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  • itstheG
    itstheG 2 hours ago

    This is Rachel from HOC not Mrs Maisel

  • lolwhatsnew
    lolwhatsnew 19 days ago

    This is my favourite series of all time

  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen Month ago

    The trailer did the actually series wrong. The whole season was a joy to watch

  • pup lover
    pup lover Month ago

    I NEVER watch new stuff that comes out but I watched all 8 eps in 2 days. It's like nothing I've seen. Alex Borstein is the fucking funniest character in recent memory.

  • I love America
    I love America Month ago

    Haha my aunt help make this video 😃😊

  • Ben Mallie
    Ben Mallie Month ago

    Might have to start watching this, looks good.

  • john e Lawler
    john e Lawler Month ago +1

    I subscribed to amazon because of this, can't wait for season 2

  • Pecas01 Katy TX
    Pecas01 Katy TX Month ago

    So good! Can't wait for next season!!?

  • Maisie Hooper
    Maisie Hooper 2 months ago

    Maisel is mine and my boyfriend's couple name

  • Linda Fusco
    Linda Fusco 2 months ago


  • Nikola Mlynaříková
    Nikola Mlynaříková 3 months ago

    I neeed season 2

  • MarchRosewater Alyss
    MarchRosewater Alyss 4 months ago

    When some series or movies start with a wedding, you can hope very few of it.

  • Olivia Barnett
    Olivia Barnett 4 months ago

    Anyone know who is singing somethings gotta hold on me in the video??

  • rando
    rando 5 months ago

    It seems like all the shows nowadays are just trying to be politically relevant... wish we could go back to simpler times like North & South, Veronica Mars and Felicity...

  • Red Bishop
    Red Bishop 5 months ago

    This show just went straight to the top of my lists. My dad would've also loved this.

  • Dominic Vilbar
    Dominic Vilbar 6 months ago

    Can i watch this show on Xfinity?

  • Arturo Ríos
    Arturo Ríos 6 months ago

    what´s the deal with shrimp?

  • Revanth
    Revanth 6 months ago

    "From the creators of Gilmore Girls"
    Honestly I was drawn towards this show because of that.. It's really brilliant. I loved it.

  • bettyx1138
    bettyx1138 6 months ago

    i want season 2 of this NOW.
    this is the best show ever.

  • Nix Mendoza
    Nix Mendoza 6 months ago

    Where can I watch the full episodes if I'm not from the US? Thanks!

  • Neuro Weaver
    Neuro Weaver 6 months ago +1

    It is My Big Fat Jewish Divorce, only without the original's charm and with all narcissistic characters.
    It may have enjoyed a limitless budget and managed to win a Golden Globe by pandering the Hollywood Jews but it is trivial, it exhausts its best jokes in its first episode and it is totally forgettable.

  • Fowzie Smith-Tahir
    Fowzie Smith-Tahir 6 months ago +1

    It’s a work of art.

  • cue intense music
    cue intense music 6 months ago +1

    Do yourself a favor, please watch this show. It's nothing but amazing.

  • Luigi Camp
    Luigi Camp 6 months ago

    Good show, except I would wanna strangle half of those characters, god, what drama queens; I would live as far as possible from characters like that lol

  • Media Viewer
    Media Viewer 6 months ago

    I hate the look of films right now. Everything's so sexless, dirty and violent...and/or preachy and bloated.

  • Jack III
    Jack III 6 months ago +1


  • lisaann wersinger
    lisaann wersinger 6 months ago

    It had a slow start but very very worth sticking around for .
    An awesome show !!!!

  • The Dark Angel
    The Dark Angel 6 months ago

    I knew that she was familiar to me but I could not place her until OMFG
    I remembered her Alex was the funny af little Asian Woman character Miss Swan on the TV skit show MAD TV I Loved her character Miss Swan: "owww okay, okay sure. you, you look like ah man." I had no, no intention on watching the first episode but I did because of Alex and I was blown away by this actress Rachel B. sp? her timing and pace are indeed like that of a comic, quick and sharp. The pilot was excellent and love the time period of the Beatnik Fold Song era coffee houses.

  • Bruno Martins Soares
    Bruno Martins Soares 6 months ago

    Here's my take:

  • CryingBuddha
    CryingBuddha 6 months ago +1

    When comedy is written well and you pick and actress who gets it, the laughs are literally fucking effortless. And this show makes it all look easy. The actress is absolutely stellar, the comedy is so well written and fast paced that you might need to pause at times to take a breath. So good. SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD.

  • Lorry Cirillo
    Lorry Cirillo 6 months ago

    Just finished watching all the episodes and I laughed out loud. Can't wait for Season 2.

    • The Dark Angel
      The Dark Angel 6 months ago

      +Lorry Cirillo did you hear that there will be a season 2? did they confirm that? I loved the pilot and look forward to binge watching the first season.

  • moviemagic
    moviemagic 6 months ago

    Really great pilot and show. It's like a mix between Wes Anderson and quirkiness of Amelie but set in whimsical world of 50s New York.

  • Viktoria Jonasson
    Viktoria Jonasson 6 months ago

    favorit tv-serie!

  • Artem Ivanov
    Artem Ivanov 6 months ago

    I am in love

  • mish
    mish 6 months ago +2

    i just binged the whole thing WHEN WILL SEASON 2 COME OUT I NEED IT

  • Jen Zhang
    Jen Zhang 7 months ago


  • Sika Kodzi
    Sika Kodzi 7 months ago

    just watched it. one of the best shows on television period

  • Mike Flesch
    Mike Flesch 7 months ago

    Lakhn aoys hoykh modne!

  • Shipdacheese
    Shipdacheese 7 months ago

    Amazing script, amazing acting and amazing everything. This show is wait for it...amazing!

  • roopdhar rao
    roopdhar rao 7 months ago

    Who is here from Phillip DeFranco? :)

  • Alexia Rousounis
    Alexia Rousounis 7 months ago

    I love this show so much
    Honestly it's one of the best show I've ever watched. If your on the fence about watching it PLEASE DO IT's AMAZING

  • Di Di
    Di Di 7 months ago

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  • Ashley Jane
    Ashley Jane 7 months ago

    This show is wonderful

  • jerseygrl5
    jerseygrl5 7 months ago +4

    Binge watched the first three episodes last night. Best series I have seen in a very long time!

  • alexa shamp
    alexa shamp 7 months ago

    i wanna see this but my mom wont let me ugh

  • Gmail Admin
    Gmail Admin 7 months ago

    I have Amazon Prime, but no explosions, no nudity?? Hard pass.

    • She doesn't even go here!
      She doesn't even go here! 3 months ago +1

      Lmao you’re going to pass on an amazing show just because nudity and explosions are the two things you need? That’s stupid 😂😂 but hey; it’s your loss: I’d hate to see what other expectations that you have for other movies and shows

    • Heidi Schroder
      Heidi Schroder 7 months ago

      there is nudity.

  • moviemaster8510
    moviemaster8510 7 months ago

    You know your show is amazing when it knocks Veep out of Best Comedy Series at the Globes.

  • Keyaire Phillips
    Keyaire Phillips 7 months ago

    Theirs something sweet and soft about her. :-)

  • passionskayandmiguel
    passionskayandmiguel 7 months ago

    She sounds outlandishly jewish

  • PaperGardener
    PaperGardener 7 months ago +50

    My family and I have been watching this and it is such a good show! It's hilarious and all of the characters are so interesting and fun to watch.

  • learn da force. and then math.

    I was thinking about watching this show.... ( I'm a 12 year old ) I saw a ton of ads for it....
    But maybe it's a little too mature for me.

  • manas hardikar
    manas hardikar 7 months ago +17

    Just finished watching the season 1. It's an excellent show. I am already waiting for season 2. Rachel Brosnahan rocks. You feel like listening to her talking over again and again. She is marvelous indeed.

  • sandy43935
    sandy43935 7 months ago +3

    I have been chewing up this show two or 3 episodes a night. It's so good!

  • taraluna01
    taraluna01 7 months ago

    I binge watched season 1, it was amazing!
    I can't wait till season 2 comes out!!!!!

  • Susan McDowell
    Susan McDowell 7 months ago

    Obsessed! Binged it in 2 days and now I wanna watch it again. Loved it. Best Amazon original yet!! Ohhhhh the wardrobe!!!

  • crysjumar1
    crysjumar1 7 months ago

    This is my shiznit. love this show.

  • MotherAce
    MotherAce 7 months ago +2

    So, is this actually good? Or is it just good through the lense of millenial identity politics? Because it kinda looks good, but it gives of that vibe of being preachy about what it believes in.

    • MotherAce
      MotherAce 7 months ago +2

      okay, that sounds fun enough. I'll give this a shot. Suffering from never-ending bronchitis and I kinda need something to binge. Might as well try and laugh-cough my way through it^^

    • crysjumar1
      crysjumar1 7 months ago +1

      ha're putting too much pressure on it. it's flat out funny and funny looking at the "puritan" attitudes of the 50's.

  • cavv0667
    cavv0667 7 months ago

    Yeah, looks hilarious! Still not going for Amazon Prime...

  • Og Shurkin
    Og Shurkin 7 months ago +7

    oooh yea she did... it was fukin funny XD

    • B-H
      B-H 6 months ago

      the moment it had me.

  • Eloise Robertson
    Eloise Robertson 7 months ago +6

    Philip DeFranco sent me here :)

  • Stefon
    Stefon 7 months ago

    so Doug never killed her

  • Gil Robledo
    Gil Robledo 7 months ago +2


    • The Dark Angel
      The Dark Angel 6 months ago +2

      and Miss Swan from MAD TV :)

    • crysjumar1
      crysjumar1 7 months ago

      classic Tony Shalhoub. I'm not sure if he will ever venture too far away from that successful character.

  • LiquidxEviL
    LiquidxEviL 7 months ago +1


  • Whofan06
    Whofan06 7 months ago

    "Oh yeah she did, it was fuckin' funny" lmao XD

    • crysjumar1
      crysjumar1 7 months ago

      gotta love Alex Borstein.

  • TheSaneWarboy
    TheSaneWarboy 7 months ago +1

    What a cuckqueen

  • Iyana Thompson
    Iyana Thompson 7 months ago +13

    This show was actually awesome. I saw the first trailer while trying to watch something else and I didn't even want to skip the ad

  • holly
    holly 7 months ago +7

    this series was fucking incredible.

  • Rose Kahn
    Rose Kahn 7 months ago +1

    Loving this show.

    GG RELOADED 7 months ago +7

    From the creators of Gilmore Girls? Hmm, maybe take that out of the trailer.

    • Jenny Warm
      Jenny Warm 5 months ago

      GG RELOADED it has very similar but specific humour the kinda thing you need to get if you like Gilmore you would like this

  • J
    J 7 months ago +5

    93% on Rotten Tomatoes "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is an upbeat addition to Amazon's original offerings, propelled by a playful yet poignant performance by Rachel Brosnahan."

  • NJGuy1973
    NJGuy1973 7 months ago +27

    To all TVcliprs: I make this statement on November 29, 2017.
    As of today, the record for most Emmy wins for Outstanding Comedy Series is 5, held by Frasier and Modern Family. The record for most Emmy wins by a performer for the same role in the same series is 6, held by Julia-Louis Dreyfus for Veep.
    By the time 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' ends its run, it will own both records.

    • FemmeAppeal
      FemmeAppeal 5 months ago

      I'd put money down on that.

    • NJGuy1973
      NJGuy1973 6 months ago

      I'm seriously considering going on that website where you can place wagers on stuff like "in 10 years we'll put a person on Mars" and seeing if there's any takers for my wager.

    • Snow Mercy
      Snow Mercy 6 months ago

      NJGuy1973 Agreed! Never heard of this until the Golden Globes last night since I live under a rock and am a creature of habit. ..watched the first episode and agree completely! You called it!
      Meet back here in 5 years to confirm.

  • Six Gorillion
    Six Gorillion 7 months ago +1

    Nobody wants to watch some stupid Jew broad do more degenerate Jew comedy.

    • The Dark Angel
      The Dark Angel 6 months ago

      Natalie sweetie. You need to seek help for your hateful bigotry.

    • crysjumar1
      crysjumar1 7 months ago

      that blows my mind. where does that mindset develop? just curious, no malice intended.

    • Six Gorillion
      Six Gorillion 7 months ago

      crysjumar1 Y E S

    • Big Guy
      Big Guy 7 months ago

      crysjumar1 totally

    • crysjumar1
      crysjumar1 7 months ago

      Natalie.....what would people say about you? How you be described?
      Is she degenerate because she's Jewish?

  • Sabitsuki Holguin
    Sabitsuki Holguin 7 months ago

    I need to watch this

  • Nicole Montana
    Nicole Montana 7 months ago +1

    I've watched the pilot so many times now

  • Sophia And cat
    Sophia And cat 8 months ago +17

    Omg it’s monk

  • Nat R
    Nat R 8 months ago +53

    This trailer doesn't do this incredible show justice. It's genuinely one of THE best pilots I've ever seen - excellent script, witty performances, and nuanced characters.

  • Trollin since 79
    Trollin since 79 8 months ago +2

    F bomb all over the place could go

  • Fanny Vargas
    Fanny Vargas 8 months ago

    The pilot release in March and still no new episodes .... wtf amazon!!!!

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 8 months ago +15

    This girl is beautiful!

    • J
      J 6 months ago

      I can understand that
      Most men wouldn’t mind a clingy woman
      For women a clingy husband is enough for some, others they just want their independence

    • Pretty Glowin
      Pretty Glowin 6 months ago

      a lot of it had to do with his own insecurities, but also because she overdid it trying to support him and make him happy. She didn't have a life of her own tho she was brilliant.

    • J
      J 6 months ago

      which begs the question: why did this character's husband leave all?!

  • kilinoe garcia
    kilinoe garcia 9 months ago

    Oh my gosh, that guy is HOT!!! 😍😍😍

  • Gaga ebbir
    Gaga ebbir 9 months ago +1

    SO EXCITED!!! Best pilot ever!

  • Brandi Empress
    Brandi Empress 9 months ago +34

    I've been waiting for this show to come forever! The pilot was soooo good

  • Nick C
    Nick C 9 months ago +5

    Thank god alex borstein is back!! I've missed her since Moving On 😁

    • The Dark Angel
      The Dark Angel 6 months ago

      Loved her from the TV show MAD TV as Miss Swan

  • FrogLover101
    FrogLover101 9 months ago

    Great pilot!

  • Lord Pepe
    Lord Pepe 9 months ago +13

    So this is where she ends up after getting buried?

  • Simon James
    Simon James 9 months ago +119

    I heard that the pilot for this show was good but I've just been too busy and there is just so much good TV to watch! But after seeing this trailer I'm going to see the pilot because this looks really good!

    • Simon James
      Simon James 7 months ago +6

      crysjumar1 Thanks! I actually just finished watching it. I really enjoyed it and Rachel Brosnahan was just so good. I hope she gets nominated for awards in the TV Comedy categories at the Emmys and Golden Globes.

    • crysjumar1
      crysjumar1 7 months ago +6

      the entire season is out now. you have to watch it.

  • Z D
    Z D 9 months ago


  • KTBEverlasting
    KTBEverlasting 9 months ago +6

    Rachel is marvelous!!! She reminds me of Mamrie Hart.

  • spo
    spo 9 months ago

    looks greaaat

    • spo
      spo 9 months ago

      Can confirm: really great. Can't wait until it comes out!

  • sonia094
    sonia094 9 months ago

    ALEX! ❤️

  • GreatBigRanz
    GreatBigRanz 9 months ago +2

    George Carlin would approve.

  • Win Tonic
    Win Tonic 9 months ago +11

    Isn't that the prostitute from house of cards?

    • Pieces of Me
      Pieces of Me 7 days ago

      Yes...was she the gf in the night of? Yes on 13

    • Error404 Not found
      Error404 Not found 7 months ago +1

      Ryan Madeleine
      Isn't she on 13 reasons why?

  • OhYeahMrKrabz
    OhYeahMrKrabz 9 months ago +3


  • Shadowtechnik
    Shadowtechnik 9 months ago +2

    Amazon Prime garbage

  • Cara Ferguson
    Cara Ferguson 9 months ago


  • Jv
    Jv 9 months ago +12

    finally a series that shakes it up, hope this is good.

    • Re San
      Re San 6 months ago

      @ princeoftidds
      Bullshit. This show is on point! One of the best on Prime, period!

    • princeoftidds
      princeoftidds 9 months ago +1

      Jv It's not awful, but it really isn't good, either.

  • Significant Supplements
    Significant Supplements 9 months ago +7

    finally . . . . instant old school classic

  • Socal Chris
    Socal Chris 9 months ago +16

    5.5k views, Its averaging 1 comment an hour for a total of 7(now 8) in 7 hours. Andddd its trending.

    • Mr Sir
      Mr Sir 7 months ago

      I think it's only a US problem I've seen and read that in other countries this rigged system isn't the same as it is here

    • gabriel del rosario
      gabriel del rosario 9 months ago +1

      Salxero honestly youtube is just choosing videos they like

    • Salxero
      Salxero 9 months ago +1

      Socal Chris Andddd ive seen this same comment on every video with a few thousand views thats on the trending

  • Mikey Skates
    Mikey Skates 9 months ago +38

    WOW! A whopping 4k views?!! I can definitely see why this is trending. Its totally just suuuuuper popular and not just youtube making deals behind closed doors.

    • roopdhar rao
      roopdhar rao 7 months ago +1

      This one deserves it tho.

    • Mr Sir
      Mr Sir 7 months ago +1

      Mikey Skates I think it's only in the US where the trending page is rigged other places don't have this problem as far as I've looked into it but either way this show is good

    • Ethan Fisher-Perez
      Ethan Fisher-Perez 8 months ago +5

      112000. The show is genuinely good

  • Maya Davis-Goodstein
    Maya Davis-Goodstein 9 months ago +2

    Did anyone think this was going to be a sequel to The Marvelous Wonderettes?