CWC vs BEST FRIEND BATTLE ROYALE Challenge to Learn if Hacker PZ9 is Buying Everything Justin Buys

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • After Chad Wild Clay made HACKER TRAPPED ME INSIDE A MYSTERY BOX for 24 HOURS! Last To Leave Escape Room Wins Challenge, Vy Qwaint created I RESCUE CHAD From HACKER PZ9 MYSTERY BOX TRAP - Project Zorgo Escape Room Challenge and Daniel uploaded MISSING HACKER STILL ALIVE? Is PZ9 our Best Friend Justin Spending 24 Hours in Hide & Seek Challenge to the Exposing Project Zorgo TVclip channel, Vy and Regina rescued Chad and Daniel from the PZ9 mystery box inside his car. They were trapped in that cardboard box for almost 24 hours! The mysterious ex-hacker PZ9 figured out the spy ninja girls were freeing the boys, so he jumped out to challenge them to a Battle Royale! Chad and Daniel kicked out of the box. Pz9 looked really angry that they escaped and challenged all four to a spy ninja battle royale! He is a good fighter, but is he really Chad and Vy's old friend Justin? After winning, Daniel made a plan to follow him. During the battle, he slipped a tracker into his pocket! What is the truth? The team facetime call Justin, only to see him wearing a black sweater. He didn't even show his face! How suspicious. The Spy Ninjas know Justin likes Walmart, McDonalds and Starbucks. We give him gift cards to those places to see if PZ9 orders the same thing Justin likes to eat. There's no way he's not gonna use the gift cards, especially after the Battle Royale that we just had!
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  • Exposing Project Zorgo
    Exposing Project Zorgo  28 days ago +6170

    PZ9 is a good fighter, he likes chicken nuggets but used honey mustard... Maybe he is Justin, maybe not. What do you think?

  • Ade Hunter
    Ade Hunter 20 minutes ago

    OMG thank you Daniel for saying that we wanted to find out that happened🎂🎄🎃🎄🎃🎊🎉🎊🎇🎊🎉🎇🎉🎊🎉🎇🎆🎈🎁🎀🌈
    🌈⛄🍁⛄🌈⛄🌈⛄🌈⛄🌈⛄🌈🌈🌈🌈🍁🍁🍁🍀☀❄🌹🌹🌿🌸🌾⚡🌷🌽💧🌼🌵🌻🌻🌻🌺🌺🌳🌲🌲🍃🍃☁☁🍂🌱 spider and spider and Regina

  • Flory Stoican
    Flory Stoican 41 minute ago

    Guys pz9 is Justin and maybe chad could take the mask off

  • Kate Blue
    Kate Blue Hour ago

    If you look closely you will see that pz 9 has a beard in 19.15

  • Hava Yildirim
    Hava Yildirim Hour ago +1

    It’s Justin because I saw pz9 he has the exact same bired Justin betrayer

  • Shane Turner
    Shane Turner Hour ago

    Pz9 is not Justin pz9 has short hair

  • Joseph Rimmer
    Joseph Rimmer Hour ago

    It’s definitely Justin because we all saw his hair

  • Jass Kukreja
    Jass Kukreja 2 hours ago

    I am pz2

  • Agnijakshib Reddy
    Agnijakshib Reddy 2 hours ago


  • Haroun Bakali
    Haroun Bakali 2 hours ago

    I saw his skeleton marsk on the face time

  • Monika Fracz
    Monika Fracz 2 hours ago

    I kissed easybind in real life

  • Unicorn girl
    Unicorn girl 2 hours ago

    PZ9his mask is OT!!!! Is justin

  • Rabeesa Wasi
    Rabeesa Wasi 2 hours ago

    You are the best spy ninjas in the world and you have the best TVclip channel and I wanna tell you know that I wish you can have 1000 thousand subscribers

  • Rabeesa Wasi
    Rabeesa Wasi 2 hours ago

    You are the best spy ninjas in the world and you have the best TVclip channel and I wanna tell you know that I wish you can have 1000 thousand subscribers

  • Aboud Akoum
    Aboud Akoum 3 hours ago

    Pz9 is Justin

  • John Magboo
    John Magboo 4 hours ago

    All of you make me safe

  • Mrs Pink kitty:3 /edits a little/

    Justin is pz 9 he's pz 9 he doesn't have anything on his hands he didn't want you show is face BC he had the project zorgo mask PZ9 IS RLLY IS JUSTIN FOR REAL HE TRICKING YOU EVERYONE PZ9 IS JUSTIN PZ is Justin pz 9 IS JUSTIN

  • Zac Humble
    Zac Humble 4 hours ago

    Is it his body shape

  • Bombastic
    Bombastic 4 hours ago

    It Justin

  • Miles Anjeaneth Vista
    Miles Anjeaneth Vista 4 hours ago

    Get doritos regina

  • Miles Anjeaneth Vista
    Miles Anjeaneth Vista 4 hours ago

    Don't worry you can do it you can defeat Justin he is a bad friend

  • Maxine Scott
    Maxine Scott 4 hours ago +1

    Progect zorgo is watching...

  • Jenny Caroline
    Jenny Caroline 5 hours ago


  • Joanne Sheepskin
    Joanne Sheepskin 5 hours ago

    How do you do those ninja skills

  • Vision Gamer
    Vision Gamer 5 hours ago


  • siasia worlddd!
    siasia worlddd! 6 hours ago

    Justin is pz9 i saw his strings at the top of his shirt when you guys was on FaceTime , he’s pz9 .

  • Steven Verastegui
    Steven Verastegui 6 hours ago

    PZ9 is Justin because when Regina went on a date with PZ9 he took off his mask and I saw pz9 skin and his skin was the same as Justin so pz9 is Justin.

  • 『àlicė 』
    『àlicė 』 7 hours ago


  • Ane La Sirena
    Ane La Sirena 7 hours ago

    Hey I saw a black hair so someone with black hair who do you think everybody’s going to say they sell black haired kid I’m here they are because I saw a black here I’m serious Chad wild clay enV quaint I know your name can

  • Audra De la cruz
    Audra De la cruz 7 hours ago

    Danielle do you have a girlfriend

  • Sophia Im Muffin
    Sophia Im Muffin 7 hours ago

    just kidding didn’t join him 😇

  • Sophia Im Muffin
    Sophia Im Muffin 7 hours ago

    pz9 is my first time to join

  • Fortnite With Zelo
    Fortnite With Zelo 7 hours ago


  • Gaia LK
    Gaia LK 7 hours ago


  • Sandra Rodriguez
    Sandra Rodriguez 7 hours ago +1

    Pz9 has a cwc lunchbox

  • Elsy Hernández
    Elsy Hernández 7 hours ago

    0:41 so funny you guys are the best

  • Mostafa Jaghori
    Mostafa Jaghori 9 hours ago

    How wo bawt this voice

  • Alinah Gomez
    Alinah Gomez 9 hours ago

    PZ9 is Justin it's true I'm not jokeing

  • Matt Bragg
    Matt Bragg 9 hours ago


  • Kiefer Kilp
    Kiefer Kilp 9 hours ago

    Yes he is justin

  • juana murga
    juana murga 9 hours ago

    I want to help you guys

  • Hearing Tablet3
    Hearing Tablet3 9 hours ago

    Man i love the battle royale

  • Satvir Kaur
    Satvir Kaur 9 hours ago

    Guys I'm project zorgo

  • Satvir Kaur
    Satvir Kaur 10 hours ago

    Guys im

  • Kengkeng Gacha
    Kengkeng Gacha 10 hours ago

    It's a skit....

  • Jordan Farrish
    Jordan Farrish 10 hours ago

    Justin is pz9

  • nicknaguib
    nicknaguib 10 hours ago

    Tell Daniel the tracking device fell out

  • Elemental God
    Elemental God 11 hours ago

    vy qwaint pz48 sang a love song to you

  • monica parker
    monica parker 11 hours ago +1

    I’m the bigots fan

  • xxlands roblox
    xxlands roblox 12 hours ago +2

    Pz9 is justin cause he is wering a black hoodie and chad and vy face time him and look at the phone its black

  • Aliyah Hull
    Aliyah Hull 12 hours ago

    Why can’t you ask Justin to fight pz9 with you so then you all could see if pz9 is Justin

  • Leticia Sebastian
    Leticia Sebastian 13 hours ago

    I have your app

  • Carolina Ruiz
    Carolina Ruiz 13 hours ago +1

    Does Justin have the same shoes as pz9

  • Aiden
    Aiden 14 hours ago

    pz9 said the best fire

  • Asif Ali
    Asif Ali 14 hours ago

    Your ar. De best. Chad. Vy. Regina and daniel

  • Cherry Suin
    Cherry Suin 15 hours ago +1

    2# rule of being a spy ninja Fight! 3# knockout a project zorgo mebmer

  • slaughGawClean SlaughGawClean

    I've got a picture of you that we drawed

  • Luiz Mariana
    Luiz Mariana 15 hours ago

    He is Justin

  • Cherry Suin
    Cherry Suin 15 hours ago

    I think Pz9 is Justin because has a black hoodie who even likes nuggets with honey mustard?

  • Minhthang Nguyen
    Minhthang Nguyen 16 hours ago

    i did not subscribe to pz9 or pz

  • natalina figueira
    natalina figueira 16 hours ago

    Justin is pz9

  • Dianna Hunter
    Dianna Hunter 16 hours ago

    Call 911

  • Vanessa Jimenez
    Vanessa Jimenez 16 hours ago

    You guys should FaceTime or call him when Peezy nine is really close to you

  • Nariya Richie
    Nariya Richie 16 hours ago

    he said in his video HES YOU FRIEND

  • AllAroundBBBEAR
    AllAroundBBBEAR 17 hours ago


  • Syed Adnan Ahmed
    Syed Adnan Ahmed 17 hours ago


  • alexis parrish
    alexis parrish 17 hours ago

    ( :

  • Dayana Barraza
    Dayana Barraza 17 hours ago

    You should of called him right there

  • Lil Brown Recordz
    Lil Brown Recordz 17 hours ago +1

    Justin is PZ9

  • David Luis
    David Luis 17 hours ago +1

    Why when Regina hold pz9’s arm why didn’t Daniel unmask pz9?!

  • Maria Dolores Cerros Chavez

    I'm on pz9 side you guys are weak we are gonna give him all the subscribers hahahah

  • Maria Dolores Cerros Chavez

    I saw his hair it looks like Justin's

  • Ray Sheikh
    Ray Sheikh 18 hours ago

    Pz9 is Justin because I saw his yellow glove when you called him

  • Joe Swan
    Joe Swan 19 hours ago

    i olny like bq

  • Jatangaming Zone
    Jatangaming Zone 19 hours ago +1

    Daniel and Regina have fallen in love when pz4 was unsmasked

  • Henry Fuentes
    Henry Fuentes 19 hours ago


  • Erik Nava
    Erik Nava 20 hours ago

    Daniel pz9 is when he was talking to pz squire Justin had his mask off

  • Irish Trinidad
    Irish Trinidad 20 hours ago


  • Irish Trinidad
    Irish Trinidad 20 hours ago

    It's like pz9 is justin like this button down here

  • Abrar Maflahi
    Abrar Maflahi 20 hours ago

    PZ 9 is Justin

  • Arely Menjivar
    Arely Menjivar 20 hours ago

    He has black

  • Dhirendra Bhattarai
    Dhirendra Bhattarai 21 hour ago

    You should subscribe to project zorgo. Because they’re spreading another virus and it is read another virus then you will get the virus on you that project is making so subscribe

  • Ninja Donovin Jett
    Ninja Donovin Jett 21 hour ago +1

    When you FaceTimed Justin I saw a black hoodie he is pz9 like if you agree

  • Eileen Mohn
    Eileen Mohn 21 hour ago

    Pz9 has the same colered hair as justin

  • JacobPerrys
    JacobPerrys 22 hours ago

    0:08 stop bullying the camera

  • Jorell Huguley
    Jorell Huguley 23 hours ago +2

    Pz9 is Justin and I love you so much

  • Vernice Serafin
    Vernice Serafin Day ago

    Pz9 is justin you know you facetime him and you see all black and you see Pz9 hi bande aged his self and justin said he broke her arm and she not eat honey mustard he love chicken nugget and her favorites drink on star bucks

  • Ronielia Fransis

    Pz9 is justin

  • Chloe Hubble
    Chloe Hubble Day ago

    I am your biggest fan but I hear that you are acting like if you agree

  • Princess Dhian Tagle

    When you call justin i saw a yellow gloves

  • Ruby loco
    Ruby loco Day ago

    Daniel Regina has the
    Tracking device

  • Ariffin Osli
    Ariffin Osli Day ago

    Chàd vy you get 8,000 pz9get 33,593

  • Nat Jackson
    Nat Jackson Day ago

    I really like when riginas kick and dainle at 0:40 to 0:43 and liked at the start amd ilke to 0:43

  • Aboudi Rajoub
    Aboudi Rajoub Day ago +1

    Chad and Denil

  • Aboudi Rajoub
    Aboudi Rajoub Day ago +1

    Hi es Justin

  • Ryden Todd
    Ryden Todd Day ago

    Pz9 is Justin because when pz9 called it said Justin

  • Michelle Matthews

    Dannlie and Regina are so cute together

  • thebigshow 36787

    Cuz of you my littlw cousin thinks this is for grown ups

  • Eithyn Shannon
    Eithyn Shannon Day ago

    I can beat p z 9 in a fight

  • Zoey
    Zoey Day ago

    That. Pz9. Bat thats jastin