Sean Evans Learns How to Make Sushi | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Oct 10, 2017
  • Culinary neophyte Sean Evans has learned how to scramble an egg and sear a steak, but now he's up against his toughest challenge yet. Does he have what it takes to make it as a sushi chef? In the hopes of learning this highly skilled trade, Sean enrolls at the Sushi Chef Institute-an intensive, two-month course led by chef Andy Matsuda. From scaling a fish to molding nigiri, Sean learns the sushi-making basics from a real master. Will Sean make the grade or flunk his midterm? Find out on an all new episode of Sean in the Wild.
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Comments • 952

  • David Ta
    David Ta 18 days ago

    man that tuna looks gooood

  • Michael Bertoni
    Michael Bertoni Month ago

    butane flavored sushi. gross. Never torch any food. period

  • Chuck Jones
    Chuck Jones Month ago

    Sean is awkward
    Stick to Hot Ones

  • C Galhano
    C Galhano 2 months ago

    Take your watch off when cooking Sean ... :)

  • Will Quinn
    Will Quinn 2 months ago +1

    Sounds like an Asian waterboy

  • Happy Serene
    Happy Serene 2 months ago +1

    Chris with a knife is NEVER a good thing 😭 I get so nervous

  • David Borg
    David Borg 2 months ago

    Chef Sean :')

  • SengirShowsU
    SengirShowsU 3 months ago

    Wow. This taught me a lot. Thanks!

  • Nathan Gresell
    Nathan Gresell 4 months ago

    Buddy mustangs didn’t exist in the 50’s

  • You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin

    Mustangs came out in the 60s 😂

  • Dipen Patel
    Dipen Patel 6 months ago

    car to food comparison. I didn't think that was possible

  • Nicole Ibrajev
    Nicole Ibrajev 6 months ago

    Okay, unpopular opinion: I can't stand to watch Sean cooking on these, ever. In this episode in particular (IMO) he just displays such a disrespect for the ingredients he's using, not exercising any effort to actually try. Idk man, it just really grinds my gears.

  • Patrick Donahue
    Patrick Donahue 7 months ago

    1950's Mustang???

  • It's Seb
    It's Seb 7 months ago

    Someone should let Sean know that the Mustang's earliest year was '64 1/2

  • Davis`
    Davis` 8 months ago

    mustangs started in 1964 cmon man.

  • jeff james
    jeff james 8 months ago

    its like he's never held a knife before...

  • R. Z.
    R. Z. 9 months ago

    I know there are hours cut down to minutes but every time i see vids like this (not FWF or Sean in general) i wonder if the pros ever feel like they are getting mocked by the comments the people make.

  • Toki52
    Toki52 9 months ago

    Not a fan of the Schaub watch, especially while handling food.

  • DyzMonstar
    DyzMonstar 10 months ago

    Yay sushi! Love me some sushi. This was great!

  • David Mirasol
    David Mirasol 10 months ago

    Wing Chun Ip Man

  • santanalz
    santanalz 11 months ago

    Why de-scale the skin if you're only going to remove it and toss it?

  • Pudding Osu
    Pudding Osu 11 months ago

    fukken sean hahaha

  • Salo Michelinsnakehunter
    Salo Michelinsnakehunter 11 months ago

    Get the watch off while cooking shawn! Rookie mistake!

  • Distantraven
    Distantraven 11 months ago

    Seeeaaan you should have taken off that watch, im a little concerned that the chef here said nothing of this. When handling raw and easily spoiling produce take off EVERYTHING from close proximity of the food product.

  • SendNuke
    SendNuke 11 months ago

    R.I.P.? The fish was already dead 2:36

  • Adam Dean
    Adam Dean Year ago

    6:57 the mustang started production in 64, there is no 50s mustang

  • o gusmanov
    o gusmanov Year ago

    Say what you want But I NEVER SKIP Gordon Ramsay ads.

  • SergeantDizzle00
    SergeantDizzle00 Year ago

    There are no 50's Mustangs.

  • Шоне Херма

    Why do i feel like there's someone out there
    who does a perfect impression of Sean Evans?

  • Omar Ali Al-Haire

    Why the hell would you show him the namaste gesture?? Lol this video was good but so many cringe moments

  • Erik Kantor
    Erik Kantor Year ago

    I'm allready sold!

  • L-O M. F
    L-O M. F Year ago


  • tom dijksman
    tom dijksman Year ago

    corporate greed is what killed it all for you

  • Doc Broxxi
    Doc Broxxi Year ago +1

    Hey shout outs to my home town.

  • Bhl 10
    Bhl 10 Year ago

    Hi Sean...nice gold watch. Can you tell me what brand/model it is?

  • Chaemin Lim
    Chaemin Lim Year ago

    The chef seems to be avoiding every single question

  • marim0y
    marim0y Year ago

    dude... I know so many "sushi chefs" that would be better just from watching this video.

  • DeadlyGreed
    DeadlyGreed Year ago

    Good teacher :)

  • Belarion A.D.
    Belarion A.D. Year ago

    Chef was probably being nice with sean's scores. He was probably thinking "you are fucking trash" deep down. xD

    • Andy Matsuda
      Andy Matsuda 11 months ago

      No not at all. Sean is super dope.

  • thRuz
    thRuz Year ago

    “A little finger action” ;)

  • XanthoGrl
    XanthoGrl Year ago

    I think Sean secretly wants to be a stand-up comedian he’s used that analogy like 10 times

  • Brock Peavler
    Brock Peavler Year ago

    8:53 "Solid B, I'll take that".....Story of my life

  • Jin soo Lee
    Jin soo Lee Year ago

    sushi is korea is originsl not japan.

  • Jae
    Jae Year ago

    My favorite intro instrumental. :D

  • kevinnizlly
    kevinnizlly Year ago +1

    Seans great buy i love this chef too,

  • peter chen
    peter chen Year ago

    california ! nice

  • Matthew Deering
    Matthew Deering Year ago

    Try maine striped bass it is the best!

  • Samuel
    Samuel Year ago

    1950's Mustang, huh, Sean? That must be one rare car... considering the fact that the Mustang didn't come out until the mid-60s lol

  • Amberli Carrasco
    Amberli Carrasco Year ago +1

    Mr. Matsuda was so nice!

  • John G
    John G Year ago

    Sean, this would be much better if you showed respect and deference to the chef and the food, When you put your mind to it, you can be really good, and when you are good and attentive, you can be more entertaining and more communicative.

  • Carter Mangum
    Carter Mangum Year ago

    this was so cool!

  • Japanese Food
    Japanese Food Year ago

  • Spoogethat
    Spoogethat Year ago

    sean, there is no such thing as a 1950's mustang, mustangs did not come out to the public until 64

  • Yastil Roopan
    Yastil Roopan Year ago

    Yummy sushi

  • Kyle Nagele
    Kyle Nagele Year ago

    Hiroyuki Terada Sean evans mash up please.

  • Aerik Hubble-Messier

    Gotta revisit this guy some day Sean. Fun show, fun topic, not to long. Please take us back in a year or so when you have more better culinary skills under your belt. I learned a lot from the dude. :)

  • Andy The Witch
    Andy The Witch Year ago

    I'm from Torrance!

  • Luis Vazquez
    Luis Vazquez Year ago

    Lol 1950s Mustang?

  • mythirdchannel
    mythirdchannel Year ago

    new subscriber here, thanks to PhilyD's enthusiastic repeated recommendations :) I enjoyed watching this, and learned some too! well done :D

  • Jay Gaspar
    Jay Gaspar Year ago

    5:19 casually lifting hot rice cooker pot with hands (not sure if its how but looks hot to me)

  • dagoelius
    dagoelius Year ago

    Nice blade work.

  • amdyshi
    amdyshi Year ago

    I love when Sean refers to himself in the third person

  • Orozconleche
    Orozconleche Year ago

    1950s mustang.....

  • Sean Eik
    Sean Eik Year ago

    at 2:05 that cut gives me chills. I'm a Chef, and sharp knives are better then sex

  • micky mcfarts
    micky mcfarts Year ago

    They didn't make Mustangs in the 50's

  • Chris Ramirez
    Chris Ramirez Year ago

    as a chef, Sean's knife work gave me a nails on a chalk board feeling lol but everyone starts somewhere. nice job Evans! loved learning a little sushi

  • teddy vath
    teddy vath Year ago +2

    Alright, dude. I am laughing pretty hard at you right now, but only because you are behaving and looking as I would if I were doing this for the first time. Camera or no camera --- we just want to get it right. I feel ya.

  • Kyu Niko
    Kyu Niko Year ago

    same sushi chef that the gmm crew went to to make them nasty sushi rolls for will it sushi haha

  • rohan64bit
    rohan64bit Year ago

    takes 3 hours to make a raw shit tasting overrated food on the planet!!
    I bet true foodies dont give a fuck to sushis !!
    And most people just act satisfied while eating to show off and from inside they are like yuuuck!!!

  • Guurtman
    Guurtman Year ago

    2:28, oh god, I was not expecting the neck cracking sound.

  • Quinn Alexander
    Quinn Alexander Year ago

    4:49 Sean: "That's my style!" Andy: "Okay, whatever you say, junior."

  • Nuff Said
    Nuff Said Year ago

    Love sushi....hate wasabi.

  • riodelrey
    riodelrey Year ago

    @6:54 There were no Mustang's in the 1950s. The first production year was 1965.

  • Nivin
    Nivin Year ago

    1950s mustang XD

  • Michael Fels
    Michael Fels Year ago

    My favorite host

  • amonte714
    amonte714 Year ago

    Does Jiro use a fughkeng blowtorch?!?!

  • Forrest Nelson
    Forrest Nelson Year ago

    "A little finger action?"

  • GrassValleyGreg
    GrassValleyGreg Year ago

    Man, Sushi *looks* SO good..... Alas, tis not. lol

  • Hammer ToeNail
    Hammer ToeNail Year ago +2

    "There are five things we teach"
    *names 4 things

  • bobby norman
    bobby norman Year ago

    1950 mustang?

  • Lukeanadian
    Lukeanadian Year ago

    Anyone realize this guy appeared in GMM Crew ep with mike and Alex and they made sushi like the spider one

  • Sam Grijalva
    Sam Grijalva Year ago

    Does Sean do any stand up comedy? I'd love to see some of that

  • Christian  Robertson

    "1950s mustang"

  • Hoan Luu
    Hoan Luu Year ago

    You better not replace Sean ever, or you'll lose all your subs

  • Alceon
    Alceon Year ago

    Shawn is my favorite internet personality rn, so genuine and funny. Thank you for the content !!!

  • Lachie M
    Lachie M Year ago

    Sean that watch though!!!

  • Lachie M
    Lachie M Year ago

    love this channel so much!!

  • BlueScapegoat
    BlueScapegoat Year ago

    lol "1950's Mustang"

    ESPSJ Year ago

    great series, love how he was honest with the ratings lol

  • lue630
    lue630 Year ago

    how does someone who knows nothing to little about preparing food get a food show???
    *white privilege

  • Sardonicous
    Sardonicous Year ago

    nope, no raw fish for me, i dont want vibrio cholerae in me

  • ml219
    ml219 Year ago

    nice gold watch

  • YizTheGreat
    YizTheGreat Year ago

    Honestly if Sean made my sushi I wouldn't know if he was a pro or a rookie lolol

  • Zwolle
    Zwolle Year ago

    Best channel!

  • DannyLettuce McGee

    damn that big ass watch !

  • Pedro Freshcobar
    Pedro Freshcobar Year ago

    here's what I don't understand, why scale the fish if you're going to fillet it? what was the point of scaling if you're cutting the skin off the flesh anyway?

  • Ismael Uribe
    Ismael Uribe Year ago

    3:26 Never heard of a straight bass Sean

    SKOUZI Year ago

    isn't that the sushi chef from gmm? xd

  • Bandoliers06
    Bandoliers06 Year ago


  • Matt Lohkamp
    Matt Lohkamp Year ago

    I'm a fan, but - I just don't think the world needed another "white people learn to make sushi in ten minutes" short, you know? I feel like it's been done and done and *done* at this point.