St. Louis-Style Pizza Is an Underrated Regional Pie | Food Skills

  • Published on Aug 14, 2017
  • When one thinks of hubs for great, wood-fire pizza-from Naples, Italy to Brooklyn, New York-St. Louis, Missouri isn't always the first city that comes to mind. But nestled along the Mississippi River, the Gateway City has quietly invented one of the most distinct pizza styles in America, using a smokey Provel cheese to set itself apart from the pack. Justin Bazdarich of Speedy Romeo has made it his mission to bring the gospel of St. Louis-style pizza to NYC, forcing even the most ardent East Coast pizza snobs to rethink their loyalties in the process.
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Comments • 588

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 7 days ago

    There is no such thing as a St. Louis pizza. You're making it up.

  • MotorCity_Kevin
    MotorCity_Kevin Month ago

    thats not even close to chrispy enough, Cracker Crust!!!!

  • Zero Productions
    Zero Productions Month ago +1

    Oh I get it. So in "Hipster America" you guys continue to feed the ridiculous idea that people in Brooklyn are the only ones that can plagiarize other people's pizza and do it so much better than the original. So much so, that they can almost claim it as their own, with no one batting a lash. You guys are a total joke!

  • ScareynotHarry
    ScareynotHarry Month ago

    when I’m with friends from the STL our pizza is just ok. When I’m w friends from other places, Imos is the best shit out

  • delta games
    delta games Month ago

    I love st louis style pizza, I've been here my whole life.. you either love it, or if you hate it,get the fuck out.. STL

  • Sharphet P. Hornblower
    Sharphet P. Hornblower 3 months ago

    A great frozen pizza option in local stores.

  • TheFanboy420
    TheFanboy420 3 months ago

    Nope. Nope nope. Land of 10,000 nopes. The ONLY reason you can call that a St. Louis pizza is because of the cheese. Your crust is too thick and your toppings do not go all the way to the very edge of the pizza. But, leave it to a hipster Brooklyn pizza joint to try. 3/10.

  • 31446963048
    31446963048 5 months ago

    Your crust is to thick, adjustment for NY eaters?

  • zaprude
    zaprude 7 months ago

    Now I really want to know what their best-selling pizza is!

  • david sanders
    david sanders 8 months ago

    Poor St Louis, always trying way to hard to stand out

  • Catherine Carpenter
    Catherine Carpenter 8 months ago +1

    People from the St. Louis area DON'T say "louie" it's "louis" or nothing.

  • whyarealltheidstaken
    whyarealltheidstaken 9 months ago

    Man, that is NOT STL style pizza! Crust is completely wrong, and pizza is all about the crust.. Toppings don't really matter. Your dough is too wet. It's not layered. STL style is literally like a cracker. That thin and that crispy. I have a wood oven in my yard and no sheeter or special equipment, and can make the proper crust. You need to use about 55% hydration. Then roll it out, fold it over on itself a few times, then roll it out again. Then put the toppings ALL THE WAY to the edge so you don't have that crust. Then bake for longer than you would a traditional hand tossed. The people showing off their pizzas on youtube are an embarrassment, and the people buying them up in NY are clueless.

  • SpawnOfCthulhu67
    SpawnOfCthulhu67 9 months ago

    I’m from the St.Louis area and I’m just shocked that a person outside of St.Louis acknowledged the existence of St.Louis

  • Brian C
    Brian C 9 months ago

    Provel is an acquired taste. I personally enjoy it. Imos is great, and Dogtown may be my personal favorite frozen pizza to get.

  • Ezra Croft
    Ezra Croft 10 months ago

    Brooklyn hipsters pizza appropriation... No where in st Louis will you find a pizza like that called St.louis style...

  • Patrick Lancaster

    That is not full St. louis style. No crust is a must. Imo's is the best

  • K M
    K M Year ago

    Square cut, that's just... wrong on so many levels, everybody deserves crust.

  • Chelsea Krenning
    Chelsea Krenning Year ago

    How are you going to do Saint Louis pizza from a guy in Brooklyn who grew up in Kansas City??? That crust is all wrong, there is no outer ring, it's more like a cracker. You wouldn't have someone who isn't from Atlanta trying to make lemon pepper wings. All those toppings on it make it look disgusting. Just trust me if you are ever in Saint Louis please just get a small plain cheese pizza from IMOs, ( with toasted ravs)

  • bayareacutiepie
    bayareacutiepie Year ago

    Soooo, they use Processed cheese on pizza? That sounds like a trip to the toilet.

  • Rudie Obias
    Rudie Obias Year ago +1

    Haha! Speedy Romero is in my neighborhood in Brooklyn! It's really good pizza!

  • Eric Liestoh
    Eric Liestoh Year ago +1

    Sorry, but you can't just throw on some Provel cheese to any kind of pizza and call it "St. Louis style". There is nothing whatsoever about that pizza that is like one from St. Louis besides the cheese. If you want New Yorkers to try and enjoy St. Louis style pizza, give them the real deal, not some unrecognizable bastardization of it.

  • muzik dude
    muzik dude Year ago +3

    St. Louis style pizza is amazing. I'm convinced that people who don't like it simply don't want to. What's not to like? Crisp (and minimal) crust that doesn't interfere with the taste of the toppings...and that provel cheese which is so much more flavorful than bland mozzarella. For my money it beats two pounds of bread with a slathering of pizza sauce on top any day of the week.

    • Zero Productions
      Zero Productions Month ago +1

      It looks damn good! I'm just not for NY stealing other cities pizza's. They brag enough about their own. The last thing I want to see is, Brooklyn NY bragging about their St Louis pie. It isn't right, and they deserve to be chided for this blasphemy

  • Radical Gaming
    Radical Gaming Year ago

    I'm from St. Louis and I hate our pizza

  • cool cool
    cool cool Year ago

    St. Louis has some fantastic regional food, I can't image a life without toasted ravioli and good 'ol St. Louis style pizza (from Cecil Whitakers bc they're superior to Imo's in terms of STL style)

  • DeltaUnderscore
    DeltaUnderscore Year ago

    As an STL resident, provel cheese is one of the most vile creations known to man.

  • Sevensliders
    Sevensliders Year ago +1

    My girl's from St Louis; had Imo's in one of my visits.
    Should have that again; loved that pizza to bits. Gotta get accustomed to Provel.

  • Suki Tsukiko
    Suki Tsukiko Year ago +1

    He is definitely not wrong. St. Louis pizza is probably one of my favorite parts about living in St. Louis. Gotta have me some Imo's. XD

    FEARS Year ago +1

    Okay that bugged me. The pizza isn't thin enough, there's a visible crust around the edge, and no one went for the corners. The corners are the best part.

  • Yo Dixon
    Yo Dixon Year ago

    Nobody in St. Louis would eat this pizza, this is not real St. Louis pizza...IMOs or Cecil Whittaker's is the only place to get real St. Louis pizza!!!

  • Rizon1985
    Rizon1985 Year ago

    If only Americans knew what cheese is.

    ShoeTELEVISION Year ago +1

    This pizza was sooooo good. I'm in love with Provel now

  • Kwhyell
    Kwhyell Year ago +8

    "ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE PIZZA OUTSIDE OF NEW YORK CITY" - every annoying new yorker on pizza videos

  • myriadcorp
    myriadcorp Year ago +2

    Leo's Pizza in KC. I can't eat it anymore because I am lactose intolerant. Last time I had it was decades ago. I would love to eat it again but then I would be laying naked on the bathroom floor. I can make my own pizza at home using Kraft Cheese because it's lactose free.

    • Stevie M
      Stevie M Year ago

      how does it compare to Johnny C's in Shawnee? KC represent!

  • Daniel Kandi Snooker

    Sean, PLEASE, do yourself a favour! Go to Amsterdam (in europe!) and head to the restaurant "De Nachtvacht" , order their Large ribs (prolly smallsize for americans as its 500grams or so) BUT.... the flavour....! It rivals and surpasses most ribs. I know 2-3 americans that swears by these as the best in the world, and thats sayin alot. So if in Amsterdam, look that restaurant up!

  • Dutch Mill
    Dutch Mill Year ago +1

    Good god this looks amazing

  • TheVargTrain
    TheVargTrain Year ago

    St. Louis style pizza is literally the worst thing I've eaten in my goddamn life. I would have been better off punching myself in the dick for an hour than eating a whole slice of that utter shit.

  • TheJuiceMan
    TheJuiceMan Year ago

    Why did I watch this when I'm hungry af

  • David T
    David T Year ago

    I'm from St. Louis

  • Kyrstin Stoneking

    Nah St. Louis style pizza is trash.

  • kitty friend
    kitty friend Year ago +1

    I'm not even gonna lie, this looks so fucking good

  • Rocket Raccoon
    Rocket Raccoon Year ago

    So nobody likes St Louis is what i'm getting.

  • RMF
    RMF Year ago

    Wow!!! My dicks rock solid from watching that

  • MrAlex3132003
    MrAlex3132003 Year ago

    I'd obviously have to taste it to believe it, cause what I've seen, it looks gross.

  • Jay Williams
    Jay Williams Year ago

    get that Memphis bbq

  • Corruptus
    Corruptus Year ago

    Well.. at least it's thin. The square cuts triggers my OCD though.

  • Kashmoney99
    Kashmoney99 Year ago

    Square party cut? You mean Chicago cut!

  • Ro G
    Ro G Year ago

    So St. Louis pizza is a marketing tactic that started a few years ago? Got it.
    And it's called tavern pizza if its cut into squares, losers, not "party pizza."

  • JR
    JR Year ago

    Get Tyler on here

  • josh lee
    josh lee Year ago

    ive worked at imos when i was 18 n theres no chedder at all in provel...... its 2parts provelone and 1 part mozzarella blocks being shredded and mixed in....... and ppl the best way to enjoy imos pizza who says its crap try dipping the pizza in the house italian dressing... it makes it more delish

  • Caitlin Guardino
    Caitlin Guardino Year ago

    Born and raised in St. Louis city...yes this has Provel, but that crust is so wrong...also never call it St. Louie. Nice to know hipsters in NYC are cashing in on shit that they know nothing about. Also this kid is from KC, they know nothing about good St. Louis style pizza, this is so sad and depressing to watch.