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  • Roxana Öztoprak
    Roxana Öztoprak 16 days ago

    I love your content so much, but I so hate your very quit (but there) background music, it reminds me of a facebook phonecall or something (and it sadly also took me a while to figure out that it actually was your very quit but there background music and not someone calling you all the time)
    am I really the only weirdo hearing that noise?! (sorry for my English, not an original English speaker). Buuuutt all the love and thank you for everything you put out on here, just a tiny remark. :)

  • Canary Valens
    Canary Valens 7 months ago

    "Its pastable" the puns & the buns

  • David Alvarenga S.
    David Alvarenga S. 7 months ago

    I love this girl i cant stop watching her

  • Kristin K.
    Kristin K. 7 months ago

    You need to do a colab whit nikki omg

  • Diva
    Diva 7 months ago

    Lookin like halseyyyyy

  • Kiyoshi Kouhei
    Kiyoshi Kouhei 7 months ago

    u should include the tasting part too

  • Penny Wilson
    Penny Wilson 8 months ago

    Vegan sister of pasta? Most pasta is already vegan. Do you mean gluten free?

  • Isabel Villalobos
    Isabel Villalobos 8 months ago

    That onion is my soul😂😂😂

  • Pretty Sure
    Pretty Sure 11 months ago


  • Kate Lam
    Kate Lam 11 months ago

    So cringey

  • Rica Cinco
    Rica Cinco Year ago


  • Louie Lemonades
    Louie Lemonades Year ago +1

    Let's put the thick ones at the bottoms- that killed me after you made the cheerleader reference

  • Enya Pilares
    Enya Pilares Year ago

    you know you're in a Filipino house when you see a broom like that

  • Shane B
    Shane B Year ago

    i really like you megan

  • Shane B
    Shane B Year ago

    im so sorry you have trust issues id really like to marry you

  • Faith Marianne Lawas

    Walis tambo!!! hahahahahah

    SSJ- ROSE Year ago

    No cheese no lasagna

  • Erik Stronghold
    Erik Stronghold Year ago

    There's no such thing such as vegan la-sag-na! 🤣

  • Gabriel Espinosa
    Gabriel Espinosa Year ago

    just saying that I love ur videos and you make me laugh af

  • Niesh Dannie
    Niesh Dannie Year ago

    I got a kick out of the "It's pastable" pun

  • Ari Bailey
    Ari Bailey Year ago

    the shirt. where'd you get the shirt from sis.

  • Narnia land
    Narnia land Year ago

    I liked when you were on team edge

  • jewel diamond
    jewel diamond Year ago

    On-yum! Luv u Megan!

  • Bekah's Beauty
    Bekah's Beauty Year ago

    She's like the cooking,non-vegan, brunette version of supreme banana

  • Elisa Kelly
    Elisa Kelly Year ago

    where did u get the recipe from

  • Chanra San
    Chanra San Year ago

    I'm very guilty about the fries deal

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones Year ago


  • Hadeel Yasin
    Hadeel Yasin Year ago


  • Sheehan Tiffany
    Sheehan Tiffany Year ago

    went here because im feeling so down from school tonight :( thanks megan!

  • Jmo
    Jmo Year ago

    Lol the way you say rotten is adorable

  • Mia Faber
    Mia Faber Year ago

    Where ist your Top/sweater/shirt from?

  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    Never found any guilt in any lasagna i've ever eaten.
    Usually there's pasta, spaghetti sauce, mozzarella and some times meat which makes it even better.
    Guilt is not an ingredient i eat in any food.

  • tame kitten
    tame kitten Year ago +1

    She kinda sounds like sssniperwolf

  • Kristin Sharmaine

    Proof that Megan is the original Salt Bae: 1:32 - 1:34

  • Keila
    Keila Year ago

    I made this last week. I forgot the egg whites 🤦🏻‍♀️ but it was really good.

  • Humberto Rodriguez

    Looks Yummy

  • Alexis Medina
    Alexis Medina Year ago

    Don't save onions bro you can die look it up

  • Jippin14
    Jippin14 Year ago

    Eating lasagna while she is making it haha

  • Kit Rocks
    Kit Rocks Year ago

    What is with all the lasagna like seriously Monday night my family was having lasagna and then I want to go to my friends house and had lasagna again like lasagna is taking over the world

  • Dennise Espiritu
    Dennise Espiritu Year ago

    That looks so good

  • Richardo Persaud
    Richardo Persaud Year ago

    Asian broommmmm !!!!!! My girl has one lol

  • Louise D
    Louise D Year ago

    That lasagna looks crisp

  • Chengy Poo
    Chengy Poo Year ago

    my new year resolution is to get sucked off once

  • Chandasouk
    Chandasouk Year ago

    I have the same broom!

  • Davidoff Productions


  • Ast vom Baum
    Ast vom Baum Year ago

    But that is not even remotely gonna taste like lasagna.

  • Summer Campbell
    Summer Campbell Year ago

    I like your hair

  • Silvy
    Silvy Year ago

    It's pastable

  • Jewels S
    Jewels S Year ago

    I might try it....I noticed your kitchen is really nice! When can we get a apartment tour?!?!?! PLEASEEEESE

  • Charmaine Mendoza

    on yum

  • MannyMadridista
    MannyMadridista Year ago

    0:33 "'s _pasta-able_"
    As soon as you said that, I just had to click the like button

  • Xion Productions
    Xion Productions Year ago

    I want to eat better but that just looks disgusting. But good job on making it! :)

  • mychubbycheekerz
    mychubbycheekerz Year ago

    That broom is called a "walis" for my non Filipino ppl

  • Ryan Huang
    Ryan Huang Year ago

    You could also use eggplant with the zucchini

  • Taymanator0051
    Taymanator0051 Year ago

    Oh man... that actually looked really good! Except the egg whites, that seemed entirely unnecessary. On-yum!

  • Laura Trezise
    Laura Trezise Year ago +1

    Megan Batoon vs Liza Koshy???

  • Sejun Lee
    Sejun Lee Year ago

    is it the lighting? like ermahgaw

  • diana bernal
    diana bernal Year ago

    Having a bowl of water next to you while you cut onions helps fight the tears. At least for me it does

  • MrSanktjakob
    MrSanktjakob Year ago

    But Megan...
    How did it taste?
    Did it taste Guilt-free?

  • Chris Jay
    Chris Jay Year ago

    Cute and funny. I'm a new sub and I like this video.

  • Andrea Andrea
    Andrea Andrea Year ago

    can't get enough Megan recipes. u r so fun to watch. keep them coming. .

  • Alexa Wei
    Alexa Wei Year ago

    This is the most awesome lasagne i've seen on youtube!

  • jamila morales
    jamila morales Year ago +1

    you pronounce rotten so cool!

  • WkProductionCrew
    WkProductionCrew Year ago

    U r damn hot my eyes just got 3rd degree burn 😍

  • jeffa2006
    jeffa2006 Year ago

    looking beautiful as always maynnn

  • Meg Igarashi
    Meg Igarashi Year ago

    this is great :DDD
    can you do a no oven lasagna next? haha :D

  • chris tine
    chris tine Year ago

    dont breath when ur facing the onion megan, that makes u cry

  • James Beam
    James Beam Year ago

    Megan I love you but that shit looks nasty....

  • bananaboomer
    bananaboomer Year ago +2

    Really cool shirt

  • saigonbond
    saigonbond Year ago

    Bangs experiment over?..... yea!

  • zhilin uwu
    zhilin uwu Year ago +8

    why does the casserole dish look like it's never been washed before? 😂

  • brandy 99nevermind


  • Mo Chubby
    Mo Chubby Year ago

    Here's how to eat even healthier and still be satisfied. Stand in front of the food you want to eat or buy. Imagine yourself eating it and then just walk away. Works for me every time I'm at the grocery and I want to eat some Twinkies.

  • Chance Cooke
    Chance Cooke Year ago +1

    Bruh she's the next Rachel Ray....

  • Alz
    Alz Year ago

    I love you

  • david vuong
    david vuong Year ago

    love you! so beautiful and great sense of humour! mahal kita!

  • Troyer
    Troyer Year ago

    Fun fact: the chewing gum/chopping onion thing is really just trying to have the mint or whatever is in the gum overpower the stuff from the onion. It's not the best method, unless you have really intense gum.

  • Abby Ignacio
    Abby Ignacio Year ago

    Megan's friggin skin went flying 1:32

  • Esther Wong
    Esther Wong Year ago

    You should bring Phil wang onto your cooking show. Y'all would be making a lot of puns

  • Sabrina Applevong
    Sabrina Applevong Year ago +4

    Megan how do you get rid of your fringe bangs?! New hair video please.

  • Wander Lopez
    Wander Lopez Year ago

    Nice job Megan..

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago


  • kevin coots
    kevin coots Year ago +13

    Sukie wasn't there to pretend to like it this time? 😍❤😚💋

  • Saine Laureano
    Saine Laureano Year ago

    wow.. you have walis tambo! 😂 cool!

  • Leslie Mendoza
    Leslie Mendoza Year ago +1

    love it! you are so pretty!😍

  • Sharon
    Sharon Year ago

    always love your hair

  • Geli Manimtim
    Geli Manimtim Year ago


  • Antonio
    Antonio Year ago

    Now I want some chewing gum :(

  • Souxie poo
    Souxie poo Year ago

    Two rotten onions yet two times the charm 😊

  • crissibear31
    crissibear31 Year ago

    New year new walis 😊

  • mrshawn16
    mrshawn16 Year ago

    That onion is rah-en!

  • Caymiya
    Caymiya Year ago

    I think I would cry if I had to eat that. Sorry Meghan. Luv u tho😉

  • Rina Roldan
    Rina Roldan Year ago


  • Stephen Kim
    Stephen Kim Year ago

    If you wash the onion in water, you won't tear up.

  • Leonardo Aguayo
    Leonardo Aguayo Year ago

    You make me so happy Megan Batoon!

  • Ganbayar Ganjargal

    Puns I already live this video

  • Manner Music Productions

    I'm so egdy that I've NEVER cried while cutting


  • Cookies.
    Cookies. Year ago

    Omg megan i love watching your videos, so much, you're so creative, you make me smile! You're awesome :D keeping making videos!

  • lilbluebuggaboo
    lilbluebuggaboo Year ago

    hair tutorial!!!

  • JoyfishXO
    JoyfishXO Year ago +2

    Lol your cooking videos are hilarious!