Quality Control, Offset, DaBaby - Pink Toes (Audio) ft. Gunna

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • Music video by Quality Control, Offset, DaBaby performing Pink Toes (Audio). © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • LaBoyDuddus
    LaBoyDuddus Day ago +1

    Metro Boomin produced this joint y’all sleeping

  • Chemical
    Chemical 2 days ago

    Yall can hate me but that flute lowkey ruins the track. Doesn't sound like it fits this beat

    • Subscribe To Milesmonk5
      Subscribe To Milesmonk5 19 hours ago

      Chemical nah i disagree i feel like it brings this beat alive a lot more than how it already was

  • G Theone
    G Theone 4 days ago

    electra x????

  • Storm King
    Storm King 4 days ago

    Why did they delete Uzi?

  • Big Bromethazine
    Big Bromethazine 5 days ago

    that Based Gutta electra X preset arp

  • Daniel Jenkins
    Daniel Jenkins 6 days ago

    Should’ve put Peewee Longway on this

  • LiL ZZ
    LiL ZZ 7 days ago

    Gunna snapped 😪🔥🔥🔥

  • Mike Earle
    Mike Earle 9 days ago

    love the frame roll, good lyrics run fluid. why rap is not good. baby got sapphire content. o n ah is all migos content. be gon

  • Peter S. Beats
    Peter S. Beats 13 days ago

    Cubeatz are just on another level

  • RC 2000
    RC 2000 14 days ago

    Lil Uzi fits better on this with his voice and flow. Dababy has always the same flow so yeah.

  • T Wilson
    T Wilson 17 days ago

    Shit 🔥 I

  • Erick Goo
    Erick Goo 17 days ago

    This song is fuc****** fire

  • sav grace
    sav grace 18 days ago

    all his songs sound the same sorry lol

  • Marihe Aibeb
    Marihe Aibeb 21 day ago

    I like gunna coz he always in-between big names and can keep up with their pace

  • Felix Fassold
    Felix Fassold 24 days ago

    DaBaby insteed of Uzi ? U dumb af

  • New Saiyan
    New Saiyan 24 days ago

    It's ya boy SmooooothGiiioooo

  • Brandon J Smith
    Brandon J Smith 27 days ago

    Damn why y'all cut Uzi part off

  • Yung Dior
    Yung Dior 29 days ago

    This dead sounds like a Bad n Boujee 2.0. Hard af tho

  • My Life isn't a fairytale, but

    Gunna is slept on in this song ong

  • 1234TheBeat4321
    1234TheBeat4321 Month ago

    Million dollar nigga in the condo like I’m Ninooo 🔥 🔥

  • Legend
    Legend Month ago +1


  • Iloveprettyfeet Women

    I had to put a thirty extension on the 9

  • Anime Infusion
    Anime Infusion Month ago

    DABABY WAS LIT ....😌😌😌

  • Mc Weaver
    Mc Weaver Month ago

    Lil uzi went off on this one

    JRDAN AJ Month ago +1

    Niggas really aint know this song before smooth gio ? Smh

  • Treverton Bryant
    Treverton Bryant Month ago

    Kinda wish da baby did the whole beat tho...🤔💯💯🥴

  • Adrian Mendoza
    Adrian Mendoza Month ago


  • Adrian Mendoza
    Adrian Mendoza Month ago

    Blahh ohhh erghh bihhh bouu sharshh twin foul

  • Student James Barnett

    I like this song

    OFF THE WALL Month ago

    RIP MJ

  • Denzil Wasterfall
    Denzil Wasterfall Month ago +2

    Y'all don't know Metro was on this🔥🐐

  • Clavin Thomas
    Clavin Thomas Month ago

    Y they remove lil uzi part?

  • Nick Abel
    Nick Abel Month ago +1

    White male here bumping this hard AF in my Lexus omw to the office

  • DanVlogs46
    DanVlogs46 Month ago

    The Best Music!!! 🎶😎😎

  • Jayla Fischer
    Jayla Fischer Month ago

    Smooth gio put me on

    FAUZ ON THE BEAT Month ago +1

    Hey MR. Kendrell (OFFSET)
    I've been your great fan & listener of your songs for years... Though I've been trying to get in touch with you on social media about my trap music journey... But it seems like you receiving too much texts and emails therefore you can't get to reach mine... I just hope one day you gonna read my comments and emails as for im Fauz from Mombasa (kenya) and trust me its so hard to make it where i come from... Atleast you can get a sample of my trap on my chanel i got freestyle clips and my music videos... I hope you get to help me out one day as your fan, friend, and as a little brother to you, thank you.

      FAUZ ON THE BEAT Month ago

      There's no trappers where i come from.... So im just aiming to be a great one and help the others who need same help i need ry na

  • Nick Harris
    Nick Harris Month ago

    Whoever made the decision to take uzi off I hate u. Whoever agreed with them.. I hate u too. Lil uzi vert had the hardest verse and yall ruined.

  • Mr. Froggy
    Mr. Froggy Month ago

    Where lil uzi at bro, they removed him!+

  • Cuffboy Coolin
    Cuffboy Coolin Month ago

    Offset & da baby snapped!!💣

  • Mactae Gooden
    Mactae Gooden Month ago


  • Torenzo Gregory
    Torenzo Gregory Month ago

    Were the fuck is uzi verse

  • Kayla Kathawa
    Kayla Kathawa Month ago +1

    Genius and every other lyric site I've found is wrong. someone help with the right lyrics dawg call offset himself cuh not knowin some of these is makin me mad lmao.

  • eidrah htarts
    eidrah htarts Month ago

    who the fuck is smooth gio

  • Murk Gang productions

    Who tf told gunna this was okay

  • Donte Johnson
    Donte Johnson Month ago

    Lil uzi laugh is priceless

  • Noobert Pro
    Noobert Pro Month ago

    Dang dababy goes with any beat

  • OPG
    OPG Month ago

    anyone else hear that the flute is the same as in 100 shooters by future

  • Oğuzhan Badaş
    Oğuzhan Badaş Month ago +1

    100 shooter's beat?

  • GreenSlyCooper71 _
    GreenSlyCooper71 _ Month ago

    DaBaby went hard asf🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • lxl rod
    lxl rod Month ago

    where lil uzi at?

  • king samerus090
    king samerus090 Month ago +1

    Smooth put me on🤣

  • JarvistheG
    JarvistheG Month ago +1

    Smooth Gio put me on

  • J dubs gaming
    J dubs gaming Month ago +3

    Smooth gio put me on

    XXXTENTACION Month ago

    2:23 who heard the 100 shooters from future

  • Asseroni & Cheeks
    Asseroni & Cheeks Month ago +6

    Gio’s gram brought to this slapper🔥

  • Dexter Harvey
    Dexter Harvey Month ago +3

    Aye same i only played cos smoothgio was saying it in his video😂😂

  • Aleksandar Parmakovic

    Where the fuck is lil uzi

  • Rhianna Rerrie
    Rhianna Rerrie Month ago +3

    Smooth Gio got me here 🥶

  • Master Jacob
    Master Jacob Month ago +4

    Gio put me on this💯

  • Merry-Wayan EL Houli
    Merry-Wayan EL Houli Month ago +5

    smooth gio put me on i love you and the song