The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Audio)

  • Published on Nov 29, 2019
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    ►"Blinding Lights" Lyrics:
    I been tryna call
    I’ve been on my own for long enough
    Maybe you can show me how to love, maybe
    I’m going through withdrawals
    You don’t even have to do too much
    You can turn me on with just a touch, baby
    (Ohhhh oh)
    Sin city’s cold and empty
    No one’s around to judge me
    I can’t see clearly when you’re gone
    I said ohhhh I’m blinded by the lights
    No I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
    I said ohhhh I’m drowning in the night
    Oh when I’m like this you’re the one I trust
    (Hey hey hey)
    I’m running out of time
    Cause I can see the sun light up the sky
    So I hit the road in overdrive, baby
    The city’s cold and empty
    No one’s around to judge me
    I can’t see clearly when you’re gone
    I said ohhhh I’m blinded by the lights
    No I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
    I said ohhhh I’m drowning in the night
    Oh when I’m like this you’re the one I trust
    (Hey hey hey)
    I’m just calling back to let you know
    I could never say this on the phone
    Will never let you go this time
    I said ohhhh I’m blinded by the lights
    No I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
    (Hey hey hey)
    (Hey hey hey)
    I said ohhhh I’m blinded by the lights
    No I can’t sleep until I feel your touch

    #TheWeeknd #BlindingLights
    Music video by The Weeknd performing Blinding Lights (Audio). © 2019 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Comments • 26 795

  • The Crowd Control
    The Crowd Control 6 hours ago

    There I was sitting thinkin "Man, I really wanna listen to some 80's vibes" and then Abel shares this gem...Priceless

  • Amani
    Amani 6 hours ago


  • Fuzzz z
    Fuzzz z 6 hours ago

    Could listen to this song while driving down the beach front on GTA Vice City.

  • The Pedro Freire
    The Pedro Freire 7 hours ago

    Toque muito parecido com a da música take on me
    A-ha ✌️♥️

  • Carolina Martinez
    Carolina Martinez 7 hours ago

    I find similarities in the rhythm of music with Young Turks, but it sounds amazing.😍😍😍

  • Justyna K Lambert
    Justyna K Lambert 8 hours ago

    I totally love it ❤

  • KT No
    KT No 8 hours ago


  • Văn Hùng
    Văn Hùng 8 hours ago

    chill vl

  • Rodrigo Kerek
    Rodrigo Kerek 8 hours ago

    Esta cancion suena tan retro. Michael Jackson estaria orgulloso de Abel.

  • tobi
    tobi 8 hours ago

    i hope that kind of genre never gets mainstream..

  • Ralphie Wiggum
    Ralphie Wiggum 8 hours ago +1

    This will be on the GTA VI soundtrack for sure.

  • Akash Kundu
    Akash Kundu 8 hours ago +1

    I came here when it was only 50K now I am still here when it is 14M and will be here when it will reach 140M, 1.4B....

  • WE _ARE_ARSENAL _________

    Amazing On Repeat 💎
    Got That 90's Vibe 🎵

  • calin murariu
    calin murariu 9 hours ago

    still bossing every gay lover in Hollywood 👍

  • Ayush Arya
    Ayush Arya 9 hours ago

    Why does it sound like stranger things

  • Christian DieOhr
    Christian DieOhr 10 hours ago

    Gestern Abend Stranger Things geschaut und direkt an den Song gedacht !!!
    Absolutes Brett 💥🎧

  • Joel Sunny
    Joel Sunny 10 hours ago +1

    just did a violin cover of this song if anyone wants to check it out :)

  • Paolo Napol
    Paolo Napol 10 hours ago +1

    Love at first synth 💓

  • superj457
    superj457 11 hours ago

    Sounds like See No More by Joe Jonas. Anyone else agrees?

  • Mr. patel
    Mr. patel 11 hours ago

    want one more

  • Spyder918
    Spyder918 11 hours ago

    This reminds me of midnight city. :0

  • Cartom Barg
    Cartom Barg 11 hours ago +1

    The best song 2019 !!!!☺💙💜

  • Jeanne Renson
    Jeanne Renson 11 hours ago +2

    THE BEST SONG OF 2019!!!!

  • albert77_
    albert77_ 11 hours ago


  • Shawn Turner
    Shawn Turner 12 hours ago

    I can see Christopher Walken dancing to this.

  • Calvin Biefeld
    Calvin Biefeld 12 hours ago +1

    *Head over to my channel and watch a couple of my covers,i've done 133.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks and have a great day*

  • X AmplE
    X AmplE 12 hours ago +1

    Ngl but we need the 80's rn hope this gets popular so it can play on the radio's.

  • Jean Carlos Baltodano
    Jean Carlos Baltodano 12 hours ago

    Bruno still the best tho

  • Maxx Mainz
    Maxx Mainz 13 hours ago

    i still can't figure out what the Weeknd actually looks like

  • London Keil
    London Keil 13 hours ago

    On repeat non stop

  • Ángel Mauricio Mireles Martínez

    Hotline Miami

  • Kulveer goyat
    Kulveer goyat 13 hours ago +2

    😍😍😍😍love you baby

  • Mega Ascension
    Mega Ascension 13 hours ago +3

    So since we're bringing 80's new wave back, can we make Muse really popular? Please?

  • Thebuttermen Plays
    Thebuttermen Plays 13 hours ago

    Anybody getting stranger things vibes?

  • Djo Akram
    Djo Akram 14 hours ago +1

    Any algerians that like the vibes that the song spreads

  • Irina Chegrinceva
    Irina Chegrinceva 14 hours ago

    Оч круто!!

  • Ayaana Khan
    Ayaana Khan 14 hours ago

    im playing this when i get my drivers license

  • sam johnson
    sam johnson 14 hours ago

    When you have 3 stars in gta v 0:06

  • Robert Pitts
    Robert Pitts 15 hours ago

    😂 For some reason this reminds me of GTA: Vice City and Scarface. 🔥

  • MJ Pena
    MJ Pena 15 hours ago

    Its just "magnificent"

    TJ PROD 15 hours ago

    Hi you make a very good work i congratulate you
    If you have time look at my page and follow me PLEASE !!!

  • Adrian Murillo
    Adrian Murillo 15 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thinks of this being a GTA song

  • Carmen Marcelo
    Carmen Marcelo 15 hours ago

    dude when i heard this song i was shock 🙌😮

  • Bereket Tadesse
    Bereket Tadesse 15 hours ago +1

    Couldn't get through this exam week without Blinding and Heartless

  • nellingwood2
    nellingwood2 15 hours ago

    I feel like The Goonies, Lost Boys, & the Stranger Things kids are going to come around the corner any minute hearing this

  • Saman Smith
    Saman Smith 15 hours ago

    Cue the montage

  • Tina N
    Tina N 16 hours ago

    Omg this song is everything. Totally loving this 80s feel...

  • bud thedog
    bud thedog 16 hours ago

    Y'all want some real retrowave, look up "The Midnight - Lost Boy"

  • cutie
    cutie 16 hours ago +1

    i like how it has this 80s vibe to it🧡 also can anybody else see this with stranger things?

  • Amanda Camacho
    Amanda Camacho 17 hours ago

    Yes!! Yes!! Fkkk yes!!! THIS is music!!

  • JuniorNunez
    JuniorNunez 17 hours ago

    The intro sounds like a stranger things type beat. This song would be cool on a stranger things episode.

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt 17 hours ago

    I'm gonna have to tell my kids that this was the Michael Jackson of our decade.

  • João Jordão
    João Jordão 17 hours ago

    Here from Mercedez benz commerical, This music is TOP

  • Legends AOC
    Legends AOC 17 hours ago +1

    Came here from mercedez benz!

  • wrappedupinfumes ́
    wrappedupinfumes ́ 17 hours ago +1

    This might just be my favourite song of 2019. It's perfect. The instrumental, his voice...perfect

  • Siddik Khald
    Siddik Khald 18 hours ago

    👌 the weekend

  • Rubano Rapha
    Rubano Rapha 18 hours ago

    This Dude is Michael Jackson and Billie Jean Son

  • Sambol Misaghian Shirazi

    80s sound love it!

  • Yashraj Gubbala
    Yashraj Gubbala 18 hours ago

    Straight fire

  • c Cylian
    c Cylian 18 hours ago

    Drums sounds very close to "A-Ah -Take on me", even the keyboards type..