What's in the Box?!

  • Published on Oct 27, 2018
  • Monthly subscription of awesomely curious gifts from Vat19. Watch Jon and Joey open a pair of Vat19 Mystery Boxes.
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    There's a good reason the Vat19 Mysterious Box of Mystery is one of our most popular products. It's a chance to be surprised or to give a surprise where you can feel assured that the mystery items within are the good stuff. There's just one problem: once you've opened the box, there's no more mystery.
    The Monthly Mysterious Box of Mystery piques and re-piques your curiosity by delivering new stuff directly to your door, month after month.
    Each box is filled with a value of great stuff that includes the awesome products available in our store, Vat19 swag that you can only get exclusively through the box subscription, and even stuff that we haven't put out for sale to the general public yet. You’ll literally get to expect the unexpected while resting assured that your box's contents will be awesomely curious.
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  • FnafFan459 000
    FnafFan459 000 21 hour ago

    For the lick a bubble product, can you guys put melted ice cream in??

  • benefit Ackerman

    I love you products and I Love you

  • Maxton Lindstrom
    Maxton Lindstrom 2 days ago

    They are not called smarties in Canada it’s rockets

  • Mike12mt
    Mike12mt 4 days ago

    I like the stuff on Vat19 but I don't understand the purpose of loot boxes. You pay monthly just to get junk that piles up in your home. To add insult to injury, you don't get to choose the junk coming to you. I hope you guys are successful with this, but I just don't get it.

  • Stephanie Lutka
    Stephanie Lutka 4 days ago

    In Canada smarties are chocolates covered in candies

  • Emily S
    Emily S 6 days ago

    I grew up with magic milk straws and we got em at Walmart. Same with extreme poprocks.

  • Samuel Iii Singson
    Samuel Iii Singson 7 days ago


  • wtf chloe
    wtf chloe 7 days ago

    wait what if you get a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside a mystery box inside until it reaches the thinness of paper

  • Lloyd Algarme
    Lloyd Algarme 8 days ago

    Wow. Thats Cyberbullying 🤦🏻‍♂️🎮💻🖥😤

  • maximus williamson
    maximus williamson 8 days ago

    Really it,s 100 dollars

  • Nathan Ball
    Nathan Ball 9 days ago

    in canada we call smarties rockets and smarties is a chocolate

  • The Ninjassasin
    The Ninjassasin 10 days ago


  • Kiki Kior
    Kiki Kior 10 days ago

    I didHow did the bug

  • Kawaii potato 808
    Kawaii potato 808 10 days ago

    it's so cool I love it : )

  • Isabella Willborn
    Isabella Willborn 10 days ago

    John looks like Paul from big brother

  • Let's Be Real
    Let's Be Real 10 days ago

    Can you just buy 1 mystery box, because there um, 100 dollars?

  • Ugnius Ltu
    Ugnius Ltu 11 days ago

    I m subscribe

  • Tiny T_Rex
    Tiny T_Rex 11 days ago

    Eric is so funny

  • Maria Rybarczyk
    Maria Rybarczyk 12 days ago

    This box is 100$ ;_;

  • Hannah Thomas
    Hannah Thomas 12 days ago

    i bought one for me birthday and am just waiting for it to come it is in 2 days

  • גמאל ח'יר
    גמאל ח'יר 13 days ago


  • Sangga Radin
    Sangga Radin 14 days ago

    Is it random?

  • Film making 9898
    Film making 9898 15 days ago

    Can I still subscribe

  • kim lam
    kim lam 15 days ago +4

    We call the Smarties Rockets in Canada.

    • Akari Drawz
      Akari Drawz 6 days ago +1

      I thought it was smarties in a pack of rockets I was like "strange choice of packaging but ok"

  • Infinity 8
    Infinity 8 15 days ago


  • Infinity 8
    Infinity 8 15 days ago

    I got one and and got the feathered pen set

  • Ella McNoName
    Ella McNoName 16 days ago +1

    Hey wait those aren't freaking SMARTIES! (I'm Canadian)

    • Ella McNoName
      Ella McNoName 9 days ago

      +DJ PurplePaws that's great

    • Ella McNoName
      Ella McNoName 9 days ago

      +DJ PurplePaws that's GREAT

    • DJ PurplePaws
      DJ PurplePaws 9 days ago +2

      Ella McNoName my step sister is Canadian

    • Ella McNoName
      Ella McNoName 9 days ago +1

      +DJ PurplePaws now that I know Americans get this I'm laughing

    • DJ PurplePaws
      DJ PurplePaws 12 days ago +2

      Ella McNoName I’m the only American that gets this 😂

  • Šÿlflar Rįbbön
    Šÿlflar Rįbbön 16 days ago

    Nice alliteration

  • Jiano
    Jiano 16 days ago +1

    why so expensive?

  • Maggie Fanelli
    Maggie Fanelli 16 days ago

    3:32 I love Dr Pepper to

  • TC Pepsi
    TC Pepsi 16 days ago

    I have 5000 dollars so I can definitely buy these.

    But they're Hong Kong Dollars.😑

  • Chopper Micah Allman
    Chopper Micah Allman 16 days ago

    The example feisty pet is the same as mine. A dog.

  • Mads Theill
    Mads Theill 16 days ago

    Hvat if you live in Denmark like Mi Can you Then Get one

  • GD Josef
    GD Josef 17 days ago


  • Che Sinson
    Che Sinson 18 days ago

    Peep this :/

  • JoeJJ Lillico
    JoeJJ Lillico 18 days ago

    Is it free

  • Five To Tran
    Five To Tran 18 days ago

    Wait 1000 years for the mysterious box to arrive

  • Ava Villegas
    Ava Villegas 18 days ago +1


  • Markuss Akula
    Markuss Akula 18 days ago +1

    I wait 1year to Get this Mystery boks

  • Thu Le
    Thu Le 19 days ago

    Can’ I get just one instead of one each month

  • Levetator 2000
    Levetator 2000 19 days ago

    It’s cheaper to buy them sepretly

  • Jin Mingjia
    Jin Mingjia 19 days ago

    emm.. $146 CAD?

  • mweex 1
    mweex 1 19 days ago +1

    What I want one!!!=)

  • Alex Leblanc
    Alex Leblanc 20 days ago

    The Smarties Are Called Rockets In Canada But I Understand That Rockets In America Are Called Smarties

  • Taylor McLeod
    Taylor McLeod 20 days ago

    .I'm super excited to get one

  • Jr Rap
    Jr Rap 20 days ago

    Wait, you do know if you get the damaged one it’s probably worth more

  • Elizabeth Jones
    Elizabeth Jones 21 day ago +1

    "Gaint Smarties" *my Canadian self* "The Hell those are rockets. Oh right, Americans"

  • Hank
    Hank 21 day ago


  • Cohen008
    Cohen008 22 days ago

    Very good content indeed

  • 6kggh .Sherri Colwell
    6kggh .Sherri Colwell 22 days ago


  • Nicolas Hofman
    Nicolas Hofman 22 days ago


  • Spy sozer
    Spy sozer 24 days ago

    $100 dollers for a box that has something that I don't want.

  • Evan Pirone
    Evan Pirone 24 days ago

    UCome on guys come on

  • alejandro ruiz
    alejandro ruiz 24 days ago

    I subscribe

  • Andrija V.
    Andrija V. 25 days ago

    I love your videos

  • Yasmin Alkubaisi
    Yasmin Alkubaisi 25 days ago

    IS IT 100$ A MONTH

    JAELYN BEAVOR 25 days ago +1

    Joey and John both look like Scott Lang from ant man

  • Stealth Dman
    Stealth Dman 25 days ago

    $100?? Ya I’m good

  • Saltybathwater
    Saltybathwater 26 days ago

    Jesus that's pricy I'll just choose what I want to purchase

  • Unicorn Of
    Unicorn Of 27 days ago

    I miss Eric

  • elena Enriquez
    elena Enriquez 27 days ago

    You have the best videos ever

  • Rajaswi Kori
    Rajaswi Kori 29 days ago +1

    Is that a small one
    ( Please reply )

  • tiny_tatertot
    tiny_tatertot 29 days ago

    Awwww man Joey has a daughter 😢

  • Gigis. World
    Gigis. World 29 days ago

    Can I get some of that please🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🏻

  • mark leonard
    mark leonard Month ago

    Will it bubble?

  • Matilde Rodrigues
    Matilde Rodrigues Month ago

    I wish I had money :(

  • Itseanplays Gaming and more

    0:25 oh I want it I want to give it to my mother******* bully

  • JJJassy games
    JJJassy games Month ago

    3:43 us british go mad they r not Smarties they are love hearts.smaeties ar coloufull pebbles filled with chocolate.

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson Month ago

    It would be wonderful if you made vat19.co.uk because I'm a British child and my parents won't let me get anything because of shipping fees

  • Cutie dog 18
    Cutie dog 18 Month ago

    I'm British so how would I pay

  • ryan ancheta
    ryan ancheta Month ago

    thats alot why im from Philippine
    me: "subscribes to vat19"

  • Mnxe
    Mnxe Month ago

    When Joey said he bought his daughter that gift and now I wanna sob because the idea of Joey being a father is the cutest thing ever.

  • Nexo Saix
    Nexo Saix Month ago


  • XFrostPotato X
    XFrostPotato X Month ago

    i subscribed i want it but nah bc i live in indonesia its far away from you guys

  • It’z Azura
    It’z Azura Month ago

    Omg John I went to a place today and me and my friend got thinking putty and she got the exact same type as you

  • SteveO Suzie
    SteveO Suzie Month ago

    Can I get one for free please vat19

  • Zoe bergerson
    Zoe bergerson Month ago

    how much

  • CrInGe__PoLiCe
    CrInGe__PoLiCe Month ago

    Goes to see price

    99.99$ wtf

  • Mayra Rios
    Mayra Rios Month ago

    I am a big fan i like your product's

  • Tryb
    Tryb Month ago

    what if im in difrent country can i still buy this stuff???

  • Tabitha Blue
    Tabitha Blue Month ago +1

    100 dollars is a little much.... would have bought if it didn’t cost me 1/5 of my monthly rent

    • Marshmallow Da Cat
      Marshmallow Da Cat Month ago

      100 dollars is for three months so it’s like $33 for a month

  • Carmen Shmarmen
    Carmen Shmarmen Month ago

    I Have The Stardust Putty!

  • Leidy Daza
    Leidy Daza Month ago

    I sud

  • RewBerry
    RewBerry Month ago

    .o. I need to get that

  • Sophie P
    Sophie P Month ago

    A bird

  • Darren Buenavista
    Darren Buenavista Month ago

    I want some i always subscribe

  • JFilmz YT
    JFilmz YT Month ago

    Hey vat19 why can you guys make bacon puddy since you guys love bacon so much?

  • Ionita Laurentiu
    Ionita Laurentiu Month ago

    It's so expensive!!!!!

  • Erika Mai
    Erika Mai Month ago

    YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!! 😎

  • Mikestion
    Mikestion Month ago

    *why is it so fucking pricy, you guys aren't Microsoft*

  • Slime Girl
    Slime Girl Month ago

    At 100 $ I would just give all my money 💰 to homeless people

  • Ginger Dudley
    Ginger Dudley Month ago

    He has a daughter?

  • Yetukuri Joseph Praveen Kumar

    What should we do to buy one?

    ROBLOX GAMER Month ago

    even though im in NI i got the cosmic thinking putty

  • Andrius Ulčickas
    Andrius Ulčickas Month ago


  • bell bell
    bell bell Month ago

    I like your like a bubble

  • SweatsGaming Official

    why are they so stupidly EXPENSIVE!

  • Kapil Agrawal
    Kapil Agrawal Month ago

    How to get it