Wiz Khalifa - Taylor [Official Video]

  • Published on Apr 20, 2019
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    Wiz Khalifa - Taylor (produced by Cardo) [Official Video]
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Comments • 6 374

  • suhenda pratama
    suhenda pratama 2 hours ago


  • Mat Boss
    Mat Boss 7 hours ago

    1) Sounds like lyrical Jizz, Khalifa!
    2) Get out of the way, you're blocking the view!

  • conejito Feliz GT
    conejito Feliz GT 18 hours ago

    Me encanta tu música y también fumar Cush like 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Angeline Star
    Angeline Star 2 days ago

    Doobie zupp wiz nigga

  • Patricia Miranda
    Patricia Miranda 2 days ago +1


  • ناصر الظاهري

    Very nice song💪💪💪😍😘😘

  • Rui Han
    Rui Han 3 days ago

    哈喽 哥们! 关注你已经快8年了、特别喜欢你!你是我唯一的偶像!加油💪

  • Yung BrokeHeart
    Yung BrokeHeart 4 days ago


  • A Penandroll
    A Penandroll 4 days ago

    Wiz khalifa looks like a sewer rat.

  • Leah Edmondson
    Leah Edmondson 5 days ago

    Ok but anyone else notice him standing in the hot tub with his pants on like that tho?

  • Lyca Official
    Lyca Official 5 days ago

    Diss Track For Wiz Khalifa From Rap Indonesian Maluku

  • Rohman Spasi
    Rohman Spasi 7 days ago

    I like musicians the most with their works

  • Avantae Johnson
    Avantae Johnson 8 days ago

    He smoking healthy

  • Manie Isaacs
    Manie Isaacs 8 days ago

    We need back the old wizkhalifa

  • FM_GameRaid_TR
    FM_GameRaid_TR 9 days ago

    Black and yellow

  • SeanDhondt ocho
    SeanDhondt ocho 9 days ago +1

    Wiz this favorite music icant relate this music I'm Schooling

  • OG Kennedy
    OG Kennedy 10 days ago +1

    So u think ur a fan of wiz?
    Then why aint u heard "youngen on his grind"-wiz

  • Kenyan Roy
    Kenyan Roy 10 days ago


  • stacks
    stacks 11 days ago

    Wiz khalifa a real pimp, Has women, plays games, Smokes Flower, Boxes. And on top of all that, he raps. Cool as fuck.

  • leandro revatta ramos
    leandro revatta ramos 11 days ago

    tvclip.biz/video/VpV94oPXSlA/video.html represent

  • Patrick Kabongo
    Patrick Kabongo 11 days ago

    Cardo tapped into his inner Sledgren...sheeehs new wiz meet old wiz

  • Dominick Williams
    Dominick Williams 13 days ago

    Wiz? What’s the sample from so gangster? I heard when I first got into lofi hip hop. It had a video of vegeta training. I googled it, thought it was a common song, and it’s bothering me.

  • Raluca Valentina
    Raluca Valentina 13 days ago

    the new wiz is some good shit

  • Jeremiah Nichols
    Jeremiah Nichols 13 days ago

    Yo I can’t find the new song he played on tour, anyone know if that’s out yet or not?

  • jdrobin1
    jdrobin1 14 days ago +1

    Wiz started making better music when his diet got better and he started doing mma. That shit is real... Gotta do shit in moderation or at least counter balance it. Nigga smokes all the time but works out hella now... Perfect balance for him... It helps his mind... Keep it up Wiz

  • Donny Lee
    Donny Lee 15 days ago

    Collest nigga alive

  • A T
    A T 15 days ago +2

    This shit slap harder than that last blunt... feel this vibe stay lit.

  • ℒℴve Summer Daimonds


  • Tuff Taylor
    Tuff Taylor 16 days ago

    ayyy my last name is Taylor, lmao

  • Bryan Schiavone
    Bryan Schiavone 17 days ago

    Old wiz back in this one

  • typo is love
    typo is love 17 days ago

    Wiz still 🔥

  • Abdul Khader
    Abdul Khader 17 days ago

    Love Alra TV KHALIFA H

  • Abdul Khader
    Abdul Khader 17 days ago

    Will join u soon

  • Abdul Khader
    Abdul Khader 17 days ago

    Fucking in ARAB EMIRATES

  • thea imogen
    thea imogen 17 days ago +7

    Do you know ?? your popularity on youtube is just at the distance of *AUTHENTICVIEWS D OT C OM*

  • cmoneytheman
    cmoneytheman 18 days ago

    wiz not anorexia no no

  • Young Tobbie
    Young Tobbie 19 days ago


  • Benitzerah Goddess article


  • Twizz The Whiz Kid
    Twizz The Whiz Kid 19 days ago

    "And niggas be hating, but to me that ain't natural".

  • Ernesto Moreno
    Ernesto Moreno 19 days ago

    I don't even move when I smoke. I eat fries.

  • Daniel De vries
    Daniel De vries 20 days ago

    Holy shit wiz killed it

  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz 20 days ago

    Heavy amounts of weed my stoners

  • Nate Motes
    Nate Motes 20 days ago

    What the fuck happend to j.r donato????? Whered he go??????

  • Pjon Ribut
    Pjon Ribut 21 day ago

    Babi anjing..

  • Untucked Fingers
    Untucked Fingers 21 day ago +5

    Getting heavy Kush and OJ vibes (yes that's a good thing.)

  • Kamunu Odomankoma
    Kamunu Odomankoma 22 days ago +7

    I ain’t gone lie, this sound like that old Wiz. Pimpin. A more updated mature version.

  • Quincy Miles
    Quincy Miles 23 days ago

    Swoovy General Take yo ears on a date tvclip.biz/video/eatokl445mo/video.html & OH Wiz don't ever disappoint !

  • Yung Hitta
    Yung Hitta 23 days ago

    I really miss that old Wiz Khalifa vibe,its like when he was relevant he was hot,and he brought his own sound and vibe ,we loved it,but didn't appreciate it,now that hes kinda washed up and reached his peak when you listen back to his old music you just say,Damn I miss that old Wiz,his music brings alotta good memories and vibes up...It seems like after he did Hogh School High,got Amber Rose pregnant and had his child,he fell off drastically..His sound just doesn't fit in with this new wave of music, it ssd's sad to.say,but Wiz will never be our Wiz Khalifa again..Just listen to Black and Yellow, and his music now....The passion isn't there..Its like he tries too hard now

  • CoLoSaL
    CoLoSaL 23 days ago


  • Don Hennessy
    Don Hennessy 23 days ago +4

    This is real nice! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jennifer Mc
    Jennifer Mc 24 days ago +25

    Ama be mad as hell if Rockstar doesn't add this song to GTA 6 radio when ever the game is release😅

    • StealthyBeats
      StealthyBeats 6 days ago +1

      bump this in the new hellcat at night and im sold on playing for more months💯

    • StealthyBeats
      StealthyBeats 6 days ago

      should be pn 5s dimond casino update.

  • Lexa Nexon
    Lexa Nexon 25 days ago

    wiz should was in games about black ghetto

  • Cindy Mell
    Cindy Mell 25 days ago

    Awesome thanks

  • Success 1st
    Success 1st 25 days ago +1

    I still fucc witch's since flight school cuz 412

  • Tysmizzy L'Doyen
    Tysmizzy L'Doyen 27 days ago +3

    Payroll Giovanni flow, Payroll Giovanni-Cardo "big bossin" type beat. Period. Good track anyway

    • iamstud1o o
      iamstud1o o 23 days ago

      Wiz been did this type of music about a decade ago

    • Chips Dubbo
      Chips Dubbo 25 days ago

      Cardo and Wiz the creator of this sound, this a classic wiz beat. Payroll go hard though.

  • Der Asiate
    Der Asiate 28 days ago

    good to see you Old Wiz!

  • Ajit Ingti official
    Ajit Ingti official 28 days ago

    Super video brother

  • James Sanchez
    James Sanchez 29 days ago

    Wyb wizzzzz

  • Cindy Mell
    Cindy Mell 29 days ago

    Ya right in my fan dreams I'll just wait for show can't wait from a fan thanks for all your jams

  • The Fields Bros
    The Fields Bros Month ago

    Bumpin dis at work. G shit