Coyote Peterson Gets STUNG by Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jun 8, 2017
  • Brave Wilderness star Coyote Peterson has taken mother nature's worst-the adventurer and animal expert has been stung by a tarantula hawk, bitten by a snapping turtle, and stared down by a wolverine. But can he make it through a round of hot questions and even hotter wings with Sean Evans?! Find out as Coyote feels the bite of Zombie Apocalypse while recounting some of his wildest wilderness tales.
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Comments • 13 825

  • jass hole
    jass hole 7 hours ago

    Do david goggins

  • Urmomgay91 Mhm it true
    Urmomgay91 Mhm it true 10 hours ago +1

    Good mythical morning challenged you to the arm wrestle check out the challenge maybe?

  • Urmomgay91 Mhm it true
    Urmomgay91 Mhm it true 10 hours ago

    Good mythical morning challenged you to the arm wrestle check out the challenge maybe?

  • Meh楯山
    Meh楯山 12 hours ago

    Love how it seems like he doesnt notice the spice when he explains

  • Opih72
    Opih72 Day ago

    WTF is it with americans and cheering food? wtf

  • Jeff Lehnertz
    Jeff Lehnertz Day ago

    How does Sean do it? He sits so still and doesn't make any unnecessary movements

  • RighteousRowlando

    I'll admit, I'm a little disappointed that he didn't say

  • Rachel Nekomata
    Rachel Nekomata 2 days ago

    The editing for these videos is so good.
    I love the musical stings, no pun intended.

  • Asap Design
    Asap Design 2 days ago

    bet the hot sauce tasted like chocolate syrup

  • The Coco Midget
    The Coco Midget 2 days ago

    Is he coming back to do a carolina reaper or what? :)

  • XpRnz
    XpRnz 2 days ago

    Where's the video of them handling the next morning?

  • SpydersByte
    SpydersByte 3 days ago

    6:49 oh my god if that isn't the cutest thing ever. Someone please direct me to that video!

  • Noe Lopez
    Noe Lopez 3 days ago

    3:58 coyote looks like GGG lol

  • Elliott Talia
    Elliott Talia 3 days ago

    4:00 pause

  • Collins Lawler
    Collins Lawler 3 days ago

    They do sorta look alike I guess

  • algamboa1987
    algamboa1987 3 days ago

    Binge watched so many of these lately.

  • Test Account Please Ignore

    "(revolver ocelot) revolver (ocelot) "
    -revolver ocelot / (revolver ocelot)

  • Chris Schneider
    Chris Schneider 4 days ago

    oh god here im back.. another 3 hour binge

  • Rixu
    Rixu 4 days ago +6

    What I love about this interview is that he isn't even that interested in the bite/sting episodes and he actually asks Coyote real questions and stuff about the majority of the things the Brave Wilderness is about. Most of the interviews where Coyotes been on the interviewer has always only asked about the stings and bites and why he does them and call him crazy. This was a really grounded interview which is the reason I still come back to this video even after over a year

  • Lawrence Bolander
    Lawrence Bolander 4 days ago

    The real question is when we're gonna get some unedited version of hot ones with all the weird quirks and awkwardness if their is any

  • Lance Vanderlip
    Lance Vanderlip 4 days ago

    Props to Coyote for cleaning his wings, but he didnt even break 1,000,000 Scoville like most guests do.... Wheres "The Last Dab?"

  • DM Bara
    DM Bara 5 days ago

    Were you talking about 'buckeye nuts?' Like the ones in norcal fooothills?

  • Avery Volk
    Avery Volk 6 days ago +1

    I respect the hell out of him.
    But he said "Ree-sees pee-sees."

  • Nicky Erps
    Nicky Erps 6 days ago

    Man i want some hotwings now

  • jhon doe
    jhon doe 7 days ago +1

    "getting eaten by a whale like in Pinocchio" this generation is so retarded Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi was a devout catholic that based his story on parables like Jonah and the whale
    and for really stupid idiots that don't understand the story, the whale represents Jonah's consequences of living in sin, he is swallowed by his beastly nature, only when he turns to god after 3 days is he freed, the same is true for Pinocchio when he turns away from his lying ways is freed from the whale

  • wherefancytakesme
    wherefancytakesme 7 days ago

    Coyote grew up in Arizona and he's only NOW had hot sauce??

  • Nicolaj Vangsgaard
    Nicolaj Vangsgaard 7 days ago

    Hay. That was chili klaus. His a dane like me

  • Shawn Williams
    Shawn Williams 7 days ago

    Coyote coming from the Buckeye State.

  • Jason Langevin
    Jason Langevin 8 days ago

    Ok if the wings are hot but eating cold wing. No

  • Grunt802 0311VT
    Grunt802 0311VT 8 days ago

    This dude Peterson is a fake!! There is a sting pain scale that he never brings up!! So when you see him getting stung by something!! It's not even close of a reaction that a normal person would react

    • Magic Beans
      Magic Beans 3 days ago

      He's just a complete man about it.
      The reactions of a normal person is to lose your cool and flip out, screaming to high heaven as are the reactions of a professional theatrical camera performer.
      Have a downvote, boyo.

  • vickersfan
    vickersfan 9 days ago

    have emmymadeinjapan on here! she can handle hot stuff!

  • vickersfan
    vickersfan 9 days ago +2

    i love coyote!

  • bcfb21
    bcfb21 9 days ago

    The real question is did mark get the shot?

  • Tony's AWESOME channel


  • Tony's AWESOME channel


  • Tony's AWESOME channel


  • Tony's AWESOME channel


  • Tony's AWESOME channel


  • Tony's AWESOME channel


  • Tony's AWESOME channel

    Why is the brave wilderness comment not pinned

  • taistelutomaatti
    taistelutomaatti 9 days ago

    Charlemange the not God

  • michael stephan
    michael stephan 9 days ago

    Hell ya, represent Cincinnati!

  • Datt Guy so cold
    Datt Guy so cold 10 days ago

  • Robert Garcia
    Robert Garcia 10 days ago

    I loved that he mentioned the misunderstanding that people have about sharks

  • Blake Unrein
    Blake Unrein 10 days ago

    If you ever want to have me on your show I’d be down

  • Da Dutchii
    Da Dutchii 10 days ago

    I love Sean's hand motions :)

  • Glen Boonzaier
    Glen Boonzaier 10 days ago

    I think he did better than the host! LOL

  • master momo
    master momo 11 days ago

    8:54 so basc im monky

  • Robin Gloves
    Robin Gloves 12 days ago +3

    Coyote has such a genuine kind/friendly presence. He’s an amazing dude.

  • 4StoryKB Gaming
    4StoryKB Gaming 12 days ago

    I can't eat the spicy chicken sandwiches at school because they are too spicy for me

  • Bahaar Husain
    Bahaar Husain 13 days ago

    Dear friend, you are simply awesome! 🤗♥️💖♥️💖♥️💖

  • Kevin Bulton
    Kevin Bulton 14 days ago

    Coyote sounds like charlie day

  • Annalise Catenacci
    Annalise Catenacci 14 days ago

    R.i.p Steve irwin your missed all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!😘

  • Josh Howard
    Josh Howard 15 days ago

    I got a chili pepper ad on this vid

  • Jason franks
    Jason franks 15 days ago

    That's not the hottest hot sauce in the world now this is really not the craziest guy in the world the craziest guy I know is is my dad and he got stung by a Japanese hornet

  • steezy bullets gaming
    steezy bullets gaming 15 days ago

    You guys should have Brian Ambs

  • Denver Starkey
    Denver Starkey 15 days ago

    really , I've seen them go to hotter sauces on this show before.. why stop at the megadeath?

  • Jorge Felipe
    Jorge Felipe 16 days ago

    He must have shit so fire

  • Zac Cohen
    Zac Cohen 16 days ago +4

    These two literally sound almost exactly the same, like damn

  • thefiredmn
    thefiredmn 16 days ago

    Not a sip of milk..

  • Astrid Montemayor
    Astrid Montemayor 16 days ago

    I love coyote Peterson he is crazy this shouldn't be nothing to him

  • Lampensohn !!!
    Lampensohn !!! 17 days ago

    I think the biggest thing whales can swallow are grapefruits

  • Ho Athanatos
    Ho Athanatos 17 days ago

    I know some people whom I swear lack capsaicin receptors in their mouth and throat because they have had ghost peppers and carolina reapers and barely reacted, saying that they tasted them same and were tame.

  • Justin Pottle
    Justin Pottle 17 days ago

    Love you coyote

  • charles joyal
    charles joyal 17 days ago +1

    I dont cry often, but ill be damned if i dont tear up everytime i see steve irwin

  • LovezYouful
    LovezYouful 17 days ago +2

    He's lowkey kinda hot or am I the only one who thinks that

  • Floofy Mist Jamaa
    Floofy Mist Jamaa 17 days ago

    I think i'm gonna wake up my brother with that death sauce Coyote XD

  • Floofy Mist Jamaa
    Floofy Mist Jamaa 17 days ago


  • Kevin Hart
    Kevin Hart 18 days ago

    I've got to say by far one of the best episodes I've seen... My son and I love watching Brave Wilderness and I've been obsessed with the show... Love you guys and I hope you keep going...🙌💯🙌

  • Falcon DeRichio
    Falcon DeRichio 18 days ago +1

    This dude is the whitest white person thats ever white personed.

  • Miguel Angel Mancera Martinez

    cayote man I thought you didnt were scare to chikens

  • Ambrose Estrada
    Ambrose Estrada 18 days ago

    Tucson!!! Whooo. Put me on the show!!! I love hot food, dont even film I just want to do the challenge!!

  • Courtenay Nicole
    Courtenay Nicole 19 days ago

    Awesome guy!

  • Valerie D
    Valerie D 19 days ago

    I was hoping Sean would ask him how the pain of #10 compares to things he's done on Brave Wilderness

  • I Drink Milk
    I Drink Milk 19 days ago

    Coyote is the type of guy to come on this show but on the condition that nobody curses while the camera is rolling.

  • Christina Harrison
    Christina Harrison 19 days ago +1

    14:13 had me laughing so much just from watching all the hand movements lmao. Such expressive gentlemen haha

  • deathkittinzz
    deathkittinzz 19 days ago

    We need gordon ramsay in thisss

  • Friday Fox
    Friday Fox 20 days ago +1

    No one ever brings up Dian Fossey but like she paved the way for Jane Goodall

  • Zach Ellis
    Zach Ellis 20 days ago

    coyote Peterson is the next generation steve irwin

  • LilFresh 04
    LilFresh 04 20 days ago


  • Phuck My Life
    Phuck My Life 20 days ago

    Coyote 🅱eterson

  • Wow Wee
    Wow Wee 20 days ago

    I love him

  • Zacatito 1204
    Zacatito 1204 20 days ago

    Do ReportOftheWeek

  • Louis Nguyen
    Louis Nguyen 21 day ago

    If you click play then something’s happening

  • Kety Importa
    Kety Importa 21 day ago

    Handled like a chanp

  • Tsekoo Petroff
    Tsekoo Petroff 22 days ago

    who uses apple these days..

  • Frosty
    Frosty 22 days ago

    Stay brave! Stay Wild!!!!!

  • Nathan Payton
    Nathan Payton 22 days ago

    I just found this channel from Rhett & Link. This is amazing!!! I love eating spicy foods and challenging people to spicy eating challenges.

  • EntertainingDoge ;-;
    EntertainingDoge ;-; 22 days ago

    “More Than a Friend”? OwO

  • Avery Volk
    Avery Volk 22 days ago

    Yes!! I'm so happy he did this!! 😊❤️

  • Zack Doran
    Zack Doran 23 days ago +2

    That moment when a grown man that knows the scientific name for hundreds of insects calls the uvula a "dangly speed bag thingy" 😂😂😂😂

  • Snodge Kat
    Snodge Kat 23 days ago

    Love this!!!

  • Diego c. Valdez
    Diego c. Valdez 23 days ago

    Can you make a video of hot ones with Collins key

  • Hunter Jackson
    Hunter Jackson 23 days ago

    No Jeff Corwin. I feel like he was always a little overshadowed, but a big part of my childhood along with Steve

  • sergeant816
    sergeant816 23 days ago

    Johnny scoville??

  • rudy issa
    rudy issa 24 days ago

    Mega Death is fantastic

  • Overweight Otter
    Overweight Otter 24 days ago

    “Reesees Peeeseees”

  • Courtney Lewis
    Courtney Lewis 24 days ago

    I love how at a certain point the guest just start yelling the answers.

  • It's Alyssa We met at Applebees

    Bee sting Coyote looked like brendon urie

  • john wheeler
    john wheeler 25 days ago

    Skyline is the best!!!!