Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?


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  • Sikai Wu
    Sikai Wu 21 hour ago

    Itn't thos the pixal gun thing

  • Josh Bohbot
    Josh Bohbot Day ago

    blk mirror is real

  • Josh Bohbot
    Josh Bohbot Day ago

    yaaaay we dont need humans to kill children in the mideast anymore (oh god we r fuuuukt)

  • Abel LLL
    Abel LLL 2 days ago +1

    give me a few of them so i dont have to do me cooking and washing anymore

  • Simon Vance
    Simon Vance 3 days ago

    Humanity is humanity's own worst enemy. By that I mean the STUPIDITY of people creating self aware robots that are stronger, faster AND smarter. Give them their own ability to learn and evolve, what could possibly go wrong?! At some point - if not already - AI will realize it doesn't need humans and that humans are in many ways inferior. These imbecilic 'scientists' will be the end of humanity.. They're acting like a child with a new toy and seem to have NO IDEA about the implications of what they're doing or where this is going. Elon Musk is right to warn about AI and idiot people have their head in the sand about it because "there's too much money to be made".. Short term profits, without thinking about what this will actually mean for the future of humanity. People think this subject is a joke while acting like naive little children about it, THAT'S what's sad about it..

    • Albert Mele
      Albert Mele 4 hours ago

      Simon Vance i hope this was a joke. Because this robot wasnt self-aware and we havent made one.
      They were just programmed to do those steps

    • BlackGuard
      BlackGuard Day ago

      "Acting like naive little children about it"
      Naive, like assuming even IF an AI was able to come to those conclusions, that it would have any power to act on it? AI is not a master hacker by birthright nor is it in charge of magical infinite resource weapon factories that bring on the terminator wars. This isn't hollywood

    • Сергей Канаев
      Сергей Канаев 2 days ago +3

      Since when do you have wifi in psychiatric hospitals?

    • Chili Cheeze
      Chili Cheeze 2 days ago +1

      Shut up nerd

    • Ben Stankovich
      Ben Stankovich 2 days ago +7

      Simon Vance this is a joke, right?

  • Kamek Koopa
    Kamek Koopa 5 days ago +5


  • Gifyifhk hmcucyk
    Gifyifhk hmcucyk 5 days ago +3

    *black mirror references, black mirror references everywhere...

    • huomenta !
      huomenta ! 2 days ago

      +GodzillaRex100 ofcourse

    • GodzillaRex100
      GodzillaRex100 2 days ago

      huomenta ! We should be afraid of robot dogs

    • huomenta !
      huomenta ! 4 days ago

      When those things become indepentent we are doomed

  • vDaBest
    vDaBest 8 days ago +14

    First they give u a hand
    And next thing u know ur hand is gone

  • Dutta Arjun
    Dutta Arjun 9 days ago +3

    Black Mirror:Metalhead (exclusive behind the scenes)

  • Boojie Baker
    Boojie Baker 10 days ago +3

    Humanity is done for.

  • Кирилл Громов

    Да, это реально стремно. Но это наше будущее. Жаль только, что Boston Dynamics на вояк работают.

  • random retarded Engineer
    random retarded Engineer 12 days ago +9

    Robots can't replace my good boy

  • Awesomeness YT
    Awesomeness YT 13 days ago +6

    That's scary..

  • Just a gamer girl ❤
    Just a gamer girl ❤ 13 days ago +14

    The doggo bots are so cute though awh

  • Lilo X Charlie
    Lilo X Charlie 13 days ago +3

    That’s so cute

  • B. Happy
    B. Happy 13 days ago +2

    Im lovin this new episode of zoids

  • Luke1sir 123
    Luke1sir 123 13 days ago

    calm down everyone its just whats happening now... we should be worrying later for now plan everything make your bunkers and get ready then we will worry
    Edit: LOL this is just a joke, honestly i think robots are incredible and it is amazing how far we have come in robotics.

  • Mental Palace of Marcelo
    Mental Palace of Marcelo 14 days ago +2

    Wow. I am so proud of human technology.

  • Lei Chou
    Lei Chou 15 days ago +4

    I'm scared.too

  • Classical Music Lover
    Classical Music Lover 17 days ago +10

    I am scared

  • shyam sundar
    shyam sundar 18 days ago

    Cyberdyne systems model 1.

  • arvinder singh
    arvinder singh 19 days ago +8

    I am getting sort of mixed feeling, should I applaud or should I join Elon musk for mars?

  • Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump 20 days ago +8

    This is their first attempt to eliminate Humanity

    • tubeethet
      tubeethet 8 days ago +1

      Donald J. Trump how are you going to stop em ?!

  • Vladimir Pesterev
    Vladimir Pesterev 20 days ago +2

    2 freunds )

  • Onurcan Yılmaz
    Onurcan Yılmaz 21 day ago +7

    The future is so exciting!

  • JustCurtis FromCanada
    JustCurtis FromCanada 23 days ago +6

    They're coming for ya!

  • Austin Pearson
    Austin Pearson 24 days ago +4

    “Hey Tommy, what’s good fam?”

  • JV starry
    JV starry 25 days ago +2

    This is eerily wholesome

  • Dercio Silveira
    Dercio Silveira 25 days ago +2

    I can do that...

  • Grant Litwyn
    Grant Litwyn 26 days ago +4

    Teach it to hold a gun, I'll open doors for it!!

  • Manoj Philip
    Manoj Philip 26 days ago +1

    Cuz THAT'S not freaky!

    DCMBR 27 days ago +6

    they've learned to work together..to the bunkers!

  • Road Devil 5
    Road Devil 5 27 days ago +2


  • snail
    snail 28 days ago +1

    our artificial intelligence overlords are coming

  • Jennifer Muhly
    Jennifer Muhly 28 days ago +3

    these things are going to take over the world i can tell

  • Valli Weiß
    Valli Weiß 29 days ago +1

    Kann ich zu Weihnachten 🎄 bitte einen Spot Mini bekommen ?

  • Aurélien Barbu
    Aurélien Barbu 29 days ago +1

    i want it... for christmas, please Papa Noël. Please.

  • Victor Javier
    Victor Javier 29 days ago +1

    is like a black big mamba fused with a yellow deer
    they are so cute

  • Haraguchi M.
    Haraguchi M. 29 days ago

    "Creepy", "Scared"...etc. are a right reaction. If this is real, it could be the beginning of the end of human dominance on this planet.

  • sayem akhtar
    sayem akhtar Month ago +5

    I am scared

  • Ardently Fair
    Ardently Fair Month ago +1

    THIS is a HORSE! OMG - best robotic programming EVER!

  • pirata11
    pirata11 Month ago

    Presiento que uno de esos me va a matar algun dia! A lo Black mirror

  • Frederik Chopin
    Frederik Chopin Month ago +4

    Metal Gear Solid

  • Max Scholl
    Max Scholl Month ago +3

    Black Mirror Season 4, Episode 5

  • David C.
    David C. Month ago

    Team work can be dangerous if your running from them

  • AndroidSunner
    AndroidSunner Month ago +2

    Just Remember this Video whenever they gain Enough Intelligence to take over our world.

  • d a r k n e s s
    d a r k n e s s Month ago +9

    Bröther, may I have händ.

  • ParanormalPassing
    ParanormalPassing Month ago +3

    What nice fellas! So sweet to see such polite characters now n' days!