Kyrie Irving on Conspiracy Theories, Tightening His Handle, and Going to the Celtics (Ep. 4)

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  • 4 Fake
    4 Fake 12 hours ago

    Stay safe Kyrie. They don't want you stepping out the matrix. Especially with your platform.

  • 4 Fake
    4 Fake 12 hours ago

    Kyrie and JJ= woke.

  • Jonas IDK
    Jonas IDK Day ago

    Humans 10 000bc. Pretty sure homo sapiens was before that to, like 80 000bc, 200 000 first "humans" and 1million bc on monkeys

  • ufailowell
    ufailowell Day ago

    TIL Kyrie thought about going to Texas A&M. Neat.

    MIND WAR Day ago

    Ooooh!! Time stamps impeccable

  • ItsAlwaysMike
    ItsAlwaysMike Day ago

    dope podcast

  • kingjappyjoe420
    kingjappyjoe420 2 days ago +1

    JJ is awesome. And Kyrie is such a lovable moron Great Podcast!!!!!!!!

  • Mike
    Mike 3 days ago


  • Lionel Thompson
    Lionel Thompson 3 days ago

    What are they teaching these cats at Duke with these conspiracy theories?!?

  • Ian Farrell
    Ian Farrell 3 days ago

    Very loose use of the word “knowledge” in here

  • Chief Crow & The FLAT EARTHWORMS

    NBA , flat earth ,, fake dinosaurs!!
    Best podcast ever!!!! ⚡️🐧⚡️🐧⚡️🐧

  • Bill Keith
    Bill Keith 4 days ago

    Here is the sequel to _Loose Change_

  • Bill Keith
    Bill Keith 4 days ago

    Instagram? _rolls eyes_ He needs to watch YouTube videos.

  • Bill Keith
    Bill Keith 4 days ago

    Speaking of Nikola Tesla, read this background info about him:

  • Samina H
    Samina H 4 days ago

    I think Kyrie is still in the process of learning new information and trying to figure out which of it is the truth and which of it is lies. I don’t think he tries to sound intelligent, in fact I believe he is highly intelligent from my knowledge. It’s not the person, it’s the source that can be distorted.

  • James Mulligan
    James Mulligan 4 days ago +1

    Dinosaurs aren't real tho its so sketchy the history or archaeology

  • Sujay
    Sujay 4 days ago

    Y’all MFs really think the earth is flat? What does the “government” or “nasa” have to gain by “convincing” us otherwise?? Kyries proof is from Instagram videos and that’s his research? Is this the research y’all talking about???
    MAN FOH 😂😂😂😂

  • BPD MF
    BPD MF 5 days ago +1

    JJ is a great podcaster. I think he is as good as any host I've heard. I look forward to many more.

  • Anthony Le Nguyen
    Anthony Le Nguyen 5 days ago

    "Do your research."
    It's not difficult to understand Kyrie yet some think he's avoiding the question at times.

  • John Connor
    John Connor 5 days ago


  • Chauntrell Wright
    Chauntrell Wright 5 days ago

    🤔 I get dinosaurs though 🙏

  • renzlor
    renzlor 6 days ago

    I love these guys but this is just plain embarrassing. Skip to minute 13 and thank me later.

  • matthewburanich
    matthewburanich 6 days ago +4

    'there was no such word as "dinosaur" then suddenly we find one dinosaur, and dinosaurs are popping up everywhere?'
    that's because before that, they thought they were Dragon bones 😂

    • Dissonant Whisperer
      Dissonant Whisperer 3 days ago

      All the “fossils” were found by “scientists” with connections to museums and never has enough of anything been found to give an idea of what it actually was. Now they’re starting to say some of the “dinosaurs” didn’t even exist.

  • Alooo
    Alooo 6 days ago +1

    This life is a stimulation kyrie stay woke my friend

  • P90 NGF
    P90 NGF 6 days ago +1

    Lol Kyrie chill on that true meaning of Illuminati shit before they come for you brother real talk.

    • Vonhope ._
      Vonhope ._ 3 days ago

      P90 NGF kyrie part of something when he got that hand eye thing tattoo I knew he was different so this flat earth thing didn’t surprise me 😂

  • Daniel H
    Daniel H 6 days ago

    how you write titles on youtube videos are important for those clicks. the jj podcast rocks

  • btmusicman
    btmusicman 6 days ago +1

    I know one thing, water *ALWAYS* finds a level and that's impossible on a sphere let alone a 1,000 mph spinning sphere

    • YourFearIsReal
      YourFearIsReal 5 days ago +1

      Also water doesn't always find a level. Pour water in a beaker and notice the dip (called the meniscus) at the top.

    • YourFearIsReal
      YourFearIsReal 5 days ago +1

      btmusicman Gravity exerts a higher pull towards the core of the earth. Also water is inanimate and can't move on its own volition like those other things mentioned (butterflies, birds) because they're exerting a force to counteract the gravitational pull. How dense are you to not comprehend this concept? Also I'm curious as to know where you think waves and tides come from. There's really no refuting physics as we have ascertained that these are objective truths with the laws of which objects react with the forces of the universe.

    • btmusicman
      btmusicman 5 days ago +1

      YourFearIsReal No I don't, please explain it to me because I'm having a hard time understanding how the same force called "gravity" that supposedly holds all of the trillions of gallons of water to the spinning sphere earth isn't strong enough to hold a butterfly, a small bird, a balloon etc etc from taking off without any resistance or problems

    • YourFearIsReal
      YourFearIsReal 5 days ago

      btmusicman bro do you even understand gravity?

  • Thosethatsaytheyarejews andarenotbutdolie

    Research Flat Earth. You'll be glad that you all did! Only paid trolls attack the flat earth, so don't be discouraged!

    • Bill Keith
      Bill Keith 4 days ago

      + buckeye998197 y Gleason did and made a time zone map of it.

    • buckeye998197 y
      buckeye998197 y 4 days ago

      Thosethatsaytheyarejews andarenotbutdolie if the earth is flat explain time zones then

  • clout overload
    clout overload 6 days ago +19

    Everyone says Kyrie is so dumb, how is it dumb to not listen to everything you’re taught and try and find your own information. Kyrie sounds pretty smart too me

  • Greyson Russell
    Greyson Russell 6 days ago

    Im not usually one to comment but come on dinosaurs are a hundred percent real! just because the term wasn't coined till the 1800's doesn't mean they weren't finding them. throughout human history bones have been found and they have fueled myths such as dragons in human culture. Also whats the payoff in this? And whats the cut off? like am I supposed to believe wooly mammoth fossils do exist but dinosaurs theres no way? How about a little common sense from a duke grad.

  • phillip ahn
    phillip ahn 6 days ago

    I wish that they talked about the James Harden ending

  • Celtic Bird
    Celtic Bird 6 days ago

    That Duke education....

  • twilight1973able
    twilight1973able 6 days ago

    Flat Earth Cultists make the Baby Jeebus cry.

    • twilight1973able
      twilight1973able 5 days ago

      That might be true, I wouldn't know. But if the better part of me did that and I STILL am not enough of an idiot to believe in flat earth....well, that really says something about the people who do.

    • Thosethatsaytheyarejews andarenotbutdolie
      Thosethatsaytheyarejews andarenotbutdolie 6 days ago

      Best part of you, rolled down your mother's leg.

  • Golden Screen Warriors

    Kobe not his fav Laker? Wild

  • Isaiah quezada
    Isaiah quezada 6 days ago +16

    Theirs not one real picture of earth. The Reality cannot be seen.

    • Bill Keith
      Bill Keith 4 days ago

      _There's_ ..... just sayin'

    • de-polarised sheeple
      de-polarised sheeple 5 days ago

      Shadow017M hmm, factions?

    • Johnny Blankenshoot
      Johnny Blankenshoot 6 days ago +1

      There's not one real picture of the Holocaust

    • Shadow017M
      Shadow017M 6 days ago

      Right before that they were talking about a secret Duke brotherhood or w.e and then he names a player (James Worthy) that went to Duke's biggest rival, UNC. There's something more to that, I think.

  • 1st Amendment
    1st Amendment 6 days ago +4

    okay well at least from what I'm hearing Kyrie isn't as crazy as I thought. Props to him for not giving a fuck tho

    • 1st Amendment
      1st Amendment 5 days ago

      dog. I jumped out of a plane. I literally saw the curve of the earth. It looked like a fish eye view. what does anyone get out of lying about the earth being round? Who does it benefit? what agenda does it help? do you think the earth is really flat? answer these questions for me....

    • Thosethatsaytheyarejews andarenotbutdolie
      Thosethatsaytheyarejews andarenotbutdolie 6 days ago +2

      1st Amendment
      He's not crazy. Do some flat earth research yourself.

  • JC Lingad
    JC Lingad 6 days ago +6

    This is #WOKE.

    • de-polarised sheeple
      de-polarised sheeple 5 days ago

      Rick Lyon joke's on you thinking you are m0nkey flying through space on a spinning ball

    • Rick Lyon
      Rick Lyon 6 days ago +2

      You mean #joke

  • DoomDDS
    DoomDDS 6 days ago +2

    Uncle Drew should put out the Kyrie 4s made out of tin foil

  • 4400 Dot
    4400 Dot 6 days ago +8

    Dumb tho??? These guys went 2 duke university they on totally different levels of thinkn then yal dikks smh

  • John KT
    John KT 6 days ago +6

    I saw some people say Jj was dumb because he said people have been around for about 10,000 years.
    That's actually true though and the dinosaur was interesting. Why does he have to be dumb? Its somebody thats thinking out loud.

    • #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE
      #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE 4 days ago

      I thought I was the only one. People belive anything scientists said. People actually thought that a dog's mouth was cleaner than a human's just cause scientists say it lol

    • John KT
      John KT 5 days ago

      Vincent Salamatino dope

    • Vincent Salamatino
      Vincent Salamatino 5 days ago

      No it's not true neither is evolution. Gobelki Tepe is a human civilization atleast 12,000 years old. The sphinx was really a jackal and is atleast 100,000 years old due to the water erosion. The lie is we been here way longer.

    • John KT
      John KT 5 days ago

      BPD MF Archaelogically speaking there seems to be signs but im not quiet convinced tbh.
      The reason i don't is because i don't believe we have evolved. I do know based off of the evolutionary belief, they say the homo sapien was around 200,000 years ago.
      Thanks for your input though homie

    • BPD MF
      BPD MF 5 days ago

      John KT People have been around longer than 10,000 years, but that is around when writing was developed so that's when history really started. Before that is only archeological evidence.

  • Ali Isa
    Ali Isa 6 days ago

    Yea guys, skip the first part to avoid a migraine.

  • 静水丨流深 123
    静水丨流深 123 6 days ago

    I think it was highly possible that dinasours are created in order to get ride of the restrains of medievial era so that industralization can happen faster.

  • Zbo Paycolo
    Zbo Paycolo 6 days ago +6

    Kyrie talks like he's really intelligent and worldly. He isn't and it's annoying when you try and make sense of what he's saying. One thing I realized is these basketball players from these schools like and Standford, Duke, Kentucky (basketball schools) is they have a sense of arrogance. Just stick to what you know, which is athletics and playing basketball. All that science and history, from what I've heard on here keep your comments to yourself.

    • Sir Benet
      Sir Benet 13 hours ago

      what are you on about dude? he was chill and simply talked about how you should always be open minded and think for yourself, and how people immediately get ostracized for doing so... your comment perfectly illustrated what he said

    • UnknownUniverse
      UnknownUniverse 2 days ago +1

      Need you be reminded that in order to even be a professional athlete there is a case of earning a college education as well as having to have 1 year of college experience, which means you're ass better not be stupid otherwise you better forget about earning a living in the sports world, so when you say things like "Kyrie talks like hes really intelligent and worldy" as a way to create this facade of him otherwise just making this more of about your opinion then fact so choose your words wisely buddy

    • 9thWonderJ
      9thWonderJ 3 days ago +3

      Zbo Paycolo so because they're athletes you want them to limit their intelligence, or speak in a manner that makes you feel comfortable? I forgot being an athlete meant you couldn't be smart

    • #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE
      #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE 4 days ago

      Zbo Paycolo How is he talking like he's intelligent😂. Dude was laughing and joking almost the entire podcast. He was chill af

    • DJCaliReppinDR
      DJCaliReppinDR 5 days ago

      Zbo Paycolo yo this podcast really got you mad 😂 what a comment

  • AY Berhe
    AY Berhe 6 days ago +1

    Kyrie is a basketball savant but I wouldn't bet he could tie his own laces.

  • Alex Peredia
    Alex Peredia 6 days ago +22

    Truth is the truth even if nobody believes it. Lie is a lie even if everyone believes it.

    • Vincent Salamatino
      Vincent Salamatino 5 days ago

      Yup facts don't care about feelings so Trump>>>Obama

    • de-polarised sheeple
      de-polarised sheeple 5 days ago

      Alex Peredia YUP, I would add that truth d0nt care about opinions or theories;)

  • James David Pretzsch


  • LL123
    LL123 6 days ago

    Holy shit kyrie needs to shut the fuck up about things he doesn't know about.

  • David Velez
    David Velez 6 days ago +11

    Once again, Kyrie talks about Flat Earth but has yet to indicate any evidence or even an argument. I'd be interested to know what instagram accounts he's following, this is remarkably stupid. "Do your own research" is the only thing he ever says, because it's obvious he has NO idea what he is even talking about.

    • David Velez
      David Velez 2 days ago +2

      Does this logic apply to yourself? There isn't a possibility that the earth is flat, because that belief was dispelled since approximately 500 B.C when ancient Greeks were able to determine the earth was round by observing the shape of the earth through a lunar eclipse. Your stance isn't definitive and even implying the earth may be flat is still wholly ignorant. Simple observations of travel routes with ships and planes would immediately erase even the notion of such a belief, or observing the moon and realizing the planets and moons in space are spherical. I don't believe in everything I'm told, which is why you go straight to evidence, which you have failed to inject in this "possibility"

    • #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE
      #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE 4 days ago

      David Velez Are you retarded. He literally said he's not trying to convince people into thinking the earth is flat

    • Shadow017M
      Shadow017M 6 days ago +3

      You're missing the point. He isn't trying to argue or convince people that the Earth is flat, and it's likely that he doesn't even believe it himself. It's about not just taking everything people tell you as inherent truth.

    • dick dyke
      dick dyke 6 days ago

      Kyrie Irving, expand on your meditation and why you do it

    • Zbo Paycolo
      Zbo Paycolo 6 days ago

      Exactly, this is why you should keep certain things to yourself.

  • Dr Manhattan
    Dr Manhattan 6 days ago

    NBA stars and other entertainers---- you don't know stuff.

  • Rick Lyon
    Rick Lyon 6 days ago +13

    Didn't these ballers go to school at some point? I mean flat earth and imaginary dinosaurs is just unimaginable to think normal functioning humans can be that stupid.

    • Antonio Mariscal
      Antonio Mariscal 2 days ago

      Sport Reacts do you know something call gravity and how works? 😂😂😂 get a education please

    • Dissonant Whisperer
      Dissonant Whisperer 3 days ago

      Young Breadwinner round like a plate

    • rkoondeck
      rkoondeck 6 days ago

      Rick Lyon when you find out that schools lie, then you'll realize you're not the normal functioning one. It's is you're due diligence to question EVERYTHING.

    • Sports Finest
      Sports Finest 6 days ago +2

      Rick Lyon lets people have there own opinions and beliefs.. What does his belief have to do with school or bein dumb. U idiot.. I actually believe its flat soo.. Do Your research thou dude

    • Young Breadwinner
      Young Breadwinner 6 days ago +1

      Rick Lyon proof ?

  • The Big B
    The Big B 6 days ago +10

    Man this is a tough listen.

  • manneborg
    manneborg 6 days ago +2

    We've been around from 10 000BC! WOW! That long???

  • jimmy mcnulty
    jimmy mcnulty 7 days ago +13

    Kyrie must be like Phoebe from Friends irl.

    • Mike
      Mike 3 days ago


  • Tim Drake
    Tim Drake 7 days ago +23

    Great move by the Cavs to send their 2nd best player to the only team that is a threat to them in the East

    • BPD MF
      BPD MF 5 days ago

      Tim Drake It was more about what they were getting than where he was going.

    • Shadow017M
      Shadow017M 6 days ago +3

      They should be when the Raps' bench is dropping 76 on em. But I know I know, wait till the playoffs rabble rabble

    • The Big B
      The Big B 6 days ago

      They ain't worried bout nothin

  • dopenessize
    dopenessize 7 days ago +27

    They did find fossils they just didnt know what they were seeing as how it was the fucking 1800s

    • 703 Toyota
      703 Toyota 6 days ago +1

      Exactly. When the leading causes of death are Tuberculosis and diarrhea, there is like a 15% shot either your wife or your kid will die in childbirth or shortly thereafter . Surprisingly enough digging up old bones, putting them together, connecting and naming them isn't high on your priority list. But then again if it is, there is a 40% you can't read or write well enough to tell a large audience.

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 7 days ago +16

    he is such a dumb person.

    • #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE
      #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE 4 days ago

      Mike Notice how Kyrie has never defended his statement on the earth is flat. He's never came at people like the "earth is flat and here's why". As he said in the podcast he wasn't trying to make people belive it was flat. Hell even in the interview he even said that he knows that it's scientifically impossible for it to be flat. The earth being flat or round is a conspiracy theory my guy. And what better way to get people to do their own research lol. The goverment controls damn near everything that comes out today. Those same scientists have said a dog's mouth is cleaner than a Human's mouth and it doesn't even take research to know That's a lie. If you wanna keep believing EVERYTHING a scientist says. Then do you. Society nowadays think everything a scientist says is automatically true.

    • Mike
      Mike 4 days ago

      #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE “Kyrie never said the earth is flat”. Lol
      Look, the reason why scientists are respected is because they actually are willing to be judged by their peers. They welcome scrutiny because they seek knowledge and understanding. All those science books we grow up learning from have actually changed or been expanded upon in the last 100 years because they don’t sell propaganda. Unlike religious texts.

    • #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE
      #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE 4 days ago

      Mike Kyrie never said the earth is flat. He said he encourages people to do their own research. Not to belive everything scientists tell you. You're brought up believing EVERYTHING in your school textbook. Do you know some people actually belive that a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's. And they belive it cause scientists say it. Now ask yourself how can a dog's mouth, animal that eats their own shit sometimes, Don't brush their teeth, or clean their mouths is cleaner than a Human's mouth. A being that cleans their mouth everyday, uses special products to make it sparkly clean, etc. That's just one example my guy. Don't belive everything a HUMAN who is just like you in a white coat tells you what is right and what is wrong.

    • Mike
      Mike 4 days ago

      #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE Not everyone has the knowledge to research properly. Every dumbass that believes the Earth is flat is in the same boat of foolishness as Alex Jones. Go hard or go home; whenever your children need surgery let one of those crazies perform it.

    • #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE
      #Masked Kyrie Irving #SAUCY #UNSTOPPABLE 4 days ago

      Henry Smith You hate him cause he encourages people to do their own research. Wtf

  • runawayuniverse
    runawayuniverse 7 days ago +25

    Kyrie is a moron

    • de-polarised sheeple
      de-polarised sheeple 6 days ago

      runawayuniverse quite on the contrary, he is just ahead of his time

    • Thosethatsaytheyarejews andarenotbutdolie
      Thosethatsaytheyarejews andarenotbutdolie 6 days ago +2

      Did your mother have any children that lived?

    • That Nigga
      That Nigga 6 days ago

      “Moron” but he still rich 😂

    • alfonso White
      alfonso White 6 days ago +8

      runawayuniverse Kyrie is obviously intelligent, I don't agree with all his opinions and ideologies but to say he's a moron is a stretch.

  • Edward Bates
    Edward Bates 7 days ago

    I wax @ UNC while JJ was at Dook and I hated that fucker, but I love his show and personality. Great player, also. I love the Celtics and Kyrie & Tatum are my favorite Celtics. But when UNC would be out of it I would root for Duke which my friends called blasphemous but I knew was ACC pride and just recognition of a great program. Hope the Celtics get Bagley with that Lakers pick, too. I would love if they sign JJ as a marksman after his brief stint in Illadelph is over. Can you imagine how easy it would be to gamplan for them without JJ? THEY WOULDNT HAVE 12 wins without him this year.

    • Thosethatsaytheyarejews andarenotbutdolie
      Thosethatsaytheyarejews andarenotbutdolie 6 days ago +1

      Edward Bates
      Who the phuq cares about anything you say? That's how phuqin tiny you are out here. You're a non- essential. Wake up and do something constructive in your life. Go help somebody cross the street at least.

  • Edward Bates
    Edward Bates 7 days ago +16

    What an amazing thing to wake up to!!

  • Jon Loc
    Jon Loc 7 days ago +36

    Yo I could listen to these 2 for 6 hours

    • NBA
      NBA 6 days ago +1

      Jon Loc same

  • P Angle
    P Angle 7 days ago +43

    Lmao jj redick has a podcast

    • 11/10
      11/10 4 days ago

      P Angle not really cuz he has had one for years

    • P Angle
      P Angle 6 days ago +2

      Arnau Tresserras Ridao isn’t it funny tho

    • Arnau Tresserras Ridao
      Arnau Tresserras Ridao 7 days ago +12

      He's had a podcast for years...

    • P Angle
      P Angle 7 days ago

      It’s pretty good but woah he has a poscast