Struggles Of Being A Freelancer | Feat. Shayan | BuzzFeed India

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • It’s essentially 20% working and 80% dealing with all this.
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  • Arnav Sinha
    Arnav Sinha 4 days ago

    I could relate to much of this. However, I have never had an issue with payments. I work with an online freelancing site, which does take a fair bit in commission (which hurts) but ensures I always get paid through an escrow system. On the whole, between the life of a cog in the corporate machine and that of a freelancer, I would choose the latter any day. That bit about the mom thinking the guy is just chilling all day is way too real to be even funny, though.

  • Opanger Lkr
    Opanger Lkr 9 days ago

    So he yawned for more than a minute wow😉🤣🤣

  • Batoul Samaha
    Batoul Samaha 15 days ago

    I'm a freelancer from Egypt, struggles are the same ....

  • Aishwarya Paul
    Aishwarya Paul 17 days ago

    This is literally my life! I'm a freelance food stylist and photographer and i must say you guys have absolutely nailed it! 🙈🙈

  • Tanmay Agnihotri
    Tanmay Agnihotri 18 days ago

    R u indian ?? Hindi mein sharm ati Hai?

  • Anushka Awasthi
    Anushka Awasthi 19 days ago

    New videoooo plsssssssssssss buzzfeed valonnnnnn

  • Midhun Mukund
    Midhun Mukund 19 days ago


  • Anushka Awasthi
    Anushka Awasthi 21 day ago

    @BuzzFeed India

  • Anushka Awasthi
    Anushka Awasthi 21 day ago

    Why no video was released this Saturday??? Release it asap @buzzfeedindia

  • Fukai Okami
    Fukai Okami 22 days ago

    Oh! You're still alive???

  • Ajit Shah
    Ajit Shah 23 days ago

    Wow, I can totaly relate it with my life, great job @BuzzFeed India and @Shayan for this amazing play.

  • no one no one
    no one no one 23 days ago

    It scares me to become a graphic designer

    FUNNY SMASHES 23 days ago


  • Anushka Awasthi
    Anushka Awasthi 24 days ago

    Kab aayegiiii???? @buzzfeed india

  • Anushka Awasthi
    Anushka Awasthi 24 days ago +2

    Next video hasn't come on thursdayyy😑😑😑😑

  • m g
    m g 25 days ago

    Where's fcking shrishti

  • Kavita Dubey
    Kavita Dubey 25 days ago

    I didnt even knew whats a freelanser
    But i clicked

  • francis zaviour
    francis zaviour 26 days ago

    Guys u just nailed it. I have been watching all ur videos. I m a freelancer artist and designer and whatever u just showed happened in my life. And shyaaaaan dope man.....

    NEIL CREATES 26 days ago

    All Instagram jokes mixed lol, dude come up with something new!!

  • megha sharma
    megha sharma 27 days ago

    I am a freelancer and this is so true! I can give you so many stories for 2nd part :D

  • Harrlin Beats
    Harrlin Beats 27 days ago


  • Chakrapani Gautam
    Chakrapani Gautam 29 days ago +1

    Oh my! This is so real that I'm laughing my ass off right now. I've been freelancing in the web development industry for about a year now, and man, these type of clients really piss you off! I know how it feels. BTW, as always, great content BuzzFeed!

  • Suhas Kamath
    Suhas Kamath 29 days ago

    100% true

  • Everyday Movie Clips
    Everyday Movie Clips 29 days ago

    Its half time worrying you don't have work and have time thinking how much you have! And not to mention payments . Haha! #freelancelife

  • Snaz Umer
    Snaz Umer 29 days ago

    where is shristi?

  • Dhiraj Khatri
    Dhiraj Khatri Month ago

    freakin trueeeeeeeeee

  • cute but psyho
    cute but psyho Month ago

    I feel the pain

  • Chinmoyee Chatterjee

    It's pretty relatable

  • p g
    p g Month ago

    Gr8 vdo n dialogues!

  • Anushka Jadhav
    Anushka Jadhav Month ago

    Exactly same as with me

  • Tarun Dham
    Tarun Dham Month ago

    True story man sadly

  • Munchin' Panda
    Munchin' Panda Month ago

    🥺🥺🥺 #freelancestruggles

  • shruti mugul
    shruti mugul Month ago

    I actually dont no meaning of freelancing 😐

  • Shubham Verma
    Shubham Verma Month ago

    there! I feel the pain

  • Syed Shazli
    Syed Shazli Month ago

    Kaun sa graphic designer khali touchpad se kaam kr leta hai. Agr aap mein se koi bhi bina mouse ya drawing tablet great designs bnate ho, then take a bow.

  • Aditi Keertani
    Aditi Keertani Month ago

    The wedding invites thing was in filtercopy;s video too

  • Jaini Muliya
    Jaini Muliya Month ago +1

    Same for the freelance photographers!! 😭😥 But hey, accurate video eh! 😅

  • prasanth
    prasanth Month ago +3

    4:53 what kind of a designer works with just keyboard and no mouse?

  • Vaishnavi Shetty
    Vaishnavi Shetty Month ago

    The Aunty was the best ❤️❤️she is so natural

  • Shalini Upadhyay
    Shalini Upadhyay Month ago

    You forgot to add the part where people ask how much you earn even though I have never heard anyone ask that question to a person in a regular job. Just because I am a freelancer doesn't mean it's any less impolite!

  • jayanth kumar
    jayanth kumar Month ago

    Who uses a touch pad to design a logo?

  • Witty Scoop
    Witty Scoop Month ago

    This is soooo relatable

  • sunny singh
    sunny singh Month ago

    Fuckin relates me😂😂😂

  • AlishaBadeShrestha
    AlishaBadeShrestha Month ago

    I hate that shayans mother is not shayans mother

  • Shruti Kapoor
    Shruti Kapoor Month ago +1

    I don't even know the meaning of freelancer
    Oh God I am so dumb😟

  • Gurujas singh
    Gurujas singh Month ago

    Exactly exactly how my brother experience same as the last min

    C MAYUR Month ago

    Dard Hai

  • Madlad 2.O
    Madlad 2.O Month ago +1

    Ek kaam karo exposure Ki baati banao aur ***** mai daal lo...

  • Eshita Chattopadhyay

    Really ye exposure k chakkar me hum freelancer ka dimag kharab😠

  • Ammar Ghanchi
    Ammar Ghanchi Month ago

    I'll still like to work freelance but cant🤣😭

  • avantika dora
    avantika dora Month ago

    Fkn true🥵

  • Sharanya Mukherjee
    Sharanya Mukherjee Month ago

    The end was the best

  • Vinay Patel
    Vinay Patel Month ago

    For everyone who thinks freelancers have no future, I started as a freelancer and now own an eCommerce based website and a tech blog with a global audience. Don't let these aunties and uncles tell you what you need to do with your life when they have absolutely no clue about freelancing. We are our own bosses and stand a better chance at achieving our goals than others.

  • Perpetual Lobo
    Perpetual Lobo Month ago

    This I what I go through lol

  • Perpetual Lobo
    Perpetual Lobo Month ago

    I wish to work in BuzzFeed 😍

  • Sri Haritha
    Sri Haritha Month ago +1

    Shayan looks so cute

  • fried potatoes
    fried potatoes Month ago +1


  • RYAAN pubg mobile
    RYAAN pubg mobile Month ago +1

    What is freelancer?

  • Ayesha Imran
    Ayesha Imran Month ago

    Hey. I have my e-commerce business as EXPRESSIONS ❤
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  • Vishwesh Bandarkar
    Vishwesh Bandarkar Month ago +1

    4:51 ..... 11 hours of graphic design (logo &poster) work without even touching the trackpad or mouse..... do share these shortcuts... I might be missing some these hacks!.. .. ek bar graphic designer ko puch he lete guys!... and I missed shayan mom.... keep going shayan ✌🏻