My Mom Is Getting Married To My Best Friend. Yikes!

  • Published on May 26, 2019

    I`m David. Have you ever been in a situation so ridiculous, that you couldn`t believe it was happening? Let me tell you about my experience. So listen, my friend is getting married to my mother.
    I`m 18, and I just started attending a very prestigious university. My mother teaches Economics there. I was hiding the fact that she was my mom so no one would think she's biased toward me. I also have to say that she doesn`t look like an average teacher. She`s beautiful and very attractive and she`s 36 years old, but she looks much younger. So I constantly hear from my classmates that they want to ask her out. I understood that they were just messing around, but my good friend Mike looked like he was crushing hard on her. He talked about her all the time! I tried to say something like "C`mon, she`s a teacher," or "She`s too old for you, buddy," but he wouldn`t listen to me at all. He always tried to talk with her in the hallway and stayed after periods to ask her questions about Economics. Of course it all looked very silly. Besides, my mother is a decent woman and she has great taste in men.
    One evening my mom was going on a date, and I thought it would be a great idea to invite Mike to hang out, and play on the Xbox. I called him, but he didn't answer. OK, I'll just watch a movie by myself, I thought. Five minutes later, someone rang the doorbell. Mom shouted from the bathroom, "Open the door, I`m not ready yet!" And you can Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and I saw Mike standing there with a bouquet of flowers. I was shocked. I literally couldn't say a word I was so surprised. Then my mother came and introduced us, "This is Mike. Mike, this is my son, David. You already know each other." We shook hands awkwardly, Mom kissed me, and they left for their date. I stood there for a few more minutes in complete confusion. Mom's dating Mike? What? How could this even happen?
    I waited up for a long time for my mother. She came home late. I immediately began to say, “You can't date him, mom! He's my classmate, he's twenty years younger than you!" She didn't like what I said. She answered me with irritation: "First of all, he 18 years younger than me, and second, I can date anyone I want!" That was the end of the conversation. Maybe I don't have the right to tell her who she can date, but this is nonsense! Mom is dating my friend! Ok, my mother won't listen to me, but I can talk to Mike and explain to him why is this wrong. So I decided to talk to him during classes the next day.
    That very next day, I was walking down the hall on my way to class, and I saw Mike surrounded by our classmates. He was telling them something, and the guys were laughing out loud. I immediately understood that he was telling them about my mother. I got so angry, I ran up to him, and I was going to punch him in the face. But the guys pulled me away immediately, so I just shouted, "How dare you tell the others about her?!" And then I screamed at him with words I'd rather not repeat. He was confused. It turned out he didn`t say anything about my mother, and this whole situation was just a misunderstanding. Either way, my friendship with Mike was over.
    Soon afterward my mother found out about the fight, and we had a very serious conversation. From that moment on our relationship became pretty complicated. And on the contrary, she and Mike became much closer. He used to come to our house for dinner. I literally couldn`t stand it, and always tried to go for a walk or to the movies. They even went on vacation together. All this time, Mike really annoyed me. I couldn't stand that my friend was dating my mom. And this has been my life for six months.
    In late spring, my mother had a birthday. For the first time in a while, Mike spoke to me and asked me to help organize the birthday party. Of course I agreed, because I love my mother, and I was thinking that maybe after that, our relationship would get better. We thought it through. We invited our relatives, her friends, decorated the house, and prepared gifts. The party was going great, right up until Mike started to give the toast. He said that my mom is the best woman he has ever met, that he loves her and appreciates her, bla-bla-bla, and other stuff like that. The usual words of congratulations. But then he got down on his knee. And I just froze. I thought, there's no way this is going to happen. But yes - he proposed to her. There are no words to describe my emotions at that moment. In my mind I was just yelling, "No! No! No!" And Mom started crying and then shouted "Yes! I will marry you." The crowd exploded with applause and congratulations. But I almost broke a glass out of anger.

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    ACTUALLY HAPPENED  4 months ago +970

    Do you think his mother will forgive him? Can he be good friends with Mike after this? Write what you think in the comments below. And subscribe to the channel to see more interesting stories!

    • Angel Animate
      Angel Animate 4 days ago

      That illegal arrest that boy marrying that women

    • Andrew Ortiz
      Andrew Ortiz 19 days ago

      That is none of our business!!

    • Andrew Ortiz
      Andrew Ortiz 19 days ago

      NO! Love Got NO age! That is her choice!!

    • Andrew Ortiz
      Andrew Ortiz 19 days ago

      @Mohsen elshazle love got NO age!! That is his MOM'S choice, Not his!

    • Andrew Ortiz
      Andrew Ortiz 19 days ago

      David! Love as NO age!! And no she'll not forgive you for almost Ruining her career and making your friend lose his!! This will teach you to let everyone make there own choices!!

  • Ben Dict
    Ben Dict 11 hours ago

    So it's means your best friend will become your father lol 😆😆😆😆😆

  • Kelly Pink
    Kelly Pink 4 days ago +1

    Yes your mom can fogive you, love has no bounds not age, not class, not gender family ties, not disputes, nothing. And yes you and your friend can be good again, you dont even have to see him has your father thats just for stupid legal purposes, he's still your friend so grow up and stop being a child.

  • Kelly Pink
    Kelly Pink 4 days ago +1

    You see all the bad comments defending you but I'm here to tell you these people dont have a life thats why they want to ruin others. Your mom and friend are there own human being and you or no one else should have the right to tell them what to do. One they you might fall in love with a yonger girl than you and them maybe society trys to force you apart just beacuse its there OPINION that its wrong, mybe thats the only time you would truly understand.

  • Talsong Kingslayer
    Talsong Kingslayer 4 days ago

    Because 2 year difference between 18 and 20 makes such a big difference

  • Angel Animate
    Angel Animate 4 days ago

    This video is the worst video if that was me I’ll beat up my friend

  • Katkt AA
    Katkt AA 6 days ago


  • Jillian Larmour
    Jillian Larmour 6 days ago

    Best friend: will you marry me
    Mom: yesssss
    Me: I’m moving to a foster family right this second BYE

  • Shelia Crowe
    Shelia Crowe 6 days ago

    He leave after while when she gets up in age he ain't going to want in old wrinkle woman.

  • Chicken Fry
    Chicken Fry 7 days ago +1

    Am I the only one being okay with this?

  • reeatse
    reeatse 9 days ago

    I'm with your mom

  • Juan Carlos Valdivia
    Juan Carlos Valdivia 10 days ago

    What an idiot. Left the university for a lady twice his age? How stupid

  • Lucky gaming Fortnite
    Lucky gaming Fortnite 10 days ago

    I’m just going to say I now how you feel

  • TF Saiyan
    TF Saiyan 10 days ago

    Kill him

    SGT_ PARRISH 10 days ago

    Mike “ David guess what I am your daddy”

  • Allison Gonzalez
    Allison Gonzalez 13 days ago

    “Hv u been in a problem so redicious that u don’t know what’s going on?”
    Me: is my older cousins scared of ghost redicous? Bc if it’s not idk wut is (btw there 14 and 12) there’s also bully’s I hv to defend kids even Tho I’m only 11 and wow they r brats

  • Kool Back
    Kool Back 14 days ago

    I don’t mean to judge but that’s just gross.

  • Hudson Vella
    Hudson Vella 15 days ago

    Him: my mum is attractive beautiful


  • Michael Tambriz
    Michael Tambriz 16 days ago +1

    I wonder what the kids parents think of this

  • Michael Tambriz
    Michael Tambriz 16 days ago +1

    His friend can tell him what to do 🤣

  • Gita Social
    Gita Social 16 days ago

    Now the best frnd can really say , " He is my kid" 😂😂😂

  • Denise Hill
    Denise Hill 17 days ago

    Big oof

  • My Desire Pure
    My Desire Pure 18 days ago

    These comments are dumb...who in the hell reports their own mother 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Annette Barreto
    Annette Barreto 18 days ago +1

    Best freind:will you mary me
    Me:uhmm bye im out

  • It is i ya
    It is i ya 22 days ago

    Soooo that means his friend is now his dad 😬

  • CBQReview
    CBQReview 22 days ago

    This kid is a bum 😂😂😂

  • flopy artero
    flopy artero 23 days ago

    Well, I think you would have had your reaction to that situation too, but you made a big decision to confess and try to fix things. I think they can still be friends

  • Cooked8
    Cooked8 24 days ago

    I would beat the crap out of mike

  • Darelys Rizo
    Darelys Rizo 25 days ago

    Wait so his stepfather would be his friend that is around his age . Wouldn't that's be awkward???

  • Jamie TV
    Jamie TV 25 days ago +1

    I woke up in the morning, I got murder on my mind, AK47 I shot mike up in his eye 👁

  • Mike & Kenya
    Mike & Kenya 26 days ago +1

    You're stupid. Going to make your friend date your mom

  • The Star
    The Star 26 days ago

    Yes she can marry her student as she love him and he love her whatever is 18yrs age gap😜😜😛

  • Lizzey 52
    Lizzey 52 27 days ago

    Bestfriend:Will you marry me?
    Mom:Yes,I will marry you

  • Cheese Game
    Cheese Game 28 days ago

    Sorry man I understand you i think it’s not right to marry another mom
    Or is it?

  • Bistriti Patra
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    Mike is the worst boy in the world.

  • MaskinistN
    MaskinistN 29 days ago

    Very uncomfortable

  • Kendi Prowell
    Kendi Prowell 29 days ago +2

    Mom should have hold off the relationship until he graduated.

  • Cr Lz Jz Boy Cr Lz Jz Boy

    Wait! That's illegal

  • The Xecutioner02
    The Xecutioner02 Month ago

    If my friend dated my mom it wouldn’t end well

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    Tavea Bloomfield Month ago

    This just shows your a douchebag

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    ImClueless ? Month ago

    Your future dad is the same age as you. Lol!

  • serana589 Burt
    serana589 Burt Month ago +1

    It'll be up to your mom to forgive you and and your best friend will need time as well to forgive you as well for now tell tell your mom the you understand now that it's her life you shouldn't be stopping her from being happy for now also find a way to help your best friend and have him reunite with your mother

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    Next video: my Minecraft girlfriends grandma is getting married to my dog yikes!

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  • irene kowalsky
    irene kowalsky Month ago

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    I would’ve fucking punch him idc he going out wit my mom that’s disrespect no cap 🧢

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    Shoshana Rosenbaum Month ago

    Good luck! I'd probably run away if my mom married my classmate Danny. He's SO annoying!

  • Michael jethro Cung

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    NOLOVE NOPAIN Month ago

    I love his voice

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    kitty squad Month ago

    I would stab a knife and say I will commit suicide if you dont break up

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    Ullash chatterjee Month ago

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    JULIUS CAESAR Month ago

    If that was me, I would tell my mother that if she didn't break up with him, I WOULD HAVE HER CERTIFICATED INSANE!!!

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