• Published on Dec 9, 2019
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  • Sarah Wilkens
    Sarah Wilkens 4 days ago

    I want that Lego set so bad but at 100, I don't meet the age requirements 😔

  • Jamie Boyett
    Jamie Boyett 5 days ago

    If I didn't know better I would say that you were for sure from the South!

  • Amy Stafford
    Amy Stafford 10 days ago

    I dont get Roadblox either. I think Minecraft looks very 80s pixely. But kids love it. I try to play. But my kids just give me mining tools and I dig until I burn in the lava. I totally suck at it. But I try

  • ashleycaresse
    ashleycaresse 10 days ago

    Roblox a Minecraft are video games. You can build homes on them and create characters

  • Lene Jensen
    Lene Jensen 17 days ago

    Tips for grand moms too

  • Katheryn Tenorio
    Katheryn Tenorio 20 days ago

    I loveee that sweater!!! Is from Walmart?

  • Kitty Khattak
    Kitty Khattak 20 days ago

    Nice lipstick

  • Vernell Foster
    Vernell Foster 22 days ago

    First time watching

  • Helga Marie Breyfogle
    Helga Marie Breyfogle 23 days ago

    Merry Christmas Meg! Loved your Tamoran Hal clip' good luck with the legos and thanks for the opportunity w/ amazon ... just watched melissa video.

  • Stephanie Dabrowski
    Stephanie Dabrowski 25 days ago

    This is definitely helpful for us without kids but with nieces and nephews!!

  • Jennifer Andrews
    Jennifer Andrews 25 days ago

    my son loves legos and the fgteev channel on youtube so that is what I got my 7 yr old son for christmas.....hope you and your family have an amazing christmas

  • Alhamoorya yoi
    Alhamoorya yoi 25 days ago

    your channel is on of the channels I can't unsubscribe, YOU'RE AMAZING MEG

  • Kenzie Skidmore
    Kenzie Skidmore 25 days ago

    Love this!! So many good ideas 💕

  • Maria Phipps
    Maria Phipps 25 days ago

    Merry Christmas!

  • Miss Kim narc free you and me

    Daughter is now 21 but whenever I have gifts that I have to buy for younger children I definitely tune in to TVclip. But I know surprise packs and hatchables and anything like that KIDS LOVE

  • Ashley Poston
    Ashley Poston 25 days ago

    I love your sweater!! 💕

  • Crystal Haskin
    Crystal Haskin 26 days ago

    Love your videos and the clean with me are my favorites because they are so motivating. Your home always seems so warm and cozy. ♥️

  • Bethany Fravel
    Bethany Fravel 26 days ago +2

    Sending love to you Meg❤️ Merry Christmas to your family!

  • Jazmen Hernandez
    Jazmen Hernandez 27 days ago

    🥰🥰 subscribed

  • Rachel Hanquist
    Rachel Hanquist 27 days ago

    Love your lipstick! My son is a year younger than Ross. I always enjoy your videos. When I’m lacking motivation to get up and clean my house I always put on your clean with me videos! ❤️

  • aimee boone
    aimee boone 28 days ago

    Love watching your videos !!! You are so beautiful ! I wish my skin was as flawless as yours !!!

  • Heidi warren
    Heidi warren 28 days ago

    Heyy this was my favorite

  • Samantha Sturgeon
    Samantha Sturgeon 28 days ago

    I need to know the story behind your kiddos names!! Because Ross being obsessed with Dino’s makes me want to watch friends again 🤣

    • Samantha Sturgeon
      Samantha Sturgeon 28 days ago

      Spoke too soon and commented this before you answered 😂😂😂

  • Tiffanie Rose
    Tiffanie Rose 28 days ago

    My kids asked for little mini fridges, where they got the idea to ask for that I'm not sure but when I saw them on sale for black friday at walmart in their favorite colors I figured it was meant to be lol I think they were like maybe $20 and can hold like 6 cans but I figured we'd just maybe fill it with mini water bottles or something. I also got my mom a vacuum she's been mentioning forever how she's wanted one but hasn't actually bought one so that'll be arriving just in time for her to get her cleaning done she was saying she needs to do before some family comes next week.

  • Sagar Patel
    Sagar Patel 29 days ago

    I Would love to give gift card to my coworker who is not affordable to give her child Christmas gift

  • Sarah E
    Sarah E 29 days ago

    You picked up a bunch of great gifts for your kids. Frozen, Ryan's Toy World, and LOL seem to be the most popular toys this year. We saw Frozen 2, I thought it was too "grown up" compared to the first one, I'm still a die hard Frozen fan despite being 38 years old. The marketing genius behind Ryan's World toys is truly a genius, low quality toys with a brand on them based on You Tube...brilliant! I hope you and your family have a blessed and very merry Christmas!

  • Brenda Spencer
    Brenda Spencer 29 days ago

    Merry Christmas!🎄

  • Guen
    Guen 29 days ago

    Cute ideas! I need to find these for a Christmas birthday.

  • mmdo112800
    mmdo112800 29 days ago

    You got some great items for your kids. I love the Ryan toy

  • Emily Moore
    Emily Moore 29 days ago

    They will be so excited Christmas morning!

  • Sarah West
    Sarah West Month ago

    There is a Ryan's world pirate treasure chest surprise thing I'm sure your son would love

  • Frances Jackson
    Frances Jackson Month ago

    I'm a grandma and this is so nice for people like me to know what to give their grandkids gifts...Thank you...

  • clarissa lopez
    clarissa lopez Month ago

    Did you already say who the winner is?

  • Julia enamorado
    Julia enamorado Month ago

    Such a good haul! We aren't going as all out this year with a baby on the way, and due next month. Plus our sons bday was Dec 15th lol we got hiiiiit.
    Thank you for the give away.

  • JIll Tasker
    JIll Tasker Month ago

    My kids got minecraft LEGO sets for Christmas a few years ago. They are so much fun. He’s going to love it 😊

  • Jackie mobley
    Jackie mobley Month ago

    I love to see what others give there kids

  • Tiffany Campana
    Tiffany Campana Month ago

    Minecraft and roblox are both video games.
    Minecraft is a great game for creativity. One game I dont mind my children playing

  • Brandi Half
    Brandi Half Month ago

    Can I just say... I love how REAL you are. So stinking real. 🥰

  • Brandi Half
    Brandi Half Month ago

    Love this. Good ideas for the future! I’m thankfully done shopping for my babies this year!

    I would use the gift card to buy my mama something she deserves for Christmas! She’s been wanting a dyson!

  • Mari
    Mari Month ago

    Would buy my kids the presents they really wanted but were to expensive to buy.

  • Jennifer Tuck
    Jennifer Tuck Month ago

    Love the ideas! I got my daughter a lot of Frozen 2 stuff too!

  • Kassie Lucas
    Kassie Lucas Month ago

    I would love an amazon gift card!!😍😍😍

  • Sandy Naquin
    Sandy Naquin Month ago

    Fun! My girl would love all this too!

  • Danie and Danny
    Danie and Danny Month ago

    We have a similar video coming out tonight! We got almost all of our kids gifts for free through couponing and rewards! We would love some support and to show you how we saved so much money!

  • hmatz12
    hmatz12 Month ago

    Your kids are going to have a fabulous Christmas ! Such an exciting age during the holidays! 😊

  • Savanah Williams
    Savanah Williams Month ago +4

    i’d love to give my little sisters presents bc my dad can’t afford christmas this year:/

  • Kristy Eden
    Kristy Eden Month ago

    My 5 year old son loves all the same things! Dino’s, Minecraft and Ryan!

  • Brittany Roberts
    Brittany Roberts Month ago

    I always love your videos. My daughter is 3 but she is basically a mix between both of your kids. Lol

  • juanita wade
    juanita wade Month ago

    You guys have come so far! I know you have done videos on how you went from No air conditioning to where you are now But I think doing an all in one to help people maybe better their lives like you did would be great! LOVE your Channel you guys are the sweetest

    AT TIFFANY’S Month ago

    I loved both of your videos so many good ideas ❤️ I have 3 girls but they’re obsessed with Roblox too I don’t understand it 🥰

  • kelsey fox
    kelsey fox Month ago

    my mom is working 3 jobs and my dad works 22 hours a day and sometimes he works 48 hours straight and we are still really struggling with money and i would really love to buy my parents and 4 siblings amazing gifts this year and i know this probably sounds like a made up story and i understand if that's what you think but that gift card would be so helpful to me

  • lindsay cotton
    lindsay cotton Month ago

    I have such a hard time reigning it in! With five kids ages 9 to 3 days old, I love these what I got my kids! So many good ideas!

  • KRMP
    KRMP Month ago

    Looooooove these videos!!

  • Tiffany Perry
    Tiffany Perry Month ago

    Mine are getting lol ,baby alive,hatchimals,num noms,barbies,movies,and slippers. The royal hatch ones are the princess ones most of them I think come with a crown

  • Akshaya Subeegaran
    Akshaya Subeegaran Month ago

    I love you soo much. I would really love to win the giveaway as I have never won one before. I have just recently found your channel and I love it

  • clarissa lopez
    clarissa lopez Month ago

    I love the gifts you got your children very cute... I love the frozen gifts more 😉😊

  • Riley Van Brimmer
    Riley Van Brimmer Month ago

    It would be really helpful for presidents if I got the gift card I have 3 siblings and my parents as well as my grandparents cousins and my aunt and uncle loved the video neat presents

  • Brooke Barrett
    Brooke Barrett Month ago

    I love watching theses videos and I love your sweater

  • Margaret Furey
    Margaret Furey Month ago

    Thank you so much for these great ideas. I have to grandsons 2 & 4 and needed some ideas for the 4 year old.

  • Rachel Hanquist
    Rachel Hanquist Month ago

    I love your content! My son is a year younger than Ross and into the same things. :)