Stephanie Learns a Shocking Secret From a Rival's Past | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
  • Stephanie digs up dirt that could destroy Titus and Amara's marriage.
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    Stephanie Learns a Shocking Secret From a Rival's Past | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Comments • 32

  • Scadaeshus Yells
    Scadaeshus Yells 8 days ago +3

    An somebody upload these please 🙏🏽I don’t have cable...OWN teased us with the first full video then no more.

  • Nikki Floyd
    Nikki Floyd 9 days ago +1

    Stephanie need to sleep with this guy, hot

  • Sandra Parsons
    Sandra Parsons Month ago

    What happend to the full episodes?

  • Mia Rodgers
    Mia Rodgers Month ago

    Why she has the same face reaction in two videos I seen

  • Reveron Everon
    Reveron Everon Month ago

    When you change the HD on the view I'll watch it thank you

  • CuteSmartie
    CuteSmartie Month ago +1

    Big sister in my head. I love Robin Givens!!!!!!

  • Denise Clark
    Denise Clark Month ago

    Hmmmm yummmmyyyy

  • Jacqueline Carter
    Jacqueline Carter Month ago +4

    I'm just waiting for Oprah to get a role on the show like she did on Greenleaf. Membership has its priviliges and all. :)

    • crw wcr
      crw wcr Month ago

      She's not on Greenleaf enough. They really need to have Mavis on screen more. 😢😢

  • Patrick Chesson
    Patrick Chesson Month ago +9

    Robin Givens is killing it in this role WOW.

  • Tejay Jr.
    Tejay Jr. Month ago +7


  • Eva Flowers
    Eva Flowers Month ago +5

    Damn, Robin Givens is so beautiful

  • Carmen Lopez
    Carmen Lopez Month ago +12

    This show is scandalous.

  • Ivee Bloo
    Ivee Bloo Month ago +18

    Wait till she find out who she cheated with tho. 👀

  • Jasmine Orchard
    Jasmine Orchard Month ago +10

    This is not women “Ambition” especially for a black girl!
    This show is ridiculously offensive to ambitious women. And the down right habitual historical heinous depiction of what a black woman’s ambition stereotype looks like.

    • Sandra Parsons
      Sandra Parsons Month ago

      @Cetrion 👏👏True ,well said.

    • crw wcr
      crw wcr Month ago

      @Cetrion Better yet she can go watch some christian broadcasting. smmfh

    • crw wcr
      crw wcr Month ago

      Get off your soapbox!!🙄🙄

    • CuteSmartie
      CuteSmartie Month ago +1

      Get a grip

    • Black Ice
      Black Ice Month ago


  • Anisha Brisonette
    Anisha Brisonette Month ago +23

    This is how I am going to be sitting in my office.

  • Hana yosef
    Hana yosef Month ago +11

    She irritated me

    • Linda ty Barnes
      Linda ty Barnes Month ago

      Sounds like a personal problem that you are projecting about beautiful women Maybe.
      Say What You Wish she's a beautiful and very talented actress.

    • Yasmeen Iman
      Yasmeen Iman Month ago +1

      GIRL YES !!

  • Desiree Heremaia
    Desiree Heremaia Month ago +18

    OMG This Nick dude is FIIIINE!!