TOP Halloween Pranks and Tricks To SCARE Your Family!

  • Published on Oct 26, 2017
  • TOP Halloween Pranks and Tricks To SCARE Your Family!
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Comments • 111

  • Hannah Caverly
    Hannah Caverly 4 months ago

    People look scary without their glasses when your so used to seeing them with glasses on...

  • moto foxzz
    moto foxzz 7 months ago


  • Ds A
    Ds A 9 months ago

    I would poke my eye out lol

  • كراكيب krakeb

    i like the last one

  • Alexa Stewardson
    Alexa Stewardson Year ago

    Bonus meam

  • FF Trickyz
    FF Trickyz Year ago

    There is a whole in the back of the crate

  • Vicky Avena
    Vicky Avena Year ago

    Do you have a facebook

  • Alexis Sanchez
    Alexis Sanchez Year ago

    I'm trying the eye bursting trick this year XD my friend will pass the fuck out he hates Gorey stuff LMAO!

  • Daniel Allen
    Daniel Allen Year ago

    He didn’t finish starburst trying clean with wrappers etc

  • crispy gamers 1
    crispy gamers 1 Year ago

    Wonder how to do that trick to disapear

  • Profile One
    Profile One Year ago

    WATCH !!!

  • Mr. T
    Mr. T Year ago

    Hey Magic Murray!! You're the best magician in the world!!

  • xMaikeru
    xMaikeru Year ago


  • Jay Jan
    Jay Jan Year ago

    When I was doing thins I ate half the bag so ...🤣 life’s life’s I guess lol

  • **rodolfo _jass**

    Lmao that's awesome💯

  • BJJ Is Life
    BJJ Is Life Year ago +2

    Haha I love your Channel Murray!! I watch it all the time with my niece (who loves you as well) she is 1 yrs old and I cant wait until she is old enough to really understand magic but she still loves it at such a young age. Keep it up Magic Murray!!!

  • theguywiththecoolprofilepicture

    that cut was way to obvious at the beginning

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Brasil
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Brasil Year ago

    Você cortou o vídeo, deu pra perceber

  • The Raven YT
    The Raven YT Year ago


  • SoloCas GT
    SoloCas GT Year ago +14

    Did anyone notice that the first one was cutted? Check upper right at 0:18 - 0:20

  • Mat McNeil
    Mat McNeil Year ago

    Not funny, my Dog died in a crate!

  • Billlz
    Billlz Year ago

    I saw da first one it's easy to spot

  • Nelson Gonzalez
    Nelson Gonzalez Year ago

    I bet Murray won't pin this

    • NotValid
      NotValid Year ago

      Nelson Gonzalez your right

  • Dalia Morales
    Dalia Morales Year ago

    ya it cut

  • YT Life
    YT Life Year ago

    These are actually good

  • Aksu
    Aksu Year ago

    Pls can you reveal how to do Bottle Of Champagne Disappear trick?

    • NotValid
      NotValid Year ago

      Nothingness Artz I can teach you ^~^

  • Oliver Bergdahl
    Oliver Bergdahl Year ago

    is this a prank ot just shit video XDD

  • Chico De Coster
    Chico De Coster Year ago

    Happy Halloween Murray!

  • JulesPlaysMC
    JulesPlaysMC Year ago

    You pause it :-(

    KRAZe4KiCKS Year ago +3

    Did anyone notice the back of the cage was open

  • KenW66
    KenW66 Year ago

    I remember the fork in the eye trick from Penn and Teller's book, "How to Play With Your Food."

  • Raj Kishan Raj
    Raj Kishan Raj Year ago

    I love your tricks bro hope you r the best magician in the world😊😊

  • 46 Cruiser
    46 Cruiser Year ago

    0:35 I saw a hole in the back of the cage

  • Clash Gamers
    Clash Gamers Year ago

    Watch from 0:24 to 0:26 you will see that the backside is cut out & it's clearly visible

  • Julien
    Julien Year ago +1

    Thank you :)

  • DEADPOOL wrestler
    DEADPOOL wrestler Year ago +1

    Believing magic yet?

  • Jainil Patel
    Jainil Patel Year ago

    Ok, I guess we will just pretend that no one will see that giant whole in the back of the dog kennel

  • Colin Brown
    Colin Brown Year ago

    This dude is freaking awesome. HAPPY HALLOWEEN👹👺👻🍬🍭🍫⚰⚱🎃

  • Jai Mason
    Jai Mason Year ago


  • Null
    Null Year ago +2

    I sub MURRAY

  • James Millican
    James Millican Year ago

    It would be scarier if you took the price tag off the skeleton dog.

  • shawn davis
    shawn davis Year ago

    Just got done watching the video where you handcuffed that shopping cart to that guy's car oh my God I'm dying laughing that is some funny stuff.😂🤣

  • Bama Boyz
    Bama Boyz Year ago


  • Phillip Martin
    Phillip Martin Year ago

    He is nerdy but he's not.. Awesome but he is.. gotta thumbs every time lol

  • Fabian Muro
    Fabian Muro Year ago


  • Andrew Tan
    Andrew Tan Year ago +1


  • shawn davis
    shawn davis Year ago

    Happy Halloween magic Murray.👻

  • ok
    ok Year ago

    one of the fist here before 2000 views

    SKYKIDPE YT Year ago

    I'm the first dislike pin me

  • evercast the wizard

    Okay that eye trick is so awesome

    TOXIC GOD Year ago

    First plz pin this

  • kaitlynsamanthaa
    kaitlynsamanthaa Year ago

    Murray you’re my favorite TVclipr. Plz comment back:)

  • Mommy Of 3
    Mommy Of 3 Year ago

    It's was lit

  • Thomas Culp
    Thomas Culp Year ago +2

    Yay Halloween

  • ROYAL Rules
    ROYAL Rules Year ago

    How do you know this or come up with this stuff?

  • King Buny
    King Buny Year ago

    Awsome tricks and I love that cute baby dog 🐶!!! Best tricks !!!

  • Adriel Liew
    Adriel Liew Year ago

    Urgh The Eye one is disgusting

  • Rando Dong
    Rando Dong Year ago

    733 rd view!!!

  • BuggySaturday 2005


  • BuggySaturday 2005

    Who Was Your Friend

  • unknown 2593
    unknown 2593 Year ago

    Hey its me again unknown I made it here before 30 minutes and I dined and liked u a lot your the best

  • Cyro
    Cyro Year ago

    Ur my favorite youtuber

  • Jesse Rivera
    Jesse Rivera Year ago

    80th like and 40th comment.

  • Shaping Gaming
    Shaping Gaming Year ago

    happy Halloween :D like this if u want candy

  • Jorge Mirabal
    Jorge Mirabal Year ago

    Thanks for sharing buddy that was very cool

  • Obey Me
    Obey Me Year ago

    *SPOOKAY TRICKS!!!!!!*

  • Corrupted Glitch
    Corrupted Glitch Year ago

    ooooooohhhhhh hiiiiii

  • DeanBohannon 1.0
    DeanBohannon 1.0 Year ago

    Your a wizard harry

  • Colin Hernet
    Colin Hernet Year ago


  • beats fanatic
    beats fanatic Year ago

    Love your videos man

  • 768supersonic
    768supersonic Year ago


  • CaptainLaserhound

    Yaayy earlyyy

  • Sweetish Druid
    Sweetish Druid Year ago +6

    Am dog, want food.

  • Xki SynCx
    Xki SynCx Year ago


  • // CCunleash \\ {YT}

    If your reading this, I hope you have a happy Halloween🎃

    • Magic Murray
      Magic Murray  Year ago

      +// CCunleash \\ {YT} 👍🏼👍🏼👽

  • Arvin Jagdeo
    Arvin Jagdeo Year ago

    Nice u r the boss

  • Neon Dynamite
    Neon Dynamite Year ago

    The video is longer then a minute

  • Neon Dynamite
    Neon Dynamite Year ago +8

    29 likes in 1 minute

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  • Yolo Masters
    Yolo Masters Year ago +2

    #1st comment and 7th like👍

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    adolfo rios Year ago


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  • Malik Roman
    Malik Roman Year ago

    Dang it my tricks to get here first never works

  • Jackson English
    Jackson English Year ago


  • Magic Murray
    Magic Murray  Year ago +41

    I LOVE HALLOWEEN so I hope you enjoy this video! Be safe this weekend and give this video a like! :)

    • Maxwell Eggers
      Maxwell Eggers Year ago

      I love your johnny cash shirt

    • BroskyWhoDatedHoski
      BroskyWhoDatedHoski Year ago

      murray do u know the effects name where a magician takes a notepad drawing paper has a drawing of a gift card on it.and he snaps his magical fingers.the drawing goes away and a real life subway gift-card pops down and drops onto his hands!! any clue what it's called ?? plz help magic murray

    • MK Wraith
      MK Wraith Year ago

      Magic Murray you can see the cut at the beginning dog trick

    • Daniel Alibrandi
      Daniel Alibrandi Year ago

      Magic Murray ur a legend

    • Jose Sanchez
      Jose Sanchez Year ago

      Magic Murray u look like a do douche pickle

  • Calden. A.P
    Calden. A.P Year ago


  • Jason D’Amato
    Jason D’Amato Year ago +3

    Great video

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    Calden. A.P Year ago