LIFE UPDATE ... Why I'm Stepping Back.

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
  • I hope you understand.
    xo's ~ Tati
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  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith 8 hours ago

    You have all my positive thoughts for your business, your channel and most of all your desire to be a mother. I think you will be an amazing Mom. I understand the struggle so well of feeling your body is failing you. At 28 I had to have a hysterectomy and give up my hopes of being a Mom. My wife and I have come to accept it and love our life together (30 yrs this fall) but I'll always wonder what would could have been. You & James follow your dreams. The people that love you will always be here. ❤️

  • Athena124
    Athena124 8 hours ago

    You and James will be amazing parents! If you get pregnant then it is meant to be, if you adopt, then it is meant to be. And girl, 3 days a week is still a lot! PS can’t wait for more Halo Beauty

  • J Coburn
    J Coburn 8 hours ago

    Tati, you are going to be an amazing mom! If I have to I'll search for your videos, i love watching all the crazy stuff you try. Sending you love and light

  • Anna Casey
    Anna Casey 8 hours ago

    congratulations lovely, you deserve every blessing

  • C K
    C K 8 hours ago

    Made me cry AND I NEVER CRY 😭

  • Thompson Family Values

    Infertility is such a long battle but I’m so happy that you’re talking about it and making it known! My husband and I have struggled with it and we did IUI’s and we also did Ivf and through Ivf we were blessed with our son. All the injections and medications, and procedures are worth it! You are strong and amazing! I love all your videos and I’m so excited for what your future has in store for you and your family!

  • Kelsey Marie
    Kelsey Marie 8 hours ago

    I love how in love you and James are ❤️

  • Janae Peters
    Janae Peters 8 hours ago

    Omg Tati!!! I’m so happy for you!!! You do what’s best for you and we will be here to support you ❤️❤️❤️ you’re going to make THE BEST mommy. I can’t wait for you

  • haylee quick
    haylee quick 8 hours ago

    I love you Tati!!! ❤️

  • Gabriele Fajardo
    Gabriele Fajardo 8 hours ago

    Crying but your makeup stays SNATCHED?! Tati, you’re a warrior and as a fan who’s been watching you grow your channel, I’m so proud of you and just wish you and James the best of luck ♥️

  • Alyssa Johnson
    Alyssa Johnson 8 hours ago

    I'm so happy for you and James. I can't wait to see what the future holds for yall. We as fans are here for yall.

  • Luana Ortiz
    Luana Ortiz 8 hours ago

    You will be the best mom ❤

  • myra akipa
    myra akipa 8 hours ago

    Sitting here bawling my eyes out 💔 I hate seeing you in pain, you got this tati! We will be here for you the whole way! Love you so much!

  • Emily Jackson
    Emily Jackson 8 hours ago


  • Thetoetickler 94
    Thetoetickler 94 8 hours ago

    Only 24 and have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I know that not as long as some people but I’m still very hard on my self about it. Being so young it is just draining and disappointing. I feel what you are saying. Infertility at all spectrums sucks.

  • Amber Raye
    Amber Raye 8 hours ago

    This is gonna sound strange but something told me in five months you will be pregnant or close to an answer I get weird feelings about things and it happens but I always hold back saying anything I hope this isn’t taken the wrong way I just felt it had to be said, love you Tati , I’ll be here when you get back , I think stepping back and the stress being cut down will help you , take the time you need ♥️ and don’t force anything just enjoy the ebb and flow of this journey. I agree you are built to be a mom you really are and James will be the best dad. Thank you for everything you have been a constant source of positivity and I’m not going anywhere and nothing is falling apart only in place for new , change is hard but necessary

  • Brandy Evans
    Brandy Evans 8 hours ago

    You are going to be an AMAZING MOM! Sending my thoughts,prayers, and good vibes to you and James!!

  • Eye Of The Beholder
    Eye Of The Beholder 8 hours ago

    I have anxiety and depression as well as endometriosis. And I worry because of my depression that when I finally do get pregnant if I can that I might end up having post partum depression.... am I alone in that? Or does it worry you too?

  • Ingrid Ciocoitei
    Ingrid Ciocoitei 8 hours ago

    This is so awesome . I’m so happy for you Tati that you are making time for you and having a baby , I really hope everything works out for you guys ❤️we will always be here

  • gasmasongs
    gasmasongs 8 hours ago

    Tati, this new journey you are about to take sounds awesome and I'm wishing you good fortune, good health and much happiness! I will be watching for your vlogs, beauty advice, whatever and whenever you do them. You have taught me so much about makeup at this stage in my life and I really enjoy following your channel. All the best to you and James and that lucky little one who will come into your life by any means necessary!

  • Katie Mercado
    Katie Mercado 8 hours ago

    Tati! We love you no matter what! 💕 Praying for you and James! 🙏🏼

  • Sada MoMo
    Sada MoMo 8 hours ago +1

    I really like the video, so happy you are giving your time to focus more to be able to have a child... weeks ago i saw an american-korean couple here on youtube where they show the transition of trying to have a child with some fertility treatment and it was amazing to see, really opens the eyes of the struggle some couples go and the people around can make some comments that are painful. Hope you do a video about it of course if you feel comfortable but with the amount of subscribers you could help a lot with the understanding and why we need to be supportive and positive with the decision couples made and not judge :D be positive and relax, hope you achieve all your goals:D

  • hanarosa★てぃふ
    hanarosa★てぃふ 8 hours ago

    Do what you think is best for you. Self care is important. I am sure you will be a great Mom. We love you Tati♡

  • Katherine Patrick
    Katherine Patrick 8 hours ago

    When your kid arrives, I hope they watch this video to know how loved they were even before being in your life.

  • lost kitten
    lost kitten 8 hours ago

    I have been here since day one I'll be here till the end we love you!!

  • leili azari
    leili azari 8 hours ago

    I’m still going to be watching your videos when you turn 95 Tati!!!!

  • 1115TinaM
    1115TinaM 8 hours ago

    Bottom line. It isn’t the amount of videos or the frequency in which you post that makes you special , different , or unique. It’s just YOU. Your content is top notch and whether it is one video a week or five it doesn’t matter.
    I wish you all the best with your journey to become a mom and whichever way it happens for you is what is meant to be. Take a deep breath. ❤️❤️❤️.

  • SarahDB
    SarahDB 8 hours ago

    I've been following you since 2014. You have been one of the biggest positive influences in my life! Do whatever you need, take as much time as is necessary to do what you want! I think any kid that gets you as its mom is so lucky, and I hope I get to see how everything turns out. I just hopenyou get everything you wanted out of life. You deserve the very best life has to offer!

  • Z Z
    Z Z 8 hours ago


  • Ashley James
    Ashley James 8 hours ago

    Awww Tati this is exciting news!!! 💜💜💜 I cannot wait to see this journey unfold for you and your family! I currently am struggling with infertility as well. It started very early on for me with PCOCS and endometriosis. It’s a battle but I know it will be so rewarding in the future whether I have a sweet baby of my own or I have to adopt! Prayers to you and your family for the journey ahead!!

  • Yana's Opinion
    Yana's Opinion 8 hours ago

    I’m proud of you and will send you positive thoughts!

  • Jwillette
    Jwillette 8 hours ago

    Second comment on here got a message from a bot pretending to be you

  • James Chen
    James Chen 8 hours ago


  • Laura Kirwan
    Laura Kirwan 8 hours ago

    I think you are doing really well. You have nothing to apologise for. Due to disability I have experienced some of the hurdles u are speaking of and you are right to be more mindful. I am never going to be able to afford children but the lovely thing about your hard earned success is that u have many avenues open and u r right to explore all u can. Try to be as happy and peaceful as u can and u have already made the world a better place.

  • Pickle :3
    Pickle :3 8 hours ago


  • Sofia Garza
    Sofia Garza 8 hours ago

    Tati I love you ❤️ this video hit close to home today was my first visit with a fertility doctor. I suffer from PCOS which makes it difficult to conceive. But you made me feel stronger, you made me feel not alone and you helped me keep positive ! Hopefully you and I soon become mommy’s !

  • Tania Alcaraz
    Tania Alcaraz 8 hours ago

    Tati, send you sooo much love! I’m so excited for you! 😘❤️

  • Алина Тажиева

    Not a beauty review, but pewds doing 8 days a week

  • fatima sardon
    fatima sardon 8 hours ago

    Step back all you want! I won’t let your channel fall apart! It won’t happen! And MANY more people won’t either

  • Paige Guedea
    Paige Guedea 8 hours ago

    You got this Tati .Youre amazing butterfly and deserve to spread your wings and work of what’s in front of you were here not going no where !Cross fingers for you!Best youtuber by far

  • Mya Walls
    Mya Walls 8 hours ago

    I was diagnosed with uterine cancer at 17 and ended having to have an emergency hysterectomy due to it. It is one of the worst feelings in the world thinking/knowing that you can’t have children. Things will get better, love. Keep your head held high! We love you! ❤️

  • ElizabethDenisse1
    ElizabethDenisse1 8 hours ago

    Can someone resume this video?

  • Julie Hinkel
    Julie Hinkel 8 hours ago

    Class all the way. You will be a great mother one way or another. My parents tried for six years and actually stared to check out adoption. Once they relaxed and “ gave up” they were expecting. Five children proved the doctors wrong .
    Take your time. Relax

  • Bridget White
    Bridget White 8 hours ago

    Awee Tati!! I replied to your histogram story before even watching this! I'm so so happy that you're prioritizing and putting you and your love and family first. Like I've always said, you stay inspiring me. With love 💖

  • Cristal Cotrell
    Cristal Cotrell 8 hours ago

    I can’t wait to see you carrying that precious child in your arms. God bless you and your family ❤️

  • gerg 6497
    gerg 6497 8 hours ago

    I love you so much ❤️

  • Laura
    Laura 8 hours ago

    I think you deserve so much support and I see you as an inspirational person. Take all the time you need. We, as your viewers and subscribers, are here to support you all through it! Also, I thought you were gonna say you're gonna do one video a week or two lol but three videos a week is still much more than a lot of channels do and this just shows that even smaller changes can make a difference. I wish you love and all the best on your journey of expanding your family and business.

  • Eye Of The Beholder
    Eye Of The Beholder 8 hours ago

    I know exactly what you mean when you say that you feel like your body betrays you. I have surgery for my endometriosis coming up in a month or so

  • Sandrine Dittrich
    Sandrine Dittrich 8 hours ago

    Seeing you beeing so much in love with your work, inspires me soo much!

  • bethnie dorsainvil
    bethnie dorsainvil 8 hours ago

    Do you Tati! You rock. Bless you and your dreams. You inspire me so much.

  • Erica Metacarpa
    Erica Metacarpa 8 hours ago

    Sending you a million hugs Tati 💜💜💜

  • Eka Rizky Fitriani
    Eka Rizky Fitriani 8 hours ago

    Goodluck Tati 😉😉😉

  • Prbella05
    Prbella05 8 hours ago

    Your a beautiful soul. Dont worry Tati God will bless you with a baby! Love yah

  • Emily Sigmon
    Emily Sigmon 8 hours ago

    Tati I'm so happy you are making healthy choices for your mental health and well being. I am sending you all my love and support.

  • Daniela Bezara
    Daniela Bezara 8 hours ago

    You are beautiful Tati in and out!!

  • Adylene Rosales
    Adylene Rosales 8 hours ago +1

    Love you tati❤😁

  • Isabella xxoo
    Isabella xxoo 8 hours ago

    Tati you where the first person I ever watched on TVclip, I will always watch you know matter how often you post. You could post once a year and I would never forget about your channel. I wish all my love and blessings to u you and James on your journey of having your own little family. Xxxxxx 😊❤️

  • Niloofar M
    Niloofar M 8 hours ago

    You literally made me cry... love you Tati❤️

  • Venus Domingo
    Venus Domingo 8 hours ago

    Wow!!! I will pray for you that you will have beautiful kids!

  • Jessica McDonald
    Jessica McDonald 8 hours ago


  • sugarlissie
    sugarlissie 8 hours ago

    Not sure if you have PCOS but have you tried the Ava Bracelet? I've used Bellabeat to track my health and got pregnant months later ❤ I hope you find peace and something that works for you; sending you prayers 🙏

  • Jamie Woody
    Jamie Woody 8 hours ago

    I have endometriosis, know you are so loved Tati you are going to be an incredible mother. You got this love.

  • Amanda McDonald
    Amanda McDonald 8 hours ago

    struggling with your own body is not easy; it is one of the most stressful things to experience as women but I am so excited to see you grow more!

  • Aoife Otoole
    Aoife Otoole 8 hours ago

    3:43 OH MY GOD TATI!!!! I'm a whole ball of emotion right now , sad to not see you as much but soooooooo sooooooo so so so happy and overjoyed for you xx I hope it goes well and you get a little bundle of joy , you and James deserve it so much and I'm going to say a prayer and light a candle in the church for you x

  • Ainslie Williams
    Ainslie Williams 8 hours ago

    I was wondering if you wanted to have kids Tati. Even if you upload a couple of times a week that's still heaps! You need to take care of yourself and you can definitely have both and soon you will. So excited for what's ahead for you! X

  • Alix Morabito
    Alix Morabito 8 hours ago


  • Marcy Dunklin
    Marcy Dunklin 8 hours ago

    I’m so excited for you Tati and that this year holds for you!

  • beverly scandlon
    beverly scandlon 8 hours ago

    No wonder you can’t sleep, good luck on becoming a Mom 😘

  • Lamia L
    Lamia L 8 hours ago

    Tati God has a plan for you! Maybe you waited all this time to get where you are at an amazing stage and be this successful woman to then welcome a little human! Everything will come at the right time, love you! 💋

  • Candice Micele
    Candice Micele 8 hours ago

    This hits home for me so hard. As I’m now 37 and also have major fertility issues. My husband and I have been trying for ten yrs now to conceive. Unfortunately after years of specialists we have been informed that ivf is our only option left and we cannot afford to go that route. I’ve been having to come to terms that my dreams of being a Mom just isn’t in my life plan. I wish you & James all the best in this journey 💕

  • Mindy Jean
    Mindy Jean 8 hours ago

    💕TATI I hope you see this comment, my 9 month and I was watching your video and she got excited and stood up.
    She grabbed my phone and started giving you kisses. 😘
    Hope she sent you good baby vibes!
    Much love and respect!
    I had to share that. I hope you see this..
    Good luck hun.

  • Laura Modick
    Laura Modick 8 hours ago

    Many blessings on your dreams👪💞

  • Momo Makeup_
    Momo Makeup_ 8 hours ago

    Love you Tati!!!

  • Anna Willemstein
    Anna Willemstein 8 hours ago

    I love you so much Tati! I’ve been watching since 2014. You are the ONLY youtuber I watch every video from. I hope you see all your dreams (including you and James’ baby dream) come true❤️❤️❤️

  • Lauren G
    Lauren G 8 hours ago

    Beware the tati gift bot! I just got a message request that said " is some gift for you" 😑

  • 1leggedgirl
    1leggedgirl 8 hours ago

    Gentle reminder that anyone can "have" children regardless of personal fertility. Adoption has become easier and more affordable. In fact, the price of adoption is comprable to current costs of giving birth in a hospital. Adoption does not make children any less yours. Trying to change this stigma around biological children being the only way one can be fulfilled by parenthood. Thanks!

  • Tina Kelly
    Tina Kelly 8 hours ago

    Love you Tati! I’m so proud that you are doing this for you and your family! We will all be here cheering you on!!! 💕💕💕💕

  • Andrea W
    Andrea W 8 hours ago

    Tati we love you no matter what. You just be you. We will stay and we are really proud of you

  • Xiaoling Huang
    Xiaoling Huang 8 hours ago

    Tati I watch you religiously and almost never comment but I felt I had to write this time. I really enjoy all of your videos and you have become a routine in my life. Please know that the ones that love and support you will always be here for you. Don’t feel that you have to keep a strict schedule if you need to rest and take time for yourself and family. Being a mother is truly amazing and I pray the best for you and James. Focus on your health, physically, spiritually, and mentally. You will be an amazing mother and god will always be here to support those who deserve it. I wish you and James the best!🙏

  • Amber Wilson
    Amber Wilson 8 hours ago

    Omg don’t do it. Don’t you cry. I love you Tati!!

  • Monica Sutton
    Monica Sutton 8 hours ago

    You are my favorite TVclip of all time. You're going to be an amazing mother!!! I'm not going any where

  • Tasha Florentz
    Tasha Florentz 8 hours ago

    Tati, I do not watch you because you upload 5 days a week. I watch you, for you. You are an amazing person and I know you will be an amazing mom. I trust your opinion. I laugh with you, I cry with you, I have fun with you. As someone who also has fertility issues, I wish you and James all the best.

  • Rachel Magowan
    Rachel Magowan 8 hours ago

    My sister and her husband are going through the same thing. They've been trying for years unsuccessfully. Ive seen how difficult it is for her. Just try not to put too much pressure on yourself and dont rule out any options. I wish the best for you guys!!

  • Lori Harrris
    Lori Harrris 8 hours ago

    Love you Tati!!!

  • Jessica Carmody
    Jessica Carmody 8 hours ago

    You are always encouraging your viewers to practice self care and self awareness...I'm so happy that you're taking the time to do it yourself :)

  • Kaitlyn Frausto
    Kaitlyn Frausto 8 hours ago

    I am so glad you were honest about what you are going through. I 100 percent think you need time for you right now. I hope and pray your dreams of having a baby with your love come true very soon!

  • Robyn A
    Robyn A 8 hours ago

    You’ll never see this, but I’m putting it out there anyway. :) I had 9 miscarriages before I finally had my kids. When you get there...and you will look down at the baby in your arms and know that you had to wait because it had to be *this* baby. No other baby would do, and it all goes away; the sadness, the pain, the frustration.
    I’m putting all of the best intentions out into the universe for you. You’ll have your baby, because someone like you needs to raise humans. Big love! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shelby Lavin
    Shelby Lavin 8 hours ago

    I am going to pray for a baby to come to you Tati

  • chrysta77
    chrysta77 8 hours ago

    You are an incredible human being Tati! I'm sending so much love your way, and I'll be praying for success in your new life journey! Love you and thanks for everything you do! 😘😁🤗

  • Jennifer Campbell
    Jennifer Campbell 8 hours ago

    Tati, this is truly an amazing video. Thank you for being always so open and honest. I wish and pray the best for you and your growing family ❤️.

  • Evie Luna
    Evie Luna 8 hours ago

    Tati we love you so much. You and your videos have helped me so much with my mental health and getting through the day to day, and I hope that by taking this little step back you're able to help yourself and give yourself the strength that you've given so many of your subscribers. I wish you all the luck in the world, you're an incredible, beautiful person and you'll make an amazing mum. I hope these extra days give you the ability to breathe in a little deeper, calm a more, and find what you need to find.

  • Ashley Atkinson
    Ashley Atkinson 8 hours ago


  • Kevin Joel
    Kevin Joel 8 hours ago

    I had no idea about ur fertility issues😩I love you Tati your sooo strong💙💙💙

  • Erin Sarver
    Erin Sarver 8 hours ago

    We are all supporting you! You are the best! I will always watch your channel whether you post 5 days a week or once a week. You are truly my favorite channel!! Your health is the most important thing. 💙

  • Tatum Dean
    Tatum Dean 8 hours ago

    Its really okay, I had so many problems getting pregnant so I can relate. I hope it all works out for you. Take a break and relax we love you ♥️

  • Hayleigh Bishop-Sweeney

    I love you so much Tati, I honestly will miss the video everyday but also perfectly understand why you have to step back. I will be here to support you no matter how many times a week you upload.❤️I'm so happy that you are trying to have a child but also am so grateful that you have the financial means to do it. I would love to see videos of your journey with endometriosis and fertility, only if your comfortable with it. Don't worry about being perfect, we're all human here❤️. You are such a precious person and I honestly look up to you.❤️I'm so excited to see what this new year will bring you! Don't be scared, just do what you gotta do ❤️

  • Stacie Markham
    Stacie Markham 8 hours ago

    You are going to be the most amazing mom...and you will be a mom. My prayers are with you and James. But you can't have a baby if you are stressed out to the max. You've gotta learn to relax! And if relaxing your work load is going to help, ,then that's exactly what you need to do! I would wish you luck but you aren't going to need it. Have faith Tati. Faith will move mountains.

  • Cris A
    Cris A 8 hours ago

    Aawwww...wishing you all the best, Tati!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • gabriella rose
    gabriella rose 8 hours ago +1

    #3 ON TRENDING!!!!!!!! 💜proud of you girly💖

  • bubble killer22
    bubble killer22 8 hours ago

    I hate seeing you cry 😢. You are amazing. Please never forget people are here for you and your opinions.