I Strapped a GoPro on a Fish

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • I strapped a gopro on a fish. Check out PART 2 HERE👉 tvclip.biz/video/ov9Fh2Xn900/video.html
    Also gopro on a shark video too!!! What does the camera catch underwater? This is one of my favorite fishing videos ever! #gopro #fishing #monstermike
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  • Monster Mike Fishing
    Monster Mike Fishing  4 days ago +3

    CHECK OUT GoPro On a Turtle 👉tvclip.biz/video/2ioVKF05Hds/video.html

    • Stu Bee
      Stu Bee Day ago

      Cool as f mate , going to try this in my quarry next weekend with a pike or perch 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Brawl Stars Aşığı
      Brawl Stars Aşığı Day ago


    • 5kittles _
      5kittles _ Day ago

      Monster Mike Fishing no

  • prysrdr
    prysrdr 3 minutes ago

    Warning: This is video is 50% "look how I put a Gopro on a fish", 45% "A man this is crazy" and 5% the actual Gopro video recorded.

  • Memes And more
    Memes And more 5 hours ago

    9GAG brought me here.

  • MrEdinLaw
    MrEdinLaw 10 hours ago

    Wtf is this kind of video, this is the biggest youtuber bullshit i ever saw

  • Real Mart
    Real Mart 20 hours ago

    This dude is frutty as hell

  • seb4rez4 123
    seb4rez4 123 Day ago

    Not the first

  • lorcs
    lorcs Day ago

    Dude is extra AF

  • VR Official
    VR Official 2 days ago

    really amazing

  • Heather Stanley
    Heather Stanley 3 days ago

    the fish whisperer

  • Heather Stanley
    Heather Stanley 3 days ago


  • Heather Stanley
    Heather Stanley 3 days ago

    a gopro

  • Eloy Martinez
    Eloy Martinez 3 days ago


  • Afrianadrian Totress


  • Brody Chait
    Brody Chait 3 days ago

    A fish.bred.

  • start gamas
    start gamas 4 days ago

    Alguém brasileiro??

  • KERG Kerg!
    KERG Kerg! 4 days ago

    How about Ocean?

  • Marilyn Knox
    Marilyn Knox 5 days ago

    Q3=the fish whisperer
    Q2=wonder bread
    Q1=go pro

  • Christopher_Bens
    Christopher_Bens 5 days ago


  • Manila Almost
    Manila Almost 5 days ago

    Hello Brian👀🧢🐠🐠❤️

  • Courtney Hicks
    Courtney Hicks 5 days ago

    Go pro
    A youtuber

  • connor Dickason
    connor Dickason 6 days ago +1

    I'm a very big fan

  • connor Dickason
    connor Dickason 6 days ago +1

    1.go pro 2.wonder bread 3.the fish wispere

    ALIF RIBUT 6 days ago


  • itz ya boi
    itz ya boi 6 days ago

    1:gopro hero 7
    3:the fish whisperer

  • Thassin Allves
    Thassin Allves 7 days ago +2

    Alguém Brasil???🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • GAMER TRON5000
    GAMER TRON5000 7 days ago

    1 a go pro 2 wonder bread 3 TVclip

  • bike and scooter boy

    Anyone else see the skeloton

  • Nogoodfatchunky 321
    Nogoodfatchunky 321 7 days ago

    Bryan and I!

  • babft
    babft 8 days ago

    1. gopro 2 bread 3 fish

  • cdtaylor4
    cdtaylor4 8 days ago

    2 bread
    3 The fish whisper

  • roxane galeos
    roxane galeos 8 days ago

    Wow so many flower horn fish

  • Mateus Alano monteiro
    Mateus Alano monteiro 9 days ago +1


  • Nicholas Thelen
    Nicholas Thelen 9 days ago

    gets a mino omg its a monster!!!!

  • Руслан TV
    Руслан TV 9 days ago


  • MrJames1189
    MrJames1189 10 days ago

    "I actually was the first to throw a gopro on a fish the first day gopro came out.. but I pawned the go pro and ate the fish"- T.K. Kirkland lol

  • Drusik26russ
    Drusik26russ 10 days ago

    мужики пригласите на рыбалку))))

  • Jude Terrazas
    Jude Terrazas 10 days ago

    Carp/ whale fish

  • The Homen
    The Homen 10 days ago


  • galaxyboy
    galaxyboy 12 days ago +1

    Best footage I've ever seen best video in the world keep up the good work mike

  • Fisch Alarm
    Fisch Alarm 13 days ago

    Alter eigentlich finde ich deine Videos ja ganz cool aber ne gopro an einen Fisch zu machen das ist richtig scheiße geh mal besser mit den fischen um meger die tierkweler rei 😡😠

  • kerambil cukil
    kerambil cukil 13 days ago


  • LJA & BHB
    LJA & BHB 13 days ago

    1 GoPro
    2 Bread
    3 the fish whisperer

  • Ashton Yallup
    Ashton Yallup 14 days ago

    2.wonder bread
    3.the fish whisper

  • Konnor Carroll
    Konnor Carroll 15 days ago

    1- go pro
    2- wonder bread
    3- the fish whisperer

  • Zara Lundy
    Zara Lundy 15 days ago

    Thank you for a perfect example of animal abuse, I can’t believe that any of you haven’t thought how terrified this poor fish would’ve been. Would you like it if you were caught by a man who acts like a 7 year old and strapped to a strange device which was recording everything you did? No you wouldn’t. Think about that next time you laugh about something like this.

  • Nio Lasmana
    Nio Lasmana 15 days ago

    Please you fist marlin

  • Kiwi Fruit
    Kiwi Fruit 15 days ago

    What was that first cast bro

  • kirby memes
    kirby memes 16 days ago

    Fish wisper wants to konw you locaten

  • Kerala Angler In Canada
    Kerala Angler In Canada 16 days ago +1

    I am a great fan of your fishing videos and mostly all of your different ideas were imitated by other channels. I have also learned a lot from your video presentation and video making skills and i thank you from my heart to be a great model to all of us how to fish and how to do a good video. Moreover, you are very happy person and a a friendly human being. You are humble and down to earth even after being one of the number one in fishing channel ratings. I take this opportunity to thank you and you inspired me a lot to start a fishing video channel to entertain others. Best wishes😍😍😍

  • Denis Dominguez
    Denis Dominguez 16 days ago

    They are copy cats

  • Richard Zipp
    Richard Zipp 16 days ago

    What the hell?😂🤣

  • Gucci PumpEXE
    Gucci PumpEXE 17 days ago

    Fish vlogger XDD

  • Elvia Fuentes
    Elvia Fuentes 17 days ago


  • 74contra
    74contra 18 days ago

    Next video: I strapped a GoPro on my mom! *No clickbait*

  • Francois Rossouw
    Francois Rossouw 19 days ago

    So freaking annoying

  • Travis Cranmore
    Travis Cranmore 19 days ago

    A GoPro and bread and I don’t know

  • Travis Cranmore
    Travis Cranmore 19 days ago

    A gopro

  • Zhanica Rose Abear
    Zhanica Rose Abear 19 days ago

    I just unsubscribe, not a big deal

  • wizzy wacker 57
    wizzy wacker 57 19 days ago

    Q1 Gopro Q2 bred Q3 fish whisper

  • blasphemer21
    blasphemer21 20 days ago

    This would have looked even better with an underwater filter. Cool video