Amazing Construction Tools And Ingenious Working Inventions

  • Published on Feb 24, 2019
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  • Nico Husky
    Nico Husky 2 days ago

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  • AkvariumFishes АквариумФишиз

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  • pinche THOTIANA
    pinche THOTIANA 4 days ago

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  • Валентин Гусак

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  • 冷哦魚
    冷哦魚 10 days ago


  • Ali Santoso
    Ali Santoso 11 days ago +1

    Alat kontruksi cangih

  • алекс гор
    алекс гор 12 days ago

    на 5:20 тупое изобретение и максимально бесполезное

  • Joseph S
    Joseph S 13 days ago

    The music is bangin tho. I need that playlist

  • silvano fabio
    silvano fabio 15 days ago +1

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  • joshoryvids
    joshoryvids 16 days ago +1

    What’s up with the porn music?

  • Carlo Gambino
    Carlo Gambino 17 days ago +2

    Soundtrack 🔥💯

  • Impacto Celestial
    Impacto Celestial 17 days ago

  • Михаил К.
    Михаил К. 17 days ago

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  • SexyGiRL
    SexyGiRL 18 days ago

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  • Hendrix Jensen
    Hendrix Jensen 18 days ago +1

    Why the Strange Sound ? “Music”

  • Screw You
    Screw You 19 days ago

    very very ingenious

  • Joanna
    Joanna 20 days ago

    What’s the maximum weight can be lifted please ?

  • Need you now
    Need you now 20 days ago


  • B11video
    B11video 23 days ago +3

    and now you know how they built the pyramids....

    • Tee Vee
      Tee Vee 12 days ago

      And they didn't even have pen and paper to write things down. People were way smarter 3000 years ago.

  • Core i3 3217U RYTP
    Core i3 3217U RYTP 23 days ago

    7:01 бля бля...

  • Magy Gonzalez
    Magy Gonzalez 24 days ago


  • 1985mastro
    1985mastro 28 days ago

    Sound is horrible

  • scott albert
    scott albert Month ago

    Marvelous inventions. Could you invent some better music that doesn't make me hit the "mute" button please?

  • マッドマックス
    マッドマックス Month ago +5


  • Peter Stericker
    Peter Stericker Month ago

    does say who makes the pallet lifter, which is brill. go to site about renault trucks
    found it Innolift
    Look under self loading forklifts are few around.

  • Hornet S
    Hornet S Month ago

    tutta roba vecchia, non so cosa tu ci abbia trovato di incredibile, ingegnoso....
    4000 ani fa facevano le stesse cose, anzi facevano molto meglio perché non avevano la tecnologia di oggi.
    Solo gli ignoranti e chi carica questi video si possono stupire di queste cose.

  • Boris Fedoroff
    Boris Fedoroff Month ago

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  • Jesús Cristo
    Jesús Cristo Month ago

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  • Oyun Hesabi
    Oyun Hesabi Month ago

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  • Кузя Пузин

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  • Майор Дегтярёв


  • steve anderson
    steve anderson Month ago

    Totally shit music FFS

  • bruzote
    bruzote Month ago +2

    @10 minutes, the truck requires stabilization for loading, but it's OK to drive it around, including braking, turning, hitting bumps? I don't get it.

  • H N
    H N 2 months ago


  • Noble Roofing & General Contracting

    Need to impeach advertisement WTF I am here watching new tools I would be interested in buying because of the cranking economy. I suffered along with countless other millions after 2008 and 8 years of Obummer

  • Cristian Culetu
    Cristian Culetu 3 months ago

    What’s the maximum weight can be lifted please ?

  • MIX & MAX
    MIX & MAX 3 months ago +1


  • taxisteve929
    taxisteve929 4 months ago

    Whenever I see a specialty tool that makes life much easier in a specific job, I think of luthiers and guitars. The best don't buy their specialty tools at first...they create them and use them just as many did with similar things seen in this video.....then, down the line somewhere, someone decides to market the tool people in the trade have made and used for years. I would imagine I wouldn't have to bull lug too many of those large buckets of cement before I stopped, looked at the situation, and came up with a better idea.

  • Rick Schuman
    Rick Schuman 4 months ago +2

    Nice toys. And that concrete stamping is only good for low traffic areas; definitely not for drive ways.

  • Ahmad mohamad
    Ahmad mohamad 4 months ago +3

    Great video👍
    All appliances are great and necessary.👍
    But music is real shit

  • Mario Van holle
    Mario Van holle 4 months ago +1

    i didnt see anything that i havent already seen years ago

    • Mario Van holle
      Mario Van holle 4 months ago

      taxisteve929 it was just a reaction nothing more 😉😜

    • taxisteve929
      taxisteve929 4 months ago

      I don't think they were implying new, but in history. Humans have always created work saving tools, whether it is a construction worker or a guitar maker.....they do something to make the work easier or more precise and consistent, and almost all in a trade will create their own tools doing this.....then somewhere down the line, someone sees this and specs it out and gets the patent and sells it to a tool maker and it is available to all. I would have preferred to see things NOT patented yet that some old-timer does to make his job easier....things you can't buy yet.

  • Muammer Gökmen
    Muammer Gökmen 4 months ago


  • Директор Шко

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  • Rudolf Eichner
    Rudolf Eichner 4 months ago +1

    Richtig gute Technik, die man leider
    nur sehen kann - dennoch praktisch!
    Schade, dass man sowas nicht ein-
    fach so zwischendurch und vor allem
    PREISGÜNSTIG überall kaufen kann.
    Das wäre sehr gut, wenn es diese
    praktische Hilfstechnik endlich mal
    zu kaufen gäbe - und zwar günstig!!
    Oder bei gutem technischen Sach-
    verstand, vielleicht mal versuchen,
    so etwas selberzubauen. Dazu wären
    dann nur noch die ganzen Materialien
    notwendig in Bauhäusern zu besorgen!

  • khalil خليل Coco
    khalil خليل Coco 4 months ago

  • Burnwash
    Burnwash 4 months ago +6

    That brick-maker @ 2:42 is awesome - in 20 years, you could have enough bricks to build a house!

  • Chris Castillo
    Chris Castillo 4 months ago


  • Joseph Collins
    Joseph Collins 4 months ago

    Please add more advertisements to this set of advertisements. Thumbs down for overkill.

    • s g
      s g 4 months ago

      adblock is your friend

    GREASEHOUSE 4 months ago

    Can anyone name the song play at 4:35?

  • Казимир Козлевич

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  • nicole hamilton
    nicole hamilton 4 months ago

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    • s g
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  • Tim Edison
    Tim Edison 4 months ago

    Annoying music

  • deborah henderson
    deborah henderson 4 months ago +2

    I like the pallet truck idea

  • Zodiac Sam
    Zodiac Sam 4 months ago +2

    Jackass video. They're just tools. Not ingenious. Not rocket science.

  • Hassan Adam
    Hassan Adam 4 months ago

    it is amazing tools

  • fun channel65
    fun channel65 4 months ago

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  • EFS Toronto
    EFS Toronto 4 months ago


  • Richard Head
    Richard Head 4 months ago

    music sucks ass

  • emma bouchard
    emma bouchard 4 months ago

    Inventos de Construcció

  • Виктор Люстиг

    С рохлей умиляет. Взяла в конце и руками палету пододвинула:))

  • artur przybysz
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    RODRIGO PIACENTINI 4 months ago

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  • Babalonkie
    Babalonkie 4 months ago

    This is old technology...

  • don ben
    don ben 4 months ago +1

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  • Xvicha Gajishvili
    Xvicha Gajishvili 4 months ago

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  • Josediego Lopez
    Josediego Lopez 4 months ago

    95% men's build everything . women's build what ??????????

  • another mother
    another mother 4 months ago

    The camera man must have Parkinson's

  • Gail Fisher
    Gail Fisher 4 months ago +1

    🌸 that’s so cool, who else clicked on it to check out guys in builder kit lol 💖✨