Spell the Word, Win the Car - Spelling Bee Challenge

  • Published on May 9, 2019
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    Spell the word right, win the car... Sounds easy, right?

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Comments • 7 757

  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug  7 months ago +4535

    Do you think you would have won if you were here?!

  • This is Minecraft And roblox

    It’s his ex behind

  • J And B
    J And B Day ago

    When faze rug was spelling insidious um the girl next to Chanel she dropped her mouth open 😂

  • Quiks FN
    Quiks FN 2 days ago +1

    kalyn behind

  • Aide Andrade
    Aide Andrade 3 days ago

    Katlyn was the one who was saying the words

  • Richard Gonzales
    Richard Gonzales 3 days ago


  • Olivia the Slimer
    Olivia the Slimer 4 days ago +2

    It’s kaelyn Brian’s ex behind the camera 📷

  • Robert
    Robert 4 days ago

    The contestant doesn't get the spelling wrong until they say the word after they're done spelling they can make a mistake then fix it before he finalizes his or her decision.

  • arely499
    arely499 4 days ago

    Is anthonys headband upside down💀💀💀

  • melik 2
    melik 2 4 days ago +1

    Is ur ex girlfriend

  • Ben KT777
    Ben KT777 4 days ago

    I get solace in knowing my lexicon is superior to that of these imbeciles

  • Gaming and Asmr
    Gaming and Asmr 4 days ago

    To me rug looks like he’s from 2016 faze rug

  • My life Is fun
    My life Is fun 4 days ago

    sorry i sike i was not first love your vid

  • Esmeralda Catete
    Esmeralda Catete 4 days ago

    5:26 ithought the video was over😂😂🤣🤣

  • Zayed Alzaabi
    Zayed Alzaabi 4 days ago +1

    Mabye rug was cheating

  • Lain Duding
    Lain Duding 5 days ago

    That is molly behind the camera

  • Aidan's Channel
    Aidan's Channel 5 days ago

    is rug still a faze boi

  • Alexis Probasco
    Alexis Probasco 5 days ago

    I think Chanel is going to win.

  • Quirky Fan
    Quirky Fan 5 days ago

    Papa rug is sooo cool

  • funny_matthew Roblox
    funny_matthew Roblox 6 days ago +1

    I would win a spelling bee cause i can spell

  • Aden Caudy
    Aden Caudy 6 days ago

    The secret speaker is kalen

  • Araceli Gomez
    Araceli Gomez 6 days ago

    The person behind the camera is kallen

  • Sofia Sanchez
    Sofia Sanchez 6 days ago +4

    I died when Anthony said"what is that under Jr's chair is that dictionary lotion" 😂😂😂😂

  • IGame 4Fun
    IGame 4Fun 6 days ago

    Any1 saw Anthony not get a high five

  • Ahmed Akram
    Ahmed Akram 6 days ago

    Kaelyn is behind the camera

  • Spoopy Gang
    Spoopy Gang 6 days ago

    That speaker can fit in a ant LMAO

  • David Tan
    David Tan 7 days ago

    I have to say.....Amander deserves the Mercedes car

  • Jorge Covarrubias
    Jorge Covarrubias 7 days ago +1

    The person talking is rugs ex girlfriend

  • D3stroyer
    D3stroyer 7 days ago

    I’m pretty sure Kaeylen is behind the camera

  • Vlogs with inferno
    Vlogs with inferno 7 days ago


  • Im Nayeonnie
    Im Nayeonnie 7 days ago +2

    Who edit this? Its so funny when it is papa rugs turn😂

  • Jaden Siutza
    Jaden Siutza 8 days ago

    It's Katlyn?

  • Abraham
    Abraham 8 days ago

    Gucci poos like a lambo idk who poops like a channel

  • J Dgo
    J Dgo 8 days ago

    Its obiously kaelyn behind the camera

  • Denise Ellis
    Denise Ellis 8 days ago

    I thought papa rug had 8 lives

  • Kyle Cummo
    Kyle Cummo 8 days ago

    8:44 who else noticed his head band is upside down

  • Senthooran Kumarasamy

    u da best man, plz play cod
    in ur intro

  • Mary Luv slime
    Mary Luv slime 8 days ago

    0:17 🥴biggest?🥴

  • Abdulhakim Meqbil
    Abdulhakim Meqbil 8 days ago


  • UltiAaronSlayer X
    UltiAaronSlayer X 9 days ago +3

    13:51 how is the 4 letter F wrong? In 14:31 it says the first T is wrong too even tho it is correct

  • Miriam Lopez
    Miriam Lopez 9 days ago

    Anthony head bend upside down

  • Araf,Tahif,Eelma's Vlog

    10:13 best kick of the world

  • DebronXX
    DebronXX 9 days ago

    Why does that beat sound like the outtro of RDC World1

  • Green Zeal72
    Green Zeal72 10 days ago

    How do you spell your ex name .there is a lot of way to spell.i am just bad at spelling I would not win

  • Green Zeal72
    Green Zeal72 10 days ago


  • Green Zeal72
    Green Zeal72 10 days ago

    It’s kaylen

  • Camila Gonzalez
    Camila Gonzalez 10 days ago +3

    Anthony: we have ambulance on stand by 😂

  • Jessie critchley
    Jessie critchley 10 days ago

    Kaeilgh was the person behind the camera I think

  • Claudia Hirsch
    Claudia Hirsch 10 days ago +1

    Kaitlyn is behind the camera

  • Anthony Chavez
    Anthony Chavez 11 days ago +2

    The person in the back is Kaylen

  • Best GamingYT
    Best GamingYT 11 days ago

    Kealyn is behind the camera

  • Jack Aleesha
    Jack Aleesha 11 days ago +2

    It is kaytlin his ex can’t you believe it RIGHT

  • Kadrian Berry
    Kadrian Berry 11 days ago

    Jessica is behind the camera

  • Sis Gamer
    Sis Gamer 11 days ago

    It’s Brian is ex not molly

  • Daniel Woolsey
    Daniel Woolsey 12 days ago

    the announcer is kaelyn

  • Sukhman Dhillon
    Sukhman Dhillon 12 days ago

    I think the person behind the camera is Kaylen.....🤔

  • kitty Dan and the kittys!

    Here is a word for the spelling bee. Exaturicolycic ... You will never found out how to spell it. Hah.

    Oh wait...

  • ShoX Nico
    ShoX Nico 12 days ago

    Thumbnail said pneumonia when I have pneumonia

  • bowllegs
    bowllegs 12 days ago

    Bro I ate a cat biscuit

  • Nandini Rajah
    Nandini Rajah 12 days ago

    Was that Catlyne behind the camera