Honest Waiter Warns Ramsay of the Terrible Food | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Jul 29, 2017
    "Chimichanga? Chimi chuck it in the bin!"
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  • XD lol
    XD lol 3 hours ago +1

    Owner- thinks Gordon is saying something about the food
    Gordon- chimi chimi chimi chimi changa

  • MrJamhamm
    MrJamhamm 23 hours ago


  • IDK Nan Molla
    IDK Nan Molla Day ago +1

    "Chimi chuck it in the bin"
    Imma use that from now on💀💀

  • IDK Nan Molla
    IDK Nan Molla Day ago +2

    I'm become so addicted to these videos that whenever we come to restaurants I'd criticize the food in my head like "why is it raw..", "damn it's dry", "finally some good fucking food", "wow... Amazing..."

    THE MOTHER F Day ago

    1:42 me when my teacher asks if I had completed my hw

  • Anthony Mekanak
    Anthony Mekanak Day ago

    You know what annoys me on every gordan ramsey video all I see in the comments is
    WaITEr: seRvES RamSEy a gLaSS oF WatER
    RAmsEy: IT's DrY AnD SoGgY

  • Gaveyard
    Gaveyard Day ago +1

    "The water is just bland and undercooked. Are the ice cubes fresh from the nearest mountain ?
    - No sir
    - So they're frozen ? What a f*cking shame."

  • Ruby Anime
    Ruby Anime 2 days ago

    Let me taste the steak!
    Me:Can i taste the steak?

    BROTHERS inARMS 2 days ago

    Gordon: asks waiter what he should avoid.
    Waiter: tells Gordon what to avoid.
    Gordon: shocked that waiter told him what to avoid.

  • -martin waffles-
    -martin waffles- 2 days ago

    i dont know but i kinda feel bad for the chef-

  • Munkastrap4
    Munkastrap4 2 days ago

    Didn't anyone taste before we did this??? Well you're just standing around there love not doing anything and Gordon is at your table, how about doing some actual work yourself, and checking to see what your food is before it goes out

  • Jimmy O Kane
    Jimmy O Kane 3 days ago +1

    Stupid bitch doesn’t know what’s wrong

  • Li Yang
    Li Yang 4 days ago

    Oh my god.. "IT'S DRY.." 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Li Yang
    Li Yang 4 days ago

    Oh my G 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 gordons really intimidating but i admire him because of his honesty 👍

  • Mae Sarillana
    Mae Sarillana 4 days ago

    I think the Chef named Julia is lazy and doesn't love her job

  • RED_D II
    RED_D II 5 days ago

    4:00 I thought it was Lasagna but noo..

  • Farky-Battle Royale-

    Dey teest rilli rilli rilli gud

  • Sumi B
    Sumi B 5 days ago

    How come the waiters arent worried about their job?

  • taeyu
    taeyu 5 days ago

    All the food looks like diaper full of diarrhea

  • I want to Work at mcdonalds

    The womans face when He ate the chingi changa looked like a witch

  • Muhammad Ismail
    Muhammad Ismail 6 days ago

    Does he ever like like stuff ?

  • Andygtz123
    Andygtz123 6 days ago

    Those tamales look worst than my food and I can barely cook

  • Cactus Queen parties _KMC

    Gr: it’s dry
    Owner: blames every thing on the girl

  • pUrpLe sHeP
    pUrpLe sHeP 6 days ago

    Gordon’s son: dad I made you pancakes!
    Gordon: wHaT iS tHiS sHiT?

    Comment f on this to pay respects

  • Gerard Bæ
    Gerard Bæ 7 days ago


  • Catherine S
    Catherine S 8 days ago

    3:51 why is that guac such an odd colour

  • Shang. hai
    Shang. hai 8 days ago

    Me: Woah the food looks so good
    Ramsay: This food is dIsGusTiNg!!
    Me: Yea dIsGuStInG!!

  • Naobii Davelaar
    Naobii Davelaar 8 days ago

    eats tamales: its dry
    eats chimichanga: its dry
    drinks water: its dry

  • Hya Moeller
    Hya Moeller 9 days ago

    Me: * sees microwave in a restaurant *
    Also me: * runs home *
    How to check: Simply just ask if they could microwave the food
    Sneak 100

  • I am Egg
    I am Egg 10 days ago +1

    Chimmy chimmy chimmy chucky in the bin

  • Zach_Gamer
    Zach_Gamer 10 days ago


  • PyroQuack2
    PyroQuack2 10 days ago

    Perla fucking messed up half the food

  • Nayana_Shanae
    Nayana_Shanae 10 days ago

    Gordon loves water!

  • Stop Clickbait
    Stop Clickbait 10 days ago +1

    I just love it when the waiters are kind and honest.

  • Gabriel Dunne
    Gabriel Dunne 10 days ago

    0:48 he asked him to say that tho

  • Ayah Garcia
    Ayah Garcia 11 days ago

    I love how the waiters are always so honest 😂😂😂

  • The Kameleon
    The Kameleon 11 days ago


  • Linnie Makes makes memes
    Linnie Makes makes memes 12 days ago +1

    3:33 Gordon! 😂🤣

  • Anton Verdejopala
    Anton Verdejopala 12 days ago

    If ramsay didnt like the food. It doesnt mean customers wont like it too.. so dont worry about what ramsay likes.

  • Aziale Nicole
    Aziale Nicole 12 days ago +3

    "I tasted it before it came out"
    Girl, your tongue is broken

  • GoldfishFlower
    GoldfishFlower 12 days ago

    gordon:so what do you think is the problem?
    owner:we lack customers
    gordon:so why do you lack customers?
    owner:because we lack customers!
    like what the the fuck is wrong with this woman

  • Adel Eng Sheng Jun Student

    👁 👁

  • Anita Abdul Rahim
    Anita Abdul Rahim 12 days ago

    Safety food for customer....the ramsay check..

  • Joseph Karun Raj
    Joseph Karun Raj 13 days ago

    They didn't pay the waiter enough

  • Sarah Kay
    Sarah Kay 13 days ago

    At least the owner of the last restaurant knows what she’s talking about and actually gives a shit. Just poor management and too much trust in her inadequate staff

  • peachy angxl
    peachy angxl 15 days ago

    chimmi changa?

    *chimmi chuck in in the bin*




  • Windhoes. exe
    Windhoes. exe 15 days ago

    D R Y

  • __ __
    __ __ 15 days ago

    Wtf I thought it looked delicious

  • Jared Watson
    Jared Watson 15 days ago +1

    The Manager in the purple is actually hot asf

  • clash of clans1
    clash of clans1 16 days ago


  • xenonim2013
    xenonim2013 16 days ago

    That manager should be honest said the owner is ultra super bad. You might lose a job for saying bad but rather you stay in is better work at other place, where the owner know their doing and your can do job properly as a manager. Unless is so hard to find a job in your area, better leaves and go to other place.

  • Koko Channel
    Koko Channel 16 days ago

    Gordon will not ever come to my country, because he will eat nothing.. 😂😂

  • Jason Leer
    Jason Leer 16 days ago

    'I got bad grades'
    'Why were your grades so bad?'
    'Because my grades weren't good'

  • SkyWaves OwO
    SkyWaves OwO 17 days ago


  • ch8cken boy3
    ch8cken boy3 17 days ago

    Why are they not Ashington there hands after thet eat with there fingers 1 cross contamination 2 there's saliva in her fingers bow

  • Eddie9881
    Eddie9881 18 days ago

    I like that the restaurant has the confidence to let them film everything

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott 18 days ago

    Ths girl wants to chimi chimi chuck him out the door lol

  • TheShermanTanker
    TheShermanTanker 18 days ago

    The owners in this one were nice though so i kinda felt bad for them

  • XENONツ
    XENONツ 18 days ago

    Gordon: *IT DRY*