpemang
    sharpemang Month ago

    Chevy just shit on Toyota and BMW from such a height, they thought god was shitting on them. Acura, Audi and Ford with the GT all must be pissed when they see the price of this thing lol

  • Waleed
    Waleed Month ago

    a supercar from GTA

  • SC EM
    SC EM Month ago

    “The Heartbeat of Communist China”. Go take both knees with the rest of these traitors and SUCK IT Chevy.
    It’s called ‘accountability’. You bit the hand that fed/built you, not too mention that you extorted $$$ from the taxpayers to ‘bail you out’. Chevy = Anti-American

  • studio7
    studio7 Month ago +2

    Corvette embarasses lambo ferrari porsche mclaren..and rightly so.

  • Subi_lyfe *
    Subi_lyfe * Month ago

    That’s it !! Going to use my 2016 Wrx as a down payment🤔😁

  • Luis Gomez
    Luis Gomez Month ago

    I'll just keep buying the Toyota Prius. Maybe I'll get the Prius prime this time.

  • Robert Huerta
    Robert Huerta Month ago

    @carloslagos excellent reporting as usual. I'm a jdm guy but this thing has truly got me excited. Well done Chevy

  • Eratikk Menace
    Eratikk Menace Month ago

    The maintenance gonna be hell on this monster once the warranty is done. Beautiful fucking car though

  • venomTang
    venomTang Month ago

    I WANT to like it but I hate it

  • Sam Pagan
    Sam Pagan Month ago

    I was about to buy a supra but i will wait for this c8

  • blaise dipronio
    blaise dipronio Month ago

    Great except for that trans am rear end.

  • ECLECTIC 361
    ECLECTIC 361 Month ago

    Under $56,000
    Are U Kidding me!!!!!
    Was gonna go 10 year used Gallardo.
    Or Brand New Corvette with warranty???
    No Brainer yall.
    Pre Order Today !!!!

  • MK Uis
    MK Uis Month ago

    I am thinking of selling my GT3 and get 3 of these :)

  • MK Uis
    MK Uis Month ago

    what's the NRing time?

  • Eric Bukley
    Eric Bukley Month ago

    The name Corvette and Stingray put together to me said unique style back in the day.
    NOW it means Ferrari nock off at a cheaper price..... I am so disappointed.

  • Barry White
    Barry White Month ago +1

    This is what may kill the Camaro. I hope not...but which would you rather have ?

  • Paul Nelzon
    Paul Nelzon Month ago

    Looks like a new NSX !!!!!

  • Eric Nguyen
    Eric Nguyen Month ago

    soooooo fuckin nice

  • Edward Ballesteros
    Edward Ballesteros Month ago

    GM did a great job, but I’ll wait a couple of years for the ZR1 version. I wouldn’t trade my R8 for this car, but I would definitely add it to the garage. Great design and performance.

  • Lucas Cruz
    Lucas Cruz Month ago

    How unoriginal.

  • duane willis
    duane willis Month ago

    Great job, Lago! Get all those details for us!

  • hmong337
    hmong337 Month ago

    Bye bye BMW Supra.

  • ThePokerbrat626
    ThePokerbrat626 Month ago

    Supra bye forever lol

  • OldNewSweetRides
    OldNewSweetRides Month ago +8

    It's time an affordable mid engine car can be bought by anyone with a well paying job instead of paying over 100K.

  • Alex Kim
    Alex Kim Month ago +7

    60k is the absolutely base model prob another 10, 15k for the final price

    • Jus Ski
      Jus Ski 24 days ago

      You're a god damn genius Alex.

    • A M
      A M Month ago +2

      No shit

  • OJSIDO Daoud
    OJSIDO Daoud Month ago

    So this is the golfers crovette

  • Al Johnston
    Al Johnston Month ago

    Why isn’t anyone asking the real question, Why would GM change the Corvette? Offer a new vehicle that is a mid engine car. Ford did this well with the GT, they didn’t just start making a mid engine mustang. I am salty because honestly I haven’t seen a “real” Corvette since the C5, 2014 they changed the Corvette by removing the iconic rear lights, now they’ve gone and changed the entire body to make it look like a Ferrari? Who the hell is plagiarizing designs at GM these days? Silverado looks just like the F-150 IMO if I may remind everyone.

    DJBATMANGOLD Month ago +3

    A great, informative review. But just to nitpick, technically, it's a supercar. Not sports car. _Just saying_

    • Texarmageddon
      Texarmageddon Month ago

      Supercar isn’t really a real title

    • A M
      A M Month ago

      Nope this is still considered a sports car