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  • Published on May 14, 2018
  • Check out the official BlacKkKlansman trailer starring Adam Driver! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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    US Release Date: August 10, 2018
    Starring: Adam Driver, John David Washington, Topher Grace, Laura Harrier
    Directed By: Spike Lee
    Synopsis: Ron Stallworth, an African-American police officer from Colorado, successfully managed to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan and became the head of the local chapter.
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Comments • 9 551

  • Anthony Hall
    Anthony Hall 2 days ago

    It's cool living in Colorado springs because I've been where some of the scenes take place

  • Francesco Ramicani
    Francesco Ramicani 4 days ago +1

    I'm very excitedd, can't wait watching it with boxxy software.

  • Direct Evil
    Direct Evil 5 days ago

    This looks like a great film. Anyone know when out on dvd

  • Timothy Alexis
    Timothy Alexis 5 days ago +1

    All lives matter

  • Kevin Malcolm
    Kevin Malcolm 8 days ago

    i loved it. 2 Thumbs up..but not a good movie if your part of the organization. lol

  • Anne Pessi
    Anne Pessi 8 days ago +1

    This is historically inaccurate. Nice try, rabbi.

  • Kanwar Anand
    Kanwar Anand 8 days ago

    Dude this looks so killer, the trailer, they will never release this in india - so I am going to download it. The new washington is here and I sure hope he got more than BALLERS in him :)

  • Simon h
    Simon h 10 days ago

    anyone know the music in this trailer ?

  • Adrian Arshad
    Adrian Arshad 13 days ago

    H-wite man?

  • Transformation Generation

    Now why 'dey gon' disrespect a purfuckly good white oragnization. After all, goin' to a Klan meetin' don't mean yer raciss. They don't take into consideration Tuesday's is fiddy cent PBR night, all night. Plus the Nelson girls usually bring some high school girls. Do you know what dem girls'll do for fit'teen dollars and some weed. And that black guy h'aint the first Stalworths to go to a meeting. Who da' hell ya' think brangs the da' weed to ours 'cept Punkin Stalworths and his brother Poochie.

  • justoldog
    justoldog 14 days ago

    More race-bating divisive crap- no thanks.

    • I Identify as a Dragon
      I Identify as a Dragon 3 days ago

      Oh no, a movie about white and black cops working together to take down a terrorist group
      This is as bad as Die Hard

  • mich henz
    mich henz 15 days ago


  • Phillip Beckman
    Phillip Beckman 16 days ago

    Spike Lee is due. Come on Hollywood. He is a legend. End of story.

  • aicha Ozz
    aicha Ozz 17 days ago +1

    Saw this movie yesterday it was awesome...through out the movie the cine was full of laughter but at the end we were just like OMG😲😲....must watch movie you wouldn't be deceive 😏😏

  • Schmitt Djeson
    Schmitt Djeson 18 days ago +1

    *This movie in the 1970s*

  • alex lawless
    alex lawless 19 days ago

    “with the right white man we can do anything”

  • Violent Justice
    Violent Justice 19 days ago

    Adam driver? What’s his service? He’s a tow truck driver?

  • ARobb3R
    ARobb3R 19 days ago

    God forbid white people ever stand up for themselves and achieve a nation of their own. Meanwhile, the Jewish scriptwriters of this fantasy production have an "ethnostate" of their own to go home to in the Middle East, with a giant, militarily-protected border wall.
    Flood the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc.
    Inifini-Amerindians, Infiini-Dindus, Infini-Mooslimes
    But remember, the door has always swung back hard the other way. For thousands of years, if not far longer.
    Because this time, it will swing harder than ever before.

  • Reynault Chevalier
    Reynault Chevalier 21 day ago

    Love the Plymouth fury squad car in the beginning. Nypd had them up till the early 80s, then the Diplomats took over

  • TheSistaWarrior
    TheSistaWarrior 21 day ago

    Is spike lee comparing black power movement to ku klux klan

  • ShalomShlomoShekelstein

    Oy vey, Jew and black man teaming up, sounds familiar.

  • Miss Sincere
    Miss Sincere 23 days ago


  • You Slumber, Cucumber
    You Slumber, Cucumber 24 days ago

    Let me know how this movie goes.

    • Eden Marlowe
      Eden Marlowe 21 day ago

      You Slumber, Cucumber , watched it last night, a bit more serious than I thought but overall, a great film, just don’t watch it at the cinema 😂 there’s a part at the end where the theatre goes completely silent , at the time I was eating a pack of nerds and everybody looked at me, anywho, good film.

  • vera9502
    vera9502 24 days ago

    All races have their kkkz

    DEVILS ACES 25 days ago


  • Mega Rayquaza Gaming
    Mega Rayquaza Gaming 25 days ago +1

    This was a good movie. This movie shows that not all cops are evil.

  • Elard 245
    Elard 245 26 days ago

    kylo ren!

  • shnglbot
    shnglbot 26 days ago +1


  • Alli Brunnsbo
    Alli Brunnsbo 27 days ago +1

    I have watched the movie its actually so good

  • Pesty Ninja
    Pesty Ninja 28 days ago +1

    Yall ignore the fact that he pronounces the h in white to hard.

    • Eden Marlowe
      Eden Marlowe 21 day ago

      Pesty Ninja, the black guy (“Ron stallworth”) uses it on purpose to trick the grand wizard into believing he’s white

  • apedap
    apedap 28 days ago +1


  • Queen Eliane
    Queen Eliane 29 days ago

    The movie was really good, powerful ending

    • Eden Marlowe
      Eden Marlowe 21 day ago

      Queen, it just showed a clip of SJWs getting run over, I saw the original clips before I saw the film and they were a lil biased.
      PS: How did your cinema react when the room went silent for a few seconds for dramatic effect?

  • Ahmad Marzuqi
    Ahmad Marzuqi 29 days ago


  • Ed SkyNight
    Ed SkyNight 29 days ago

    0:47 Kylo Ren looks mad af right now.

  • Caleb Matiene
    Caleb Matiene Month ago

    This is stupid

  • StevieGG08
    StevieGG08 Month ago

    So black power is ok but white power is bad. Really.

    • pablo melon
      pablo melon 24 days ago

      The movie presents both as bad

    • Corey M
      Corey M 28 days ago

      +I Identify as a Dragon well, jokes on him because it was a great film.

    • I Identify as a Dragon
      I Identify as a Dragon 28 days ago +3

      +Corey M
      They never do and they wonder why people call them idiots

    • Corey M
      Corey M 29 days ago +1

      Have you seen the movie?

  • el che
    el che Month ago


  • A M
    A M Month ago +1

    Saw it on Amazon Firestick... funny and a good movie!!

  • groovyhoovy
    groovyhoovy Month ago +1

    The fact that in real life this cop was able to pull something like this off was kind of a intriguing thought

  • Derek Vinyard
    Derek Vinyard Month ago

    Wasn't Lt Kendra, aka Homicide Hunter, from Colorado Springs PD about this time period? Maybe he is in the movie.

  • Liam Kirk
    Liam Kirk Month ago

    Pure garbage

  • Juicing Diet Tips
    Juicing Diet Tips Month ago

    that servant was funny

  • Nurra Kugy
    Nurra Kugy Month ago

    Winter has come for the Klansmen 😂

  • Nurra Kugy
    Nurra Kugy Month ago

    1:05 Bronn of the Blackwater is that you?

  • Rory Moore
    Rory Moore Month ago

    Anyone else thinking bout Clayton Bigsby? "White power"😂😂😂

  • Maryam7862010
    Maryam7862010 Month ago

    Is this worth watching?

  • Suvash Dev
    Suvash Dev Month ago

    Is that Denzel's son? My man

  • Dominica williamson


  • Terri Mullen
    Terri Mullen Month ago +1

    Saw it last night....made me long for the 70's vibes....and scared the backwards steps we've made. Great acting. Oh do know how to weave a tangled web of US.

  • Spencer White
    Spencer White Month ago

    "Jew lie detector test" lmao

  • RowdyTheBeast
    RowdyTheBeast Month ago

    Uncle Tom

  • Chuck Jones
    Chuck Jones Month ago

    Run Through The Jungle!

  • Retro Ace
    Retro Ace Month ago +1


  • Prince Rakeem
    Prince Rakeem Month ago

    I’m watching this

  • Trump train
    Trump train Month ago

    Eric cartman

  • Kyle F
    Kyle F Month ago

    Cool story. Too bad it's completely made up and people will think it's real.

  • Michael Accardi
    Michael Accardi Month ago

    I just saw it. Worst movie ever!!!

  • Kleopatra
    Kleopatra Month ago

    funny they censored the n-word from the trailer. great film, Spike Lee still making films about racial issues with a lot of anger and aggression! It's great to see a film where the director is so emotionally involved, takes me back to Do The Right thing.
    Also, it was funny as hell

  • Phil Meup
    Phil Meup Month ago

    What is a priest's favorite meat? Alter Boy.

  • Hampus W
    Hampus W Month ago

    Just saw the movie, and I was surprised by it. It was not what I thought it would be, it was much much more than that!

  • Jakub Drewniak
    Jakub Drewniak Month ago

    WPWW don't be mistaken.

  • Amareto
    Amareto Month ago

    Didn't know Spike Lee was part of the establishment.

  • Matty Green
    Matty Green Month ago

    someone talked about this movie like it was american history x and then its a comedy lol

  • Gliks Szczypior
    Gliks Szczypior Month ago

    yay, Adam Driver here.

  • norpan seikkailut
    norpan seikkailut Month ago

    Jasper pääkkönen torilla tavataan

    • cena
      cena Month ago


  • LMGunslinger
    LMGunslinger Month ago +1

    I hope david duke sues these guys for libel.

  • Kieran Allen
    Kieran Allen Month ago

    Even the ku klux klan can appreciate that haircut

  • Maddy Hanley
    Maddy Hanley Month ago

    i just want to touch that hair

  • Sky ondeck
    Sky ondeck Month ago +1

    So its a documentary on the life of uncle ruckus?

  • Roland Pen
    Roland Pen Month ago

    I've just watched the movie 2 hrs ago on boxxy software with dubbing and subtitle for free, the twist was awesome!

  • Justin C
    Justin C Month ago

    Man Denzel Washington's Son sounds just like him

  • Winona Daphne
    Winona Daphne Month ago

    him doing the white accent wasn't even believable .....

  • ShackledDreamz
    ShackledDreamz Month ago

    Very powerful movie, a must watch

  • Arjan Gill
    Arjan Gill Month ago


  • GreatLakes
    GreatLakes Month ago

    I'm going to see this tonight. at first i couldn't tell if this is a black history movie, or a comedy movie.

  • Holly Palmer
    Holly Palmer Month ago

    Brilliant film xxx

  • David Hacker
    David Hacker Month ago

    Boy, this movie suuucked...

  • Sietse Dijkstra
    Sietse Dijkstra Month ago

    Where's Kylo's lightsaber??

  • RiftOnly
    RiftOnly Month ago


  • red fury91
    red fury91 Month ago +1

    Now I understand how Donna Brazile exists. Ruckus Family Roots: The Donna Brazile Origin Story. “I lost my super aryan powers to overthrow the will of the people weep weep snivel snivel”

  • Smug Life
    Smug Life Month ago

    Here comes another I-HATE-WHITE-PEOPLE Spike Lee movie.

  • Roda '
    Roda ' Month ago +1

    'Jew Lie detector test'

    • Barbaric Playz
      Barbaric Playz Month ago

      Roda ' just put money and see if they pocket it


  • Abdul Khan
    Abdul Khan Month ago +1

    I hope he will do the lead role in Training day sequel someday..

  • JustPep
    JustPep Month ago

    Kylo ren is the best wheit man

  • Vansh Kher
    Vansh Kher Month ago


  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama Month ago

    Well how about we get a WHITEY in a movie called White Panther?

  • xzxjessxzx
    xzxjessxzx Month ago

    "hwite" 😬

  • Lauren Dolezal
    Lauren Dolezal Month ago +1


  • Dee Torres
    Dee Torres Month ago +12

    If only blacks were as nice as we show them in films

    • Teringventje
      Teringventje 29 days ago

      monkiram they are homogenously represented in crime tho. BOOOM!

    • monkiram
      monkiram Month ago +1

      If only people realized that blacks are not a homogenous group of equally nice/not nice people

    • Montaro
      Montaro Month ago

      +I Identify as a Dragon fo sho

    • I Identify as a Dragon
      I Identify as a Dragon Month ago +4

      Dee Torres
      If only you could try better wit your bait

  • noobkaka567
    noobkaka567 Month ago

    I continued watching this as an ad because it reminded me of Undercover Brother!

  • Kristen Severight Dumas

    Great movie.

  • yoseph777
    yoseph777 Month ago

    Laughing like 4 times so it's funnnnny!

  • Cole Pichie
    Cole Pichie Month ago

    This looks pretty good hoply the left doesn't make it into a black pride thing

    • I Identify as a Dragon
      I Identify as a Dragon Month ago

      Shrek Stirr
      Hopefully the right doesn’t make this into “THIS IS CALLING FOR WHITE GENOCIDE” thing either

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller Month ago +3

    I’m gonna go to Chicago for Halloween dressed in a white hooded robe .yes I’m going as a ghost

  • Joseph StalinJG
    Joseph StalinJG Month ago +1

    This movie was dope u gotta watch it

  • Tajudeen Are
    Tajudeen Are Month ago

    After all the stuff that’s been going on, this is what the media pushes! I really don’t see any A-list actors, proof that some actors will do any thing for a coin! People need to think! After all of the killings, and police brutality they continue to push the black’s vs white’s narrative!

    • Jesse Herring
      Jesse Herring Month ago

      read my comment near the top,this movie is not the "true story" that it claims to be

    • I Identify as a Dragon
      I Identify as a Dragon Month ago

      Tajudeen Are
      Watching Black and White cops working together to take down a terrorist group is apparently damaging I guess

  • mem11977
    mem11977 Month ago

    Hey! Its Foreplay!

  • R tv
    R tv Month ago +1

    One of the best films off the year. Spike lee JOINT BABY!!!

  • Vince William
    Vince William Month ago

    Foreplays in this? Dope.