The Walking Dead S05E15 'Try' Reaction / Review

  • Published on Jun 17, 2017
  • But...but...but....MICHOOOOOOONNE!
    I'm back with season five episode fifteen of The Walking Dead.
    Feel free to comment below about the episode I've just watched or ask questions, but please, no spoilers.
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  • TVandME
    TVandME  7 months ago +36

    Just wanted to write a quick thank you to everyone for helping me reach 1k subscribers. I recorded these before we hit the target so I'll address it in next weekend's videos. Your support has been incredible and I can't wait for what the future holds :)

    • Jasmine B
      Jasmine B 7 months ago +1

      Congrats again Kev!!

    • Thomas Cullen
      Thomas Cullen 7 months ago +1

      Congratulations on 1k!

    • Rick Grimes Cro
      Rick Grimes Cro 7 months ago +1

      Congrats! This is just the beginning.

    • takersgurl
      takersgurl 7 months ago +1

      Congrats Kevin, you deserve to have so much more. You are one of the best reactors on Youtube.

  • Ash Lee Can
    Ash Lee Can 7 months ago +1

    I've been trying to post my thoughts on the episode since you posted only to just now realize it's not letting me because it's too long lmao. Guess I have to split it up lol...
    Another great episode. A lot of PTSD going around here...
    Before I start, I guess I should make a point of who's living together in which house real quick(It may be a little ). House #1 contains Rick, Michonne, Carl, Carol, Daryl, Judith and I think Noah was sharing a room with Carl. House#2 is everyone else...
    Now on to Sasha. Here you have someone who's tends to be one of logic. As illogical as she may seem with her actions, in her mind, it's still logical. As Michonne told Rosita, she's hunting. Before, it seemed as if she was going out to keep herself from getting weak and always being ready, like others of Team Family feared for themselves, except she was actually going out making sure she wouldn't. Alone. But after Noah's death, it went from trying to survive by keeping sharp to retaliation. Not on Nicholas. Not the Alexandrians. Not Team Family. But retaliating on the constant war they've been fighting on the outside. Unfortunately, it's only fueling the war that she's fighting on the inside within herself. It's easy to forget that only about a month ago(maybe month and a half) they lost the prison and Hershel. Terminus. Bob. Beth. The false cure. Tyrese. Getting smacked in the face with Alexandria's presence. Now Noah has died and she feels guilt. What she said to Noah, telling him that he wasn't going to make it because he wasn't sure if they were. It honestly kind of bothers but I guess it can come down to everyone's, although not rejecting their new world, but still adjusting themselves, just differently from Sasha. It's a reminder that she doesn't really have anyone to lean on right now(unlike Maggie who still has Glenn). I always wondered what job Deanna was considering for her. She seemed a bit intrigued by Sasha with the personal invite to the party, probably recruited her son Spencer to ease her in since he was the one who came to her when she first came to the party trying to make conversation. The dynamic between her and Michonne once again shows interesting. It feels very Big Protective Sister vs Little Stubborn Sister. I love it...
    Now on to Rick. I find him to be very troubling this episode. In fact, I find a lot of his behavior troubling. Again, he's adjusting like everyone else but his mind definitely hasn't yet. His fixation on Jessie always unnerve me. Is he trying to recreate what he did get the chance to with Lori? I remember him bringing up Lori to Daryl after he met Jessie. Wanting the nice suburban home, building their family. A real nice, happy, safe life. Is Jessie the fantasy he's trying to make reality? The second chance? It's the only thing that makes sense of his fixation as it began before he even found out about Pete's abuse. What disturbed me the most was when Jessie asked him "Would you do this for someone else?" and he says "No" and accepts that answer. Rick Grimes. A former police officer. A leader. Now constable. He pretty much said that the only reason he's trying to save her and interfere with the abuse from her is not out of the kindness of his heart because this isn't something he wouldn't do for just anyone and she's okay with that. It's quite chilling, especially consider that he was very honest about it and she's fine with it as if it makes her special. I guess with a husband that doesn't make her feel special at all, I'm not even sure that they haven't even known each other for even a week yet...
    Now on to his epic speech. I will say I respect Rick for trying to have restraint in the beginning of the fight. Unfortunately it went completely sideways, from him shoving Carl for trying to stop him, Glenn. To pulling out the gun, swinging it around at people while screaming like a madman with no real consideration. He may have spoken some truth but his execution was horrid. The fact that he didn't even confide in his family is a slap in the face to them as well as most of them had no idea of his plans. He took it upon himself to do what he did. He may have been wanting to protect the family, but he may end up losing their trust. It's almost as if he's developed a complex of being superior than others at this point. Him, Carol and who knows who else in this group. But deep down, he's simply living in paranoia. His mind can't escape. I agree with the words he was saying. He should have just presented better. That'd be the logical thing to do...
    I want to bring up Carol for a moment because her actions are quiet side worthy in itself. So any questions. Is her being hellbent on Pete's death simply to help Jessie, or is this her way of dealing with the trauma of her own husband, Ed? She's very manipulative to others, including Rick, at this point. In fact, especially to Rick. She's making her moves and using Rick to do it. Let's be real. If Carol wanted Pete dead, she could do it herself. The whole point of her putting on a persona of blending in is so that she'll go undetected. Instead, she's forcing Rick to do it so to not get her hands dirty. Rick didn't even want to get involved at first but she was adamant about him doing it. Rick is the physical Carol's controlling the moves. During Rick's speech, you can see her watching and smirking. What is Carol trying to get at? What's her end game? Is she really about long terms or simply instant satisfaction?...

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      Thanks again Ash Lee. A couple of things i'll pick up on, firstly, Rick recreating his fantasy of a normal life by focusing on Jessie. That's a great call and observation. Maybe he is being proactive against Pete so he can live his fantasy but if the end result gets Jessie out of the abusive relationship I don't really mind Rick's motive. And let's be honest, he wouldn't have done anything unless Jessie said Yes just before Pete walked in. That's what I think anyway....Maybe :)
      Secondly, Carol. She does seem to be the most hardcore out of the group now in terms of looking out for team fam. She's willing to do what's necessary even if it means whispering in Rick's ear. I think "Manipulate" is a strong word but I totally see what you're saying (maybe "influence" fits better lol). I'm wondering whether Carol will ever show her true self to this group.
      Thanks again for the amazing insight :)

  • Faraz Tahir
    Faraz Tahir 7 months ago +1

    literally Rick's speech this episode was an ego to Shane's "you all want to live you all want to survive you gotta fight for it!" speech in the episode where he killed all the walkers inside the Barn

  • Negan
    Negan 7 months ago +1

    Michonne knocking Rick the fuck out lol

  • Araceli Kiwrna
    Araceli Kiwrna 7 months ago

    You made good points from Rick, Michonne and the town's perspectives. When I first saw this episode, I also didn't like Michonne hitting Rick in the back of the head but I understood why she did that. That moment was intense and needed to be calmed down. Can't wait for the next one Kev. PEACE! - Yvette

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago

      Yup, as usual no right answer just a whole load of "they're all right" lol

  • Cola Rr
    Cola Rr 7 months ago +2

    Rick was acting like s baby Shane. I'm sorry I had never been so annoyed by his actions. He was so right what he was saying but he had his eyes so fixed on a woman that he got reckless and messy.. Pete had to be dealt with... but him and Carol been plotting on doing some crazy stuff behind Michonne's back... even Daryl strayed away and went to fix a motorcycle and save a horse 😂😂 I had such mixed feelings because the Alexandrians are sooo ignorant... not worthy of saving really... but Michonne is just so tired and wants this place to work so bad she thinks she can just get things to fall into place..but it's not that easy.. Rick is pointing a gun around done pushed Carl back.., I just don't know... just mixed

    • Cola Rr
      Cola Rr 7 months ago

      TVandME lol. I was just watching your recent video... that finale...wasn't that shocking?! Yes I will always be teamrick and fam because despite his mistakes and bad judgement, he loves his people. He still has his humanity and a good heart.. he just gets caught up sometimes ..

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      I felt the exact same way. This show does that to me all the time, I just don't know which way I want to go so I end up sitting on the fence lol. I just hope with Rick's guidance Alexandria can become a fort for good to prosper.

  • member00
    member00 7 months ago +1

    To be fair, Pete's "jealousy streak" isn't unfounded since Shane...I mean, Crazy!Rick is all up in his wife's business, and she's starting to reciprocate [[sidenote: EASILY the worst storyline I've had to sit through...Crazy!Rick and the fucking Andersons]]

  • Eskay H
    Eskay H 7 months ago +1

    I understand you feeling unsettled about the ending considering most people did, whether due to Rick pointing a gun and raving like a mad man or Michonne knocking him the hell out. A natural reaction to the events for sure, I didn't know what to think myself. But really, Rick's speeches are one of the best things about TWD so watching one of em get interrupted stinks too lmao

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      The speech was great. TWD does that a lot to me also. It leaves me wondering which side I should be on and I love it.

  • Shianne Steele
    Shianne Steele 7 months ago +3

    I feel Michonne was completely right for knocking Rick out,he was looking crazy waving a gun around having blood dripping down his face and was seen just fighting a guy. He was right in ways of how the Alexandrians need to fight to live but he could have went about that a whole different way and it doesn't help that Gaberial told those things to Deanna and then this happens and that she is still upset over her son so Rick is just making her opinion about the group worse and worse possibly. Also, people not liking Michonne over this is crazy cause Rick was probably about to get himself or the whole group kicked out and they really do need this place though. And with Sasha this episode made me so sad for her cause she is one of my favorites her speech to Michonne was so sad cause you could see how upset and down she was with this life and stuff. I just want someone to hug her and tell her its ok even though i know she is having ptsd and stuff.

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +2

      Having seen the finale I agree. I was just worried Michonne's allegiance had changed to Alexandria. It turns out she was looking out for Rick and now I respect Michonne even more...if that was possible.

  • Jordan Crocker
    Jordan Crocker 7 months ago +1

    One of my fav scenes in the whole show is the ending.
    Andrew Lincoln's acting 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Dead Fan
    Dead Fan 7 months ago +2

    Kevin .. I had mentioned PTSD earlier but whatever we call it, our group is suffering from the effects of the last 2 years. Just look at Sasha, Rick (I'm not saying they are wrong about anything) but that's not how they would behave. Look at Abe hyperventilating and breaking out in sweats. Even Carol and Michone are going through shit in their own way. Do you think Maggie and Glen are on the opposite end of the spectrum? Dealing with the adjustment much better? I do. What do you think?

    • Dead Fan
      Dead Fan 7 months ago

      Good point. Without each other, who knows.

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      I think Maggie and Glenn are such a good team and they are each other's support system. Now if one of them was to lose the other then all bets are off. I think they would go down the same path as the others. Just look at when they split up after the prison, both of them would rest until they found the other. Even if it meant walking head first into danger.

  • Isaac Welch
    Isaac Welch 7 months ago +1

    one thing I don't like, is that I really enjoyed his speech in the end but it was cut off

  • Alfrancis Nuñez
    Alfrancis Nuñez 7 months ago

    Pls upload TWD vids faster.. I really want you to be Caught Up

  • enilda rivera
    enilda rivera 7 months ago +4

    I think Michonne was trying to stop Rick from telling them what he really thinks of them and that he would take this place. If he had gone there they would either have to leave Alexandria or probably attempt a takeover which would not sit well with me. Like the saying goes no good deed goes unpunished. Deanna let them in but at what cost.

  • karlmoles65
    karlmoles65 7 months ago

    The greatest wreck moment of this show is coming. But you've got awhile yet.

  • karlmoles65
    karlmoles65 7 months ago

    1000 Subscribers! Congrats!
    I'm glad I've been along for the whole ride. Thanks Kevin.

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago

      Thanks man, I remember you being here early. As we grow I hope to see you stick around.

  • Rick Grimes Cro
    Rick Grimes Cro 7 months ago +7

    Rick was doing exactly the same thing Shane was doing in his time. They both had the right idea, but just wrong way of presenting it. Actually, Rick's speech from this ep is very similar to Shane's in front of the barn. You fight or you die. But Rick was losing it, and I feel Michonne was right to stop him.

    • Rick Grimes Cro
      Rick Grimes Cro 7 months ago

      I agree with you Kevin. I know there's a big difference between Rick and Shane, very different motives pushing them forward, but I was comparing the 2 speeches and the idea they're trying to pass to people around them, that you need to fight to live or you die. I hated Shane at the time and what he was trying to do, but when looking back, I have to agree he was right about the barn walkers and about Randall, those threats had to be killed for the safety of everyone, and not just for Lori and Carl like Shane thought in his crazy mind. I just like the comparison, how Rick and his group used to be where Alexandrians are now, and I'm not comparing them to cowards or unexperinced people, just their state of mind, thinking they can live holding on to the old world morals and expecting they can live through those decisions. It's so strange to see people who were sheltered all this time in the apocalypse, that they are still at the same phase Rick was in season 2.

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      He wanted to save Carl and Lori, not the entire group. He tried to kill Rick and threatened Dale. The only reason he wanted to save Lori and Carl as well was because he wanted them, it was about him. He was going to kill Carl's father without any thought for Carls wellbeing. As long as Shane was happy that's all he cared about. He would have left that farm in a heartbeat had Lori and Carl gone with him without a thought for anyone else. Just my opinion tough :)

    • Ninaofthe90s
      Ninaofthe90s 7 months ago +4

      well...that's not true. Shane was about the group as well. The whole reason why he opened the barn and killed everyone was to save Carl and Lori because he found out that she was pregnant five minutes before. That's basically why he went crazy in that moment. He knew right then and there that Lori couldn't leave the farm if she's pregnant and he needed them to be safe if they wanted to stay.

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      Yeah the similarities are showing but at the same time, I still see differences. Shane was all about himself whereas Rick is about the entire group.

  • Eric Wilson
    Eric Wilson 7 months ago +2

    Oh so this episode was crazy. First off, while I don't agree with Rick going to Jessie like that at least he was trying to do something. I can't believe that pretty much everyone knew and simply didn't do anything. Like how can you know about this and not say or do anything!! It's one thing for your neighbors to do nothing but when even Deanna knew and didn't do shit that's when I really got mad. Woman come on!!! You say you were a Congresswoman and you were dumb enough to really think that it would just get better?? Without any interference. And when Rick tries of offer a sensible solution she shoots it down almost immediately. Rick's idea was to put them in separate houses. That's what should have been done in the first place!!
    Ok. Rant over. I really feel bad for Sasha. She is one of my favorite characters and this was the season I feel in love with her. I really love her gun for some reason. I think it suits her. I think the fact that Rosita and Michonne both came out to find her and eventually help her is one of the many reasons people can identify with and love this group. They truly act like a family. They care about one another and little things like that show you. You can't look at the other groups we've met and say that they have cared about each other. To me the dynamic of the group and how they face and overcome obstacles together is one of the main reasons I watch the show.

    • Eric Wilson
      Eric Wilson 7 months ago

      Holy shit you responded. Lol. I really didn't think anyone would notice my comment. But back to the Pete situation I get what your saying but I just think that since Deanna is the "leader" of these people she could have easily just done what Rick wanted and said that this is how it'll be. Yeah Pete's important but he's to bitch made to go outside and risk getting attacked by walkers or worse I would imagine he would've accepted his circumstance. Then again the man doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb.

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +2

      I think Pete got a free pass because he was a doctor, it's much like the hospital in Atlanta and Steven. Not saying it's right, but i think that's how they thought there and Rick was having none of it. Rightly so.
      Agree about the team aspect. I love it when they overcome odds by working together and using their numbers and expertise to outwit the enemy.

  • Eva Pearce
    Eva Pearce 7 months ago +1

    Rick kneeling on the floor with blood on his face looks CRAZY lol gotta love him ....well done on 1k subscriptions....I do enjoy your reactions ☺🎉✨

  • scarredbytrust
    scarredbytrust 7 months ago +4

    With the way our group is coming across to Diana and Alexandria, there was noway they'd actually hear what Rick was trying to tell them. Since the beginning the group was either a Ricktatorship, or a complete democracy (for a little while at least). But this past season we've really seen Michone start to become Rick's balance (don't want to say second leader) and the punch solidified that.

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      I see her as Rick's anchor, she's keeping him from living with the fairies.

  • Ninaofthe90s
    Ninaofthe90s 7 months ago +26

    Sorry but Rick was completely losing it. Michonne did the right thing here. Someone had to knock him out before it's too late. Thank god for Michonne. I love her.
    It was like the shane situation with the barn. What Rick said might have been right but his methods and presentation could use some work. He scared the shit out of me in that moment. I mean he wants to control who lives here...I get it...but in the same moment he acts like a complete maniac himself :) And he had a gun in his hand...who knows what he would've done.
    So I kind of understand Deanna for saying "that has never been more clear to me than it is right now". I like Deanna anyway. Rick has become full blown Shane in this scene ;)
    I'm not gonna lie and pretend I don't enjoy seeing him like provides some great acting moments from Andrew Lincoln. But at the same time - Get a grip Rick! :)

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      Having seen the finale I understand why Michonne did it. I was just worried she had chosen Alexandria over Rick.

  • ZombieMom73
    ZombieMom73 7 months ago +9

    I think you'll change your mind about what Michonne did. She was the right person to put Rick in check. For him and for the group.

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +2

      I did indeed ;)

  • Sheila Burns
    Sheila Burns 7 months ago

    Wow!!! Does anyone else want to squash Nicholas. What a lying sack of crap!!!

  • Sheila Burns
    Sheila Burns 7 months ago +7

    Kevin, in an interview, Andrew Lincoln says Michonne really hit him hard. She immediately lay down on the ground to comfort him.

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      Aww, that would have been a nice scene to watch.

  • #22 Shane DoubleU
    #22 Shane DoubleU 7 months ago +18

    Now if y'all want to live, if you want to survive, you got to fight for it!

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      Haha, Oh Shane, it sucks being ahead of the curve. Just ask Darwin.

    • Samotto
      Samotto 7 months ago +3

      #22 Shane DoubleU ENOUGH!

      DUCK SAUCE 7 months ago +2


  • scarvo16
    scarvo16 7 months ago +3

    Before you start on season 6, would you also react to that seasons trailer? That would have been awesome to see. Great video anyways.

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago

      I won't be reacting to the trailer, i'll explain why in next weekend's videos.

  • Rosita Espinosa
    Rosita Espinosa 7 months ago +5

    DIANA was mad too cause one of her own son died. I think Michonne thought Rick needed to slow down and chill. Yea she i trying to proytect him. Haha anyway next one is pretty good too. Btw: could u, after watching the finale make a reaction to season 6 trailer? Season 6 deserves part 1 and part 2 on every episodes. Ull see why.

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      Yeah Diana is going through a rough time right now. I won't be doing the trailer and i'll explain why in my next video, sorry about that.

    • Rosita Espinosa
      Rosita Espinosa 7 months ago

      Sorry for the errors. This phone keyboard is quite damaged.

  • rarrex12345
    rarrex12345 7 months ago

    I enjoy your reactions so much, you give very insightful reviews afterwards and it's very interesting to listen to! :D

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago

      Thanks, that means a lot :)

  • Jordanisme97
    Jordanisme97 7 months ago +5

    Kevin, so Rick and Pete just fought and Rick almost killed him which i don't blame him for wanting to kill him. I think Michonne punched Rick to save and protect him. Carl and Enid are so cute together lol I like them together. Sasha is definitely suffering from ptsd and just wants to kill and fight walkers to let out her anger. Pete is a surgeon so he is fixing up Tara which is the only good thing he has done honestly but still hes a piece of shit abuser. I hope you remembered to watch the after credits scene in episode 16 lol also congrats on 1000 subs! you deserve more :)

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      Thanks Jordan. Yeah Alexandria is going to need another doctor now. I wonder if Steven has been kicked out the other hospital yet lol. As for Michonne, having seen the finale I completely understand why she did it, Rick was saying what needed to be said, but, being covered in blood and screaming it with a gun in his hand probably wasn't the best way to do it.

  • Loftus
    Loftus 7 months ago +2

    always enjoy seeing these notifications pop up haha! 😁

  • Beth Greene
    Beth Greene 7 months ago +13

    Tara sure could use a Doctor...

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +2

      Now she is awake hopefully they don't need Doctor Doom.

  • carolconvo83
    carolconvo83 7 months ago +13

    I honestly think Michonne did this in order to protect Rick, he started to go too far and she needed to bring him back a little. She didn't want them to all be screwed because of him. I have always really liked this episode because of all the tension between Alexandria and The Survivors. Next episode is amazinggggg , it's extended and there is an after credits scene!! Can't wait for tomorrow woo! Season 6 is my favorite season and it's almost here 👍🏻👍🏻

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago

      Having watched the finale I'm totally fine with what she did. I'm also fine that Rick said what he said. It was a win-win.

    • TimmyNoThumbz
      TimmyNoThumbz 7 months ago +8

      He didn't go too far, he did exactly what the situation called for, but the Alexandrians, and Deanna in particular, were deluded enough to put the blame on him. Michonne ultimately protected Rick from being kicked out, AND she protected Alexandria from destruction without Rick and the group to protect them.

  • Sakul2110
    Sakul2110 7 months ago +2

    Fuck Michonne

  • Ms Chill
    Ms Chill 7 months ago +1

    I have been waiting for your first weekend reaction for about two hours (US EST), and now it is here! I so look forward to your reactions, and you are VERY easy on the eyes!

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +1

      Thank you so much for the support and the kind words :) You put a smile on my face.

  • Δημήτρης Κανέλλος

    Awesome video as always and congrats on reaching 1000 subs! I really enjoy your reviews! Also do you plan to react to fear the walking dead as well at some point ?

  • CGCentral HD
    CGCentral HD 7 months ago +24

    I guess you could say Rick went inshane

  • Mew619
    Mew619 7 months ago +4

    Almost forgot it was time for The Walking Dead weekend, but instead of sleeping, I checked and saw you uploaded 2 minutes ago. Glad I remembered, thanks as always Kevin.

    • FlamerAwesomeTV 2
      FlamerAwesomeTV 2 7 months ago

      TVandME michonne but him to calm him and stop him from going very crazy

    • TVandME
      TVandME  7 months ago +3

      No worries man. I hope you enjoy your weekend :)

  • GroupOfGamersInc194
    GroupOfGamersInc194 7 months ago +30

    Michonne did what she did to Rick because she knew that if someone did not stop him, he would have sealed his own fate. Quite possibly gotten himself killed or himself (and quite possibly the rest of Rick's group) kicked out. He was right in what he was saying but he was not saying it correctly if that makes any sense. I think it almost takes more respect to know when a close friend needs to be stopped or needs to stop talking. I think this may set her on a level similar to Glenn, Carol, Carl and Daryl with the relationship they have to him. Rick could either resent Michonne because of this, or Respect him. We will have to see what happens though! You are going to love this finale, and also the next 2 seasons :D!!!

    • GroupOfGamersInc194
      GroupOfGamersInc194 7 months ago +1

      Well I know that what Rick said is what the Alexandrians needed to hear, If he did not stop, they may have kicked him out or killed him even. There was not much else Michonne could have done or said to make him stop imo. I think the speech was award winning with the punch anyway because Andrew Lincoln does such an amazing job at playing that characters!

      DUCK SAUCE 7 months ago +2

      she kinda ruined the scene tho.. like from a tv perspective lol he was about to give an award winning speech

    • Will R
      Will R 7 months ago +2

      GroupOfGamersInc194 she didn't have to punch him though seriously, if it was Rick punching Michonne it wouldn't be considered the right thing everyone would be pissed and say Rick is a cunt

    • Sheila Burns
      Sheila Burns 7 months ago +3

      I agree, except that Rick and Michonne already have a close relationship. Remember, the Rick went to Alexandria because that is what Michonne wanted to do.

    • TimmyNoThumbz
      TimmyNoThumbz 7 months ago +3

      Although I agree that Michonne did what she did to stop Rick from getting himself kicked out, the ultimate blame lies with the Alexandrians, and Deanna. If they hadn't been so deluded and blind, they would have listened to Rick, and Michonne's action would have been unnecessary.
      Rick did nothing wrong. His tirade, although shocking, was EXACTLY what they needed to hear, but didn't want to.
      Michonne was technically in the right too by saving Rick but in reality, she was saving Alexandria, because if they kick Rick out, they're all dead in that world anyway.