The Fate Of The Furious - Movie Review

  • Published on Apr 12, 2017
  • The Fast & The Furious franchise trucks on to its 8th installment. This time the crew must take on Dom, who has apparently turned his back on family. Here's my review of "The Fate of the Furious"!
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  • Zameendar Abhinay
    Zameendar Abhinay 19 days ago

    0:47. dom torronto a street racer.... what makes him a badass!! I hear people doing that a few blocks from my house!!!!

  • Ross Mitchell
    Ross Mitchell 2 months ago

    Tokyo drift fast 5 furious 7 furious 7 is the best before that was 5

  • Dylan Ball
    Dylan Ball 2 months ago

    Fast five

  • HippoButtSecks
    HippoButtSecks 3 months ago +1

    Hopefully my next car will have 5000bhp

  • Fast & Furious Fan27
    Fast & Furious Fan27 3 months ago

    The Fate Of The Furious Awesome Fast & Furious Movie I Really Enjoyed The Fate Of The Furious 2Fast 2Furious Is My Favorite Fast & Furious Movie

  • Aman Vinod
    Aman Vinod 4 months ago

    why do I have the feeling the next one is gonna be
    F9 : The Finest of the Furious

  • Anthony Gill
    Anthony Gill 5 months ago

    I've always been a huge student and observer of the entire f&f franchise. My opinion, if you're wanting to have some one be a guess in Paul Walker's shoes, then it would have to be Chris Pine. Dont understand? Well just go look at his snl appearance and you'll see why

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 5 months ago

    this is a Hilarious Review : )

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 7 months ago

    While this worked, I’m worried that they’ll get carried away with Fast 9 and Fast 10, having them using flying cars (or actually flying planes or helicopters), or going to space, or even having natural disasters occur in the movie, during the action.

  • Abraham N
    Abraham N 8 months ago

    The next one: The Fine of the Furious (they pay a huge parking fine)

  • Hector Arredondo
    Hector Arredondo 8 months ago

    00:52 THANK YOU for addressing it Dom Torreto a LA mechanic/street racer goes up against a former british special forces and the ROCK whos job is capturing more dangerous criminals
    But these series are entertaining and we love them for that

  • Mayank Verma
    Mayank Verma 8 months ago

    This movie shouldn't even exist because without Paul Walker it's just trash.

  • x FLaSH x
    x FLaSH x 9 months ago

    One of the best movies

  • C Brown
    C Brown 10 months ago

    Should have ended it at 5

  • Isaic02
    Isaic02 10 months ago

    Just watched it and I can’t handle physical inconsistencies. I can usually turn that off in movies, but when it is thrown at me every 30 seconds, Sorority Girl: “I just can’t.”
    They really did commit to the absurdity though.

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ Year ago

    Tokyo Drift is the best

  • leatherface1973
    leatherface1973 Year ago

    Shit movie!!

  • El Pony Alfaro
    El Pony Alfaro Year ago

    The Good Time No Alcohol Required Series!!!

  • Hector Arredondo
    Hector Arredondo Year ago

    there is no way that a street racer can go up against an ex special forces soldier (ff7) a bad ass federal agent (FF5) and an internet terrorist group needs his help (FF8) A and. the us government (FF7) but the action is awesome

  • Gen X Murse70
    Gen X Murse70 Year ago

    One of the absolute dumbest and unrealistic action flicks I've ever seen. Seriously, how friggin stupid can it look with one speeding an orange Lambo over an icepack, & taking on armored troops with heavy firepower? Dream on, buddy!

  • wholetruthy
    wholetruthy Year ago +1

    piece of shit movie

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake Year ago

    The Eight of the Furious

  • 7272K12
    7272K12 Year ago

    Fast Five was the best, no competition.

  • Jeremy Ray
    Jeremy Ray Year ago

    How about hackers hacking auto drive cars to make them drive on their own and crash them out of building to rain on the street below. Or how Dominic is all Marvel super villain fr a while. Costume armor and mask wielding a chainsaw. Yeah there was more stuff but I think I will skip on the self driving cars because hackers jacking into on board computers to not only steal your car but wreck it too. The future is weird. In 2017 New York City. Everybody had a car with an auto start up and on board self driving computer.

  • FreakShow
    FreakShow Year ago

    Did anyone start to cry when they named Dom's kid Brian at the end?

    Cuz i sure didn't .Not a lot atleast.

  • Raider Royz
    Raider Royz Year ago

    My problem is actually they don't even need the cars in the other movies. They just hamfist it in there so they slap it with a fast and/or furious title, cause they know its a cheap way to draw money.

  • The Overall
    The Overall Year ago


  • Captain Jakemerica

    Gosh this movie was better than I thought it would be not entirely sure I believe this movie should have beat Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Box Office opening weekend record

  • liamdude5
    liamdude5 Year ago

    2:26 Did Jahns just muster Jim Gaffigan for a second?

  • xxoxia
    xxoxia Year ago

    Ok, so, I keep seeing that there's a 2hr 40mn version of this film, but so far, I've only been able to find the 2hr 16mn version. Has anyone seen them both and can they explain what's extended in the longer version?

  • Human Man
    Human Man Year ago +1

    It Sucks

  • Blademotomaster
    Blademotomaster Year ago

    Here's a spoiler so be warned..... when Dom finally meets up with his ex it turns out she had a baby (his) and that seems to be the only reason he is going against all his friends and has changed sides. What a corny idea just to fit in with our overwhelmingly "baby-centric" culture. I couldn't watch the movie much beyond this point. I'm just glad I didn't pay to watch it on the big screen.

  • Jace Carsonne
    Jace Carsonne Year ago +28

    "Here the Rock is, getting better and better at his craft."
    **Baywatch comes out**
    "Well... that went straight to hell."

  • highspeed142
    highspeed142 Year ago

    he likes this but thinks guardians vol 2 was trash???

  • tnc
    tnc Year ago

    Your impressions are golden 😂😂😂

  • Chanets
    Chanets Year ago

    Fast Five

  • Stranded Alien
    Stranded Alien Year ago

    The movie has awesome action that never lets up and is only brought down
    "SPOILER WARNING" buy the scene where the mother gets shot in the head.
    We didn't need that scene in a movie that's as cheesy as hell, wrong move director, wrong move.

  • Vladimir V.
    Vladimir V. Year ago

    Yeah. They'll keep making them as long as people will keep bringing cash.

  • JoL™
    JoL™ Year ago

    This one was GREAT! very emotional!

  • Adam Frank
    Adam Frank Year ago

    The Fast and the Furious- No Alcohol
    2 Fast 2 Furious- T-Minus 1 day
    Tokyo Drift- Better time if your drunk
    Fast and Furious- Better time if your drunk
    Fast Five- No Alcohol
    Fast and Furious 6- Awsometacular (my personal opinion)
    Furious 7- Worth buying on blu ray

  • Harambe is alive
    Harambe is alive Year ago

    Weird movie was released April 14 but the video was released April 12🤔

  • HMBW
    HMBW Year ago +2

    Am I the only one who really hated this movie?

  • theDalamjee
    theDalamjee Year ago +4

    nobody gonna talk about when shaw killed han? no? okay

  • stupreme
    stupreme Year ago

    fast five still my favorite

  • slaymaster999
    slaymaster999 Year ago

    Vin diesel only cheats on his diet!

  • Sinoda Notsnhoj
    Sinoda Notsnhoj Year ago

    could morons please stop paying money to see these shit movies?

  • Fabio Neto
    Fabio Neto Year ago

    only thing i liked in the movie was the cars even tho there were only a little and Jason's fight scenes ...

  • Toxic Remedy
    Toxic Remedy Year ago

    We just did a blu ray unboxing review of this movie on our channel!

  • UPokes
    UPokes Year ago

    Just watched it, again I shed a tear and clapped in the end. There's something these movies do right, although it's not always as smooth as it could be. Favorite one stays Fast Five, suprise! (nope)

  • Differential Equations

    the bitch is annoying as fuck

    DEVENDROID Year ago

    Dude, I wanna see you collab with Chris Stuckmann

  • resistnzisfutl
    resistnzisfutl Year ago

    Hafta say I enjoy them all, but starting with 5 boy have they delivered. Yea, who woulda think it?

  • The Rock
    The Rock Year ago

    Fast 6

  • Mdabdul Salaam
    Mdabdul Salaam Year ago

    fast five was the best

  • 2 Gamers kissing
    2 Gamers kissing Year ago

    the storyline to this was really boring. literally me and my cousin fell asleep in the first half despite it having alot of action

  • Agape Andrei
    Agape Andrei Year ago

    There is one thing that bothers me. So basically Dom risk WW3 and the death of billians of people to save his son? Isn't this a bit egocentric??

  • Carola Calderon
    Carola Calderon Year ago

    2:26 😂😂😂😂

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray Year ago

    Last part made me burst in tears 😢😢

  • Julian Thorn
    Julian Thorn Year ago

    Fast 24: Jack Bauer vs The Family.

  • Ahab
    Ahab Year ago +7

    I feel dumber after watching this movie

  • BestOfEverything
    BestOfEverything Year ago +1

    but why name his son Bryan and not Paul... like wtf i know this was meant in his memory but his real name is Paul not Bryan....

  • 707Guido
    707Guido Year ago

    Can't wait a crossover with Family Team v Avengers

  • gibboanx1
    gibboanx1 Year ago

    From worst to best:
    8. Fast & Furious
    7. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
    6. 2 Fast 2 Furious
    5. Fast & Furious 6
    4. The Fast and the Furious
    3. The Fate of the Furious
    2. Fast Five
    1. Furious 7

  • Toma Hawk
    Toma Hawk Year ago

    F7 has missile
    f8 has submarine
    f9 Will have ship
    f10 supersonic jet
    f11 rocket
    f12 ufo
    f13 alien
    f14 new planet
    f15 new galaxy
    f16 galactic destroyer weapon
    f17 superpowers
    f18 FUCK YOU!

  • abradolf lincler
    abradolf lincler Year ago +1

    Annnnnd were still gonna get 2 more of these shit movies. Should have stopped after walker died it's all about money now

  • Mio Bokesten
    Mio Bokesten Year ago

    The second one is the best

  • Cross
    Cross Year ago

    the movie is getting more and more outrageous. to befriending a murderer of one of your family members, to having a Deus ex baby for story convience...I mean the whole ny car chase was cool but it made no fucking sense. they have the ability to high jack the auto drive function in cars to remote operate them, but the chi showed a bunch of fucking junk cars that have barely any high tech in there....while the family are driving around in expensive ass vehicles that do have high tech in them but the evil person can't high jack control their vehicles!?!?!? like wtf. also they really need to kill of brian(not the baby Brian)...they are ruining this franchise by saying he is around but deciding not to involve him and Mia....I feel bad for the actress playing Mia she is written out just because the actor died...geez. here is how u fix this, instead of bringing back his old flame and making up a bullshit I was pregnant before u found Letty excuse. make it so that cipher killed Brian, and kidnapped Mia and their son. Dom has to be evil in order to save them and get revenge...there u go I got Mia back u have a little kid to protect which they should just name Paul oconnor anyways instead to pay respect. and figure out a way that makes Jason's character not a murderer of Jan and ur good cuz honestly Jason had the best fucking scene in this movie on the plane. I can't wait for the rock and Jason stand alone cuz those 2 are the reason fast is still relevant.

  • AA 15
    AA 15 Year ago

    G.I.P Paul Walker 🙏

  • Chance Pryor
    Chance Pryor Year ago

    Fast Five is the best ;)

  • Liam_x7
    Liam_x7 Year ago +2

    The original is hands down the best IMO

  • Patron Clips
    Patron Clips Year ago

    Fast and furious 16: Doms 60th birthday interrupted by ISIS

  • Bruce Blackwell
    Bruce Blackwell Year ago

    so can anyone in this movie franchise be alive even when we see them die? watch red beard comeback in whatever number you want.

  • romahnae
    romahnae Year ago

    hey, hey, hey james bond isn't absurd.. he's bond, james bond.

  • Something Short
    Something Short Year ago

    The Ending when Dom named his new Son Bryan really hit me in the feels

  • se7en
    se7en Year ago

    It was meh! At best.

  • Andrew Di Maulo
    Andrew Di Maulo Year ago

    i honestly dont care how ridiculous these movies are getting i hope they never stop making then there so fun to watch

  • Sanchit Varma
    Sanchit Varma Year ago

    This was stupid, emotionally fake and really really boring. It was just not fun.
    It was migraine inducing.

  • JDM Cesar
    JDM Cesar Year ago

    hows the tuna here?

  • Lonwabo Grey
    Lonwabo Grey Year ago

    I do not get why some of y'all catching feelings over a movie... If you do not enjoy it, please stop watching it! People need to chill outchea... You end up causing unnecessary drama online over a movie that was made simply to make money...

  • bstamell23
    bstamell23 Year ago

    Michele Rodriguez is the worst fucking actor I've ever seen. Not to mention her voice is annoying af

  • SHADOW 420
    SHADOW 420 Year ago +1

    Dwayne the rock HARD Johnson......had to!

  • Carlos Kreek
    Carlos Kreek Year ago

    My favorite part of the series is 2Fast 2Furious at this point

  • Hapsetshut
    Hapsetshut Year ago

    Spy driving is now a genre because of these.....I've heard they're going to do one in heart weeps

  • chicostephenson
    chicostephenson Year ago

    we don't need any stupid laws of science or physics around here. fuck that shit!! lol

  • A Dream
    A Dream Year ago

    Fast & the Furious 15 On the Moon

  • Ileasha Collie
    Ileasha Collie Year ago

    My favorite is Fast 5 with Furious 7 as a close second

  • Hassan Alamoudi
    Hassan Alamoudi Year ago

    In this movie I think vin diesel is terminator with feelings

  • Toni Kavorkias
    Toni Kavorkias Year ago

    I'm typing this out from the netherworld, dunno how I ended up down here, but all I remember last seeing on earth was The Rock deflecting rubber bullets at close range with nothing but his bare chest. If anyone's reading this, please track down Sam and Dean Winchester for me and tell them to open up a portal or something for the kid here - I'd really appreciate it... 😒😭😭😭

  • Mister M
    Mister M Year ago

    any one else notice that the cast is full of bald guys?

  • niagra898
    niagra898 Year ago

    Don't watch it-not even if it's free..your time is more valuable.

  • LordAugastus
    LordAugastus Year ago

    8th film is a turd, even on f&f over the top action and stupid plot it sucks. Characters didnt know who they were, too many characters, values and motivations dumb, action was good, but over the top perception of action (fast cuts fast paced moves) but then stupid propaganda was over the top, just wasnt enjoyable in the end.

  • Fromthefuture
    Fromthefuture Year ago

    "I wonder how in the NEXT one how they going to get those cars in...Space ???"

  • Pike Roast
    Pike Roast Year ago +3

    From stealing DVD players to stealing Nuclear Weapon, this series sure go a long way

  • Paul B
    Paul B Year ago

    Yeah need to stop this NOW!!! This movie made no sense and plus the villain got away WTF?

  • Craig Stone
    Craig Stone Year ago

    This film was utter non-sense. The plot was as if it was wrote by a dyslexic 12 year old on Ritalin hanging upside down like a bat.
    So many kicks in the teeth to the audience. Usually I can roll with films that don't make sense and spill a bit of nonsense here and there, but this film is next level BS.

  • getyapaper
    getyapaper Year ago

    Fast Five all day. This movie turned my whole perception on this franchise. I hated those movies back in the day, nowadays I just shut down my brain and I have got time. They are fun.

  • Elizabeth Crespo
    Elizabeth Crespo Year ago

    It is still the second one with Eva Mendes. I love that movie.

  • Becca smithson
    Becca smithson Year ago

    2 fast 2 furious

  • ruben g
    ruben g Year ago

    Blue-ray worthy

  • IRON'S' 乡Ivàr
    IRON'S' 乡Ivàr Year ago

    its not fast and furious
    its a mini marvels avengers