My Mom Is Getting Married To My Best Friend. Yikes!

  • Published on May 26, 2019

    I`m David. Have you ever been in a situation so ridiculous, that you couldn`t believe it was happening? Let me tell you about my experience. So listen, my friend is getting married to my mother.
    I`m 18, and I just started attending a very prestigious university. My mother teaches Economics there. I was hiding the fact that she was my mom so no one would think she's biased toward me. I also have to say that she doesn`t look like an average teacher. She`s beautiful and very attractive and she`s 36 years old, but she looks much younger. So I constantly hear from my classmates that they want to ask her out. I understood that they were just messing around, but my good friend Mike looked like he was crushing hard on her. He talked about her all the time! I tried to say something like "C`mon, she`s a teacher," or "She`s too old for you, buddy," but he wouldn`t listen to me at all. He always tried to talk with her in the hallway and stayed after periods to ask her questions about Economics. Of course it all looked very silly. Besides, my mother is a decent woman and she has great taste in men.
    One evening my mom was going on a date, and I thought it would be a great idea to invite Mike to hang out, and play on the Xbox. I called him, but he didn't answer. OK, I'll just watch a movie by myself, I thought. Five minutes later, someone rang the doorbell. Mom shouted from the bathroom, "Open the door, I`m not ready yet!" And you can Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and I saw Mike standing there with a bouquet of flowers. I was shocked. I literally couldn't say a word I was so surprised. Then my mother came and introduced us, "This is Mike. Mike, this is my son, David. You already know each other." We shook hands awkwardly, Mom kissed me, and they left for their date. I stood there for a few more minutes in complete confusion. Mom's dating Mike? What? How could this even happen?
    I waited up for a long time for my mother. She came home late. I immediately began to say, “You can't date him, mom! He's my classmate, he's twenty years younger than you!" She didn't like what I said. She answered me with irritation: "First of all, he 18 years younger than me, and second, I can date anyone I want!" That was the end of the conversation. Maybe I don't have the right to tell her who she can date, but this is nonsense! Mom is dating my friend! Ok, my mother won't listen to me, but I can talk to Mike and explain to him why is this wrong. So I decided to talk to him during classes the next day.
    That very next day, I was walking down the hall on my way to class, and I saw Mike surrounded by our classmates. He was telling them something, and the guys were laughing out loud. I immediately understood that he was telling them about my mother. I got so angry, I ran up to him, and I was going to punch him in the face. But the guys pulled me away immediately, so I just shouted, "How dare you tell the others about her?!" And then I screamed at him with words I'd rather not repeat. He was confused. It turned out he didn`t say anything about my mother, and this whole situation was just a misunderstanding. Either way, my friendship with Mike was over.
    Soon afterward my mother found out about the fight, and we had a very serious conversation. From that moment on our relationship became pretty complicated. And on the contrary, she and Mike became much closer. He used to come to our house for dinner. I literally couldn`t stand it, and always tried to go for a walk or to the movies. They even went on vacation together. All this time, Mike really annoyed me. I couldn't stand that my friend was dating my mom. And this has been my life for six months.
    In late spring, my mother had a birthday. For the first time in a while, Mike spoke to me and asked me to help organize the birthday party. Of course I agreed, because I love my mother, and I was thinking that maybe after that, our relationship would get better. We thought it through. We invited our relatives, her friends, decorated the house, and prepared gifts. The party was going great, right up until Mike started to give the toast. He said that my mom is the best woman he has ever met, that he loves her and appreciates her, bla-bla-bla, and other stuff like that. The usual words of congratulations. But then he got down on his knee. And I just froze. I thought, there's no way this is going to happen. But yes - he proposed to her. There are no words to describe my emotions at that moment. In my mind I was just yelling, "No! No! No!" And Mom started crying and then shouted "Yes! I will marry you." The crowd exploded with applause and congratulations. But I almost broke a glass out of anger.

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    • Adri B
      Adri B 8 hours ago

      noo u have every right to be pissed and shouldn't be his friend if u dont like it speak up or i will!!

    • JUKE Rodrigo Cueto
      JUKE Rodrigo Cueto 18 hours ago

      If i where you i would live with my dad

    • Omar abouzeenni
      Omar abouzeenni 19 hours ago

      Wassay Junaid I’m with you 👍👍

    • Abby Mosee
      Abby Mosee 23 hours ago

      That’s nasty I wouldn’t be happy for her ewwww

    • StefanLuka Sunjka
      StefanLuka Sunjka 23 hours ago

      Part to and that sick

  • khaled bounatouf
    khaled bounatouf 14 minutes ago

    Where is your father?

  • Jada - reighn
    Jada - reighn 18 minutes ago

    They really trying to catch a case 👩‍⚖️

  • LUIS sanchez
    LUIS sanchez 18 minutes ago

    I will run away who else would

  • Hyped G4m1ng_10
    Hyped G4m1ng_10 34 minutes ago


  • Dina Abdullatif
    Dina Abdullatif 48 minutes ago


  • Scorch Shade
    Scorch Shade 56 minutes ago

    I would beat mike so fucking hard no would ever recognize him

  • CoolDanielDaniel
    CoolDanielDaniel Hour ago

    Bruh I'd move to a foster family that's so messed up.

  • Gary Mcevoy
    Gary Mcevoy 2 hours ago

    Yes if you beat up mike

  • Lucca Speijer
    Lucca Speijer 2 hours ago

    Blah blah blah i would just kick that 'friend' till the ambulance comes

  • Galyug Untalan
    Galyug Untalan 3 hours ago


  • Hazren Tengah
    Hazren Tengah 3 hours ago

    Say WHAT!!!???

  • Camryn Howard
    Camryn Howard 4 hours ago


  • Ambili Sreejith
    Ambili Sreejith 5 hours ago

    U should killher

  • Amanuel Rockstar
    Amanuel Rockstar 5 hours ago

    This just messed up if you agree 👇👇👇like

  • sarang audios
    sarang audios 5 hours ago

    If i was you i would tell my mom I’d kill my self

  • Yaana Sharma
    Yaana Sharma 5 hours ago

    It’s her life but you have every right to be mad at her!

  • Neux Pineapple
    Neux Pineapple 6 hours ago +1

    Your mom: marries guy same age as her kid

  • Edy Todi
    Edy Todi 6 hours ago

    your mom is a idiot

  • Ryan Wagner
    Ryan Wagner 7 hours ago


  • Viral LocaL
    Viral LocaL 7 hours ago


  • Slime. Pros
    Slime. Pros 7 hours ago

    But yeah it’s her life so

  • Slime. Pros
    Slime. Pros 7 hours ago

    She shouldn’t marry him that’s wrong!

  • Justin tastic
    Justin tastic 8 hours ago

    I would slap my mom if this ever happened

  • xNotTryhard 1
    xNotTryhard 1 8 hours ago

    Who else would kill the best friend

  • Ryan Abbas
    Ryan Abbas 9 hours ago +1

    Wait so mike is the father of David?

  • B B
    B B 9 hours ago

    Just to let you now what's I see my friend date my mom I well kick his ass or move.

  • Nikaia Hepi
    Nikaia Hepi 11 hours ago +1

    I still fucking wouldn’t want a teenager to be my stepdad. Like tf ?

  • Jenny Chay
    Jenny Chay 11 hours ago

    I will also get so mad

  • Felicia Chang
    Felicia Chang 12 hours ago

    If your mom love you, she won't get married with your friend.It's so selfish and you don't have to say you are sorry she don't even feel sorry for you. OH I HATE HER

  • gingabaum leam
    gingabaum leam 12 hours ago

    Well to start off I dont think this is acceptable and your well I dont wanna be rude but your best friend is an idiot

  • tyronne I like your pictures. melosantos

    Mike is your dad

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 12 hours ago

    That woman you call your "mother" should not have gotten into a relationship with your "best friend." That's illegal and disgusting because she's TWICE his age! And then he stops University?! Both of them are irresponsible and should have known better!

  • Cool Gamers
    Cool Gamers 12 hours ago +1

    I would call the police on that women that is against the law to date and marry under age children

  • The Otaku Trucker
    The Otaku Trucker 12 hours ago

    I'd kick Mike's ass, he broke brocode big time!

  • Tamagotchi Kitten
    Tamagotchi Kitten 13 hours ago

    so his friend is his dad

  • JK games
    JK games 13 hours ago

    U should have said you don’t want your friend to be your dad

  • Sophia Pham
    Sophia Pham 13 hours ago

    I would’ve hated my mother, become the most distant to her and moved in with my dad

    *D I S G U S T A N G*

  • Markvids513
    Markvids513 13 hours ago

    Plot twist: Leigh Darby is my mother!

  • Zenaida Hernandez
    Zenaida Hernandez 14 hours ago


  • Amirhanoda Hacker
    Amirhanoda Hacker 14 hours ago +1

    When your mom sleeping kill her 😈🔮

  • Fate _yt
    Fate _yt 14 hours ago

    Call call the poloooice

  • Riki NaNa
    Riki NaNa 14 hours ago +1

    Ma jebem ja tebi mater glupavu bre da sam na tvom mestu jebo bi mu mater sve bi mu koske izlomio tako da ne bi mogao da pravi decu mamu mu jebem retardiranu.....

    GERMAN THE PRO 14 hours ago

    Hire a hitman and kill your BF

  • jayebow Oh yeah
    jayebow Oh yeah 14 hours ago

    Congrats for making to 3 million subscribers

  • black santa
    black santa 15 hours ago

    damn. What a savage.

  • Sugar Kane
    Sugar Kane 15 hours ago +9

    "I felt so bad for framing her"
    But... You didnt? Frame her? She was %100 in a relationship with a stident. He's 18 years younger than her. You did nothing wrong this is totally inappropriate!

  • Hirosi Tilfas
    Hirosi Tilfas 15 hours ago

    Just become Mike's stepdad

  • Drew Dano
    Drew Dano 16 hours ago +2

    David *Do you think i can be good friends with Mike again?*

    ME *i mean you can be good Father and Son*

  • EROS 1
    EROS 1 16 hours ago

    Λοιπόν πόσοι είναι Έλληνες και βλέπουν τέτοιες μαλακίες 2 η ώρα το βράδυ;😂

  • erikawendy
    erikawendy 16 hours ago

    That mom is wack

  • InfiniteFight
    InfiniteFight 17 hours ago

    No u suck u ain’t gettin forgiveness

  • Seth Wise
    Seth Wise 17 hours ago

    As soon as he got on one knee you should have socked him out

  • Seth Wise
    Seth Wise 17 hours ago

    What a milf

  • H.Y H.Y
    H.Y H.Y 17 hours ago +2

    No no no that’s DISGUSTING
    Everyone here is like omg but their in love and he is 18
    People would say that the teacher was a pedo or sum ish like that
    ( and I’m a gurl saying this so I don’t want to hear anyone saying that I only said this cause I’m a guy )

  • Tano Vargas
    Tano Vargas 17 hours ago

    !I hate your mom for that she did !!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • LilKingplays 69
    LilKingplays 69 18 hours ago

    No I wood not🤬

  • Bobek Bobkowy
    Bobek Bobkowy 18 hours ago

    If that was me i would best the 🤬 out of mike

  • Endi Nuredini
    Endi Nuredini 19 hours ago

    i think he should get in a relationship with mike s mother so mike will realise the filling

  • jxr._. 26
    jxr._. 26 19 hours ago

    Honestly if I were u I would just move out and never talk to your mom or your friend

  • Addison Whelan
    Addison Whelan 19 hours ago

    Was I the only one who paused it at 3:02 and figured out the maze?

  • Kevin The gamer 2
    Kevin The gamer 2 19 hours ago +1

    But hey if u date a classmate u go to prison and u will be there for a longer time if the classmate is younger

  • Abdulrahman Said
    Abdulrahman Said 19 hours ago

    Dude don't let it happen you friend becoming your that is another level of craziness

  • A&A's Channel
    A&A's Channel 20 hours ago

    His mom is weird


  • Madasyn Baker
    Madasyn Baker 20 hours ago

    Kill mike

  • Ben S.
    Ben S. 21 hour ago

    Lol his friend is gonna be his stepdad

  • SivSama
    SivSama 21 hour ago

    If this was between a 18 year old girl and a 36 year old man things would be much worse.

  • Cam Ficklin
    Cam Ficklin 21 hour ago

    Imagine ur best friend being ur dad

  • Treyten Johnson
    Treyten Johnson 22 hours ago

    Bro I would kill my best friend if he did something like that but I guess you gotta expect it

  • Strudicious YT
    Strudicious YT 22 hours ago