Is the 'process' complete for 76ers after 2018 NBA draft? | First Take | ESPN


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  • Mike Garcia
    Mike Garcia 20 days ago

    Process will be complete once the Sixer's win a title

  • darrin hardison
    darrin hardison 20 days ago

    I put Dario over Fultz

  • 2 PAC
    2 PAC 22 days ago +1

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  • Splash'n'Skillz #37
    Splash'n'Skillz #37 23 days ago

    Brett Brown should have told Mikal Bridges that the 76ers doors are always open to him and he can come in FA any time, after the disloyalty he pulled

  • Jared Budden
    Jared Budden 24 days ago

    ESPN brainwashes the masses. Sixers are nothing more than above average

  • Meet the Fr34ks
    Meet the Fr34ks 24 days ago

    Nobody talking bout my bucks and how were going to take over the world

  • Jonathan Griffith
    Jonathan Griffith 24 days ago

    If an organization isn't playing to win, then they shouldn't be privileged to play sports. Fuck the process.

  • F Joe
    F Joe 24 days ago

    the 'process' is bullshit

  • Spurs_
    Spurs_ 25 days ago

    Celtics have a process.. the Sixers just tanked the shit out of a decade. Its a disgrace for basketball.

    • carl1223
      carl1223 24 days ago

      It was a joke before the tanking. The tanking didnt change that. And the reason the NBA tried to change the rules regarding tanking was because the Sixers exposed their asses.
      The league has shown no urgency to make the league more competitive. Its always 2 or 3(one of those teams usually being the Lakers)teams while the rest are fodder. Sorry if some organizations are not happy with being fodder.
      Fix the parity and encourage players to go to non marquee destinations, and tanking would not be necessary. Its that simple.

    • Spurs_
      Spurs_ 24 days ago

      There is no excuse for tanking for 5 fucking years. Stop acting like you're blind. There is a reason why the league was thinking about changing the rules JUST because of the Sixers and their pathetic tanking tactics. This franchise is a joke.

    • carl1223
      carl1223 24 days ago

      Thats really nothing when you look at it from a certain perspective. The Sixers made the finals in 2001. After that, from 2002 to 2013, they were a treadmill team.
      They were a team that made the playoffs here and there, but they always had bad picks(because they werent bad enough to get good picks) and they only made it past the first round once. Iverson left in 2006. It took them 8 years to get a superstar(Joel Embiid) after that, which they got after tanking 1 year.

    • Spurs_
      Spurs_ 24 days ago

      oh.. only 5 years? 5 fucking years of tanking.. teams tank 1-2 years for a rebuild. Not fucking 5. smh

    • carl1223
      carl1223 24 days ago

      Spurs_ They tanked for 5 years, not 10.

  • Duggy Fresh
    Duggy Fresh 25 days ago

    2019 NBA draft gonna be lit though. I can't wait! Them Duke boys this year. Whoooo!

  • Marty Schwartz Here
    Marty Schwartz Here 25 days ago

    The heat will be horrible by 2021. Great trade.

  • MIvarsson99
    MIvarsson99 25 days ago

    I raped all of these people. Max in the face. MOlly in the butt. Stevie A in the ear

  • C. Royal
    C. Royal 25 days ago

    Forget the Process...Trust DARYL MOREY!

  • Nick P
    Nick P 25 days ago

    Stephen A is OBSESSED with the damn wizards... they've literally never made a conference finals and underperform EVERY year.

  • Der CrysisBZ
    Der CrysisBZ 25 days ago

    They need lavar ball to complete the process.

  • 407Movement Beats
    407Movement Beats 25 days ago

    We talk shit about Lonzsos shot but Faultz shot was so bad he hurt himself trying to change it

  • Steff Cuddi
    Steff Cuddi 25 days ago

    should of drafted michael porter for star power then we could of flipped him for more than what we got out of the bridges trade

  • Hand over the Clout
    Hand over the Clout 25 days ago

    Bron goin tu Philly, ion know about rn or opt in last Year on Cavs, peep ND get ready for the carnage

  • Mackie SoLoud
    Mackie SoLoud 25 days ago


  • Gmac
    Gmac 25 days ago

    I thought Philly was dumb for giving away Mikal but getting the Heat's pick in 2021 is sneaky good. That could be a top 5 pick

  • Chris Marsden
    Chris Marsden 25 days ago +1

    I love the Wizards but they were shit in this draft. Fire Ernie Grunfield already.

  • Lawis Clems
    Lawis Clems 25 days ago


  • Eazy Mac
    Eazy Mac 25 days ago +1

    I think the Celtics won big with the big man they signed from Texas A&M

  • Arthas Menethil
    Arthas Menethil 25 days ago

    They are still going to play second fiddle
    To Boston for years

    • Mike Garcia
      Mike Garcia 20 days ago

      Arthas Menethil you don't know 76ers basketball right know do you ?

    • Arthas Menethil
      Arthas Menethil 20 days ago

      You clearly have no idea what you are talking about clearly delusional like most sixers fans. Kawhi is not going to philly, and most likely Lebron. And even if Lebron went to philly he would impede Ben Simmons development. That’s why he doesn’t want to play with him. Lebron makes his teammates worse. Joel Embiid is also very injury prone. If the sixers almost get swept by the Celtics bench then it’s good night.

    • Mike Garcia
      Mike Garcia 20 days ago

      Arthas Menethil ah hell nah once kawhi or lebron join the Sixer's Celtics will be second fiddle

    • Arthas Menethil
      Arthas Menethil 25 days ago

      They couldn’t even beat them with 2 of their best players out. The Celtics have all around better talent, and the best coach in the NBA.

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Arthas Menethil 😂 are you betting on Simmons having the worst series of his career for years to come 😂

  • Ghettsnowman
    Ghettsnowman 25 days ago

    the process is complete when they win a championship

  • Fordthecow
    Fordthecow 25 days ago

    Sixers are overhyped honeslty

  • dell cruz
    dell cruz 25 days ago

    the process ain't complete until they get PG or Kawhi and both Fultz and Simmons start to shoot from the outside

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      dell cruz Simmons needs help with his shot, but fultz imo is going to be fine we’re going to have to see this season how he looks

  • sojjaz
    sojjaz 25 days ago

    Damn molly look good today;)

  • Dub Nation
    Dub Nation 25 days ago

    They’re lineup would’ve been deadly if they kept bridges like wtf dude they would’ve been big af

  • Ashton Duncan
    Ashton Duncan 25 days ago

    That’s a really good question

  • Thinkoutful Mo
    Thinkoutful Mo 25 days ago

    Will someone explain to me why these two are always in separate rooms for this show? Every show’s hosts are always in the room and usually even facing each other. What’s the deal these guys don’t get along? (Plse no bs answers thx!)

  • Robin Weber
    Robin Weber 25 days ago

    So they're looking for a Fultz replacement possibly, and looking to get the wing player they need in free agency? Trade made sense because of the extra 1st but Bridges of MPJ had to be a tempting fit

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Robin Weber idk about a fultz replacement zhaire smith has always been more of a 2 guard than point. And more of an off ball player like spotting up and off ball cutting. I think they may legitimately try to run fultz and Simmons as ball handlers like the rockets. Smith as a jj reddick replacement. And then saric and Embiid. Have McConnell, Covington, Shamut run the bench

  • santimann23
    santimann23 25 days ago

    Don't sleep on chicago baby!!!

  • Deja RuizS
    Deja RuizS 25 days ago

    76ers are gonna regret this move if they don't get Kawhi. Bridges is a perfect fit SMH, wouldn't be surprised if he has a Tatum type rookie season in PHX.

    • Deja RuizS
      Deja RuizS 25 days ago

      If you go back to last years draft they were saying the same thing about Tatum, now they're praising him.

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Deja Ruiz Spinney Tatum is a lot better at creating shots bridges isn’t very versatile on offense.

  • Tony Rame
    Tony Rame 25 days ago

    Brett Brown pulled a Sam Hinkie, Hinkie must have been in the draft room or on the phone as Brown was doing interviews while the 2nd round was starting LOL.

  • Tony Rame
    Tony Rame 25 days ago

    Philly is poised to take a major jump next season. Celtics will be better too with their veterans returning, but other than Tatum getting better I think Philly's young players could take a major leap next year. I am not sold on Jaylen Brown. He plays too inconsistent in my book, will be interesting if he can improve at all from where he is now, he shot almost 40% from 3 last year so I do not know.

  • Nucky Mancini
    Nucky Mancini 25 days ago

    These ni@@@z draft/ed @shake milton?!?

  • Adil Majid
    Adil Majid 25 days ago

    So the top 2 in 2017 draft can’t shoot what were the scouts doing.

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Adil Majid fultz will shoot fine and ball was shooting well towards the end of the season

  • Papa Lannister
    Papa Lannister 25 days ago

    Philly kicking themselves for not taking Tatum

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Papa Lannister not really if fultz pans out it’ll be fine

  • Ray Morris
    Ray Morris 25 days ago

    Issac Bonga did not get selected by the Sixers. Fake news! lol

  • LeoLH Chan
    LeoLH Chan 26 days ago

    Issac Bonga was trade to Lakers

  • Barack Mueller
    Barack Mueller 26 days ago

    Sixers are massively overrated

    • Barack Mueller
      Barack Mueller 25 days ago

      because it is underrated. As Boston was during the playoffs

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Michael James there’s a reason your comment didn’t receive upvotes lol

    • Barack Mueller
      Barack Mueller 25 days ago

      actually my comment received no upvotes. So if anything my comment is massively UNDERRATED

    • dell cruz
      dell cruz 25 days ago

      Michael James this comment is massively overrated... sorry but you fell into it,lmao...

  • Stone Harper
    Stone Harper 26 days ago

    It blows my mind how many people have already given up on Markelle Fultz..

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Stone Harper they’ll see next year 😂

  • Vinicius Silva .C
    Vinicius Silva .C 26 days ago

    Picks 😠😠😠😠

  • Demartel Gilbert
    Demartel Gilbert 26 days ago

    People keep on sleeping on the Bucks they got a real Coach now Donte from Nova is a great piece to add to a team and unlike Sixers and Boston the Bucks dont need another Superstar they just need the role players

  • alittlelionfish
    alittlelionfish 26 days ago

    No, the process is now on Fultz.

  • Quality
    Quality 26 days ago

    the 76ers are a joke and the celtics will just get better. I'd like to be proven wrong, but just like I predicted last year I don't see it happening.

    • Quality
      Quality 25 days ago

      no player even simmons can play the finals like a regular season game, he's gotta go take the game away from them. he did the same shit in college in games that needed or could have been easily won, he went quiet or gave up. the celtics are already better the 76ers in regular or postseason. so philly have to prove they can beat them in the postseason. I want to see it happen but until I do, things are as they are.

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Quality lol simmons had probably the worst series he’ll have in his career and you think they’re a joke 😂 if Simmons played like he usually plays Philly wins the series. Fultz is going to comeback. they have a lot better defense on the wing now that reddick will be gone. And you act like the celtics are going to be significantly better next year lol. All the production we saw from rozier will go down same with brown and Tatum.

  • Ricky Maldo
    Ricky Maldo 26 days ago

    The way Americans feel about football (soccer) is how I feel about the NBA.

  • RicoSuaVe
    RicoSuaVe 26 days ago +1

    At this point, experience and improvement within the core players will complete "The Process". I don't think they need to add anything to their current squad.

  • i dislike for fun
    i dislike for fun 26 days ago

    no if they fire that bum coach it will be a step forward!

  • Jaleen Everette
    Jaleen Everette 26 days ago


    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Jaleen Everette same with smith he was like a 3 star recruit to a first round pick

  • Leo Chiarenza
    Leo Chiarenza 26 days ago

    does anyone know what smith is talking about when he says "with the change that has taken place in Toronto" did something happen?

    • Tony Rame
      Tony Rame 25 days ago

      huh head coach was fired lol

  • ktay95
    ktay95 26 days ago +2

    People talking down the Sixers forgetting that next season 2 of their top 3 players will be playing their rookie and sophomore seasons. They still have a lot of room to grow. They're only gonna get scarier each year

  • ThisIsMrJ
    ThisIsMrJ 26 days ago

    The process is never over.
    The core sizers players haven’t won a championship.

  • Eazy E
    Eazy E 26 days ago

    If Fultz is out of the league in 3 years (which I hope not and I do not think will happen), I blame whoever coach changed his shot

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Eazy E if you look at when he came back his shot looked fine at this point I really think it was due to injury which I was skeptical about

  • Yu Johnny
    Yu Johnny 26 days ago

    How many games did Markelle Fultz play? From the games I saw, his midrange went in. The real problem is Ben Simmon has to get a jumper. They lost to the Celtics because they trapped him and he couldn‘t score. The other ppl cannot hit a 3s. Too one dimension like the rockets.

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Yu Johnny well Simmons got the looks he was getting all year I think it’s just the shots weren’t falling(not saying a jump shot wouldn’t help) but that series was so close looking at the margin of victory. I think celtics and 76ers are a lot closer than people make it out to be

  • MJJ
    MJJ 26 days ago

    issac bonga is the lakers draft pick what kind of reporting is this

  • ReeSescup9891
    ReeSescup9891 26 days ago

    LeBron said he wants to play with his son before he retires. His son whom will be in highschool and eligible to play in the league during that 2021 pick, is enticing to land LeBron.

    • Tony Rame
      Tony Rame 25 days ago

      I think Bronny would have to skip a grade if he wanted to be eligible in 2021. I think he is class of 2022 actually. 2021 is thought to be the 1st year of eligibility for high-school players though.

  • ILikeMyWomenSunnySideUP
    ILikeMyWomenSunnySideUP 26 days ago +2

    First time Knicks made a good pick and y’all don’t speak on it? Man y’all sleeping on Knox the kid can ball.

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      ILikeMyWomenSunnySideUP they’ll see for sure I was big on Knox he just needs to find a true position which on the Knicks should be sf. And work a little on defense

  • Kessy Miranda
    Kessy Miranda 26 days ago

    Stephen lookin like he dont want none of that process talk in the thumbnail lol

  • Ace Nore
    Ace Nore 26 days ago +1

    Paul George should really go to 76ers

    • Mike Garcia
      Mike Garcia 20 days ago

      Ace Nore any elite sf should

    • Jared Budden
      Jared Budden 24 days ago

      I live in philly. Sixers are overrated. Trust me.

    • dell cruz
      dell cruz 25 days ago

      Ace Nore that's what I've been saying,but to be honest either PG or Kawhi would be amazing in Philly

  • Dev Man
    Dev Man 26 days ago

    Should have either just stayed with bridges or taken MPJ. Stupid stupid stupid

  • nathan hensn
    nathan hensn 26 days ago +1

    Zhaire is bad, and the 76ers should feel bad.

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      nathan hensn if Philly thinks they can make a kawahi,pg,Lebron run than it is for sure worth it. Smith shot like 40%from 3 and he’s a really good defender. Potentially a redick upgrade and pair him with a healthy fultz and they maybe the best defensive back court in the league

  • inyourfacevideos96
    inyourfacevideos96 26 days ago

    #TheProcess never ends.
    #TrustIt #HereTheyCome

  • andrew parkins
    andrew parkins 26 days ago +1

    When the shot starts falling for Markelle. Stop disrespecting him 😂😂

    • andrew parkins
      andrew parkins 25 days ago

      ASAP BAS big facts. Like he wasn't giving the whole Pac-12 30 every night 😂😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️. Oh how soon they forget

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago +1

      andrew parkins they act like he wasn’t hurt smh they’ll find out next year lol

  • Je'Von Lawrence
    Je'Von Lawrence 26 days ago

    Boston In 3 again vs phili 2019

    • Mike Garcia
      Mike Garcia 20 days ago

      Je'Von Lawrence 7 game series dumbdumb ah hell nah with kawhi

  • Je'Von Lawrence
    Je'Von Lawrence 26 days ago

    Just to show you how “great” the sixers draft , they draft TWO back to back point Guards who can’t even fuckin shoot using the “ best player available “ method . The entire Philadelphia franchise is a laughable joke trust me

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Je'Von Lawrence uhhh fultz can shoot fine he was just hurt and smith shot fucking 45% from 3. Fultz and smith back court are potentials the best defensive back court in the nba. And last year the only reason celtics won was because Simmons had the worst set of games in his life. And if celtics fans want to bank on that happening again go ahead lol

  • jeffchapel79
    jeffchapel79 26 days ago

    This segment didn’t feel the same.... nobody was yelling at top of their voices.

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez 26 days ago

    Still not beating Boston so it doesn’t matter

    • Friday Night Lights
      Friday Night Lights 23 days ago

      ASAP BAS - So Boston won in 5 without two all-stars. So Boston adds those two all-stars and Philly wins in six? lol. What kind of logic is that?

    • Nick Lopez
      Nick Lopez 24 days ago

      in 6 years maybe

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Nick Lopez Philly in 6

  • Patriot2K
    Patriot2K 26 days ago +2

    still sleeping on Boston as usual -.-

  • C Groot
    C Groot 26 days ago +1

    👍👑 He needs to shave that beard


  • Michael Machupa
    Michael Machupa 26 days ago

    False arrogance vs. false insecurity.

  • s.c Boothe
    s.c Boothe 26 days ago

    Theo Piston will sign a 2 way contract with the Brooklyn Nets.

  • Dread God
    Dread God 26 days ago

    They sleeping on the pacers

  • Josh Paulus
    Josh Paulus 26 days ago

    if 76ers resign Redick and can pick up Lebron and Kyle O'Quinn in free agency they will get past the Celtics and beat the Warriors in the finals

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Josh Paulus i don’t think they should resign redick because he was getting abused on defense that’s why they took smith, him and fultz can be the best defensive back court in the nba

  • Bruh Man
    Bruh Man 26 days ago +8

    Come back Mikal...😭

  • Gucci Diapers
    Gucci Diapers 26 days ago

    Fuck this.. i wanna see SAS say something about the world cup.. basketball is over.. move on you fucks

  • WherAmxZnHappns
    WherAmxZnHappns 26 days ago +3

    All Philly needs is a pure scorer. They don't need LeBron.

    • Friday Night Lights
      Friday Night Lights 23 days ago

      K_k Man - Look, I like the Sixers, but they could never beat the Warriors by just adding PG or Kyrie, they wouldn't even beat them with both.

    • K_k Man
      K_k Man 23 days ago

      WherAmxZnHappns that's what I've been saying. Lebron is actually a bad fit. They need like a kyrie irving or paul george if they get kyrie or pg its definately a championship.

  • Bobby Tsunami
    Bobby Tsunami 26 days ago

    if YOU ARE NOT HERE in philly DON'T ACT as if u kno wat the PROCESS is.. We know we getting a big fish if not this year than in 2019 which HAS BEEN the plan ALL along

  • ProcardcollecterAndGamer

    I think the process is completed when Joel Embiid goes after Luka doncis mom

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money 26 days ago

    They will regret passing MPJ

  • B
    B 26 days ago

    Lebrons going to Toronto

    • Mike Garcia
      Mike Garcia 20 days ago

      B not to what he did to Toronto for 3 years in a row

  • J.S.
    J.S. 26 days ago

    everybody love to hate the champions..booed to Warriors pick was disgrace I hope they win next 4 seasons

  • Originally Tari
    Originally Tari 26 days ago

    Is SAS hating Max nowadays?

  • jackson james
    jackson james 26 days ago +1

    They traded a 3 and D guy for a player who is just athletic. Cant shoot, cant dribble and can’t defend. They could have gotten him with one of their other picks. Phoenix is very happy rn they had a great draft.

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      jackson james he’s a really good defender lol I don’t know what you’re talking about potentially a good spot up shooter and he’s a good redick replacement

  • Nickelchainz
    Nickelchainz 26 days ago +10

    Damn Mikal bridges mom was so hype and then they traded him. That's tuff

    • tonedog77
      tonedog77 25 days ago

      Nickelchainz do you know what's even tougher? Not being in the NBA.

  • JNJ ‘
    JNJ ‘ 26 days ago +2

    can you guys talks some world cup?!

    • usef haslem
      usef haslem 22 days ago

      JNJ ‘ nobody cares about soccer

  • B Fresh
    B Fresh 26 days ago

    Even after being mentioned in the video the bulls still being slept on smh Bulls bout to turn sum heads

    SMLEFGFJB 26 days ago +1

    Sixers are a looming cloud.. ready to take over like Golden State is doing now in a couple of years. Should be fun to watch.

  • Jeremy Birk
    Jeremy Birk 26 days ago

    When Philly passed Porter Jr. They JR Smithed the process.

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Jeremy Birk he might not even ply this year but I hope he gets better but I think porter will have to be THE GUY on any team he plays on and he’ll be a good fit on the nuggets

  • Honza Sirmayter
    Honza Sirmayter 26 days ago

    I dont know how LEbron came up here... espn cn`t sleep with saying Lebron

  • Kyle Mumford
    Kyle Mumford 26 days ago

    Diehard Sixers fan my whole life, but it’s hard to overlook the fact that the Celtics committed highway robbery with getting Robinson at 27.. that’s an absolute steal without having to give up anything. Crazy

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Kyle Mumford he’s not a guy who works hard though and that’s not a good look for his future. I think temporarily he’ll be good but in the long run he needs to learn to apply him self

  • Stoned Opinions
    Stoned Opinions 26 days ago +1

    Why molly blinking like that

    • Anh Pham
      Anh Pham 26 days ago

      If philly can land pg13 or Kawhi then they can beat Celtic. Without a superstar then philly can't beat Celtic to go to the finals at all.
      No superstar on the team , no way they can get to the finals

    • Anh Pham
      Anh Pham 26 days ago

      Watch out Celtic next season. I would like Boston to take down the warriors in the next finals. DA should land one superstar this coming July 1st. If he can get Lebron then with the young core the team had right now for sure they can knock out the warriors come finals.
      I don't trust kyrie for his injury prone any year come finals time his knee not going to corporate with him.

    • Eddie Johnson
      Eddie Johnson 26 days ago

      She is blinking because she knows her days are numbered in First Take.

    BIG BAI 26 days ago +1

    As a wizards fan, i completely disagree with stephen a, they got it wrong

  • Bernardo
    Bernardo 26 days ago

    Liangelo Ball to the Process

    • Bernardo
      Bernardo 26 days ago

      Summer league they have the cap, top try him out

  • Kalvin Villegas
    Kalvin Villegas 26 days ago

    Man does Philly really think they can compete with Boston? Come on now. We all know Lebron ain't going there and they drafted Fultz over Tatum.... Let that sink in for a minute and realize that's a decision philly will regret for the next 10+ years

    • carl1223
      carl1223 24 days ago

      Kalvin Villegas In the short time we saw him, he looked pretty athletic to me, and he was able to drive to the hoop pretty easily as a result. Not to mention, I saw some good instincts on defense.
      The only issue is that he lacks confidence in his shot. If he gets it back, he will get people to shut the fuck up.

    • Kalvin Villegas
      Kalvin Villegas 25 days ago

      carl1223 he just didn't look good man that's all I'm trying to say

    • carl1223
      carl1223 25 days ago

      Kalvin Villegas You do realize that Fultz averaged less than 20 minutes a game for the games he played, right?

    • carl1223
      carl1223 25 days ago

      Kalvin Villegas Remember when people were laughing at Jered Goff after his rookie season?
      Guess what happened this season? Pro Bowl. 1 year means jack shit.

    • Kalvin Villegas
      Kalvin Villegas 25 days ago

      ASAP BAS read ur comment wrong. Just noticed u said he can be just as good as Tatum after playing a full season, which is true but I doubt it

  • Shooters Shoot Podcast
    Shooters Shoot Podcast 26 days ago +1

    Episode 11 of the shooters shoot podcast is out now special guest Nathan and Chevy join us as we dicuss the death of XXXTentacion and how it will affect the rest of the hip-hop scene. We ask whether marriage is still sacred for millennials. This weeks rattle of the week is Lord Alan Sugars politically incorrect tweet. Nathan exposes me with a story. We debate whos better between Ronaldo and Messi. And if a person says they love you should you say it back? This episode was too jokes trust me 😂😂.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 26 days ago +1

    Trust the process nigga

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Cristiano Ronaldo trust the process

  • Abdullah Hardy
    Abdullah Hardy 26 days ago


  • Error 15513
    Error 15513 26 days ago +8

    Mikal bridges is the third best player in the draft, should’ve never traded him. Suns are better built for the future than the sixers atm.

    • K_k Man
      K_k Man 23 days ago

      He's not even top 10 he's a 3 and d guy and he's not even a freakish athlete i think he'll be a solid player but not no star

    • Richard Philbert
      Richard Philbert 24 days ago

      No way. The sixers made the playoffs and have a bunch of young players and draft picks. Honestly the nuggets are probably better built for the future than the Suns.

    • Marsalis Chism
      Marsalis Chism 25 days ago

      Error 15513 glad you’re not my GM if you’re taking the Suns over Sixers

    • ASAP BAS
      ASAP BAS 25 days ago

      Error 15513 yeah you’ve gone full retarded lol

    • Tony Rame
      Tony Rame 25 days ago +2

      Dude let your suns get to the playoffs 1st before you start shouting nonsense. Booker said he is gonna leave if you guys dont make the playoffs. You have alot of pressure on the suns this year with Devin Booker likely to leave, that is why Suns needed a good draft on paper. The games are a different story. Also, history says you will not make it. Teams do not jump from last place into the playoffs the next year.