Exercise Ball Magnus Effect: HELIUM VS. AIR from 200m!

  • Published on Mar 2, 2018
  • Back spin & helium is what dreams are made of.
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Comments • 1 531

  • Brian Lamach
    Brian Lamach 21 hour ago

    Use a pitching machine to get maximum spin and see how it affects the magnus effect...

  • Halfway Tohell
    Halfway Tohell Day ago

    Yep it definitely did disappear and reappear behind and too the left.

  • Halfway Tohell
    Halfway Tohell Day ago

    Has anyone said how the helium exercise ball seemed to disappear and reappear.

  • MAXNAZ 47
    MAXNAZ 47 Day ago

    Results are biased because of the disproportionate amount of berries you were each giving... I call for a redo 😁😂🤣

  • Reiss Knell
    Reiss Knell 5 days ago

    That guy in the gray shirt is so bad at spinning balls

  • Steven Purcell
    Steven Purcell 9 days ago

    Flaming anvil vs. Lighter fluid

  • Preston Farley
    Preston Farley 16 days ago

    About 2.5 mins u absolute donkies

  • fabio cirillo
    fabio cirillo 22 days ago +1

    Just in case, the weight doesn’t matter, but the shape the object has. So if it’s the same shape but with different weights it will hit the ground at the same time

  • Austin Crouch
    Austin Crouch 29 days ago

    I'd bet someone else mentioned this, but I wonder of they were filled to the same pressure? That would be substantially more hydrogen atoms, and I'm interested to know if you weighed them.

    MAGGOT VOMIT 29 days ago

    *Fill a Midget with Helium. I hear you can Kick 'em a Mile.*

  • Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    1:09 Herron, you're doing an experiment - are you sure you're not scientists? And what the heck, I'll guess 4 minutes 44 seconds on filling the exercise ball.

  • dj Nv aka mo
    dj Nv aka mo Month ago

    I think you should try it with sulfur anti helium

  • Mr W
    Mr W Month ago

    The gym balls weren't an accurate test. The helium ball was released into a much more horizontal pitch this giving it more forward momentum and aiding the Magnus effect and distance. In order for the results to be validated you need to find a method to replicate launch angle, speed, revolutions, height. Though fun to watch I think you need to tag up with Mark Rober to engineer a solution to perfectly replicate and test the effects. That video would get 500k likes for sure. Cheers from Qatar. American Expat on location in Doha.

  • bill balz
    bill balz Month ago

    Shooting different balls with bow and arrow from dam

  • C. W.
    C. W. Month ago

    You guys need to collab with Mark Rober to develop a robot that will launch both balls with the same power and backspin.

  • Ricky Carlson
    Ricky Carlson Month ago

    I'm really glad Scott didn't need to use that harness and rope...the hoops on the side that he's clipped into are NOT designed to take a fall, only to hold quick draws and other gear, that was terrifying to look at, haha

  • slee4323 steven
    slee4323 steven Month ago

    44 seconds

  • Colten Black
    Colten Black Month ago

    I'd love to cliff jump here!!!!!

  • Casey Jefferies
    Casey Jefferies Month ago

    Good thing Scotty didn’t fall.. he was tied in to a utility loop instead of his belay loop 😬

  • David Cluff
    David Cluff Month ago

    You should fill a jim ball with nitrogen and compare it to heilman.

  • N.M. S
    N.M. S Month ago

    "Go you good thing!"

    RYAN WEITZEL Month ago

    drops GoPro...

  • Braden Nagel-Shotwell
    Braden Nagel-Shotwell 2 months ago +1

    It took 1:13 seconds

  • Alex Wales
    Alex Wales 2 months ago

    They should try helium vs sulfer hexofloride

  • Clint Doolittle
    Clint Doolittle 2 months ago

    I took 1min 5 seconds to pump up the big ball

  • Grow Someplace
    Grow Someplace 2 months ago

    5mins to fill that ball, I am guessing.

  • Andrei Resurreccion
    Andrei Resurreccion 3 months ago

    I wonder how many balls they under the cliff

  • Anthony0000 lutz
    Anthony0000 lutz 3 months ago

    For some reason today i wont to know if a ball with helium would flot.so i looked it up and seen that you guys did it. i joind some time last year and i did not know u did it.love u guys you should do some more of these.

  • MattyMaherGuitar
    MattyMaherGuitar 3 months ago

    the last non 10 minute video to date #10minuteadrev

  • Bradley Thwaites
    Bradley Thwaites 5 months ago

    10 hours

  • Felix Miller
    Felix Miller 5 months ago

    It took 4 minutes and 44 seconds #44club

  • Louie Niglio
    Louie Niglio 5 months ago

    How ridiculous can you guys do competition between all of you and see who can build a device that would keep an egg intact and drop it from the tower and dam.

  • Thorn Hayne
    Thorn Hayne 5 months ago

    None of these would work cause of Galileo's law

  • justin blackwood
    justin blackwood 5 months ago +1

    1hour but I know I will never get pinned #44

  • Megan Price
    Megan Price 5 months ago

    Go you good thing

  • mitchell ayers
    mitchell ayers 6 months ago

    See how far you can throw a boomerang from a great height. Maybe it will do a corkscrew the whole way down?

  • Joanne Petersen
    Joanne Petersen 6 months ago

    What is that song you are playing in your video

  • flickinggamer
    flickinggamer 6 months ago

    What weighs more, a pound of helium or a pound of plain old air?

  • Garrett Schweighauser
    Garrett Schweighauser 6 months ago

    How long? One awkward conversations length.

  • Sydney Lucas
    Sydney Lucas 6 months ago

    You should do bottle rings !

  • Steven Fredrickson
    Steven Fredrickson 6 months ago

    45 seconds

  • Sam Eden
    Sam Eden 6 months ago

    Love that rainbow

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Jack Sparrow 6 months ago +2

    Fill it with Argon or Krypton.. if you dare.. Xenon

  • Christofire
    Christofire 6 months ago

    25 min

  • SirSean
    SirSean 6 months ago

    #999k view squad

  • lord of gecko's
    lord of gecko's 6 months ago

    Do giant dart vs anvil or another giant dart

  • Jordan Teets
    Jordan Teets 6 months ago

    Not seeing the pinya piñata, soooooooooo 15 mins?

  • Davyd Disaster
    Davyd Disaster 6 months ago

    24 minutes

  • Dharmendra Singh
    Dharmendra Singh 6 months ago

    There is rainbow ....

  • infinite noodle
    infinite noodle 6 months ago

    That was a gorgeous location

  • kieran O'dea
    kieran O'dea 6 months ago

    The camera angles from the drone are pretty much worthless. Instead of giving a side angle view to see what you can't see from the launch point. You just have the drone way up looking down at the balls, giving basically the same view as the launch point.

  • Alexander Willow
    Alexander Willow 6 months ago

    This hiking trips are to much exercise. My feet hurt.

  • Stacey Adamson
    Stacey Adamson 7 months ago

    2mins 30 secs

  • doubleplusgoodful
    doubleplusgoodful 7 months ago

    “We’ll pin ya” sounds so much like “Wilpinnia” which could be a random NSW country town!
    I’m aware of Wilcannia, but I’d love it if Wilpinnia also actually exists.

  • table
    table 7 months ago

    23.8sec for the gym ball

  • Beau Gonzales
    Beau Gonzales 7 months ago

    They're doing what the raiders do

  • Samo Lassila
    Samo Lassila 7 months ago

    55 mins

  • Samo Lassila
    Samo Lassila 7 months ago

    all your videos are amazing

  • Samo Lassila
    Samo Lassila 7 months ago

    i mean rainbow

  • Samo Lassila
    Samo Lassila 7 months ago

    there was a rambow