Beyond Vine July 2019 (Part1) Funny Vines and Instagram Videos 2019

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • New Beyond the Vine from the Best Viners 2019
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Comments • 331

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 3 days ago +1

    XxYes xxxx xox txx XXXTENTACION

  • Brian Robledo
    Brian Robledo 4 days ago

    2:00 had ME dying🤣🤣🤣

  • Queen Moeasha
    Queen Moeasha 5 days ago

    1317 Mom I'm watching Jake Paul🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣

    YT SHAFiJRs 9 days ago


  • s1r_magnus
    s1r_magnus 10 days ago

    Me after 2 minutes: ...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

  • Clement Tranquille
    Clement Tranquille 11 days ago

    Some girlfriends can be total dick head if you think about it

  • mara and booboo squad mara and booboo squad

    why was his eyes like that

  • Alana Ash
    Alana Ash 19 days ago

    > don't talk to me lol

  • 2001 _rblx
    2001 _rblx 20 days ago


  • Bubby vids
    Bubby vids 20 days ago

    Some of these bids are tick tocks not vines

  • Co ry
    Co ry 21 day ago +2

    there was a invisible string and so when he farted they pulled the string and acted surprised that it work

  • Gacha Pineapple
    Gacha Pineapple 22 days ago

    Who's watching this in 2020?? Where's my 2020 squad!!

  • Cosminaș
    Cosminaș 22 days ago

    Cj from Grove street

    ION_FUZION 22 days ago

    his eyes tho ugh

  • Rosie Heart
    Rosie Heart 23 days ago

    XD how dis shaped like meh phone,wheres my wallet,ALWAYS happen to me LMAOO

  • evank.02
    evank.02 24 days ago +2

    idk why everyone likes adam waheed, in each vine he just repeats things in exactly the same way like "itll be real quick" and apparently its funny?

  • Master_ov1235
    Master_ov1235 24 days ago

    Fuck you adam fuck yiu

  • Tavon Pikel
    Tavon Pikel 24 days ago

    Every bottle cap is open so it’s not really a challenge it’s just cheating

  • Megan Bassett
    Megan Bassett 24 days ago

    Is it weird that I watch vines in 2020

  • takem
    takem 25 days ago


  • dude 1234
    dude 1234 25 days ago

    man that was awsome

  • Hey Wassup
    Hey Wassup 27 days ago


  • Damion Foster
    Damion Foster 27 days ago


  • Evan Woo
    Evan Woo 28 days ago

    This video is weird

  • Fresh J'rrell
    Fresh J'rrell 28 days ago

    6:05......thats terrifying

  • W00dv
    W00dv Month ago

    His eyes tho OMG

  • ᏚᏆN Ꮯɪᴛʏ
    ᏚᏆN Ꮯɪᴛʏ Month ago +7

    Who else though he was going to throw the dog 8:42

    • ᏚᏆN Ꮯɪᴛʏ
      ᏚᏆN Ꮯɪᴛʏ 28 days ago

      @jack-kun true

    • jack-kun
      jack-kun 28 days ago

      @ᏚᏆN Ꮯɪᴛʏ nah it's all good, we all make mistakes and that's how we learn from them.

    • ᏚᏆN Ꮯɪᴛʏ
      ᏚᏆN Ꮯɪᴛʏ 28 days ago

      @jack-kun my bad

    • jack-kun
      jack-kun 28 days ago

      @ᏚᏆN Ꮯɪᴛʏ u spelled throw wrong , but igs u edited it now so that's good.

    • ᏚᏆN Ꮯɪᴛʏ
      ᏚᏆN Ꮯɪᴛʏ 28 days ago

      @jack-kun what

  • Fast Ervins
    Fast Ervins Month ago +1

    On the first vine as soon as he said he is turning off his hotspot my WiFi froze 🤣

  • Fast Ervins
    Fast Ervins Month ago +16

    Is it bad that I’m still watching vines in 2019?

  • Fast Ervins
    Fast Ervins Month ago

    On the first vine as soon as he said he is turning off his hotspot my WiFi froze 🤣

  • Dead BotKid
    Dead BotKid Month ago +1

    5:02 twerk first so you do the bottle cap challenge right lol 😂

  • Bruno Lopes
    Bruno Lopes Month ago

    Khhbjjbbn hmmbbbn hjkbjknk uhhjb mhbbh. Hbhhh cgjh m no,b, the hike

  • Tristin Gibson
    Tristin Gibson Month ago

    3:16 Ben: why did you ruin my perfect hair Sarah ugh sksksksks Sarah: B*** shut up which yo big head that is why I hit it!!!

  • ninja dude yeet
    ninja dude yeet Month ago

    If you have Roblox add me my name is guccimyhomefrends2

  • Matt fishbaum
    Matt fishbaum Month ago


  • Aleesha Campbell
    Aleesha Campbell Month ago

    12:28 future reference

  • Ethan Robinson
    Ethan Robinson Month ago


  • Chadville Stafford
    Chadville Stafford Month ago +6

    The guy's shirt in the final vine has the apparent power of teleporting food stains onto itself.


    3:32 is oof

  • ebrahim islam
    ebrahim islam Month ago

    It’s the best

  • anime kid 9000
    anime kid 9000 Month ago

    So is this 2019 vines so is it not dad?

  • Joshua Mason
    Joshua Mason Month ago

    I can't get these 18 minutes back.

  • damien Garr
    damien Garr Month ago

    The cap wasn't on

  • Gaming SyntaxXx
    Gaming SyntaxXx Month ago

    Rip old vines :(

  • President
    President Month ago

    these "vines" are shitty, and who even finds that Adam guy funny ? tf

  • Joseph Lopez
    Joseph Lopez Month ago

    You have a big ass

  • Harry Oldham
    Harry Oldham Month ago


  • Rohanna F
    Rohanna F Month ago +5

    I remember when I use to watch these compilations when I was younger, good times.

    • James Jemo
      James Jemo Month ago

      Used to like juan lopez ones

  • Jayden Yang
    Jayden Yang Month ago

    Lol Oscar was moving is but lol

  • meme lord
    meme lord Month ago +1

    4:43 holy sh-

  • newo gota
    newo gota Month ago +1

    granny won ganster life like if u are agree

  • Nilsa Gonzalez
    Nilsa Gonzalez Month ago

    adam and the other boy when it started i´m sorry i don´t know your name but i wanted to tell you look like twins

  • Wyatt Martin
    Wyatt Martin Month ago +1

    Can I use your hot spot

  • Ikanaide
    Ikanaide Month ago

    Why the fuck are there so many Dark Souls Parry sounds in here? Somebody here a parry god or sth?

  • D_H_M -_-
    D_H_M -_- 2 months ago

    3:46 his 👀

  • ab s
    ab s 2 months ago

    5:00 he twerking tho¿

  • nikisha vielot
    nikisha vielot 2 months ago +1

    7:10 is so true I do the same

  • Remus sander
    Remus sander 2 months ago

    Was real quick 0:00

  • ImYourEnder
    ImYourEnder 2 months ago +2

    “I look like the naked mole rat from Kim Possible!” Oi! Id much rather hangout with Rufus than you

  • At Iu
    At Iu 2 months ago

    Huuuuu, wish it was July