4 x Silver - The Thin Line Between Success and Failure

  • Published on Oct 31, 2015
  • How often do we hear this story: "I was on the way to my car, as...". This is another example of it (captured on video).
    I was on the way to the train station (about to pack my stuff). Last unmotivated coil swing, last target - silver coin! This changed my planes. I had to skip the train and investigate the small area around a big tire. I believe, the tire was the psychological turning point for previous detectorists at this place. They detected the left side and turned back to the other direction, when they arrived at this mark.
    The coins were unfortunately corroded. The silver coins had also a thick crust of sand sticking to the surface. I tried the baking soda & lemon method on the first coin. Later the baking soda & aluminum foil method (described by "Beau Ouimette" tvclip.biz/video/-DQbttBUi8c/video.html). Unfortunately both without expected result. The sand was sticking to the surface like a part of it. Maybe the coin was already damaged underneath the thick layer of sand, but it could also be my fault (too much mechanical pressure using the baking soda - lemon method).
    I used the lemon juice method on the second coin. The sand is still there, but the patina is partially gone...
    The third coin is waiting for a proper cleaning solution...
    Conclusion: I will never use lemon juice to clean a silver coin! Coins from this river are not in the best shape...
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  • Zelda Robinson
    Zelda Robinson 10 months ago +1

    Good hunt .hunting along a river can be great but to often to much glass .you know thw garden fork that looks like claws to scratch that would work great in rocky areas and along the shore . great video .thank you .

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  9 months ago

      Thanks I will think about it. I wasn't hunting river banks for a "long" time. I hope to make a comeback some day.

  • Ilario Palazzo
    Ilario Palazzo 3 years ago

    Ciao, bravo bella ricerca oggetti trovati belli

  • Czech Diggers
    Czech Diggers 3 years ago

    Very nice video bro :-) like4you

  • Mr Ronny
    Mr Ronny 3 years ago

    super Funde...Danke auch für die Nahaufnahmen zum Schluß, ich weiß das is Arbeit!!! Dicker Daumen hoch. Weiterhin gut Fund und Grüße aus Darmstadt

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  3 years ago

      +Ronny Senftleben Vielen Dank! Das Erstellen der Fotos ist zwar mühsam, aber es macht manchmal auch Spaß, wenn die Funde nicht alltäglich sind. Bei einem Reichspfennig ist es nicht immer der Fall. Leider kann ich die meisten Sachen nach einer Weile nicht mehr wiederfinden, weil ich solche Münzen aus Platzgründen mit anderen (ähnlichen) zusammenlege, viele Sachen aussortiere und wegwerfe. Später ist es schwierig nachzuvollziehen, ob dies und jenes aus einem bestimmten Ausflug stammt. Ich glaube, ich muss langsam über ein besseres System zur Wiedererkennung nachdenken. :)
      Viele Grüße.

  • get in
    get in 3 years ago +1

    A 192 year old coin should probably look this bad, LOL. If it is solid Sterling then it should clean up with another method. Beau uses the electrolysis method for most of his bigger items but maybe if you ask him he will have some sage advice. He's a really nice guy and is always willing to help out.
    I really enjoyed this hunt by the shoreline. You don't have to dig much and you found a ton of coins. I could hunt for weeks and weeks and not find anything so consider yourself fortunate to be finding so much.

    Our Sterling here is marked 925 how is yours hallmarked?

    Can we go back there soon?

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  3 years ago +1

      +get in Hi,
      thank you, I'm glad, you liked this video. It all depends on the location. This hunt was pretty "boring" before the "coin switch" went on. It is impossible to find something, if nothing is there. I could hunt at many different locations in this area for hours, without finding anything, not even iron. I don't know about the fields, but the woods in my area were "hunted" pretty heavy long time ago. If a place is "clean" (without much iron and trash), everyone who gets the signal first (even with the worst detector) becomes the finds.
      You would not believe, what places were hunted here... I'm willing to take some "risks", detecting very difficult, steep terrain. But I still have to shake my head at some places, when I see previous marks at spots I would never expect someone else to hunt. There is some good "competition" out here. It makes everything more challenging. Otherwise it would become too easy and probably boring with the time.
      The river is a good challenge too. I will definitely go back there (I still have some video footage, but I have to edit it first). The river is loaded with trash and iron, but also some pretty nice items in between. Unfortunately many objects are corroded. I believe sterling is marked 925 here too. You saw the difference between the "800" silver (fork) and a coin with probably lower amount of silver. I don't know how long this fork was lying in water, but it was in mint condition compared to all the coins. I will contact "Beau", thanks for the tip. I think, he is a nice guy indeed and as a river specialist, he probably has a solution for this specific problem.

  • Huckleberry Thinz
    Huckleberry Thinz 3 years ago

    Great hunt.i have just got a golden mask 4WD

    • Armor of Light
      Armor of Light 3 years ago

      @Huckleberry Thinz
      Did your GM 4wd arrive okay?

    • Armor of Light
      Armor of Light 3 years ago

      @Huckleberry Thinz
      Okay thanks.

    • Huckleberry Thinz
      Huckleberry Thinz 3 years ago

      GM.but the tangra has its place

    • Armor of Light
      Armor of Light 3 years ago

      @Huckleberry Thinz
      Yes of course my friend and thanks for making me aware of this detector. I am currently watching some of your videos now. I am amazed at that depth video with the Golden Mask where you detect that tiny screw head after re-burying!. Right now though i am watching the Tangra video, that looks good too. Which do you find to be the best machine out of the Tangra and Golden Mask?

    • Huckleberry Thinz
      Huckleberry Thinz 3 years ago

      tell them I recommended pls