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The truth about global warming

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
  • Dr. Patrick Michaels, director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute, provides insight into the debate over climate change and the political games played to create policy.
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Comments • 13 769

  • Ryan wyrick
    Ryan wyrick 4 minutes ago

    You just gave you the truth in plain sight about 1976 when the earth warmed okay well it didn't warm we warmed it and he just gave you that clue yeah I know what he's saying but that's how these people work they give you the truth in plain sight and you need to work it out and if you're too stupid to do it it's your fault that's the way they roll. He's telling you we started a huge program in 1976 and that's probably win long Chemtrails were first started being seen coming out of military crafts

  • lefenec
    lefenec 3 hours ago

    it was all denial

    Michaels, currently the Director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Koch-founded and funded Cato Institute, has built a career vending doubt about the reality of climate change and denying its urgency. His contributions as an ‘expert’ to stall action on climate change have been subsidized for decades by the industries that have the most to lose from any such action, some of which are named respondents in the Commission’s investigation.

  • donald fee
    donald fee 5 hours ago

    sorry about the spelling

  • D Willi
    D Willi 9 hours ago

    Look at the science, global warming/cooling is a real thing. Been going on for millions of years, will continue for millions more, get a clue, we can't do anything about it.

  • David Libertty
    David Libertty 17 hours ago

    Just think about those folks. Billions of dollars of your tax money go to subsidize cop, oil and other polluters. Why do they need our money? Well they don’t obviously how stupid our way. But the politicians need to kickbacks they get in the form of campaign contributions from the polluters hook at the subsidies. It’s simple corruption folks and are you climate change deniers you’re just playing right into their hands or hands of the polluters and blue corrupters

  • Baldur Freitag
    Baldur Freitag 18 hours ago

    Yeah, sure Sir: All your colleagues are dead wrong on man-made climate change, but you are getting it right!

    • Washington Hoax
      Washington Hoax 17 hours ago

      Yeah - all the so called Scientists who bark and clap like Seals for their reward of fish payed from Big Governments (United Nations utopian wet dreams) bent on the New World Order of Socialism.

  • Main Ship
    Main Ship 18 hours ago

    This hack is a mouthpiece for the fossil fuel industry. The Cato Institute is an American libertarian think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C. It was founded as the Charles Koch Foundation in 1974 by Ed Crane, Murray Rothbard, and Charles Koch, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the conglomerate Koch Industries.

    • Washington Hoax
      Washington Hoax 18 hours ago

      This guy actually hired Mr. Hockey Stick Michael Mann for a professorship (the biggest mistake of his long career). The Globalist cabals are the ones funding Fake Science for bozo's like you to believe.

  • cantaragiu ramonel
    cantaragiu ramonel 20 hours ago

    I love global warming!!!

  • Vintanic
    Vintanic 20 hours ago

    Wait, there are actually lots of people here that STILL believe global warming (/climate change) is not real??? People, stop pretending it isn't real just so you can continue to live in your happy little dream world. This is an actual real, seriously catastrophic issue and threat that needs to be taken care of SOON. So if you don't grow up and accept that we have a problem for the sake of all of future humanity, we are doomed. I'm not a certified professional (at least not yet) but there are lots and lots and lots of other sources that can tell you all about global warming. People seem to still think global warming is still something very unclear that scientists can't agree on but that's not actually true. An overwhelming percentage of experts agree that global warming is a very serious issue.

  • MegaJfuentes
    MegaJfuentes 21 hour ago

    I wonder how much the oil giants are paying him to talk..

  • Gavin Yates
    Gavin Yates 21 hour ago

    The sick greed of all the billionaires is what's causing all the problems. Stop there sick greed this would help tremendously.

  • GoVitasCom
    GoVitasCom 22 hours ago +1


  • NW Huckin
    NW Huckin Day ago +3

    The only climate driver is the sun

    • NW Huckin
      NW Huckin 2 hours ago

      @wong - Sunspot cycles my friend. I had to turn it off when he said they didn't know what caused the little ice age. It doesn't take much research to know it was a solar minimum.

    • wong
      wong 9 hours ago

      Don't know much about climate then, do you.

  • R Dm
    R Dm Day ago

    "Were to stupid to see what their doing"...just like the expert said(&made world news about it)about what Obamacare would do to we the "deplorables"... its just gores scam to line pockets of millionaire politicians

  • Chris C
    Chris C Day ago

    As Tree Creeper says, global warming and pollution are different. We all want to live in a cleaner environment and should continue working towards improving the situation at ground level. I'm on board with this. As for global warming, I believe it's a natural occurance and a great tax revenue generating machine for the mislead but compassionate masses. Those in power are definitely going overboard with this.

  • richard turbine
    richard turbine Day ago

    show the movies create the fear bobs your uncle people are controlled by fear so they can rob us all

  • Paul Gleitman
    Paul Gleitman Day ago

    Doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  • Steven Herzberg
    Steven Herzberg Day ago

    This guy is from the Cato Institute. He's a rightwing hack nothing more.

    • Joe Cebu
      Joe Cebu Day ago

      Sorry you can't accept facts.

  •  Day ago

    Republicans say pollution makes money that's old fart thinking

  • Mark Pearson
    Mark Pearson Day ago +1

    God controls the climate.

  • Iyce Phoenixx
    Iyce Phoenixx Day ago

    So even if the warming was fully influenced by green house gases ..... they're worried about a one degree difference over how many years? *Facepalm*

  • Ben Shavers
    Ben Shavers Day ago

    I love how TVclip has got on board with Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger and have all TVclip vids related to global warming stuck with a Wikipedia link in the header. Completely stupid propaganda guys. Don't click it.

  • arborcidal maniac

    until they learn how to stop volcanic eruptions their wasting their time.

    • arborcidal maniac
      arborcidal maniac Day ago

      @wong fool

    • wong
      wong Day ago +1

      Until you learn to stop being an immature troll you are the one wasting your time.

  • Pat Cupolo
    Pat Cupolo Day ago

    Because "man" is causing this so called warming, I can guess man caused the extinction of dinosaurs, but wait, was man and industry around then, it's the natural cycle of the world 😇

  • Priest Guardian
    Priest Guardian Day ago

    Ice melting does not raise sea levels. When Ice melts is occupies less space than it did in solid form. The very little sea level rise is from a multitude of conditions. Volcano's / Costal Erosion / Earth quakes on the sea floor where it is lifted and Humankind infilling to make more useable land. Not melting ice, so do not fear that scientists told you NY should be under 1M of water by now

  • Harley Bigdog
    Harley Bigdog Day ago

    Brain dead trump supporters in the South are beginning to see Gods wrath in voting for someone like Trump, who doesn’t believe in global warming.

  • cozzak
    cozzak Day ago +3

    And yet, glaciers and pacific islands are disappearing...

  • Brandon Broussard

    1 year later , and you have to do is go outside in Louisiana and see climate change is real

  • Rusty Updegraff
    Rusty Updegraff Day ago

    Who funds the Cato Group where this clown works? THE KOCH BROTHERS. Oil men. The Freedom of Information Act request shows that the Western Fuels Association, a coal and fuel-transportation business group, gave him a $63,000 grant in the early 1990s for “research on global climatic change.” He also received $25,000 from the Edison Electric Institute, an association of electric utilities, from 1992-95 for “literature review of climate change and updates.” And a 2006 leaked industry memo revealed that he received $100,000 in funding from the Intermountain Rural Electric Association to fund climate denial campaigning around the time of the release of An Inconvenient Truth. Michaels also received $49,000 came from the German Coal Mining Association and $40,000 from the western mining company Cyprus Minerals. Biased much?

  • scratch
    scratch Day ago

    The arctic permafrost 100% accurately indicates what's going on.
    Is the permafrost continuing to thaw or is it refreezing?

    • scratch
      scratch Day ago

      Do i get the Nobel now? Forget any goofy ceremony, just send me the prize money. And then i'm off to Vegas and the blackjack tables.
      Remember... what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas.

  • Mark Ward
    Mark Ward Day ago

    Global warming is real, but it is not really global warming. Large cities and expansive highways and roads absorb heat from the sun and multiply that heat giving it back including at night which is not normal. Glass buildings, cars, signs, steel, etc. reflect and amplify the sun's solar radiation and heat. The lack of trees in large cities increases the temperatures in the city area. The area under a forest is 20 degrees cooler than the open areas. As the huge amounts of man made heat rise, they affect the surrounding air and act like a mini tornado. The vortex of heat upsets the normal weather patterns and produces unnatural weather events especially during the summer and hottest days. The reason "pollution" is blamed is to divert from the REAL cause of our violent weather patterns and changes and overall climate changes since those in power would never allow anyone to disrupt the tens trillions of dollars profits each year from developments, expansion and building in large cities, and related concrete and asphalt roads. Ban all fossil fuels and unless you tear down all the huge solar heat collectors and heat concentraters called "cities" it will only get worse. We need to start spreading out and stop expanding and concentrating everything in giant cities like New York, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, etc.. Yea, I said it. I stand behind it and I am not alone including top scientists who have also stated the same thing I did. There are tens of thousands of cases where people parked their cars next to a glass skyscraper and the reflected heat from the sun melted the interior in just a few hours. What do you think that type of heat is doing to the weather patterns? What fool does not get the connection?

  • Starlsd D
    Starlsd D 2 days ago

    The Earth is flat also

  • Jupiter and Mars
    Jupiter and Mars 2 days ago +1

    No such thing as global warning?! Does that mean we can continue to feed plastic to whales?

  • Serge Mooyman
    Serge Mooyman 2 days ago

    "The truth about" ... you are such a cheap joke, Fox News, shame on you for misleading American people.

  • Ray M
    Ray M 2 days ago +2

    As of June 22,2019 the high rainfall this spring seems contrary to what Dr Michaels is saying. I know it's dangerous to conclude anything on limited data but I stay open to unanticipated non linear worsening climate change.

  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac 2 days ago

    The .9 degree increase IS the margin of error , seriously it's +/- .45 degrees.. they're destroying science with this farce.

    • Jay Mac
      Jay Mac 2 days ago

      Can't believe I'm clicking 'like' on a fox news video

  • G C
    G C 2 days ago +15

    Grow more trees and that way CO2 will reduce.

    • wong
      wong 4 hours ago

      @Colin Smith Someone has really fooled you, haven't they. If you are what you claim to be then you would not be making such ill-informed claims, would you. Your ignorance and paranoia stuck Out like a dog's bollocks.
      The Kochs and Exxon must be proud of the snow job they pulled on you. Feed my sheep. Baaaaa, baaaaa.

    • Colin Smith
      Colin Smith 5 hours ago

      @Strato I've seen plenty more that makes me seriously worry about the 'science' of climate change. As a simulations engineer, their use of computational models is all wrong. As a man versed in the principles of science, their frequent refusal to hand over their base data is even more worrying. As someone with a basic understanding of orbits and their consequences, their 'corrections' of satellite date is totally unjustifiable (i.e. how they do it and the results, not that they do it).

    • Strato
      Strato 6 hours ago

      ​@wong Yeah it's easy, and it should be more done, but it also costs a bit of money. It would be overall more effective, I think, to stop deforestation. We already have forests, let's stop destroying them and we won't need to plant as many trees.

    • wong
      wong 6 hours ago +1

      @Strato so you know it is relatively easy to plant more trees then, don't you. Smart arse.

  • NorthernUnion13
    NorthernUnion13 2 days ago +1

    Number of computer models that been correct EVER = zero.

  • chris giles
    chris giles 2 days ago

    BS climate Change to justify CHEMTRAILS.

  • Scott Graves
    Scott Graves 2 days ago +1

    Climate change is very real and very serious. The glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. Fossil fuels are to blame. Let's deal with it or perish as a species.

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 2 days ago

      Thanx 4 speaking those true words. Prepare for a lot of real stupid and agressive people reacting.

  • Birney Hill
    Birney Hill 2 days ago +1

    He is either being made rich by being a contrarian...or directly paid by fossil fuel producers who help FINANCE THE CATO INSTITUTE...95% consensus say he's wrong.

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 2 days ago

      97% :) And he IS paid by the fossil fuel industry (Koch brothers), as a little googling will reveal.

  • Russel peters
    Russel peters 2 days ago

    I believe the government pushing this narrative to move industry to 3rd world countries. Basically to give big business cheap labour and keep the American people quiet!

  • Robert Knotoff
    Robert Knotoff 2 days ago

    Interesting video . warm or not though lot of species disapearing . lot of forests and natural places not doing well. Better to take global warming serious though . because will take allot for us to wake up and luve with less.

  • Hope Forpeace
    Hope Forpeace 2 days ago +4

    "All the hot air out of politicians is causing global warming" Well trained climate science denier.

    CATO IS FUNDED and FOUNDED by Kochs - the oil industry magnates - WTF DO YOU THINK THEY are going to tell you about climate change?

  • James Ross
    James Ross 2 days ago

    Dumb as hell.

  • Computerworks
    Computerworks 2 days ago +2

    Regardless of what the various computer models say, the Earth's climate IS warming and the ice caps and glaciers ARE melting. You can see all this with your own eyes. The warming climate is causing the jet stream's course to change and the oceans to warm, which is leading to erratic and extreme weather events, and most seriously, destroying sealife and farm crops. We are already seeing growing famine worldwide, and within a decade, if will reach a biblical scale. The paid liars rarely mention these facts because they are intentionally trying to distract and confuse the public with doublespeak and fabricated data. Research the melting of the Arctic, Antarctic, and Greenland ice, and believe in your own common sense.

  • Danilushka Ozera
    Danilushka Ozera 2 days ago

    Ted Cruz showed NASA satellite data shows no warming for 15 years. In response, NASA said they'd look into it. Then they told their scientist responsible for the data to change it to match their model and he did. Once group-think sets in, facts to the contrary are ignored.

  • Dave Coyle
    Dave Coyle 3 days ago +4

    All this global warming rubbish is just an excuse for governments to pick your pocket with more green taxes ! I've never bought into this climate change business ,very often its driven by the swivel eyed looney lefties !

    • Dave Coyle
      Dave Coyle 2 days ago

      @Serge Mooyman you just heard the man explain what he thought ,and who says he works for the koch brothers ? Let's get fracking !!! Lol !

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 2 days ago +1

      Always nice to here a conspiracy theory about climate change science from someone who supports a denialist that is funded by the fossil fuel industry (Koch brothers). Ho come you denialists are always accusing others of what you are doing yourself? Is it because you do not have better arguments?

  • anonym
    anonym 3 days ago


  • mb Safronovitz
    mb Safronovitz 3 days ago +3

    This earth will be ended when God the Creator says NOT ONE MILLISECOND BEFORE. He in His wisdom knew all things at the very 6000 years ago when He created it. He will be there at the end to judge all and He.....HATES LIARS

  • TJ Murray
    TJ Murray 3 days ago +5

    Is this climate change not called. “The Great Deception”?

  • Nathan Haug
    Nathan Haug 3 days ago

    dont say your opinion, youtube will suspend your accountdont say your opinion, youtube will suspend your accountdont say your opinion, youtube will suspend your accountdont say your opinion, youtube will suspend your accountdont say your opinion, youtube will suspend your accountdont say your opinion, youtube will suspend your accountdont say your opinion, youtube will suspend your accountdont say your opinion, youtube will suspend your accountdont say your opinion, youtube will suspend your accountdont say your opinion, youtube will suspend your account

  • GetFuckedUTube1
    GetFuckedUTube1 3 days ago

    Mark is an Israeli...pretending to be an American. The CATO institute and the U of Chicago are ridiculous.

  • xynudu
    xynudu 3 days ago

    Good article. Nothing new, but another verification of poor science leading the way.

    • wong
      wong 3 days ago +1

      @Serge Mooyman I understand that is what the Rep. Party is advocating.

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago +1

      Right, should we replace all science by Fox News?

    • wong
      wong 3 days ago +2

      Michaels was outed as a liar and data manipulator decades ago and is 40% funded by the FF industry to do so.

  • Tom Miller
    Tom Miller 3 days ago

    This is great. Very factual. The truth must really hurt those people who blindly follow liars like al gore who also said he invented the internet. U wonder how they will try a suppress this.

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      The truth will really embarras those who prefer to follow Fox News above decent science. Including that rapist you call your president. Factual, hahaha, you obviously know nothing about the facts on climate change. What is your education if I may ask? No need to surpress: pseudo science like this, designed to mislead not too bright vote-cattle like yourself, is the best way to confirrm the message of real climate science.

  • Handiman Jay
    Handiman Jay 3 days ago

    Alley Gorey told Henny Penny who told turkey lurkey the sky is falling...
    They can’t tell us what the weather will be tomorrow next week or next month accurately yet want us to believe they know what it will do next year or decade.

    • wong
      wong 3 days ago

      Another brainless sheep that doesn't know the difference between weather and climate. Sad,

  • Sambit Patro
    Sambit Patro 3 days ago +3

    I see a lot of Short sighted people. Only worried about the US, ignoring what happens globally. There is clear evidence of change happening. How could you deny that?

    • Sambit Patro
      Sambit Patro 2 days ago +1

      @gigi kent have you read scientific reports? How many reports do you want me to share with you? The more coal we use the more Carbon dioxide is released and this causes a greenhouse effect. Are you gonna deny this now? This is one example of anthropogenic causes. Now please don't tell me this is natural 😂

    • gigi kent
      gigi kent 3 days ago

      @Sambit Patro read a book with facts!!!not feelings...humans did not cause the "global warming". the earth is at the end of a glaciar yes is geting warmer....

    • Sambit Patro
      Sambit Patro 3 days ago +1

      @gigi kent aren't you worried that your kids won't be able to live a full life like you? Are you ready to accept that nothing can be done and just let it be? That's extremely selfish.

    • Sambit Patro
      Sambit Patro 3 days ago +1

      @gigi kent really humans aren't responsible for what's happening? Do you know the factors that have caused CC?

  • James Durham
    James Durham 3 days ago

    So the Russian model isn’t controlled by their government? I’m pretty sure the Russians have their own interests at heart.

  • Stephen Kriz
    Stephen Kriz 3 days ago +2

    I'm sure Mr. Levin and Mr. Michaels fully understand and can cogently explain the thermodynamics of radiative forcing, the role of albedo in climate feedback loops and the increased presence of isotopes of carbon that are specifically indicative of burning fossil fuels in the troposphere (NOT). This Michaels guy is a phony and I hope future generations of Americans rightly condemn foolish, delusional and misguided men like Levin and Trump who mislead people into thinking that an existential threat like climate change is somehow not real. History will not be kind to these charlatans.

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      Nice, someone who knows what he is talking about. We need more like that. Thank you!

  • Katherine Coles
    Katherine Coles 3 days ago +4

    Another excellent interview.

    • wong
      wong 3 days ago +2

      Michaels was outed as a liar and data manipulator decades ago and is 40% funded by the FF industry to do so. Didn't you know? I wonder why your handlers didn't tell you. Most remiss of them.

  • first last2
    first last2 4 days ago

    No genius has ever gone to college or got a degree.

  • domspinn
    domspinn 4 days ago

    Great piece Mark

  • none of your business
    none of your business 4 days ago +3

    Is this like that other video, where FoX News tells you "the truth about evolution"?
    I googled it, and WTF that's actually a thing. youtube DOT com/watch?v=2VJVGV8zAS4
    Maybe get your science from scientific publications instead of people that literally get as at least 40% of their funding from the oil industry?

    • Insanity
      Insanity 4 days ago +2

      That other video was even funnier. They tell their idiotic stories with such a strong conviction. I am honestly amazed.

  • Kenton Shepard
    Kenton Shepard 4 days ago

    Oh OK, I'll form my opinions on global warming (it's "Climate Change" you idiot) from You Tube posts and from what the president says. He must be smart, after all, he tricked the Russians into helping him get elected. What? Oh. They did?

    JOHN COLE 4 days ago

    John Colman, the founder of the Weather Channel said he doesn't believe Global warming is real.

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      Maybe that is why he is only allowed to predict the weather for the next few days?

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 4 days ago

      JOHN COLE funny how most of the sceptics are either not scientists, or former scientists, now backed by fossil fuel money. Who would have thought?

  • Frankie boleros Rosado
    Frankie boleros Rosado 4 days ago +18

    The truth? It's called Mother Nature.

  • FrankCoffman
    FrankCoffman 4 days ago +1

    Get a clue, you dumb right-wingers: The polar ice caps are melting and glaciers are retreating. Carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere. Global warming is obvious except to corporate shills (like the two guys in this video) and their gullible dupes -- like YOU. This video is typical Fox News disinformation and anti-scientific BS.

  • Ronald Wilson
    Ronald Wilson 4 days ago

    We have to take your money and your freedom in order to save you from this catastrophe. Signed: The Democrats

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar Day ago

      Ronald Wilson so you really don’t have a problem with co2 tax per se, you just don’t like taxes. Fair enough. What is your suggestion then?

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      @Ronald Wilson Yeah, while you should read "Climate Change for Dummies".

    • Ronald Wilson
      Ronald Wilson 3 days ago

      @Væringjar It would take away my freedom to spend MY money the way I want to spend it and give that freedom to people who did not earn it and will not spend it wisely. If you do not understand that someone else putting their hand in your pocket and removing spending power from you is a restriction on your freedom, then you need to start all over in the first grade.

    • Væringjar
      Væringjar 4 days ago

      Ronald Wilson how would a sustainability tax or a tax on co2 take your freedom away?

  • Lady Belle
    Lady Belle 4 days ago

    Nasa have warn that the Sun is about to go through a cold spell. This will cause The Mournday Minimum. The last one lasted 150 years. Spanning from 16 century through to 18th century. It caused food shortages and it is going to do it again. So get stocking up people as it is upon Us.

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      Solar activity is already low the last decennia, meaning Global Warming would even be worse without it! Time to act!

  • Alan Machin
    Alan Machin 4 days ago

    now its called climate chaos

  • Apprentice Blacksmith

    ok university i want these figures put into the models or YOUR NOT GOING TO GET YOUR FUNDING FOR NEXT YEAR

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 2 days ago

      @Apprentice Blacksmith I am more interested in the data itself and how it was aquired and processed. If that is solid, the evidence is. Did you know one requirement of peer reviewed science is that the research can be reproduced? Meaning all evidence on climate change is available to be falsified. How come it does not happen? I guess Republicans that actually know about (climate) science and evolution (there must be some that are smart enough to understand it) would be the first one to do that if they could. Mind you, the fraud from this video just talks, but did not publicate a paper on his "evidence". Why? Because real scientists would falsify his paper to the garbage that it is. That would be very bad for his reputation. Hell, he would not even pass the peer-review with this nonsense. So this conspiracy theory about global warming science that denialists always bring up is just a desperate non-argument born out of a lack of real arguments. And look who is talking: a man that supports a '"scientist" paid by the Koch brothers to discredit real science. This is the Trumpian moron strategy: manipulate, and create as much confusion as possible to delay action by accusing the other side of exactly what you are doing yourself. Agressive careless morons.

    • Apprentice Blacksmith
      Apprentice Blacksmith 2 days ago

      @Serge Mooyman i would go back for another 7 years and learn how the universities are funded and how to learn how the REAL WORLD works

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      Maybe you should stick to becoming a blacksmith. I spend 7 years in Universities, and this is not how it works at all.

  • newstart49
    newstart49 4 days ago

    The Sun.

  • rob geene
    rob geene 4 days ago +1

    BlaBlaBla = Fox "News", how stupid you must be to give this "News" organisation any credit.

  • alwaysopen
    alwaysopen 4 days ago

    I have been saying the same things for years. I am 62 and know well weather is not static - it's rather impossible - nor will it be the same today as 40 years ago. Climate changes day to day, year to year and has since the earth was a thing. What kind of weather do the myopic Climate Change people want? What kind of weather did ALGORE ever present as idyllic?
    Michaels was spot on with his opening comment of "Because there is more stuff".

    This is from the rather biased Fact Sheet from the UN Ocean Conference from June 2017; 2 years ago.

    More than 600 million people (around 10 per cent of the world’s population) live in coastal areas that are less than 10 meters above sea level.
    Nearly 2.4 billion people (about 40 per cent of the world’s population) live within 100 km(60 miles)of the coast.

    The world population is steadily increasing and since they are 3rd world they take to the coast as they lived in their shitholes.
    A lot of Americans I know think a waterfront home is the ultimate goal. A lot of them make it so. Lots of them move to and build where hurricanes are known to historically hit and do damage. The closer you are to sea level ensures you will incur more damage and most likely flooding.
    Is it climate change cause by man? No, it is the same storms that have made landfall for eons; there are simply more people in those regions and it does more damage to the stuff they build. More people means more people can die due to the sheer numbers of people subject to exposure.
    According to the 2010 US census...
    In 2010, the population of the states which have shoreline on the
    East Coast was estimated at 112,642,503 (36% of the country's total
    population). The East Coast is the most populated coastal area in the
    United States.[7]
    Apply that science to the entire globe and it's most likely 1000 fold.

    What caused the dust bowl in the Midwest during the 30s? Global Warming?

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 2 days ago +1

      @alwaysopen Am I talking to a lunatic here, how is oil not fossil? Wait, you must be one of those that deny evolution with the Bible in your hand, aren't you? Sorry man, I'm busy.

    • wong
      wong 2 days ago +2

      @alwaysopen "You still believe oil is a fossil fuel? That's half of your problem." What a puerile comment. The term fossil fuel, whilst obviously a misnomer, is the accepted term, isn't it. That you aren't aware of this is indicative of your problem, crass stupidity. Oh, and extreme gullibility.
      Well done proving you don't know the difference between weather, seasons and climate. and also belive that isolated local events equate to global events.

    • alwaysopen
      alwaysopen 2 days ago

      @Serge Mooyman You still believe oil is a fossil fuel? That's half of your problem.

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago +1

      Check the evidence on the relation fossil fuel combustion, CO2 level and climate please before talking nonsense.

  • Władca Wymiaru
    Władca Wymiaru 4 days ago +1

    Wish the oficial US Historical Climatology Network Stations were presented in TV.
    They shows cooling trend.

  • Andy Salcius
    Andy Salcius 5 days ago

    The endangerment clause now applies to mid-west farmers with mud fields. Current trends make this presentation null and void.

    • alwaysopen
      alwaysopen 4 days ago

      There was an arid dust bowl there 80 years ago. Weather happens.

  • PN H
    PN H 5 days ago

    Parameterizing is not fudging. Now I understand the point he's trying to make, and I understand that parameterizing 10 leads to inaccuracies. And I tend to believe that he is right about what is happening with respect to the models and climate change. But I wouldn't go around using the word fudging. It may be more accurate to say that the models have a number of assumptions that bias a certain result.

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago +1

      Predictions have been rather careful, as scientists are tought that reliability is a main factor. And indeed, current measurements of temperature increase and loss of ice mass surpass predictions at an alarming rate.

    • wong
      wong 3 days ago +1

      No. Data are corrected for known errors and the predictions have been pretty accurate, unless you follow the lying denier policy of totally ignoring everything other than worst case scenarios.

  • Ken Bar
    Ken Bar 5 days ago +2

    Can I clarify something here please. Am I right in thinking that democracy is based on the premise that 'The Government are the people and the People are the Government' I am not naive enough to believe that we actually have a democracy anymore in the USA and the UK (Where I am from).
    However, when you hear these hardline, right wing capitalists (eg Dr Michaels) suggesting that the Government should not be getting involved in the energy business (or any other big business for that matter that has a strangle hold on the population), it's almost that they are suggesting that the Government are an independant entity that has no right to upset the applecart for the elite owners of the big corporations. Just as a side note, I notice that the likes of Dr Michaels are more than happy for governments to get invovled when they act for the benefit of the corporations.
    We the people are the government, and we need to wake up and remember that!!! We need to take control back from these Oligarchs, and their apologists like Dr Michaels. Let's reinstate Democracy.

  • steven gold
    steven gold 5 days ago

    Hey, this guy is brilliant, so educated, so correct. Global warming is a hoax. Air pollution is an illusion. Plastics in the ocean, the smokestacks in China and their cities air pollution is just what environmentalists want to see, but not actual. The earth will expire one way or another in 10,000 years. So he correctly discredits the environmentalists who are merely whacko conspiracy theorists who are influencing people for their own financial gains. Brainwashing our children with these unproven ideas of human made climate change is a left wing conspiracy. It is a cult led by stupid people who want power over others. Yeah! Let's speak the truth, like this guy. The idea that over a million species have become extinct and the Amazon forest is being destroyed, are not to be believed. People, If you don't agree with me, investigate it and get the facts. Thanks, for helping put these tree huggers and environmental activists in their place. :)

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      You right wing extremists are such horrible people. How can you deny plastics in the ocean, cutting down th Amazon? Stuff that is on so many videos. Maybe your rapist president has taught you that lying is the new virtue? Is it an exposure of personal power to be able to deny the truth in full daylight? To me, you just prove you are a horrible person.

    • Ken Bar
      Ken Bar 5 days ago

      'The earth will expire one way or another in 10,000 years.' WTF does that sentence mean? Are you suggesting that under that (INCORRECT) assumption, its OK to cause absolute chaos for the generations to come?

  • Davidson 1
    Davidson 1 5 days ago

    Didn't realize Harrison Ford's brother was a climate expert. Gifted family.

  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez 5 days ago +1

    Fox News = Global Hoax! = Lobby for Fossil Fuels = Lucrative Hoax!!

  • thewizeard
    thewizeard 5 days ago +1

    I know, it was the sun, the main driver of Earth's climate.

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      Not very wise for a wizzard. Check the science please

  • oriel229
    oriel229 5 days ago


    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      The way you said "plebs" just qualified you as someone who thinks he is better than others. So much better, that it gives you the right to consume the future of your own offspring?

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 5 days ago

    The Liberals are always telling me how " Educated" they are. Did you ever stop to think that you might be learning the wrong information? Is that beneficial? Or is that the reason Liberals appear to be incredibly ignorant and unintelligent?

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 2 days ago

      @Michael Smith Well, since you clearly state liberals are "incredibly ignorant and unintelligent", I guess you should be smart enough to check the relatively simple evidence on climate change? So how come you still deny it? If you'd do the work you'd see for yourself that denying climate change is a waste of time that should be spend on action mitigating it. Saying peer reviewed science can't be trusted is a lame excuse for not doing the work required before you actually know what you are talking about. And since you are so smart, I am looking forward to your analysis of the scientific findings on climate change.

    • Michael Smith
      Michael Smith 2 days ago

      @Serge Mooyman
      I wish Science could be trusted. It appears that data research has been subject to "peer reviews" a clever way of saying " edited" or put into the proper Scientific context by way of filters and eliminating what they call " anomalies"
      It was the same when Big Oil funded their research. What to leave out and what to leave in, and what to allow you and I access to is really being decided by dead presidents who roll around in the pockets of the same Liberal Scientists who have formed a consensus that Climate Change is Real...Real Profitable. Too profitable to allow the so-called "deniers" to publish anything without "Accounting or Peer reviews"

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      Check the science -if you can do it - and find out.

  • FrankCoffman
    FrankCoffman 5 days ago +1

    Patrick Michaels is an industry hack, funded by fossil fuel companies.

  • Peter Whyte-Venables

    So how do explain the staggering loss of high ice in the Himalayas? And Greenland? I mean - how?

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      @James L But not at the current rate!

    • James L
      James L 5 days ago

      Glaciers have been melting for 3000 years.

  • jimv1983
    jimv1983 5 days ago +4

    Yeah, I'm going to believe a guy that is funded by big oil and works for an organization ran by the terrible Koch brothers. This guy is one of the 1% of climate scientists that goes against the consensus. Science isn't the word of one single person. It's a consensus. The consensus doesn't match up with what this guy is saying.

    • jimv1983
      jimv1983 2 days ago

      @Michael Ivey my house is fully solar powered and I drive a hybrid that gets 45mpg. I only use my AC on the hottest days.
      I probably could do more but at least I'm acknowledging that it's a serious problem and doing something. I'm only one person. This guy isn't even acknowledging that it's a real problem.

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      Common sense: nice!

    • Michael Ivey
      Michael Ivey 5 days ago

      Hey Jim. Why dont u be a leader in this fraud infected and infested nonsense. Sell you car, turn off the A C, walk or ride your little scooter or walk to work? Hmmmmmm. Oh no. Thats not for me, thats for thee!!!! Moron.

  • Tim Borch
    Tim Borch 5 days ago

    We are running out of oil. Saudi Arabia will have financial troubles in 2030. We have passed Peak Oil. Google : Peak Oil
    Declining oil output means declining climate change. CO2 is 414ppm today
    It will go no higher than 430 ppm.
    Check it out: Google “NOAA CO2”

    • Serge Mooyman
      Serge Mooyman 3 days ago

      We have still coal for hundreds of years .....

  • Co M
    Co M 5 days ago

    Anyone else seeing a lie from Wikipedia come up when your watching the video??? Real cleaver TVclip....

    • Ken Bar
      Ken Bar 5 days ago

      No, what do you mean?

  • Mark Lane
    Mark Lane 5 days ago +1

    Greenland may become green again. O my!

  • Mark Lane
    Mark Lane 5 days ago

    The Sun is pretty warm.

    • Władca Wymiaru
      Władca Wymiaru 4 days ago

      It is about Sun magnetic field that cools, become weaker and cosmic rays...

  • Stephen Naylor
    Stephen Naylor 5 days ago +2

    There's no such thing as global warming. It's called new world order

  • Liliana Jankovic
    Liliana Jankovic 5 days ago

    Great work doctor

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee 5 days ago +7

    Global warming=lucrative hoax

    • John Wilkes
      John Wilkes 5 days ago

      You are really pathetic. When your dust bowl drives you away from you land maybe then you can enjoy being a refugee.

  • Sonny Furnish
    Sonny Furnish 5 days ago

    am i the only one that thinks all the thousands of nukes man has exploded on earth might just might have something to do with it

  • Carol Bucholtz
    Carol Bucholtz 5 days ago +1

    and Geo engineering.. why doesn't Al 'inconvenient' Gore talk about that? and mr climate fraud aka David Suzuki also on the government dole.

    • jon stover
      jon stover 5 days ago

      Fortunately, FL constitutionally limits assessment increases to 3% annually, but I agree with your premise and sense of humor.

  • Ken W
    Ken W 5 days ago

    Mr. Levin lives in perpetual frustration and disbelief as to why Obama pursued such destructive policies. What he should be asking himself why the white, billionaire class supported such an unqualified, socialist with a mysterious life story. It's quite a story. Too bad Mr. Levin is looking at the wrong guy. He has no intellectual curiosity or wisdom.

  • elf boy
    elf boy 5 days ago +1

    The carbon cycle is a thing, we have altered it in unprecedented ways. (google the carbon cycle) You shunt all the buried carbon into the system and the predicted outcome is environment change.

  • Real American
    Real American 5 days ago +1

    As the poles melt and central US floods.

  • funny sisters challenge or show Mclawrence

    The pope agenda has cause governments to put a carbon tax on their citizens.