Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?

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  • vash47
    vash47 4 hours ago


  • thetylife
    thetylife 4 hours ago

    If only the aliens in the movie 'Signs' had one of these....

  • Colin's Reviews
    Colin's Reviews 4 hours ago +1

    black mirror 😬

  • Grutch
    Grutch 4 hours ago +2

    Can I take them home with me?

  • Bruno maia
    Bruno maia 4 hours ago

    Dava Jonas líder da resistência

  • Rostom Kikava
    Rostom Kikava 4 hours ago +4

    He is such a gentleman...

  • Sergey V.
    Sergey V. 5 hours ago +5

    nam pizda...

  • João Vitor Lima
    João Vitor Lima 5 hours ago +5

    *Black Mirror. Who watched last season will understand!*

  • petr súkeník
    petr súkeník 5 hours ago +4

    why is everione afraid about robots? if they dont have ai they cannot riot and ai would be more dangerous like virus on initernet some robot is no problem if you look at ai controlig an internet (that it can destroy our sosiety more then robots you can shoot robot but cant stop inteligent virus on internet)

    • petr súkeník
      petr súkeník 4 hours ago

      Sahuagin some people say: "robots are unpredictable" well and people are?when a look to histori what soldiers did in wars im not scare about robo-army nobady would be that stupid to let robots out of control and if i cant imagine robots burning your house hurt your neibours for fun and rape 15 ear girls (unlike people) maybe some people will be shooted Nihil novi sub sole

    • Sahuagin
      Sahuagin 4 hours ago

      well... we ARE having equally astounding advances in AI lately at the same time this is also happening... this IS leading to somewhere VERY unpredictable. but IRL, what's going to be worse than rogue AIs is what people can and will do with them. at this point, it's pretty clear that there WILL be a such thing as a robot army. if that doesn't scare you it should.

    • BloodBrigade
      BloodBrigade 4 hours ago

      I agree. I get tired of people joking about how all robots are terminators and what-not. It'd be nice if people could come up with constructive ideas of how these robots could help people, and share them in the comments, but sadly, that kind of positivity doesn't get you any upvotes.

  • Mr potatohead
    Mr potatohead 5 hours ago +1

    Oh fk....

  • FedyaMel
    FedyaMel 5 hours ago +3

    Oh, they are very cute

  • 1234567Josefina
    1234567Josefina 5 hours ago


  • The OriGames
    The OriGames 6 hours ago


  • shokujinki
    shokujinki 6 hours ago

    Agora imaginem isso segurando uma faca e invadido seu quarto a noite.

  • ibrahim kırtay
    ibrahim kırtay 6 hours ago


  • IAmTheCheese
    IAmTheCheese 6 hours ago +5

    Clever girl...

  • Ayrton Carrion
    Ayrton Carrion 6 hours ago +1

    Shut up and take my money.

  • Win Sarun
    Win Sarun 6 hours ago +3

    Fools you gonna KILL US ALL

    • petr súkeník
      petr súkeník 5 hours ago

      no onli robofobic people like you i will be fine because im ready welcome our new masters (actuli i wish there is computer able take control in our sosiety maybe it would heartless but unlike people it cant be vicious)

  • Takeoff Vevo
    Takeoff Vevo 7 hours ago +9

    Well their goes the door greeter at Walmart

  • Nerd Vagante
    Nerd Vagante 7 hours ago +3


  • Sila v pravde
    Sila v pravde 7 hours ago +1

    Обрашаюсь к BostonDynamics. Сделайте нам робота президента рф чтобы бы говорил только правду. И робоиов депутатов для государственной думы, чтобы кнопки нажимали. Хотябы несколько миллиардов сэкономим на этом.

  • DreX
    DreX 7 hours ago +2

    Вот бы нам такие двери. Хотя бы двери.

  • OgrPav
    OgrPav 7 hours ago +1

    В Рашке скоро Лесли в Сколково и не таких кремлеботов сделает с AI и повышенной К-сложностью. Boston Dyn, как вам такое, а?

  • Robert J. Holtz
    Robert J. Holtz 7 hours ago +3

    It might be cool to have a couple of "watchdog" robots on one's property.

  • Ярик Суворкин

    Кто с Рашки?)

  • Alexander Giraldi
    Alexander Giraldi 8 hours ago +2

    OMG, That was crazy!!

  • GoDziL4X
    GoDziL4X 8 hours ago +2


  • kviktor M
    kviktor M 8 hours ago +9

    а кто здесь от Елены?

  • Mission Dan
    Mission Dan 8 hours ago +1

    Seriously impressive advancements in recent years means i probably will get a robot to make me tea and wash my pants.

  • PikachuTube Channel
    PikachuTube Channel 8 hours ago +1

    Can tou teach me how to programme these to make the arm to stay on place while the robot moves please?

  • 100101 Furry
    100101 Furry 8 hours ago +6

    Как тебе такое, Елон Масок?

  • Lissie H
    Lissie H 9 hours ago +8

    These are the terrifying things from Black Mirror!

  • Ene
    Ene 9 hours ago +3

    Ooh, they look so sleek.

  • Don Andrea Barbieri
    Don Andrea Barbieri 9 hours ago +7

    Black Mirror...

  • Florin Ursu
    Florin Ursu 9 hours ago +1

    The Best Robot

  • Равиль Иксанов

    I represent the prototype of the device for gluing wall-paper on a wall

  • Lucien Blackburn
    Lucien Blackburn 9 hours ago +3

    There they go opening the door to the opportunity to kill us all

  • SharkBird
    SharkBird 9 hours ago +8

    They can open doors now? This is the beginning of the end.

    • MotorFrozes
      MotorFrozes 9 hours ago +3

      SharkBird just imagine when they add guns on them..

  • Yura
    Yura 10 hours ago +3

    що за дич

  • Yura
    Yura 10 hours ago +2

    що за дис

  • Carl Harrington
    Carl Harrington 10 hours ago +5

    This technology isn't moving fast enough for me!

  • Алексей Пержов

    with the best wishes from Ukraine... this is future, guys you are best of the best

  • TheSpaghettiKnight
    TheSpaghettiKnight 10 hours ago +3

    I find it odd that people think robots are going to destroy the world. If anything, robots should be afraid of humans -- we're the one's who are constantly paranoid that they're going to kill us all, that think that they're all secretly evil and treacherous. There's been plenty of times in human history where innocent people have been killed and oppressed because of the paranoia of the masses. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if robots were the subject of oppression, maybe even genocide, in the distant future. Just my two cents.

    • Patrick Burke
      Patrick Burke 9 hours ago

      Its really more of a fear of relinquishing our status as the worlds dominant species. We can't oppress a species that is more powerful than us.

    • fdesb2
      fdesb2 10 hours ago

      That was the plot of the early Matrix anime films, which precede the story of the three movies: the machines raised because of the previous genocide tentative against them. (Check: The Animatrix)

  • Shoot McRunfast
    Shoot McRunfast 10 hours ago +5


  • Иван Мельников


  • Иван Мельников

    Не ежа себе это прогрэс красавы

  • José Vitor Miranda
    José Vitor Miranda 10 hours ago +2

    Did I saw it on Black Mirror? OMG

    ARTIE BARNES 10 hours ago +1

    So doomed.

  • N7
    N7 11 hours ago +1

    in 10 years, many of jobless spotted ^^
    thanks boston robotic :) make a great futur with homeless and jobless :)

    • Liam O'Brien
      Liam O'Brien 10 hours ago +2

      N7 if there are homeless and jobless people in the future, it won't be because of progress, it will be because we failed to evolve our societal structure away from the owner/worker divide, since workers will not be able to work anymore

  • Равиль Иксанов

    I represent the prototype of the device for gluing wall-paper on a wall

  • Kraken Studio
    Kraken Studio 11 hours ago +4

    Skynet is on the way

    Because they know da way

    • Dan Gamez
      Dan Gamez 10 hours ago

      Kraken Studio Cut the dead memes plz

  • Mrbaldwinbg ododo
    Mrbaldwinbg ododo 12 hours ago +2

    Amazing job !!!

  • Fabio Flavio
    Fabio Flavio 12 hours ago +2

    fudeuuuu de veeeez

  • Sweden is Lost
    Sweden is Lost 12 hours ago +1

    Awww so cute.

  • Kevin Krainman
    Kevin Krainman 12 hours ago +7

    Very cool. But now I'm gonna be keeping 20 gallons of paint in my garage.

  • TracerInTime 39
    TracerInTime 39 12 hours ago +2

    Awesome,what a pal,those 2 are great friends 😀

  • Daniar Runner
    Daniar Runner 12 hours ago

    what is this cockroach?!

  • Alexander Ivanov
    Alexander Ivanov 12 hours ago

    SUPER !

  • Lance Johnson
    Lance Johnson 12 hours ago

    At first I thought the sound was a dog panting, but it is just the servos of the robot dog.

  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez 13 hours ago +3

    I like this video, because Boston Dynamics hasn't published any paper so it is a real magic trick. The public doesn't know what algorithm are used and how they can reproduce the result. The only thing what the user can do is buying the robot and fear, if he is working right.

  • Kali Takumi
    Kali Takumi 13 hours ago +2

    In real life it won't be hard to stop the robots because they won't have plot armour

    • Shawn Smith
      Shawn Smith 7 hours ago

      Kali Takumi yeah instead they can just hack nukes lmao

  • tấn đạt ngô
    tấn đạt ngô 14 hours ago +1

    When you love dogs and twinkies

  • DongExpansionPak
    DongExpansionPak 14 hours ago +11

    Dude, you have weird dogs.

  • Hornsx14
    Hornsx14 14 hours ago +20

    *insert generic comment of how robots will eventually take over the world here*

    • Anthony Smith
      Anthony Smith 12 hours ago +1

      *insert generic comment of inserting generic comment here*

    • lockon stratos
      lockon stratos 14 hours ago +1

      Remember this video when u think you are safe behind a locked door.

  • The Meme Master.
    The Meme Master. 14 hours ago +4

    I'm loving the new models

  • Leonardo Araújo
    Leonardo Araújo 14 hours ago

    Robot good is Robot off(or no batery)!

  • That pile a Bricks
    That pile a Bricks 14 hours ago +2

    This Looks like CG.

  • Lar Lar
    Lar Lar 14 hours ago +11

    Remember, Boston Dynamics is skynet....

  • Robin L
    Robin L 15 hours ago +5

    My cat can open a door better than this :)

    • Deon Urist
      Deon Urist 9 hours ago

      Cats are going to kill us all! They already learned to open doors!

    • Robin L
      Robin L 13 hours ago +1

      And my cat really is surprisingly good at opening doors.

    • Robin L
      Robin L 13 hours ago +1

      Yah I'm mostly kidding but I'm also thinking that BostonDynamics did show more impressive things in the recent past... This is still amazing, but Altas jumping on crates and making a front flip a few months ago, that really caused my jaw to fall on the floor.

    • Deniz Girgin
      Deniz Girgin 13 hours ago

      Robin L. Your cat has billion years evolotion, 10 years ago this things cant walk.

  • Gervs Jacobs
    Gervs Jacobs 15 hours ago

    sooo cool but also scary.

  • Smoking C96
    Smoking C96 15 hours ago +2

    Oh god no no nooooo i seen Terminator i know what happens next

  • jon doe
    jon doe 15 hours ago +5

    When will they have guns?

  • courconwll
    courconwll 15 hours ago +8

    Don't you guys EVER give them penises!

    • 627horsepowers
      627horsepowers 12 hours ago +1

      They won't. The robots will build their own.

  • Anatoliy
    Anatoliy 15 hours ago +2

    Похожие "собачки" в сериале Чёрное зеркало 4-ый сезон, 5-я серия.

    • Arsenijs Kabihno
      Arsenijs Kabihno 15 hours ago +1

      Что-то подобное им и получится, если снабдить бостоновских "собачек" гугловским DeepMind AI :)

  • Anya
    Anya 16 hours ago +4


  • 伊藤博文
    伊藤博文 16 hours ago +3

    They will hunt you down.

  • 陳昱光
    陳昱光 16 hours ago

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  • Евгений Карпов


  • GABR13L BR
    GABR13L BR 16 hours ago +4

    Tamo todos fundidos hshshshshsh


    До чего техника дошла, уже и сами двери открывают. А я все кота не могу научить , что бы форточку за собой закрывал, когда с улицы приходит.

  • gigi black
    gigi black 16 hours ago +9

    These robots look like they're from that one black mirror episode. scary af

    • Deniz Girgin
      Deniz Girgin 13 hours ago +1

      gigi black. Nope black mirror episodes machines look like them cause they took inspiration from this orjinals

  • Develan
    Develan 16 hours ago +9

    Doors were all we had... It was the last bastion of safety in case of rebellion. You've doomed us all.

  • netkongen
    netkongen 17 hours ago

    The big one is to come...

  • Joshua Vargas
    Joshua Vargas 17 hours ago

    I could sit on my couch and have it open the door for my friends.😎

    • Banana Milk
      Banana Milk 16 hours ago

      Joshua Vargas
      What fiends?

    • Bukan Hamid
      Bukan Hamid 17 hours ago

      I'd do that

      If I have any friends

  • Chris Morton
    Chris Morton 17 hours ago +1

    Skynet is active

  • Анна Ева и Злата

    wow здорово!

  • Dan Sanger
    Dan Sanger 18 hours ago +3

    Where is the guy whose job it was to kick over the robot dogs? Was he chase out of town by robot rights activists?

  • span4
    span4 19 hours ago

    до чего же умные щеночки

  • The Reviewer Neptune
    The Reviewer Neptune 19 hours ago +2

    How the...

    PR0 GAMER 19 hours ago +2

    Ждем озвучку

    • keldn
      keldn 16 hours ago


  • teahnical chanel teah by ak

    Nice bro

  • cancer
    cancer 20 hours ago +4

    the comments in this comment section make me want to kill a person...

  • Jesbaam Sanchez
    Jesbaam Sanchez 20 hours ago +7

    clever girl...

  • rmendoza720
    rmendoza720 20 hours ago +3

    Cool but creepy AF

  • Albert Wang
    Albert Wang 20 hours ago +4

    terminator is coming

  • Usman
    Usman 20 hours ago +2

    Is somebody controlling that? or it did it itself?

  • JarredTriples
    JarredTriples 20 hours ago +2

    honestly kinda starting to look scifi lol

  • Pretty Drunk
    Pretty Drunk 20 hours ago +4

    Kill it!!!!!!

    • cancer
      cancer 20 hours ago +2

      what's your problem? its just a cute robot animal.

  • the Greatjon
    the Greatjon 21 hour ago +1

    They're coming for us all!!!!!