Elon Musk Gives First Look At Tesla's Electric Semi

  • Published on Nov 17, 2017
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised the company's first electric semi-truck would be mind-blowing, and he delivered.
    Musk took the wraps off the big rig on Thursday at Tesla's Design Studio in Hawthorne, California, and the vehicle's design was definitely what got the most attention.
    The semi can go 0-60 mph in five seconds without a trailer attached.
    The big rig has an impressive range of 500 miles per charge. With 80,000 pounds of cargo, it can make the same run in just 20 seconds. It can charge up to 400 miles in just 30 minutes when using a Megacharger, which is a new high-speed charger.
    The interior of the vehicle is minimalistic and designed around the comfort of the driver. The driver position is placed in the center of the vehicle, instead of on the left side. This helps provide greater visibility to the driver, Musk said. The cabin is also spacious enough for the driver to stand.
    Tesla will begin production of the vehicle in 2019. The company is currently taking reservations for the semi, but a deposit will set buyers back $5,000.
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  • Deacon Epps
    Deacon Epps 6 hours ago

    Wow... Hope to have one of these one day

  • Kevin Oloane
    Kevin Oloane 5 days ago

    I see people in the comment section are so smart

  • Kevin Oloane
    Kevin Oloane 5 days ago

    Where you going to plug all these in there isn't charging stations like there are gas pumps all over the country

  • Steve Ross
    Steve Ross 6 days ago

    Is Elon on the Autism scale?

  • latin ontheroad
    latin ontheroad 10 days ago

    Crap ,just like the shitty automatics they have out here , bunch of experimental crap , maybe in 50yrs more ill believe it ,tesla is so desperate to sell their crap way ahead before it's perfected .......

  • latin ontheroad
    latin ontheroad 10 days ago

    Don't believe until I see it in hand .....

  • Dan Le
    Dan Le 11 days ago

    Bunch of BS...how many years has this guy driven a semi...he should say 80% of LOCAL routes might b 250 or less...why is he talking about 0 to 60, it's not a drag race... I don't think shippers would b very happy when u get 2 your destination & all their products are scattered on the floor of the trailer

  • kemrit teh forg
    kemrit teh forg 17 days ago

    This was the day after I broke my arm :(

  • Matt Kwiecien
    Matt Kwiecien 18 days ago

    Good bye. Diesel. Mechanics .
    Good bye oil change brake change filters and many more. Finally

  • Atchi Reddy
    Atchi Reddy 25 days ago

    Sir Elon musk's sir please develop Tesla trucks manufacturer plant in India and Tesla electric cars manufacture plant in India. Sir India always loves Tesla electric cars and trucks USA

  • Atchi Reddy
    Atchi Reddy 25 days ago

    Sir Elon musk's sir please develop Tesla trucks manufacturer plant in India and Tesla electric cars manufacture plant in India. Sir India always loves Tesla electric cars and trucks USA

  • Atchi Reddy
    Atchi Reddy 25 days ago

    Sir Elon musk's sir please develop Tesla trucks manufacturer plant in India and Tesla electric cars manufacture plant in India. Sir India always loves Tesla electric cars and trucks USA

  • Atchi Reddy
    Atchi Reddy 25 days ago

    Sir Elon musk's sir please develop Tesla trucks manufacturer plant in India and Tesla electric cars manufacture plant in India. Sir India always loves Tesla electric cars and trucks USA

  • Arunava chakraborty
    Arunava chakraborty 27 days ago

    Automatically truck us coming. Good bye rude truck driver ppl..we don't need you😏😣😁😁😀no more they going to kill ppl in road. Thank robot to clear all of those road killer driver

  • Satan
    Satan 28 days ago

    Tesla has a semi?

  • Kensington Montefusco

    So much enthusiasm for basically a train. Guys the electric train exists at least since the 30s of the twentieth century.Is this innovation? a locomotive with tires, just because it has a computer on board is innovative? Come on, it has only a futuristic design.

  • Emanuel Alvarez
    Emanuel Alvarez Month ago

    Elon musk is killing the game...he just needs to buy a speaker I dont say it to knock on him but its defitnley improve his presentations. He has a great mind and product.

  • timmy pruss
    timmy pruss Month ago

    All lies

  • the grey ghost
    the grey ghost Month ago

    I'm a truckers. Most long haul truckers go far beyond 500 miles a day. And besides that I'd never be caught driving something that looms like that. Good luck finding truckers who are gonna be willing to drive that thing

    1EPICGAMER 1 Month ago

    I am waiting on ford to semi trucks again, sorry.

  • ami bami the soccer gamer crew

    Tesla shall make America great again

  • C D
    C D Month ago

    iphone with wheels

  • mutlunun
    mutlunun Month ago

    By the way that people shouting, laughing in the audience is so exagerated and annoying. Are they really truck owners? Or anything to do with transport bussiness??

  • mutlunun
    mutlunun Month ago

    I wish he could speak better but this is his only defect I guess, no one is perfect.

  • Jeff Riles
    Jeff Riles Month ago

    Tesla should build a battery powered train

  • matthew ruiz
    matthew ruiz 2 months ago

    Each wheel has an engine... that make for one smooth ride

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    What is with the aspect ratio?
    What idiot cropped the video?

  • Malik Wright
    Malik Wright 2 months ago

    Bad Ass Motherfucking Performance lol

  • Name Here
    Name Here 2 months ago

    #flat earth suckers

  • Name Here
    Name Here 2 months ago

    If a piss jug spills...and is refilled with water, is it still a piss jug or a dirty water jug?

  • Name Here
    Name Here 2 months ago

    Does it come equipmented with piss jugs or are those sold separately??😣

  • Quidditch Attention Seeker


  • Wombo__Combo__On__The_Computer

    This is totally unneeded truck

  • clubredken
    clubredken 2 months ago

    It also has stealth technology so it can't be seen on enemy radar.

  • Richard Nicholls
    Richard Nicholls 2 months ago

    idea that work

  • hue lê
    hue lê 2 months ago


  • Dirk D
    Dirk D 2 months ago

    Imagine the range of half the cargo was just more batteries

  • Ej joe
    Ej joe 2 months ago

    Keep the diesel burning boycott tesla.

  • proarmy
    proarmy 2 months ago

    That truck loooks like shit

  • David Dreyer
    David Dreyer 2 months ago

    Does it come with electronic assistant driving modes like my Prius?

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar 2 months ago

    Next , Tesla electric train ..
    0-60 in 5ns.

  • Joel Penafiel
    Joel Penafiel 2 months ago

    hope they can get drivers, with these “shortage” I doubt that companies will buy or change their truck fleet and have money left to pay fairly to their drivers who by the way ALREADY MAKE POOR MONEY. still a beautiful truck I would love to be an owner operator with one of those.

  • Kenny Hawk
    Kenny Hawk 2 months ago

    65mph up a ten percent grade. Nice but only 500 mile range? I have 2 120gal tanks and can drive 1000 miles. If he wants this to be successful he has to figure out a way to make the batteries last in the extreme temps. Hot and cold. Sounds good but i guess we will find out if the truck stops will install battery chargers lol. I can refuel and be rollin in 15 mins and the only charge i get in that 15 mins is.....TWO MORE MONSTERS LMAO

  • MH
    MH 2 months ago +1

    Electric Semi's wont take the market. Battery weight for long distances "displaces the payload" ; electric is less profitable.
    You will not be seeing interstate Trucking Companies being interested.... except for regional deliveries - that's the reality.!

  • sami sugeti pula
    sami sugeti pula 2 months ago

    Guys relax this tesla shit will never happen becouse the SAUDI will not alow tesla to take over their trillions $$$$$

  • sami sugeti pula
    sami sugeti pula 2 months ago

    Yoo mojos thus bs truck will not last a chances against 650HP diesel up on the hill tesla shit is just 4 show and are made to bull shit inroubd LA empty trailer ya accelarecion 1 min then you got to charge

  • Rain
    Rain 3 months ago

    So this is what happens when Elon Musk gets turned on 🤔

  • Lhenkhantus
    Lhenkhantus 3 months ago

    This truck has better aerodynamics than the bugatti chiron

  • Jason Black
    Jason Black 3 months ago

    He should be arrested for crimes against humanity.
    First it's the truckers, it will end with brain surgeons be laid off.

  • Jake Zook
    Jake Zook 3 months ago

    I don't care if it's the last truck on earth I'm never driving it I guess I'd just have to quit my job and get another one nothing better than driving a Peterbilt

  • Joe Grant
    Joe Grant 3 months ago

    This guy cant stop stuttering

  • Robert Buglio
    Robert Buglio 3 months ago

    Ask about road side repair service I heard about cars big money that's if they will fix it after the warnty good luck if is like the cars door handles my door handles still work after 20 years.dont bet on the guality right away.the trains use just keep running do a blow and go stone the com. To .ooo change the brushes clean the pinion gear and gear case wicks check the wires and glad hand connection do a electrical check restance meger and hi pot I you can use a lab top now a days.do all six and your good to go.my gess they use brushless motors.they just keep running with a little matence.i think they used to charge 750.00 per traction motor for a blow and go.a rebuild cost much more new one much more.a little tlc keeps them running.you jaw would drop if you herd the repair cost I herd the cars are very high.buyer beware regular semis are high also.on repair cost.but you can buy the parts.

  • Robert Buglio
    Robert Buglio 3 months ago

    That's 80,000.gross weight not cargo cargo +truck=80,000 poundsgross weight .not 80,000 pounds cargo.

  • Robert Buglio
    Robert Buglio 3 months ago

    Searl seg generator only need to stop to rest save cash on weight batterys don't limit range .for truckers to make a living.

  • Robert Buglio
    Robert Buglio 3 months ago

    You can't bounce the cargo around carrier damage it will be local with out charging stations like gasstations are skip the batters.searl seg generator then it can work.

  • CharlesMeriot
    CharlesMeriot 3 months ago

    mind blowing indeed...

  • benjamin Word
    benjamin Word 3 months ago

    This is cool, but I just wanna know what song was in the entrance

  • benjamin Word
    benjamin Word 3 months ago

    What's that song lol

  • Daiman Webb
    Daiman Webb 3 months ago

    Lmao Elon getting so pissed at everyone cheering for him

  • ZackMCPlayz
    ZackMCPlayz 3 months ago

    5:21 is that trump?

  • ZackMCPlayz
    ZackMCPlayz 3 months ago

    just make it already. you only need a copper and zinc and some motors then DONE!

  • legasiguy
    legasiguy 3 months ago

    Cars in Space, awesome earthbound cars, now an electric commerical vehicle? He's the freaking man!!

  • Andy Tran
    Andy Tran 3 months ago

    Tesla is going to be the go to company eventually

  • Real Lion
    Real Lion 3 months ago +1

    Atleast make it look like a damn truck! This guy also has poor use of talking lol....

    • ZackMCPlayz
      ZackMCPlayz 3 months ago +1

      like his money going to go away.

  • 787brx8
    787brx8 3 months ago +1

    I made A video on how to extend battery life. It can also restore the capacity of older batteries.
    Cellphones, EVs, power tools, solar power, storage and car batteries all can benefit from this easy trick!

  • naren nath
    naren nath 4 months ago +2

    Tesal is great

  • Random Viewer
    Random Viewer 4 months ago +2

    Elon r u ok?

  • Jza Gza
    Jza Gza 4 months ago

    Future is coming !

  • Deborah McEwen
    Deborah McEwen 4 months ago

    In production by 2019??? Where?? I don't see any plants going up...Why not work on a natural gas engine? We have tons of that and it's clean energy...

  • xfire7
    xfire7 4 months ago

    The trailer is for the batteries. Have the idiots applauding this any idea of the torque and power and energy consumption to haul 20 tons for 500 miles. Nope didn`t think so.

  • Don Vanduzen
    Don Vanduzen 5 months ago

    It's a tractor. A semi refers to a semi-trailer,as opposed to a full trailer. A rig is a tractor and semi,or full trailer

  • Chapo
    Chapo 5 months ago

    Here the problem. It will take at least 5 years to put out a reliable one. And another 7-8 years for mechanics to learn to fix them. Think about all the sensors. It’s going to cost a ton of money to fox

  • steve kastner
    steve kastner 5 months ago +1

    Why do all these rich assholes think their Steve Jobs

    • steve kastner
      steve kastner 3 months ago

      Tehan Vidanarachchi 😂🤣

    • Tehan Vidanarachchi
      Tehan Vidanarachchi 3 months ago

      +steve kastner regardless of this, steve and elon are both very talented and respectable in their fields

    • steve kastner
      steve kastner 3 months ago

      Tehan Vidanarachchi that’s because he is imitating Steve Jobs. Probably has a poster of him over his bed. Did you notice how he got kicked out of his job like Steve Jobs did with apple . Come on🤔think about it

    • Tehan Vidanarachchi
      Tehan Vidanarachchi 3 months ago

      he is comparable to steve jobs

  • Art of war and peace
    Art of war and peace 5 months ago +1

    Why no one realized the potential for regenerating power thru the trailer wheels is beyond me. I guess they had to leave room for a friend to make profits from charge stations. It would likely happen as people are often stolen from by way of mans law. May it come to an end as it seems to be the very cause of it.

  • tripjet999
    tripjet999 5 months ago +2

    As with any semi, ANYTHING that large needs to be on a RAILROAD TRACK!

  • juniorJRS
    juniorJRS 5 months ago +1

    Tesla should come talk to me if he wants to have an opinion about truck driving

  • Sandi Baby312
    Sandi Baby312 5 months ago +16

    For all the haters commenting on Elon’s delivery, please ask yourself ‘wtf am I doing to improve the quality of life for my fellow human beings?’ If you can’t come up with anything remotely positive then quit bashing this genius and go read his bio.

  • The Gaming Norwegian
    The Gaming Norwegian 5 months ago

    So many salty old idiots in this comment section LOL. This truck will asswhoop ur udly diesel in every possible way, less parts to fail, great range (and it can charge everywhere for much cheaper than it costs to fill diesel), MUCH faster, easier to maintain (yes, easier to maintain, electric parts r less likely to fail than mechanical parts, its been proven a billion times), much safer and the list goes on. Stop being so damn afraid of the future... I bet people said it was a terrible idea to replace horses with cars, but look where we r now...

    • RedPilledPatriot
      RedPilledPatriot 3 months ago

      They'd be the ones complaining about the model T Ford, saying how much better the horse was. It's pathetic, no insight at all.

  • Amarjeet Kaurmalli
    Amarjeet Kaurmalli 5 months ago

    Is that possible to make it solar powered truck!??

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 5 months ago

    People calling him a terrible speaker are very ignorant. It sounds like he has a stutter. It's not your fault if you're a stutterer. I've had a stutter since I was six. I'm 26 and my stutter gets to the point where I can barely talk.

  • Miguel Rochette
    Miguel Rochette 5 months ago

    So much torque at start

  • Chland
    Chland 5 months ago

    Musk is very nervous! Not such a great presenter.

  • Liga
    Liga 5 months ago

    Everyone screams like theyre gonna own one.

  • Rob long
    Rob long 5 months ago

    this is funny cause when tesla cars break down only tesla can work on them what happens when this thing breaks down sukkas

  • Cancer Aka me
    Cancer Aka me 5 months ago

    The problem with this is that the mileage is really low and the battery will be hella heavy and it needs 8 hours to charge for any company to be efficient the drivers can’t wait 8 hours for their truck to charge

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson 5 months ago

    What a bout going down the Rockies with a 80 000 , is going 65 mph🤣🤣🤣

  • MegaAkselerator
    MegaAkselerator 5 months ago

    Tesla marketing team got these normies dripping wet...

  • Anita Singh
    Anita Singh 5 months ago

    Great and great Musk 👏👏👏🌹

  • Anita Singh
    Anita Singh 5 months ago

    Wow 👏👏👏👌🌹

  • Lloyd Hartshorn
    Lloyd Hartshorn 6 months ago

    This guy is the worst at explaining i wanted to pull my hair out.and who ever gives him his info is stupid.you can deliver out in the middle of no where and back home without charging hahahahahaha my routes are around 600 miles each way and are in fact out in the middle of know where.

  • Mike Muffler
    Mike Muffler 6 months ago

    These semis are absolutely amazing. Loved watching this. Excellent idea that would be so cool to see on the road someday. #SoCool

  • David Soom
    David Soom 6 months ago

    How can he say that if you are driving a Tesla Truck you are making 50% more that if you had a diesel? That's a ridiculous statement just as going 0to 60 in 5 seconds is meaningful in a freight hauler. Screw Elon and his ideas that cost the taxpayers too much for nothing.

  • David Soom
    David Soom 6 months ago

    I need to accelerate all my freight as rapidly as possible 0 to 60 in five seconds great. right? The real car companies of the world are just about to show Elon where his artist conceptions can go.

  • Alx B
    Alx B 6 months ago

    if you showed someone living in 1896 a semi truck from the 1996, they'd think it was funny and strange as well. never let the status quo define what the future could hold.

  • DrEcapz
    DrEcapz 6 months ago +1

    smart guy bad speaker.

  • kalyan narayanan
    kalyan narayanan 6 months ago

    A pick up truck that can carry a pick-up. Truck 😂😂😂😂

  • Ceinch
    Ceinch 6 months ago

    Ok WTF lets just shrink the video and make it shitter and then slap tech insider on it like we did something.

  • Randy Geyer
    Randy Geyer 6 months ago

    When will we see a Tesla pickup truck?

  • Iosif Stalin
    Iosif Stalin 6 months ago

    Wow, that sucks

  • hung nguyen
    hung nguyen 6 months ago

    That is our future, go Elon