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  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • Every adventure has a beginning. Watch the official teaser trailer for Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Directed by Travis Knight. #BumblebeeMovie hits theatres this Christmas.
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  • George Tony
    George Tony 14 minutes ago

    Herbie meets the Iron Giant?

  • VideoShow App
    VideoShow App 37 minutes ago

    I tought his voice has already fixed when he fights optimus, plz answer why quickly

  • Matt Pina
    Matt Pina Hour ago

    OH SNAP! I think I've connected the dots... so Bumblebee is Optimus Primes main scout/spy (hence why he is fashioned as an old VW beetle to blend in, one of the best selling cars at the time) so he is sent to Earth at this time to find a new home for Cybertron or maybe find a weapon but falls in love with the people here (much like Optimus did in T5) so he decides to make it his new home. He is named Bee because he essentially flys through the universe looking for ripe plants or in this case, Planets; that his home world can devour in order to continue survival.

  • russel felix Mejes


  • Reggie Tjahjadi
    Reggie Tjahjadi Hour ago

    When you're exhausted of "Bay Effect ", this is the cure people

  • Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy 2 hours ago

    For anyone who saw the clear truth, this movie is romantic comedy about a woman and a car

  • athman bakari
    athman bakari 2 hours ago

    is it Mr invisible there @ 1:47

  • Trevor Niddrie
    Trevor Niddrie 2 hours ago

    A perfect example of bonds between people and machines! This is definitely a thing to see!

  • 성진
    성진 2 hours ago

    And Trailer Music Is Awesome!

  • 성진
    성진 2 hours ago

    This is Pre-Quel And Reboot Movie Of Transformer Series.

  • Pixel Paranoid
    Pixel Paranoid 3 hours ago +1

    Things you'll notice in the trailer
    1.the transformers are from g1
    2.trailer was emotional
    3.There's no Micheal Bay as you don't see blasts
    4. why TF is that gun and a soldiers uniform floating?

  • Pixel Paranoid
    Pixel Paranoid 3 hours ago +1

    her "i won't hurt you"
    me "of course it's a giant 2 ton metal bot"

  • Priyanka Debnath
    Priyanka Debnath 4 hours ago

    This trailer is really heart warming and actionful trailer

  • danielangel vega
    danielangel vega 4 hours ago

    Michael Bay is getting good at this franchise 🤔

  • Hanley Charles
    Hanley Charles 5 hours ago

    Herbie fully loaded

  • Vp03 Pogodin
    Vp03 Pogodin 6 hours ago

    1:32 owwww 😄

  • A Ricky
    A Ricky 7 hours ago

    check this BumbleBee watch collector edition on www.d-finition.com

  • Riley Powell
    Riley Powell 8 hours ago

    Sorry guys but i ain't huge on bumblebee he's cool but seeing no other autobots like optimus prime just seems a bit weird and shitty

  • Riley Powell
    Riley Powell 8 hours ago

    Is this before optimus prime and the others came to earth or are they just fucking us with some terrible storyline that makes no sense

  • EliBoy12
    EliBoy12 8 hours ago

    I just wanna know if this is a prequel or are they restarting? Or are they making all the other movies non canon?

  • boneless chicken
    boneless chicken 8 hours ago


  • Shilla Elfiadri
    Shilla Elfiadri 8 hours ago

    Yeesssss the old beetle Bumblebee 😄

  • Patreek Sterfetish
    Patreek Sterfetish 9 hours ago

    of course a human and a robot becoming partners in a transformer related movie lel

  • NitroHawk777
    NitroHawk777 9 hours ago

    My favorite Transformer is getting his own movie...... BEST CHRISTMAS OMFG

  • Naufal arif
    Naufal arif 9 hours ago

    Ohh damn amazing 😍😍😍

  • Willson Contreras Fan Account

    Sting like a Bee

  • Chris Holth
    Chris Holth 11 hours ago

    This is a good trailer. Doesn’t give away anything and it’s also not too short.

  • I Havent eaten since i was born

    a super robot car with a cute face.. that's awesome!

  • Takaya in Action
    Takaya in Action 12 hours ago

    Keep doing great work

  • Derek Hardy
    Derek Hardy 12 hours ago

    Just...just please don't include the crude and racist humor of past Transformers movies and everything will be ok (I hope/I don't know...)

    • Erik C
      Erik C 8 hours ago

      Derek Hardy it wont

  • Icrazycloudz Vlogs
    Icrazycloudz Vlogs 12 hours ago

    I hope we see Shia LaBeouf in this movie or the next one or soon

    • Erik C
      Erik C 8 hours ago

      Icrazycloudz Vlogs Sam died off-screen.

  • Shrek Wazowski
    Shrek Wazowski 12 hours ago

    The lights on his chest are nipples

  • TheGameIsReal
    TheGameIsReal 12 hours ago

    They had too make him look like a little bitch🤦‍♂️

    • Erik C
      Erik C 8 hours ago

      TheGameIsReal Um, how?? :/ He had every right to be scared.

  • Chris Vargas
    Chris Vargas 13 hours ago +1

    Rolled my eyes when I saw this another yet transformer movie, but then I see Hailee. Definitely gonna watch this just because she's in it.

  • Aquamarine Mystique
    Aquamarine Mystique 13 hours ago +1


  • Jedi Bacon
    Jedi Bacon 13 hours ago

    I’m saying he changes forms in the movie

  • justin s
    justin s 13 hours ago

    Camoro not a beetle

    • Erik C
      Erik C 8 hours ago

      justin s nope

  • nathan montes
    nathan montes 13 hours ago +1


  • I'm a Memer
    I'm a Memer 13 hours ago

    🅱️ees 🅱️een R I C K R O L L E D

  • Ricky Tran
    Ricky Tran 14 hours ago


    • Erik C
      Erik C 13 hours ago

      Yesss! ;)))

  • justin s
    justin s 14 hours ago

    The ruined him

  • Odin Lee
    Odin Lee 14 hours ago

    God this is ugly af

  • Người Văn Nhện official

    fece (:

  • a i
    a i 16 hours ago

    Dio Drando I had really hoped the cassette was gonna play, "I'm soooo excited!" 😂

  • Farris TheLaggy
    Farris TheLaggy 16 hours ago +1

    Please be a reboot. It's dearly needed at this point.

  • VisiBle
    VisiBle 17 hours ago +1

    I just hope Travis did better than Bay. I mean Bay legit destroyed and trashed this franchise. Really eager to see this spin off even though my hopes are not that high after seeing Bay on the producer's list. So if I see any weird explosion that resembles chandeliers or welding sparks, I will straight pirate it.

    • jon williams
      jon williams 13 hours ago

      VisiBle Being that a helicopter is in flames in the trailer it's obvious the movie will have explosions. Also obvious is the fact the movie will be a remake of the first film. Act 1 Love Bug. Act 2 Iron Giant. Act 3 Black Hawk Down.

  • MadAboutRoblox
    MadAboutRoblox 18 hours ago

    I like the transformers as realistic as possible like they were in the first movie! Bumblebee and all the other transformers look so animated! Change it

  • The Squirtle Turtle
    The Squirtle Turtle 18 hours ago

    whatever happened to sam? This is the same as tf1 just a name change.

    • Erik C
      Erik C 16 hours ago

      Sam died off-screen.

    • mr mister
      mr mister 17 hours ago +1

      The Squirtle Turtle This is 20 years prior to the first film. He wasn’t even conceived yet lmao

    JAIME IRIZARRY 18 hours ago

    1:47 john sinna

  • The PuertoRican Gamer
    The PuertoRican Gamer 19 hours ago +1

    Nice Bernie Mac Tribute

  • Jose Davila
    Jose Davila 19 hours ago


  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 19 hours ago

    This should be the reboot universe, with BUMBLEBEE staying in Volkswagen form.

  • Ayokunle Coker
    Ayokunle Coker 20 hours ago

    Girl: Who Are You Do U Speak I Won’t Hurt You What Is Your Name
    Bee : My Name is Bee 🐝I Here To Help You From Bad Guy

  • Zaki Gaming 2
    Zaki Gaming 2 20 hours ago

    The speech in the beginning is when in TF1 Sam buys bumblebee

  • Tristen Rowe
    Tristen Rowe 20 hours ago +1

    Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down what is the name of that song plz tell mr

  • Tristen Rowe
    Tristen Rowe 20 hours ago +1

    Who is ready for this movie to come out

  • Nik Syamil
    Nik Syamil 21 hour ago

    actual size car to robot transformation! yeay science

  • MetroGaming
    MetroGaming 22 hours ago +2

    They finally look more like robots and not with faces of humans

  • Robert Dwight
    Robert Dwight 22 hours ago +1

    Starscream actually LOOKS LIKE STARSCREAM!!

  • Ming Fu Pang
    Ming Fu Pang 23 hours ago +1


  • Jerald Lawrence
    Jerald Lawrence 23 hours ago

    Mokka la yarum pakathinga

  • Febriane Makalew
    Febriane Makalew 23 hours ago +1

    Is it just me, or does it looks like a Disney movie?

  • NL Paradox
    NL Paradox 23 hours ago +2

    I know it's wishful thinking, but I really hope this means they're rebooting the franchise with people behind the camera who know how to actually make a movie and actually have some damn respect for Transformers, especially Optimus. I only hope it happens while the world still has Peter Cullen.

    • Austin Griffin
      Austin Griffin 21 hour ago

      I'm sure peter Cullen will be alive for many more years for enough transformers movies. I hope they start with solo movies then team up movies later for this current TF universe

  • Meherab hossain Mahin
    Meherab hossain Mahin 23 hours ago

    who wants to see Transformers6 and fuck this shit

    • Renegade Spark
      Renegade Spark 20 hours ago

      Meherab hossain Mahin Trust me if this film does good it will be doing the whole franchise a favor.

    • Meherab hossain Mahin
      Meherab hossain Mahin 21 hour ago

      Erik C I know that but I want to see transformers6

    • Erik C
      Erik C 22 hours ago +2

      lol Transformers 6 and all the rest were cancelled :)

  • Meherab hossain Mahin
    Meherab hossain Mahin 23 hours ago +1

    fuck u paramount because I want to see Transformers6

  • Lucas Telles
    Lucas Telles Day ago

    Copia de transformers!

  • Deception leader Megatron

    1:51 STARSCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crain shekriane Allam

    cena..y is he there..

  • jjcelica1126
    jjcelica1126 Day ago

    Ok.. why is he hiding in a corner. He's a giant robot 🤦‍♂️why is he afraid

    • Erik C
      Erik C 13 hours ago

      ?? I never said anything about why he can't speak...Also, you cannot call this a Iron Giant ripoff.

    • jon williams
      jon williams 13 hours ago

      Erik C Actually Bumblebee twas a fighter on cybertron. Thats why he cant talk. His vocal cords were destroyed in battle. They are just throwing away whats already established to ripoff Iron Giant since people like that movie

    • Erik C
      Erik C 22 hours ago +2

      He's been stranded on a alien planet, he's damaged, and the first thing he sees when he wakes up in a contained place is a creature he doesn't know. He has ever reason to be afraid.

  • The Real Optimus
    The Real Optimus Day ago +2

    Starscream looking lit

  • Southhs5115
    Southhs5115 Day ago

    I pray Charlie's brother won't be The Scrappy.

  • Ścierwo
    Ścierwo Day ago +1

    Fuck yeah, Starscream looks great!

  • RoraSanity 12
    RoraSanity 12 Day ago

    Bumblebee so small

  • prasanth kumar
    prasanth kumar Day ago

    transformers 6

    • Erik C
      Erik C 22 hours ago


  • Gigas0101
    Gigas0101 Day ago

    Only complaints so far is that the front of the car becomes Bumblebee's chest and not his feet and Starscream has forearm guns instead of bicep guns, but I'm just a massive g1 stick in the mud, movie looks swell.

  • gabriel mitchell

    hair bind rate venture handful distinguish peak disk boy.

  • Mohd Naeem
    Mohd Naeem Day ago

    3 2 1 bumble bee ofichial trailer

  • Megatsune 61239
    Megatsune 61239 Day ago

    Lets hope this movie is bette r than the other craps

  • James Raven
    James Raven Day ago

    compare this guy to the guy you see in last knight, hes not yet a soldier

  • Anime Toshi
    Anime Toshi Day ago +1

    Is this necessary...

  • Susu Kuda Liar
    Susu Kuda Liar Day ago

    mfking trailer just rickrolled us at the end ._.

  • manoj singh
    manoj singh Day ago

    I saw the hollowman at 1:47

  • Beck Martin
    Beck Martin Day ago

    I love it. Wait for Bumblebee!

  • Nicole Lunar Vid's

    Aww! This Is Cute And So Cool!

  • Ol' Hornhead
    Ol' Hornhead Day ago

    Bumblebee! Old friend :)

  • Nitrous Speed
    Nitrous Speed Day ago

    Any one peep that transformer 1 the driver don’t pick the car the driver

    ALL TUTORIAL Day ago

    When a movie relis

  • 3n3myba55
    3n3myba55 Day ago

    You ain't bumblebee bitch you honeybee now

  • 3n3myba55
    3n3myba55 Day ago

    Tf is this. Herbie part2 Nigga?

  • ElijahProto
    ElijahProto Day ago

    We all know John Cena has an acting career because WWE is fake right?

  • Indra Allen
    Indra Allen Day ago

    Finally, after 13 years we can see the sequel : Herbie 2 Fully Armoured

  • That one guy i dont know

    Please say they're starting over with the transformer series

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      That one guy i dont know Yes! Reboot time!

  • MrProfGenius
    MrProfGenius Day ago

    I definetly watch this movie !

  • Griffin Sauter
    Griffin Sauter Day ago

    does anyone know this song

  • Nelson Ferish
    Nelson Ferish Day ago

    Bee, please save this franchise... I'M SERIOUS!!!

  • Cat Reimar
    Cat Reimar Day ago

    Is there a theory that Bumblebee could be a next Prime?🤔

  • Julian Mendoza
    Julian Mendoza Day ago +1

    December 21,2018 Good Movie Bumblebee John Cena