Yellow Labrador dumped after being used for breeding puppies. Look how happy she is now!

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • It's winter and it's cold outside. Please donate $5 and help us save more dogs off the streets:
    Thank you Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue for finding Perla a loving forever home:
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  • CoderBug
    CoderBug Hour ago

    All I have to say is. Thanks, this warms my heart.

  • Hanna Banana
    Hanna Banana Hour ago

    We had a doggy business but it wasn’t anything like this we still have three labs but the most any of our dogs had was 2 or 3 litters out of her whole life she is five now and she and her baby we kept are so sweet and we love them❤️ what these people did is awful they just bred her and dumped her

  • LingDu零度
    LingDu零度 Day ago +1


  • Gaetano Guglielmino

    Grazie, c'è speranza ancora per l'umanità; perla è un nome adatto: significa un gioiello

  • Deepika Deveshi
    Deepika Deveshi Day ago

    Thankks u for sharing

  • Helen Veal
    Helen Veal Day ago

    Are you stealing her

  • Wise Dragon
    Wise Dragon 2 days ago

    If animals had a Religion, humans would be the devil. However people with kindness and compassion, people that rescue animals and care mean Angels to all the abused animals crying for help. I'm grateful for your existince Hope For Paws.

  • Carol Rompca
    Carol Rompca 2 days ago

    its lovely to see her so happy,I dont think these ppl that dump these dogs understand that they are breaking the dogs heart ,it must be so painful forr them to think their owner doesnot want them anymore and they cannot understand why..Keep on doing what you are doing it us a totally worthwhile job just to see these dogs so happy again thank you...

  • Scheisskopf79
    Scheisskopf79 2 days ago

    What kind of monster does that to a Labrador ffs? Easily one of the best breeds of canine for family or single companion.

  • Cutie_ gamerlina
    Cutie_ gamerlina 3 days ago


  • Liciane Kasper
    Liciane Kasper 3 days ago

    don´t ever break a labradors heart they are pure kindness and love

    THE INFERNO APE 3 days ago

    800 people have no compassion for that sweet dog

  • Dwayne Stewart
    Dwayne Stewart 3 days ago

    Perla is a good name

  • savage gamer
    savage gamer 3 days ago

    You have so much love hope for paws and very kind👏👍👍😓

  • Ang 4LuV
    Ang 4LuV 4 days ago

    Thank You for the goodness you give these dogs ❤️🏆

  • Allison Ramos
    Allison Ramos 4 days ago

    2:14 dog,” I’m watching you”

  • Gamer Guy64
    Gamer Guy64 4 days ago

    The people who disliked must be heartless creatures

  • Pannu Technical
    Pannu Technical 4 days ago


  • shaik imran
    shaik imran 4 days ago

    No words😢😢😢😢😢 but last☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ 💕🎶💕🎶💕🎶💕🎶💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Harithulasidalam Appo

    angels from my grandma's stories 😘😍

  • bob miller
    bob miller 4 days ago

    Use a big net....stop strangling those dogs. A net...then throw a blanet over them and grab them and hold them still....slowly take off the blanket.....slowly the net and slip a leash on them.

  • Luca Very
    Luca Very 4 days ago

    Well done

  • Tina Burton
    Tina Burton 5 days ago

    God Bless Hope for Paws!

  • Omprakash Suvarna
    Omprakash Suvarna 5 days ago

    God bless

  • TheCarin12
    TheCarin12 5 days ago

    Have these stupid clowns never caught a dog before

  • Crazy kays21
    Crazy kays21 6 days ago

    its so sad and stupid what people do to animals these days they think they can dump them on the streets but thats why we have hope for paws keep up the good work guys

  • Aaron lycan124
    Aaron lycan124 6 days ago


  • Steve Mason
    Steve Mason 6 days ago

    Wayyy 2 go! I LOVE watching ur beautiful Videos!!! Keep up the gr8 work!!!

  • Marion Le Blanc
    Marion Le Blanc 6 days ago

    U guy are sooooooooooooo nice please keep it up

  • kartheek pendem
    kartheek pendem 6 days ago

    god bless u guys.. so happy

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 6 days ago

    How can someone do that!!!

  • Splendid Top 10s Point

    Best youtube channels i like are animal aid unlimited INDIA and hope for paws

  • Little Lunar
    Little Lunar 6 days ago

    I do not support the things you are using to catch her those things pull hard on there necks and hurt them sometimes. That sucks change your leash thing bc I’d say that’s close to animal abuse, well if you don’t use it for longer then 10 seconds it’s ok I guess

  • Juul van den Bogaart

    Ik ben Nederlands maar jullie hebben respect voor die dieren

  • Bernadeta Christianti

    1 animal save=100 animal happy

  • Cøde Breakers
    Cøde Breakers 7 days ago

    What if the mother of the dog's owner left in street after giving birth?

  • EmeryTV vlogs
    EmeryTV vlogs 7 days ago

    i thing thats want dogs are supposed to do you can't let a puppy eat real food if its not old enough

  • ensinitas
    ensinitas 7 days ago

    maybe the old bacon cheeseburger method was called for...or roll few hotdogs in to make friends...mine particluarly loved hebrew nationals. and apples...he loved apples

  • Hannah B
    Hannah B 7 days ago

    God bless you.

  • empty
    empty 7 days ago


  • plowize
    plowize 7 days ago

    that made me smile

  • Santhosh Kodavamparambil

    God bless you hope for paws

  • Santhosh Kodavamparambil

    Labrador only knows how to love and care for others why on earth are owners dumping them

  • Faith-Rose Sutherland

    How can you tell when they’ve been used for breeding

  • Shaun
    Shaun 8 days ago

    You guys are saints and I mean saints

  • Nancymaaya salute broo Nancymaaya

    great job god bless uuuuuu😊

  • kitty world
    kitty world 8 days ago

    God bless you! you all work so hard and for an amazing cause:)

  • Jess
    Jess 9 days ago

    The world needs more people like this, so incredible what you guys are doing, keep it up xxxxxxx

  • Denisa Herman
    Denisa Herman 9 days ago

    is like someone dumping your mom on the street after she gave birth to you

  • Tom Matthews
    Tom Matthews 9 days ago

    What a sweet dog with a kind, trusting demeanor :)

  • Brent Thomas Trpp
    Brent Thomas Trpp 9 days ago

    That’s the miracle

  • Brent Thomas Trpp
    Brent Thomas Trpp 9 days ago

    After saving two animals you learn to appreciate them America

  • Classy Mob
    Classy Mob 9 days ago

    I doubt I’ll get a reply, but how can I get into doing work like this? I’m 20 and work a dead end job and to do something meaningful like this would be life changing.

  • Gary Kraycar
    Gary Kraycar 9 days ago

    He says don't run while he's running.

  • Reedy Velasco
    Reedy Velasco 9 days ago


  • Lori Witzel
    Lori Witzel 9 days ago

    thank you who dumped her I do not like the people who dumped her she is adorable

  • Tania Ejorango
    Tania Ejorango 10 days ago

    I'm a Filipino I can't understand why people in the Philippines can't save such a beautiful heavenly creatures......

  • Shelley Greenfield
    Shelley Greenfield 10 days ago

    My dog was used for breading and dumped at the pound she had a very 💔 broken heart when she was adopted by me and then she was more happier a few weeks later and she was very shut down from being breeded by mean people and loves her new life now

  • Freerunning Matrix
    Freerunning Matrix 10 days ago

    I love what you guys do and want to do the same !

  • madmike7676
    madmike7676 10 days ago

    People helping these poor dogs should be blessed.

  • duku bee
    duku bee 10 days ago

  • Steel Bear
    Steel Bear 12 days ago

    1:03 - or maybe you could've just done the thing with both hands instead of filming

  • Good Girl Karma
    Good Girl Karma 12 days ago

    I don't buy pets bcos it's wrong

  • Bozee - Snakes & More
    Bozee - Snakes & More 12 days ago +1

    I don't see how rice gum has 10 million and you have 2 million!! You should have like 50 million!💖

  • Yato sama
    Yato sama 12 days ago

    why for breeding only am so angry and sad sp cruel

  • simran virdi
    simran virdi 12 days ago

    So cruel to dump her... cruel people everywhere. .

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar 13 days ago

    Very nice and great work

  • Reji Mathew
    Reji Mathew 13 days ago

    Dogs are the cutest thing God has ever made.... It is very selfish of we humans to use, abuse them and abandon them once our deeds are fulfilled.. All they expect from us is some Love.... Which is very hard to come by these days...

  • Noah Galaxy
    Noah Galaxy 14 days ago

    Dogs are intelligent

  • Ezra begin
    Ezra begin 14 days ago

    I love animals so much

  • Jenny Pham
    Jenny Pham 14 days ago

    Thanks so much for the kindness

  • Solimar Rodriguez
    Solimar Rodriguez 14 days ago

    My dog, Hazel, was used for breeding and dumped. I am so thankful for being able to adopt her as my birthday gift. Unfortunately she isn’t good with other dogs because of her previous owners, and I don’t know how to break her out of it.

  • Pelon Rojo
    Pelon Rojo 15 days ago

    I love what you guys are doing☺ so sad to see how people treat animals this way!! I'm grateful everyday to see my dog happy and healthy!! keep up the good work, this has inspires me too help out the loving dogs that need a home

  • You know who owns the soobooty

    How did they understand she was used for breeding?

  • Lennøx Delørme
    Lennøx Delørme 15 days ago

    Why would people do that to an innocent dog?

  • Monty Leverett
    Monty Leverett 15 days ago

    The measure of a man can be seen in what he does for those who can do nothing in return.

  • Puppy Lover
    Puppy Lover 17 days ago

    It makes me mad when ppl just buy dogs or cats to breed them and sell the puppies it just is mean and a dog should make them feel better if they make their own decisions of their relationship NOT to breed wi a dog she doesn’t know that’s how I fell and when it said she was breeded so many times xxx

  • SAAD Vlogs
    SAAD Vlogs 17 days ago

    The poor girl was so scared initially not even a slight expression on her face! God only knows what bad experience she has gone through ! We humans should care more about these beautiful beings that make EARTH a place with living in!💞 Plz be compassionate towards animals, they can't speak but they feel everything! Love them and get hundred times more back! "BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER"- ELLEN 💞💞💞

  • Uma B
    Uma B 17 days ago

    Lovely ...! this organisation should go places and end animal abuse forever

  • Adrian Dz
    Adrian Dz 17 days ago

    One Rule: DONT SHOP... ADOPT!

  • Linus Marable
    Linus Marable 18 days ago

    The same thing happend with my harrier

  • Angharad Yilmaz
    Angharad Yilmaz 18 days ago

    You guys are awesome i love you guys

  • Hammerschlägen M
    Hammerschlägen M 19 days ago

    I don't mind helping a stray dog, but if I'm trying to help and it just runs away then screw the thing. Not gonna waste time on something that's unappreciative. There's other dogs out there.

    RECIPES WITH GAYATRI 19 days ago

    73rd done support back

  • Gawaya Hawkesworth
    Gawaya Hawkesworth 20 days ago

    This is such a touching video

  • Ben Gaarder
    Ben Gaarder 20 days ago

    She likes her toy.

  • Amin Huispe
    Amin Huispe 20 days ago

    lol the music

  • kat gal
    kat gal 20 days ago

    That lady that offered her car is so nice

    VIJAY NANCHAHAL 20 days ago

    I love foreigners because they help people and other organisms very quickly and safely

  • Markus Jayy
    Markus Jayy 20 days ago

    So much light and life in her eyes❤️❤️

  • Edgar Conde
    Edgar Conde 21 day ago

    Thank you to anyone who has donated for them

  • Cynthia Fitzgerald
    Cynthia Fitzgerald 21 day ago

    Her smile 😍 4:49

  • Sunset DollsAg
    Sunset DollsAg 21 day ago

    I want want of those dogs

  • FlexIexGaming
    FlexIexGaming 21 day ago

    Everyone is so greatful for what you guys have done and have helped these dogs with! These videos warms my heart! I hate to see dogs and animals being treated so bad :(

  • AwesomeGeek 5049
    AwesomeGeek 5049 21 day ago

    My sis can't even hold a 5 kg bag for 5 minute, I wonder how your friend held her for so long😂

  • Brianna Garcia
    Brianna Garcia 21 day ago

    I have a friend named Perla

  • Marilyn Arjon
    Marilyn Arjon 21 day ago

    Omg this was in my neighborhood

  • The anti-haters clan.
    The anti-haters clan. 22 days ago

    What kind of horrible human being uses a dog for breeding puppies and then dumps them on *THE MOTHERFUCKING STREET!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  • boochful Jim
    boochful Jim 22 days ago

    Man you guys are good people. Don’t ever stop.

    • Mollie MSP
      Mollie MSP 22 days ago

      Well how is your day today?

  • Nyuk Ling Yap
    Nyuk Ling Yap 22 days ago

    Such amazing doggie❤❤❤. We all love you😚😚😚😚😚😚