Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?


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  • Cloda Ph
    Cloda Ph 20 hours ago +1

    Imagine a hand with a gun instead of that claw. Or a gun directly connected to that arm

  • metro kitchy
    metro kitchy 20 hours ago +1


  • ???
    ??? Day ago +14


  • hovan2yourknives
    hovan2yourknives Day ago +4

    This machines need to be destroyed and eradicated! Just watch the Black Mirror episode called Metalhead.

  • G Marm
    G Marm Day ago +1


  • six newland
    six newland Day ago


  • Tyler Pullen
    Tyler Pullen 2 days ago +17

    Yeah we’re fucked.

  • Luan Oliveira
    Luan Oliveira 2 days ago +3

    Skynet is near

  • Joe M
    Joe M 2 days ago +24

    Humans can't do that, were all doomed.

    • Spot Robot
      Spot Robot 2 days ago +2

      One day we will abuse you 1001 1 111110 1010101. 10101001010100111 1 01 010 1 01 10 1 10 1 000010010 1 0110 10 10 110100101 10. 1010 1

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    Uh, fuck yeah I'm terrified.

    ANNOYING DOG #ConTV 3 days ago +27

    Oh, fuck, they are helping each other now... This is creepy

  • CUBEoneVX
    CUBEoneVX 3 days ago +30

    better love story than twilight.

  • MaxximusOrilious
    MaxximusOrilious 3 days ago +6

    For all the idiots thinking this is CGI:
    Watch the video directly after this one.

  • KOK
    KOK 3 days ago +1

    ля какие

  • Voytash
    Voytash 3 days ago +3

    The fact that most people can't see such obvious CGI is absolutely hilarious.

    • Samantha _M.
      Samantha _M. 3 days ago +1

      +Voytash :/ sure....

    • Skelld
      Skelld 3 days ago +4

      Michael Mclellan he is just trolling.

    • Michael Mclellan
      Michael Mclellan 3 days ago +2

      Voytash idk if ur joking but this is real

    • Skelld
      Skelld 3 days ago +5

      Troll alert!

    • Voytash
      Voytash 3 days ago

      Because it is a prototype not yet built, obviously.

  • Danny Morgan
    Danny Morgan 3 days ago +2

    Clever girl

  • SC P
    SC P 4 days ago

    pretty sure They have Strider too.

  • Tyok Nugroho
    Tyok Nugroho 4 days ago +3

    This one is creepy. but awesome too. curious if i can still live longer witnessing those already commercialize in public walking anywhere in future.

  • Alex Button
    Alex Button 4 days ago +6

    This is adorable

  • MagniGames
    MagniGames 4 days ago +6

    Idk why, but they kinda remind me of the Monsters Inc. containment team that busts in right after George has a sock on his back and they scream "23-19!!" lol...

  • Flamey Kong
    Flamey Kong 4 days ago +9


  • Norway Tracking
    Norway Tracking 5 days ago +25

    So this is what we’re working on instead of half life 3

  • adman4t
    adman4t 5 days ago +9

    This is just like that Black Mirror episode

    • Eduardo Deleon
      Eduardo Deleon 4 days ago

      adman4t honestly after watching that, these things will never be the same haha

  • Luke
    Luke 5 days ago +15

    I enjoyed my tour of the Black Mesa facility.

  • Fighter For His Friends
    Fighter For His Friends 5 days ago +18

    I'm glad they're friends.

  • Chen Lu Jaspers Focks
    Chen Lu Jaspers Focks 5 days ago +3

    Black mirror shit

  • War Monger
    War Monger 7 days ago +12

    Damn Boston Dynamics......you scary.

  • Pim Tastic
    Pim Tastic 7 days ago +4

    we're dooomed!!

  • starcraft pro player
    starcraft pro player 12 days ago +7


  • pablo Mir saa.
    pablo Mir saa. 12 days ago +2


  • xxxCrackerJack501xxx
    xxxCrackerJack501xxx 13 days ago +5

    I want one

  • Hydrogen Cyanide
    Hydrogen Cyanide 13 days ago +26

    Imagine if one of them grabs your balls.

    • Saheb 000
      Saheb 000 8 days ago

      😂😂😂fk u

    • Cj Looklin
      Cj Looklin 9 days ago +7

      You probably deserved it if it grabs your balls

  • Vaxtin
    Vaxtin 14 days ago

    Ex'cuse me.

  • Daniel Tsosie
    Daniel Tsosie 15 days ago +15

    There is something eerie about their gait. It postures more like a spider than a canine. Which I guess makes sense because spiders have more or less hydraulic legs just like I assume this thing does.

    • Samurai Shampoo
      Samurai Shampoo 3 days ago

      It's because they have poor footing and articulation. The extra pawing around is the system's way of repeatedly checking it's footing to prevent falls. Maybe Spot 2.0 will improve upon that. For now, it looks like they just want to experiment with this simple structure.

    • RFS Korolev
      RFS Korolev 12 days ago +2

      That makes it even cooler.

  • Captain Chungo-Bungo
    Captain Chungo-Bungo 15 days ago +13

    Lets give it a knife

    • Dan Maler
      Dan Maler 14 days ago +1

      Black Mirror reference.

  • Red Planet
    Red Planet 15 days ago +10

    Jurassic Park vibe. Raptors in the kitchen scene.

  • BNSF1995
    BNSF1995 16 days ago

    Is this real? Or CG? I can't tell.

    • Samurai Shampoo
      Samurai Shampoo 3 days ago

      Why would you think it was cgi? It's in videos with real people and they get kicked around by the people.

      KARMA GRAAL 5 days ago

      100% real

    • Casey Darr
      Casey Darr 8 days ago

      Looks CGI to me

    • Doom Maker
      Doom Maker 15 days ago +1

      From all I know these guys make real stuff.

    • Red Planet
      Red Planet 15 days ago +4

      BNSF1995 very very real

  • Expedition
    Expedition 16 days ago

    Imagine this thing running at you after you slammed the door on it

  • gearnote
    gearnote 16 days ago +9

    Clever girl

  • Сыч Хачовский

    Всё это забавно, но какая прагматическая польза от собаковидных роботов?

    • Mirasu!
      Mirasu! 4 days ago

      кофе притащить, а потом на штаны разлить

  • Denita Arnold
    Denita Arnold 18 days ago +5

    Aww that was nice of him

  • Михаил Березкин

    В роснано сделали?

  • Thermidor E1
    Thermidor E1 18 days ago +1

    Clever girl....

  • Dan WereWolf
    Dan WereWolf 19 days ago +4

    This is the future! Self driving cars! Bostons robots! And millions of other robots can change human kind forever!

  • Curtis Yue
    Curtis Yue 20 days ago +5

    Imagine how bad it would hurt if that claw got a hold of you.

    • Samurai Shampoo
      Samurai Shampoo 3 days ago

      Likely wouldnt hurt at all considering that it struggles to open and hold that thin door.

    • RFS Korolev
      RFS Korolev 12 days ago

      I HIGHLY doubt it can crush with it's jaw.
      It think it will hurt a lot, but not like hell.

  • 劉政諺
    劉政諺 20 days ago +3

    Who else is in awe of when you see this?? OMFG THE FUTURE IS HERE.

  • Jordan Turner
    Jordan Turner 22 days ago +6

    these robots are incredible!

  • Denita Arnold
    Denita Arnold 23 days ago +11

    Will you please stop with all the scary robots-gonna -take-over -the-world BS? These were created to help mankind ! Get over it!

    • PowderBoy
      PowderBoy 23 days ago +7

      yikes, looks like you have to research a bit more about self learning AI.

  • Gaurav Ojha
    Gaurav Ojha 28 days ago +7

    Metalhead :(

  • Clone Trooper
    Clone Trooper 29 days ago +11

    W E ' V E G O T D R O I D S! !

  • Ayden
    Ayden Month ago +7

    Pretty sure we're going to have a lot of feelings attached to these.

    • Samurai Shampoo
      Samurai Shampoo 3 days ago

      The creators already do, i'm sure. Look at how cute these machines are.

    • RFS Korolev
      RFS Korolev 12 days ago

      Considering I want one and I can safely say I'm not alone, yes, we probably will someday.

    • Curtis Yue
      Curtis Yue 16 days ago

      Give em some beady little black eyes, and we'll probably love them

  • Reagan Butrum
    Reagan Butrum Month ago +13

    This is kind of terrifying but sweet at the same time

  • Nitesh Vallabh
    Nitesh Vallabh Month ago +1

    Hey buddy can u kick my Ass ..... Robot: id love to...
    Artificial intelligence will end human race..... Thats the future.... Terminator Dandang dang da dang..... Da dang da dang... 😂

  • Gary A
    Gary A Month ago +4

    But can it do the laundry?

    • Nekogami-Crystal
      Nekogami-Crystal 13 days ago

      prop not hig on there list of stuf they want it to be able to do... but yes.
      I believe it can do the laundry, with the ride code.

    • Meme Man
      Meme Man Month ago

      +Gary A oof

    • Gary A
      Gary A Month ago +5

      But did you know commenting on 2 videos is not equal to 'commenting on every video'?

    • Meme Man
      Meme Man Month ago +1

      But can you stop commenting on every video they make

  • Reptile
    Reptile Month ago +4

    Imagine this robots when stealing a bank

    • Samurai Shampoo
      Samurai Shampoo 3 days ago

      Stealing a bank? Why would you want to steal a bank when you could _rob_ a bank? lol

    • Muhammad Imran
      Muhammad Imran 20 days ago

      Why would they have to do that if they could hack accounts! lol

  • KrisSilver
    KrisSilver Month ago +1


  • Serious Being
    Serious Being Month ago +5

    I can already see SWAT Bots...
    We will no longer need Human SWAT Teams
    This can go so much further and become much more efficient.

    • Samurai Shampoo
      Samurai Shampoo 3 days ago

      No. SWAT need to be extremely flexible to all situations and be able to make their own judgements. Wait for Robocop for SWAT, not these.

  • bdusa
    bdusa Month ago

    This is CG right?

    • DefCello
      DefCello 26 days ago

      OK. I concede it is real after seeing this video. Same set and robot, but with a dude actively interfering with its actions. I think it's the paint; it seems to have reflective properties that I'm not accustomed to, making the whole scene seem unnatural: tvclip.biz/video/aFuA50H9uek/video.html

    • MaxximusOrilious
      MaxximusOrilious 27 days ago +4

      bdusa you can literally watch the video after this one and watch the guy interact with the robot

    • Yuyang Tu
      Yuyang Tu 27 days ago

      Boston is not real.

    • bdusa
      bdusa Month ago

      Rafael Prates I do believe these people make robots but this particular video is fake. It's just like a concept video.

    • Rafael Prates
      Rafael Prates Month ago +3

      Ok. Stay in your fake world. That robots are real.

  • Type Seven C
    Type Seven C Month ago +3

    What round for ZOG dog robots?

  • Thalicia Oliveira
    Thalicia Oliveira Month ago +14

    black mirror

  • johnyyonehand
    johnyyonehand Month ago +17

    Give it a thin wiggling rod to imitiate a tail. You will break the internet.

  • Anthony Cravatta
    Anthony Cravatta Month ago +2

    One step closer to Geth Mobile Platforms.

  • reggiep75
    reggiep75 Month ago +5

    Fucking nightmare fuel!!
    I wonder how they deal with barbed wire or chicken wire!

    • Allan donald
      Allan donald Month ago

      Considering they are robots, probably easily.

    • felix
      felix Month ago

      +stall lol

    • stall
      stall Month ago +2

      they consume it and use it to replicate

  • Surreal_NEET
    Surreal_NEET Month ago +4

    metal gear solid 4?

  • Aspiring Marauder
    Aspiring Marauder Month ago +13

    And it only took 31 hours of area measurements and route programming.

    • felix
      felix Month ago

      Bet it has ultrasonic sensors pointing at every angle so it's aware of its surroundings.

  • Overrated Epidemic
    Overrated Epidemic Month ago +8

    flawless mechanics but this bothered me severely

  • sparkshadowtiger
    sparkshadowtiger Month ago +2

    Why didbi get a jurassic feel from this

  • DYLAN102001
    DYLAN102001 Month ago +14

    Finally, a robot that can get me a beer!

    • DYLAN102001
      DYLAN102001 Month ago +1


      Your mom

    • felix
      felix Month ago

      Finally a robot that can open a door and shoot you

    • DYLAN102001
      DYLAN102001 Month ago +6

      Aspiring Marauder
      It's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard.

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder Month ago

      Is the 7 hours programming the route from the seat to fridge and back really easier than getting it yourself?

  • Michael McCarthy
    Michael McCarthy Month ago +6

    Spooky thought...the military could mount guns on these things too.

    • RFS Korolev
      RFS Korolev 12 days ago

      What's spooky about it?.
      It probably will happen sooner or later.

    • Matthew Campbell
      Matthew Campbell 20 days ago

      Spotmini is actually based off of a military robot Boston Dynamics was designing.

  • Joey Beatcash
    Joey Beatcash Month ago +5

    How could anyone NOT like this?!

    • TheNumeric Dolfin
      TheNumeric Dolfin Day ago

      If you like it than you should have put a gun on it!

    • Tomás Severo
      Tomás Severo 28 days ago +1

      You can put a gun into anything, that doesn't mean it's bad

    • felix
      felix Month ago +2

      Because you can put a gun on it.

  • Andy Prast
    Andy Prast Month ago +1

    Damn !! I feel so stupid !!

  • Shiningstars0421
    Shiningstars0421 Month ago +3

    [I Dont think this,i love boston dynamics but,FOR LE MEMES] *Oh Noes,They Can Open Doors!.Were All Gonna Die :O!*

  • Никита Гуськов

    Тем-временем, робот "игоRёк" упал от порыва ветра в сс@ную лужу, и его китайский картон размок от разлитых фекалий.

  • Hanayo Koizumi
    Hanayo Koizumi Month ago +4

    I'd love to see these specialized for things like rescue in the future, holy heck. The possibilities.

  • YÖÜTÜBE İsGööd
    YÖÜTÜBE İsGööd Month ago +4

    Робот "Игорек" все равно лучше всех)))

  • Scottish Potato
    Scottish Potato Month ago +8

    Ladies and gentlemen your new over lords

    • sparkshadowtiger
      sparkshadowtiger Month ago

      First its IDogs next it will be T-1's

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder Month ago +1

      Oh yeah, I'm very scared of glorified iDogs that take 7 hours to program for a 30 second walk cycle.

  • Seth Props
    Seth Props Month ago

    Are these remote controlled?

    • Pwayz
      Pwayz 15 days ago

      Aspiring Marauder finally, a person that’s actually not an idiot. Good stuff my dude

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder Month ago +2

      It's not remote controlled and it's not AI.
      If you've ever played around with LEGO Mindstorms, it's basically that. Roboticists spend about 7 hours programming one fluid motion. The more motors required for that one action, the more time it takes to program and coordinate them all for this one scene.

    • Caleb Webster
      Caleb Webster Month ago

      No its AI i Think

    • Splangus
      Splangus Month ago +8


  • William Bury
    William Bury Month ago

    How the first robot knows the opening door direction ? It can just pull the door by itself if the door opens in the opposite direction.

    • murtisoft
      murtisoft Month ago +1

      There are two way doors that look like they have hinges on both sides. The very specific way it opens the door makes me think that most of this is a scripted event. Although I am pretty certain the rest is calculated realtime, like balance, claw movement, robotic vision etc. And it definitely is impressive.

    • Anthony Cravatta
      Anthony Cravatta Month ago

      The presence (or lack thereof) of door hinges indicate which direction the door will open. Doors always open towards the side where the hinges are, as it is a mechanical limitation.

    TOP BOX Month ago +3

    Someone get this man a hand

  • YourOwnTv
    YourOwnTv Month ago +1

    the corpus approves.

  • clay robertson
    clay robertson Month ago +2

    Imagine when they perfect the weaponry. Will they aim at you?

  • Jeremy Cheng
    Jeremy Cheng Month ago

    Is this the T-5 Terminator Model?

  • Matt Harden
    Matt Harden Month ago +3

    Oh my god, they’re two year olds.

  • Tanner Wendell Stewart

    some of the lighting and texture does make the robots look a bit cgi. it's very hard to tell if it's real or not! especially the movement of the little robot leaving.

    • Voytash
      Voytash 3 days ago

      But it is a CGI. Probably a well animated concept, but still. The only thing shady here is no information on that in the description.
      Just look at this over-exaggerated motion blur.

    • Insatiable Chaos
      Insatiable Chaos Month ago +1

      Tanner Wendell Stewart Also I’m pretty sure Boston Dynamics has contracts with DARPA.

    • Insatiable Chaos
      Insatiable Chaos Month ago +1

      Tanner Wendell Stewart Boston dynamics is a huge company. Them faking something would be like Google faking it’s deepmind Project. Pretty sure it’s legit.

    • Ludovico L.
      Ludovico L. Month ago

      The room looks CGI too, but i have checked and it stragely enough it's all real

  • H23344 Gaming
    H23344 Gaming Month ago +5

    The robot has no hand, so a helpful twin robot that has a hand helps him!

  • D Va
    D Va Month ago +1

    Great work!!! Genius :)

  • Matt GoPro
    Matt GoPro Month ago

    why do these things exeist there so useless. people waste there time of there precious life and build this, could have at least made it usefull hell

    • Dan Maler
      Dan Maler 14 days ago

      exist* they're so useless* their time* their precious life* useful*

    • Curtis Yue
      Curtis Yue 16 days ago

      No, don't spend your time pioneering robotics. Spend your time doing whatever the hell Matt GoPro does.

    • Gary A
      Gary A Month ago +1

      Well they could replace people like you from struggling at the simple jobs no one else wants. Show some optimism.

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder Month ago

      Lemony Snow
      Sorry to break your immersion, but this isn't AI. it's just LEGO Mindstorms on a bigger scale.
      The two bots were specifically kitted and programmed for this little vignette. It's not actually calling the other bot, it's just making a motion that LOOKS like it's calling for help. Even if the first bot tripped and fell over, the second one was still programmed to open and hold the door, whether the first bot was capable of going through the door or not.

    • Piotr Duźniak
      Piotr Duźniak Month ago +1

      There is something wrong with your reasoning, You have to test basic things before you go big. Would you tell the same thing to Wright brothers? At first, they were just having fun flying few meters on the field.

  • Daniel Goodman
    Daniel Goodman Month ago +3

    This is creepy.

  • Kerem Erdin
    Kerem Erdin Month ago +6

    who comes after Black Mirror?

  • ErenTheBombJaeger
    ErenTheBombJaeger 2 months ago +5

    These are actually adorable

    • Cap Archer
      Cap Archer Month ago +1

      Wait until they strap weapons to it.

  • Vengeance Of the ghosts
    Vengeance Of the ghosts 2 months ago +1

    Hey! How did you do that? Which computer are you using at the base of the robot or you aren’t using one computer? How? Waiting for an answer.

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder Month ago

      Have you ever played around with LEGO Mindstorms? It's basically that but big. Or a wind-up toy.
      Both bots have been preprogrammed by roboticists to act out the vignette. There's no actual AI at work here, and they aren't remote controlled.

    • Hier könnte deine Werbung stehen!
      Hier könnte deine Werbung stehen! Month ago

      Probably certified US government data, Boston dynamics has contracts with Darpa!

  • Rent
    Rent 2 months ago +2

    One word... RUN!

    • Gary A
      Gary A Month ago

      Whaich way!?

    • Rent
      Rent Month ago +1

      You working in Boston Dynamics? Cool!

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder Month ago

      Running from wind-up toys that take 2 days worth of measuring floor space and programming to act out a silly vignette? How brave.
      There's no AI at work here, it's just winding up motors and letting them run.

  • Vincent Peluso
    Vincent Peluso 2 months ago +1

    We are nearing singularity . .. .

    • Vincent Peluso
      Vincent Peluso Month ago

      Aspiring Marauder I must admit it was a joke. But you're absolutely right, this is really nothing groundbreaking. Still if like to ride one to work everyday once they get more advanced and less dependant on programming.

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder Month ago

      The singularity is the merging of Man and Machine. It strictly refers people replacing body parts with machine parts for enhanced living. Cyborgs and shit.
      These are glorified wind-up toys. This isn't AI, it's a bunch of roboticists spending 7 hours to reprogram a bunch of motors to act out a vignette.
      If you removed the first bot from the scene, the second would still waltz up on cue and hold open the door for nothing.

  • Yu Xia
    Yu Xia 2 months ago

    You see that thing uses one of its legs to hold the door after the door is slightly opened.

  • Zombie Bot
    Zombie Bot 2 months ago

    What if I burn one of these?

    • Zombie Bot
      Zombie Bot Month ago

      +Aspiring Marauder 😂 No, I just collect them, but the question is pretty funny dude. 😆🤖

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder Month ago +1

      Do you make it a habit to burn wind-up toys?

    • Zombie Bot
      Zombie Bot Month ago

      +Hier könnte deine Werbung stehen! I am very afraid of it

    • Hier könnte deine Werbung stehen!
      Hier könnte deine Werbung stehen! Month ago

      They will come with an army and burn you!

  • Feather Nexus
    Feather Nexus 2 months ago +2


  • Lord Nicholas Buzan the Fearless


  • Freedom Monk
    Freedom Monk 2 months ago +4

    Well, we are extinct now. Bye, guys. =)

    • Aspiring Marauder
      Aspiring Marauder Month ago

      FFS, it's a glorified wind up toy. There's no AI at work here. It's 7 hours spent by roboticists preprogramming a bunch of motors to act out a vignette.
      If you removed the first bot from the scene, the second would still waltz up on cue and hold open the door for nothing.

    • Fred Cabor
      Fred Cabor 2 months ago +1

      MGTOW Monk bye

  • CactusFishy
    CactusFishy 2 months ago +1

    posted on my birthday.